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As lightning charged the sky, the storm raged through the desolate landscape while Joel escaped the confinements of the cave. Joel peered across the dead and barren valley before the Darknyss again consumed the night. Joel sighed. It was always Dark these days. The air constantly smelled of death and despair since the Darknyss oozed out of Gymps Fountain. He was tired of running. Run, hide, run, hide… Does it ever cease? Joel found it impossible to believe that billions and billions of people really were alive at some point. How could that many people have been annihilated so quickly? And how had he survived? Why was he special? Why— “JJ! JJ! J—” Krissa’s voice echoed through the valley. Joel turned on his heel and sprinted into the cave he and Krissa had discovered to spend the night. Time always seemed excruciatingly slow to him, especially in this moment as he raced to the terrified voice that was cut off by a mysterious person, or persons. Left, left, right, straight… Joel spoke the directions to himself as he


/Vol. 10, Ed. 4/ January 2013


By Rey Kennedy

ran. His breaths now came in gasps and gulps, using precious oxygen from the small, compressed tank strapped to his waist. But every iota was worth it, because he would suffocate before he let any harm befall Krissa. As he turned the last corner, he slowed to a halt; Krissa lay motionless upon the floor. He rushed to her side to check her pulse and her oxygen tank level: heart at a rhythmic forty bpm and oxygen tank at eighty-three percent capacity. So what… “Joel Jakobs…” came a low voice from the shadows of the cave. Joel quickly stepped between Krissa’s unconscious body and the voice. A shape divided itself from the shadows and stepped into the








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thrumming light produced by Joel’s luminescent ferret, Mikey, who he assumed passed out through the same method as Krissa. The shadow morphed into glittering silver scales, followed by a muscular tail that ended in three spikes. It soon became apparent to Joel that it looked like a… dragon. But those exist only in myths, and this one was only eight feet tall. It also stood on its two hind legs. Like a human! It stepped closer until it was less than a foot away from the crouching Joel and snarled menacingly. “Hahahaha!” the dragon broke into laughter, “I have had a hard time finding you boy. You are one cautious human,” the dragon began. ҉ ҉ ҉ ҉ ҉ It was his birthday. Joel was five years old when his world spiraled into chaos. Joel was born four months by oi n after the h aw C Dr ang Day of w K Darknyess. That was the day the Darknyss emanated from the Fountain and

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committed genocide on a monstrous scale. It would have slaughtered the entire population, but then it would lose its favorite meal: human flesh. It instructed its servants, the Grymals, to construct breeding facilities. Joel’s parents escaped such a facility five and a half years ago. They had been paired together during many of the breeding sessions. They were always thrown into the same exact cell during these instances. But they did more than they were supposed to. Starting on that first day, they began planning their escape. They decided to incapacitate the single guard appointed them and use his keys to unlock other couples’ cells and revolt. It sounded good in practice, but when the day came, it was chaos. ҉





Joel was severely confused. He slowly rose to his feet, his gaze never leaving the dragon’s eyes. “Who,” Joel began, “ – what are you?” Joel just couldn’t believe this was actually a dragon. Dragons don’t exist! He had to ask to make sure this mythical being was what he thought it was. “Why, me? I am a dragon you idiotic boy,” the dragon snorted with indignation, “as for who, because yes, I am a who, my name is not important. Yours, however, is very, very important…” To Be Continued… Source: My Imagination

Disclaimer The LHS Revolution is a school-sponsored student publication. The views and opinions expressed in this newspaper are not necessarily those of Academy School District 20, its schools, any of its employees, or of the advisor, Pauline Hawkins. Mission statement The LHS Revolution is a student run newspaper, giving us a place to stand so we can move the earth. The LHS Revolution strives to inform, entertain and establish diversity within the Liberty community. We are an open forum for students to express their individuality, while remaining true to ethical journalism and the freedoms allowed us in the First Amendment. We are changing lives. We are changing perspectives. We are The LHS Revolution.

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Revolution By Gus Hunninghake

“For God and CountryGeronimo, Geronimo, Geronimo.” These words from a Navy SEAL marked the end to a ten year search for one of the most feared terrorists in modern history, Osama bin Laden. This ten year search is explained well, albeit very glorified, in the new movie Zero Dark Thirty. Director Kathryn Bigelow and writer Mark Boal have crafted another phenomenal war time movie, but instead of placing viewers in the midst of a bomb prevention squad similar to The Hurt Locker (2008), Bigelow puts viewers behind the scenes, depicting the CIA's involvement in the finding and killing of bin Laden. Backed behind a strong cast, the movie is centered on a young CIA agent Maya (portrayed by Jessica Chastain). Although based on an actual agent in the CIA, Maya is more of a composite person, in that some of her actions were actually the actions of a different CIA agent. As the movie progresses, Maya's dedication to finding bin Laden slowly turns into obsession and

By Angie Hoss


/Vol. 10, Ed. 4/ January 2013

Controversy Won’t Phase Zero Dark


are almost perfectly doubt the most ininsanity, which placed, because tense, edge is not the viewer never of your seat surprisreally knows scene in the ing, conwhen the next explomovie. Viewers can't sidering sion will occur. Although the help but feel a sense of relief the ten years period it took to end of this film is most likely when the raid ends, and bin find and kill bin Laden. Also, known by every American citiLaden is confirmed dead by the as Maya's character evolves, it zen, the depiction of the raid on CIA. is clear that she feels that she is Osama bin Laden's compound With Zero Dark Thirty being somewhat responsible for the in Abbottabad is without a widely acclaimed by critics, finding of bin Laden. Chastain (93% approval rating by delivers an extraordiaggregated review site nary performance of Rotten Tomatoes) it is also Maya, superb enough becoming very popular for a possible Academy among moviegoers. Zero Award for Best AcDark Thirty is estimated to tress. make twenty-four million Despite the mood dollars at the box office on being primarily set opening weekend. Despite inside CIA offices and the popularity behind Zero black sites, there are Dark Thirty, the film is plenty of intense, heart also highly criticized for pounding scenes filled the torture scenes in the with explosions and beginning of the movie. shootouts, including Many government officials riveting torture scenes have said that the torturing that will make everyone’s gut wrench. The Zero Dark Thirty hit 2,937 theaters on January 11, 2013. Picture in the film is highly inaccurate, because torture had bombings in this movie by Tyler Smith.

Walk out with me

Just like people have heartbreaking stories, so do pets, and for some, more heart-breaking than others. Unlike people, they due to over population. never give up no matter what The Humane Society not they are going through or what only offers a sanctuary to those they have been through. They who need it, but they also keep on going with the hope of offer other services. something better. The They hold a pet loss Humane Society support group for rescues pets those who cannot live from their without their pets, as dangerous well as spay and neulives such ter services, they can put as abuse, down pets with euthanasia, neglect, or the and they also have a cat comcold harsh streets. munity program. The cat comThey provide the munity program is when people animals with hope and bring in stray or their own cats a dream that one to get spayed, neutered, and Miles after his surgery day they will be Photo by Angie Hoss vaccinated against rabies. loved again. Also they will get ear-tipped All the homeless just so the other vets know the pets want someone to walk into cat has already been taken care the Humane Society and then of. walk out with them in their Morris, the helpless two year warm loving arms. There are old cat, just had surgery on his over 19,000 pets that are prefemur because when he was sented with this incredible rescued he was limping on his dream to start over, and for right back leg. When the vet 15,000 of them it becomes more looked at him, they discovered than a dream. Unfortunately, he had a fracture of femoral the Humane Society has to put neck. Which would need surabout 4,000 pets down a year

gery to fix. He recovered at a foster home and now he is back waiting for that special someone to take him home. Morris is an orange and white tiger who is shy at first but once he trusts you, he will never leave your sight. J.R, the playful puppy, is less than two months old. He has nine brothers and sisters who were all RJ waiting to be adopted. Photo by Angie Hoss

dropped off at the Humane Society because their owner was inadequate to care for them. This black and white pit bull mix makes the phrase sad puppy dog-eyes to shame. When you look at him you can’t help to climb up against the glass and stare. He is full of fun loving

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energy and can’t wait to go home with someone who will love him and teach him right from wrong. The most important thing the Humane Society does is to give pets a new home and save lives. Their mission states: “A compassionate society where animals are cared for and valued.” These pets need a home more than ever. Some of them have been through so much and this may be their last chance. There are so many different breeds of cats and dogs at the Humane Society that you are bound to look in one of their eyes and know they will be going home with you. Some of these animals have been hurt or scared very deeply and all they need is someone to show them that not everyone will treat them with terror in their eyes. Adopting an animal adds another family member because they will always be there for you no matter what. Sources: Pictures drawn by Tyler Smith

almost nothing to do with the finding and killing of Osama bin Laden. Despite all of these allegations, Bigelow and Boal have stuck to their guns, saying that they only included in the film what they were told by people who were part of the hunt, in some cases people who were in the CIA. In the end, it is really up to the viewer to decide whether or not the intensified interrogation in this movie is accurate or not. Putting aside the accusations, Zero Dark Thirty provides what every movie should— intense action scenes, thrilling visuals, and even some casually placed humor, despite its dark mood. With a great cast to top it all off, Zero Dark Thirty is definitely a movie worth seeing. Sources: id=3609&p=.htm article/20130110/GO/701109979 -2021260/Osama-Bin-Laden-Fulldetails-raid-catch-Al-Qaeda-leaderknow-SEALs-identity.html

Do’s and Don’ts

Surviving Senioritis of

By Laura Andersen and Liam Manning

Do -Your Homework and study -Make every moment count -Try something new

Don’t -Skip class -Miss out on anything -Let stress get to you



Revolution By Jeff King

/Vol. 10, Ed. 4/ January 2013


A Surplus of Shortages

With both population and industry increasing exponentially, humanity has begun to strain more of Earth’s natural resources. Resources once considered plentiful—water, minerals, fuel, and countless others—are now threatened to run out, many within our lifetimes. However, as the supply of these resources dwindles, scientists work to create innovative solutions to reduce consumption and reliance on and find new sources of these critical resources.

Parents Allowed to Buy Their Children Alcohol? By Clark Valentine

Water Despite 70% of the world’s surface being covered in water, 97.5% of it is salt water, and cannot be safely consumed without first being sterilized and desalinated, a process which is currently prohibitively expensive for large-scale use. As a result of this, cities that do not have direct access to fresh water, even beach cities such as Los Angeles, CA, import water from cities that do, like Colorado Springs, which is required by law to export a large part of its water reserves. Of the 2.5% that is fresh water, 1.5% is frozen into glaciers, which once again presents an economic barrier to its usage, leaving only 1% of Earth’s water, found in streams and groundwater, as usable water, barely enough to supply humanity with the water it uses. To ease this strain, researchers have been exploring new ways to desalinate water. One such technique, thought up by researchers at MIT, utilizes graphene sheets (carbon structures formed in the shape of a one-atom thick sheet) perforated with holes large enough for water particles to pass through, but small enough to block the passage of salt and other contaminants. In theory, this promises to be a less expensive and more efficient way to harness the ocean’s water reserves.

Minerals Hydrocarbons (Fuel) Minerals are often overlooked when talking about With both gasoline and energy limited resources. Nonetheless, countless minerals cru- costs on the rise, it’s hard to ignore cial to humanity’s development face depletion within a the strain on hydrocarbons. Altshort time scale: As of 2007, platinum is projected to hough companies continue to find run out in 2022, silver in 2022-2027, new ways to collect previously uranium in 2037-2047, and many inaccessible sources of oil, other key metals within the supplies continue to next 50 years. Apart from diminish, and could recycling, which would run out in 100-150 add materials back into years. In the available metal reserves, meantime, comscientists have turned panies work to to space, namely astercreate more oids, as a possible energy-efficient Is our planet running out of gas? source of minerals. products, and Photo by Tyler Smith. Asteroids are rich in researchers inmany widely used minerals, and would provide a new vent and implement alternative source of these minerals for use not only for space ven- energy collection systems such as tures, but also back on Earth. wind and solar farms, hydroelectric dams, and nuclear fission plants. Sources: , , http://, Interview with Mr. Capra

Will the Economic Crisis Affect the Next Generation? By Clark Valentine

The current economic crisis has a huge impact on everyone in our society. However, teens may believe that they don’t need to worry about the economic situation because the problems will be resolved by the time that they are adults and looking for jobs. This is not the case. Currently in the United States, the unemployment rate is still at one of the highest points in history. Some surveys say that up to 6.5% of Americans do not have jobs. Despite the government’s best efforts to create jobs, there are still not enough to fix the unemployment problem. This will not get easier as the years go along. It is said by many people that the unemployment rate could stay the same and even get worse in the years to come. Since President Obama came into office, 155,000 jobs have

been created. The problem is that a lot of these jobs are temporary and will not be in existence by the time high school students are looking for jobs. By looking at our past, we can get a better understanding of the future. The time period The old generation passes on a crisis to the new generation

Economic Crisis

know as the Great Depression lasted from 1930 to 1941. The depression lasted for eleven years. It was extremely hard for

America to pull out of that crisis, and at that point, the U.S. was hardly in debt. Looking at our economy now, we have very similar problems along with a debt of around 16 trillion dollars. With the current spending, the United States is expected to be 23 trillion dollars in debt by the year 2020. All of the pressure to fix the economy will fall onto the next generation. People who add to the debt now will most likely not feel the effect of the debt in their careers, but the younger person

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who takes their job will have to suffer the consequences of the their mistakes. Due to all of these problems there is a very large chance that it will be extremely hard to find jobs when our generation is graduating from college and high school. A new generation will find it difficult to try to solve the economic problems of the generations past. Therefore, high school students now need to be preparing themselves for what they will have to face when they go out into the real world and become the new leaders of America.

There have been several bills proposed to allow parents to buy their children alcohol in public places if their children are over 18. This exception to the legal drinking age was most recently proposed in Colorado. This bill has been passed in eleven states: Connecticut, Kansas, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Texas, Wisconsin, and Wyoming. Senator Brophy, a Colorado law maker, decided to propose this bill after he, along with his wife, took their daughter out for dinner on her birthday. She was just shy of 21, and Mr. Brophy thought that he should be allowed to buy his daughter alcohol. There are 40 states that have exceptions to the legal drinking age. These are things such as, religious purposes, if the person is in his or her house with his or her parent’s consent, for medical purposes, and even educational purposes (such as culinary school). Colorado has five different types of exceptions that allow young adults to drink before they reach the legal drinking age. There is much debate on whether or not this is a good idea. It is unknown when the vote will take place to pass the bill. Sources: view.resource.php?resourceID=002591#H Photo By Clark Valentine

Sources: personal-finance/2013/01/11/expertspredict-path-mortgage-rates-in-2013/ post-recession.aspx Photo By Clark Valentine Will parents be allowed to buy their children alcohol?




/Vol. 10, Ed. 4/ January 2013


Vice Versa: A Latin phrase that means “the other way around.” The LHS Revolution uses this phrase to identify two editorials written about a controversial topic from opposite perspectives; thus, readers will read one perspective and then a perspective on “the other way.” The LHS Revolution staff hopes to promote intelligent conversations about the topics we choose. It is also necessary to note that the journalists don’t always 100% support the position they write about. These editorials explore a position (sometimes an extreme one) in order to broaden everyone’s perspective.

Just Another Problem

By Laura Andersen

Alcohol is a major problem in America; it has been a problem for more than one hundred years and will continue to be a problem for many more. There are already more than 12 million alcoholics in the United States, and this number is not decreasing. When a problem is this widespread, we should not encourage young adults to start drinking even in a controlled environment. In this day and age, parents (and adults in general) are becoming less and less responsible, both for their own actions and for raising their children. It is hard to believe that parents will act responsibly in a bar, even when their children are present. Few parents teach responsibility, and even fewer children will respond properly.

With the outrageous number of DUIs and accidents caused by alcohol, it is safe to say that adults abuse the privilege of drinking alcoholic beverages. Problems with alcohol are not going to improve by allowing parents to buy drinks for their children. Adults will still get drunk, and deadly accidents will continue, if not increase. One of the goals of this bill is to encourage minors to drink responsibly by introducing them to a controlled environment. However, we cannot expect such results when parents do not set a good example for their kids. Furthermore, when parents buy alcohol for their children, this gives young adults nonverbal consent to drink in other settings. These young adults perceive that their parents have no problem if they drink, which

encourages them to drink more. While a large percentage of 1820 year olds already drink, a larger portion would drink more consistently if they knew they had their parents’ consent to do so. In addition, what about the families that have a child under 18? The younger children will be jealous of their older siblings who are allowed to drink at family dinners. This may cause more middle and high school aged children to rebel against their parents’ policy. This bill will cause an overall increase in the consumption of alcohol. Finally, Senator Brophy mentioned that it would be the servers’ discretion as to whether or not the people claiming to be “parents” seem legitimate. This is dangerous

because it allows people who are potentially not the young adult’s parents to buy alcohol for those who cannot legally drink. How can we trust that the servers at restaurants and bars will have the right discretion? Furthermore, not everybody will draw the same conclusion. Inevitably, things will get out of hand, and people will get away with buying drinks for young adults who are not their children. This is dangerous and will lead to more car accidents and an increase in alcoholics. Although this proposed law allows 18-20 year olds to drink in a controlled environment, things will quickly get out of hand. We cannot expect responsible drinking from the parents. Because of this, young adults

will not learn responsibility, and the problems with alcohol in our society will not improve. It is likely that we will see an increase in underage drinking, and it is inevitable that servers will not use the proper discretion. This bill adds danger to society.

alcohol consumption for children with a guardian’s consent is not harmful, but rather it simply enables us to be more like our alcohol-friendly neighbors.

resourceID=002591#H a/blama050808.htm http:// greg-brophy-colorado--legalize-alcohol18-parental-permission_n_2449399.html

Sources: statistics-on-alcoholics.html -would-have-final-say-on-alcohol-if-billpasses/ ci_22326700/bill-would-let-co-parentsbuy-alcohol-children v/2081682704001/colo-bill-would-letparents-buy-alcohol-for-kids-18-20/? playlist_id=903226511001 video/2080196842001/1/Bill-would-letparents-buy-alcohol-for-adult-kids Alcohol_Statistics.html

Let’s Toast To This By Mariya Pinchuk

Alcohol consumption is a touchy subject among many people. But what is the genuine harm in allowing teenagers to drink while in the presence of a legal guardian? Recently, a bill was passed in the state of Colorado to ensure the approval of underage drinking between the ages of 18-21, under parental consent. Alcohol is a dangerous substance that has been blatantly exposed to all ages. Teenagers and adults alike are aware of the risks that are involved due to consumption. Imagine this: it is New Year’s Eve and a family is enjoying time together. The room is buzzing with excitement as the countdown begins. Parents celebrate with their teenagers and take a sip of alcohol as the clock strikes midnight. They are above the legal drinking age and it is not a crime for the adults to drink. As parents, they are re-

sponsible for their children’s well-being and knowing the right from the wrong; if they are willing to handle the responsibility of teenagers with alcohol, then it should not matter what age the child is. When it comes to restaurants, the same rule should apply. If a teenager is with a legal blood relative, he or she is under the watchful eye of an adult. Therefore, the alcohol will be purchased legally and consumption from either party should not be discouraged. Most adults have the ability to handle drinks responsibly, and will not allow their children to become drunk in their presence. There is, of course, a limit to all things, especially with an issue that is as problematic as drinking. Underage drinking is not something that should be encouraged under any circumstances, but a glass of wine in the company of an adult is not

Photo drawn by Kwang Choi

the end of the world. Allowing exposure to alcohol in the early teenage years may also reduce alcohol abuse because the teenagers will not be forced to hide their drinking from their parents. If used under strict rules and careful watch, the bill allowing

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Sources: view.resource.php?




/Vol. 10, Ed. 4/

January 2013

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Future Planning



/Vol. 10, Ed. 4/ January 2013




Dots and Boxes

By Liam Manning

How to Play: Players will alternate taking turns connecting dots. When a player creates a box label it. Then that same player continues making boxes till no more can be made by connecting two dots. Repeat this until all boxes are made. The player with the most boxes wins!




Word search By Blake Brown


Drawn by Tyler Smith

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/Vol. 10, Ed. 4/ January 2013

By Cole Johnson

Comic books: the short stories that follow the fantastical adventures of some of the most iconic characters of our time. However, it is extremely rare to ever encounter two that are similar. There are two big name comic companies in America, D.C. Comics, and Marvel comics. Many fans have claimed allegiances to a specific company, but why? Aren’t the two exactly the same with only different faces and names? That statement could not be further from the truth. These companies are distinct from each other in every way that is important to a comic book D.C. (Detective Comics) was opened in 1934, with their opening comic, Batman. The depth of character that was put, not only into Batman, but also his nemesis Joker made D.C. stand out. Here’s the run down for most comics at the time: super hero, does good things for the sake of doing them, the super villain, wants to rule the world or some equivalent and the hero stops him. Simple, entertaining, and makes a decent profit. Batman

was unique, he had no powers, a traumatic childhood, and he did good things because he didn’t want people to suffer as he did. Another unique aspect was that he wasn’t always a ‘good person.’ He’d always fight evil, but he could be cold or downright cruel. The question of, “will he remain a hero by the end?” made him more entertaining. Then there was Joker. What made Joker such a unique and new villain was he had no motive; he killed people just to tick Batman off. What always interested the readers was whether or not Joker would even exist if Batman didn’t. It was a new take to evil and readers adored it. D.C. comics eventually grew sub-

There’s a Difference! divisions such as Adventure Comics, which focused more on classical adventures spawning famous characters such as Superman. D.C. made its name by having unique characters with moral dilemmas, fantastical powers crazy enough to make sense and above average villains that readers loved. Then, about five years later, competition arose. Marvel comics opened with several heroes that caught moderate attention. Marvel caught its ‘Big Break’ so to speak, when Captain America was published. What’s cooler than a super hero? A super hero who kicks real-life villains where it hurts. However, wars don’t last forever and his popularity fell as the war effort died down. So Marvel came up with five new heroes: Iron Man, Hulk, Spiderman, Thor, and AntMan. These five, with Captain America, would become the first ‘Avenger team,’ but it was with these comics Marvel consecrated its formula for greatness in its characters and villains. Before he was Captain America, Ste-

treated, he believed that mutants ve Rodgers was a scrawny kid had no place in society and huwho no believed in. Before he manity would never accept them. was Spiderman, Peter Parker was His methods are extreme, does his a local high school nerd. Marvel ultimate goal of freedom for his focused on the outsider. This kind seem so evil? gave readers the ability to connect with the hero, maybe not I won’t lie; on paper on the powers, but that’s what the differences are subtle. made these characters so interHowever, when relatable, esting. There was more to them layered and interesting than just powers, they were characters with unimagipeople who had been mistreatnable powers are carefully ed and teased their entire life placed into a well-made and still stood for the common plot, the subtle differences good. As for the villains, it was take on a much bigger role. difficult to top villains The companies do the such as Lex Luthor, but same thing; they are very there are few people successful at making who don’t know who comics for the enthe Green Goblin is joyment of the today. Marvel’s edge in public. The reatheir villains was a lot sons they are great like their heroes: they are vastly different, were people, not good saying they are people, or at least not similar is much all the time, but they like saying that had reason to every Dogs and Cats are action: deeper motive alike since they’re than simply wanting to both mammals. rule the world. Let’s take the X-men’s foe, Sources Magneto. He’s just other outsider, one whose scars were too deep for him to stay on the path Pictures drawn by of good. Blinded by how he was Tyler Smith

Rock and Roll: More Than Music By Xandra McMahon

youth of The guitar comes to life with America. By the first electrifying chord as the 1955, Rock bass, drums, and vocals join in. and Roll The lyrics pour out of the singer had become synchronizing perfectly with the stagnant, rest of the harmonized chaos. and the This is the infrastructure of a people of Rock and Roll song. But this America ageless genre encapsulates so called it a much more than just a combinashort-lived tion of a range of music. In the “fad.” Howpast 60 years, it has sparked ever, in revolutions, challenged old soci1956, Elvis etal views, and given the underPresley dog a voice. Rock and Roll “As a rock sta r, I have have fun, was born in the and I wan two instincts, I w ant to t to cha early 1950’s when a chance to do both.” — nge the world. I h Bono ave the first electric guitar and electric bass were invented. Suddenly, the brought in way people created and listened his ninth to music completely changed. chart-topper, “Heartbreak HoWhite teenagers began buying tel.” In the year 1959, 43% of all traditionally black music, such as records sold were Rock and Roll Rhythm and Blues. Africanrecords. It seemed that this American artists rose to the top “fad” was here to stay. of pop charts while their socially Throughout the decades, the conscious songs influenced the

can “I won’t be a rock star. I will be a legend.” free-thinking be seen in songs —Freddie Mercury ranging from ments in the 1960’s were heavily charged with political Rock songs. During the rest of the 20th century, this rapidly evolving genre impacted and influenced social issues. Rock and Roll brought people of all shapes, sizes, and colors together for the wildly popular music festivals. Starting with the Monterey Pop Festival in 1967, 55,000 fans were in admittance. Two years later in 1969, 500,000 fans gathered in New York for the Woodstock Music and Art Fair lasting three days. In recent years, protest rock songs have been a plenty. The sound of the genre has diversieverlasting mantra of Rock fied greatly, but the message has and Roll was “free-thinking.” never changed. This element of In the 1950’s, it called for unapologetic self“ Rock and Roll is cathartic...It was the first expression and pushed From left to right: Larry Arnold, Tessa Goodwin, Corey time I felt passionate towards theBaker arts.” — Photo by Laura Andersen the tight boundaries of Mr. Skelcey sexuality. Anti-war move-

-Page 8-

Green Day’s “American Idiot,” a song that tells people to think for themselves, all the way to U2’s “Sunday Bloody Sunday,” a modern day testament to the frustrations of war and violence. Without Rock and Roll, a serious lack in expression on the trials and tribulations of the last generation would exist, as well as a serious lack of shredding electric guitar solos. Sources: http:/ cat=33 blogs/the-social-influence-of-rock? xg_source=activity table/2009/mar/18/protest-1000-songseveryone-must-hear keywords/rock.html Interview with Mr. Skelcey Photo drawn by Kwang Choi



Revolution /Vol. 10, Ed. 4/ JanuBy Kaytie Wilker

Fresh Fern

Everyone welcome the new French teacher, Mademoiselle Fern! Sometimes learning new languages can be very difficult, but Ms. Fern makes it fun and easy. She was born and partially raised in sunny San Diego, California. When she was 11 years old, she moved to Littleton, Colorado. She stayed there for the rest of her teen years. When she reached college, she attended UNC Greeley. She was inspired to become a French teacher in high school, and had a great teacher that really enjoyed teaching the language. She recalls, “I was very interested in the language, and once I got to know some of the other French students, it became more interesting.” As of now, Ms. Fern says that she absolutely loves Lib-

erty and all of the students. She believes that it is a very positive workplace. “I think we have a great staff,” she excitedly explains. Teaching is a hard job, but it is much more than that. Other than learning French, she hopes her students will become independent and lifelong learners, they will learn to respect each other and their differences and value their education in the long run. It is always important to have a mission beyond just learning the lesson. When she is not at school teaching and inspiring, Ms. Fern likes to run, read, cook; she is also learning to play the ukulele and very excited about it. Ms. Fern is very dedicated to her job and all of her students. Overall, we are very excited to invite her into our Lancer family! Source:

Ms. Fern shows us her pretty smile! Photo by Kaytie Wilker

By Marisa Mandel

Interview with Ms. Fern

Life/ LHS The Trouble With Boomers By Ross Johnson

Baby Boomers are defined as the generation of people born in between 1946 and 1964. Many people know them more affectionately as our grandparents. At the moment they are also changing the national job landscape. Unfortunately for the upcoming generation, they are not changing it for the better. A common problem in high school is not having enough money, and a common solution is to find a job to provide that money. A job is wildly different from a career though, and people coming out of college are finding their career ambitions stifled, and often derailed; due to the lack of higher paying positions. Now the job market has suffered, but the already diminished positions are being taken before these fortune seeking college graduates can even

get hired, taken by baby boomers that have been in those positions for decades. Companies are reluctant to lay off such experienced employees after years of dedicated service. Thus, younger adults aren’t getting the valuable experience of being in a high responsibility position. This, while nice for our beloved grandparents, is terrible for workers of our generation. Baby Boomers come from an era where large families were the norm, often having five or more children. Today’s families have around two kids, which figures to be a problem in the near future when Baby Boomers do eventually retire. The average age of retirement is increasing which is an exception, not the usual trend. As they retire, Boomer’s will expect to receive pensions, social security and other services that the elderly usually obtain. The people ex-


Have you ever wondered why some conversations are not supposed to be heard by everyone? Why can we only share certain things we think with certain people? These little thoughts that are so special to us are called secrets.

What is a Secret? A secret can be described through a variety of different definitions: *Done, made, or conducted without the knowledge of others: secret negotiations. *Kept from the knowledge of any but the initiated or privileged: a secret password. *Faithful or cautious in keeping confidential matters confidential; close-mouthed; reticent. No matter what the definition, the real question is: why do we tell them? Usually, the secrets we tell are either extremely private or just some random gossip. However, neither of those two categories really have

nothing can ever be kept a “secret.” Eventually, that person tells another person, who tells Everyone has some sort of another person and so on until juicy information about himthat one piece of juicy, private information about you is now known by multiple people. The worst part is, while that secret is being passed around, most of the time, the information will stray from the actual secret. Now you are being gossiped about throughout the school all because you thought you could tell one person a secret, and more than one person Staged photo of Madi Shaffer and Rain Garcia sharing a secret. heard about it. Photo by Erica Nobles

any business being passed on from person to person.

Private Business

There are certain things that are better off unsaid because they are classified as private business. Private business can be anything that is said just between you and your family, or, it can be something personal about yourself. Personal information is exactly what it sounds like: Information between you and your conscience.


self/herself. Once that juicy information is told to one person, it is expected that the person will keep that juicy information a secret. However,

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Burdens Secrets can be a burden on one’s conscience, so instead of telling other people just to get that annoying information off

pected to pay for it is their children, or our parents, and there simply are not enough of them to support such a massive group of people getting on social security at the same time. This will add further stress to the already strained Social Security system, a problem the millennial generation (our generation) will have to deal with. As much as the world appreciates the hard work and dedication that the Baby Boomers have done, it would be very much appreciated if they would enjoy the retirement they so richly deserve. Then our generations can take over, and take care of them. Sources: planning-to-retire/2011/08/17/averageretirement-age-grows h2061.html articles/mgt08044.html Picture drawn by Tyler Smith

your mind, try something else. Try writing a note to yourself with the secret on it. By writing out the secret you are releasing the secret from your mind onto a piece of paper, which is sort of like letting that secret clear your conscience. If you are not a writer, there are other options such as: drawing, painting, writing a song, or anything that will relieve your mind of the secret.

Bottom Line Bottom line is nothing can be kept a secret. Unfortunately, even the people that can usually be trusted are sometimes to blame for the gossip that is spread. If you do not want a bunch of people to find out what you are telling one person, then it is probably best not to tell anyone at all. Sources: browse/secrets?s=t




/Vol. 10, Ed. 4/ January 2013

Schizophrenia is a mental disorder that convinces the mind to believe there are false illusions of people and objects despite what is really there. The onset of symptoms usually occurs between the teenage years up to thirty years of age; it can, however, occur at earlier or later ages. While there is no guaranteed cause of the disease, scientists are led to believe that the brain chemistry and structure are a part of it. Scientists are also finding that a person is more likely to obtain the disorder if it has been in the family. Most people think that schizophrenia is when a person has split personalities; this is incorrect. Schizophrenia causes a lack of social ability and characteristics that are regular to most. Schizophrenia patients cannot relate to real life senses because they have created their own world, and they are unable to tell the difference between their personal creation and the

real world. Their mind comes up with new people and sounds to react to. As

By Brennen Karl

plays or hears a note. She does not see a colored shape in front of her. Instead, she feels how bright and bold the note should be in color form. “If I told you to close your eyes and envision blue,” she says, “you would see blue the way I see colors when I hear a note.” What else does synesthesia affect other than music? Mrs. Dorbin decorates her house with bright and bold colors because these colors “energize [her]”. However, she is unsure if this is actually part of her synesthesia, or if instead this is just proof of color’s natural tendency to affect human

Most of us can hear, see, smell, taste, and touch, but there are some who involuntarily combine two or more of the senses. These people are known as synesthetes, and they have a unique condition called synesthesia. The word synesthesia comes from the Greek words syn (together) and aesthesis (perception). What this means is that for people with synesthesia, a sensory stimulus activates another sense along with the sense that the stimulus is directed at. For example, when those with sound-to-color synesthesia receive an auditory stimulus, such as a note being played on a piano, their visual sense is also activated. Sounds cause a visualization of color. Mrs. Dorbin, a former music teacher here at Liberty High School, feels color when she

these delusions are selfcreated, the sounds and objects made up by the patient know everything that the patient knows. This scares them into believing that people are reading their mind, planning something against them, or even controlling their brain. Patients

with the disease often behave in confusing ways, such as walking in circles and repeating rhythmic gestures. Although schizophrenia is a lifelong disease, and no cure has yet been found, it is a very treatable disease. Patients are given antipsychotic medicine to lessen the hallucinations and delusions. The medicine balances the neurotransmitter chemicals in the brain, which are the brain cells used for communicating throughout the body. An estimated amount of 2.2 million adults in the United States are diagnosed with schizophrenia. Scientists are still working on finding a cure.


Top Ten:

New Year ’s Resolutions By Mariya Pinchuk

Sources: Section=press_release_archive&template=/ contentmanagement/ contentdisplay.cfm&ContentID=5423&title=Facts% 20On%20Schizophrenia treatments/antipsychoticmedication.aspx guide/mental-health-schizophrenia Picture by Kwong Choi

One type of synesthesia allows people to see colors when a sound is heard. Picture drawn by Kwang Choi.

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emotions. This is only one of the many recorded forms of synesthesia. Grapheme synesthesia is one of the most common forms in which seeing or hearing letters causes a visualization of color. Lexical gustatory synesthesia causes certain flavors for words.

When someone with Lexical gustatory synesthesia hears a particular word like “desk” for example, he or she may taste a particular flavor. This flavor may be completely unrelated to the word itself, but whenever the word is heard, the flavor goes along with it. Studies estimate that about one in two thousand people have synesthesia. It is yet unknown what causes this condition (or ability), but a few studies show that it may be caused by synapses that cross into multiple sensory systems. Whether you experience the senses as most people do or in combination, we should all appreciate our world of swirling senses. Sources: Interview with Mrs. Dorbin





/Vol. 10, Ed. 4/ January 2013

By Cory Kennedy



Monkey Ball and I would live in a ball and roll on Rainbow Road and Rainbow Highway. -Amanda Burns

Mario Kart and I would be like princess peach, but better. So I’d steal Mario. -Natasha Johnson


FRESHMAN DDR3 and I would be dancing like a Greek God. -Patrick Harper

Bakery Story and I would be the baker, and she is soooo cute. -Caitlyn Smith

What video game would you live in and what would your role be?

Hollywood Hits: The Biggest Hit Ever performed the song “Raindrops From cross-dressers to suKeep Falling on My Head” in which per heroes and men in tights to the teachers showed off their men in boxers, Scarborough “moves” in their fashionable ponFair's: Hollywood Hits turned out chos and oversized umbrellas. to be, well...a hit and a huge one As the curtains opened, the stage at that. With all three nights was set completely sold out and an quite auditorium so stuffed that simply extra seats were brought in with difto accommodate viewers, ferent Hollywood Hits might have levels of been the biggest hit ever. black The biggest attraction of platforms Scarborough Fair is the fact and stairs. that everybody knows at least Though it one person in the show. may seem Whether the performers are uncomplicurrent students, alumni, cated, or teachers, there is a the Junior Liam Manning and senior Corinne song for everyone. This set’s Belva show off some of the glam and year's show featured the many sparkles. alumni song, “I’m a Belevels liever” especially for the Satur- allowed the enormous cast to make day night viewers. For Friday use of each platform for night attendees, the teachers specific songs. In many songs, every level By: Maci Steeves

on the heels and the wig. was occupied. Not only was the When asked to take on the set necessary for a more eye role, Dylan's response was, catching performance, the sim“Awesome, sounds interestplicity makes way for fantastic ing. I'll do it.” light effects such as the To add shadow effects in on to the “Elephant Love Medley” exciting and the lightning in “Spy vs dress-up is Spy” to name just a few. the whole Besides the lights and theme. the leveled set, the big eyeScarborough catcher in this performance Fair is a was the costumes. This cycle year's show featured men in show. beards and women in sparkEvery few ly dresses. There were songs years the that included men in green theme is tights, jungle hooligans, repeated. Spider Man and villains, This year’s Indiana Jones, Black Spy Senior Brennen Karl poses as theme, White Spy . and White Spy, and best of however, all, a man in a sparkly dress. was original Who is this lovely lady? Senior and handpicked by producer Dylan Flynn took the one for Mr. Skelcey. Hollywood Hits is the the team when he agreed to put first of its kind. Not only is the

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theme new, but the use of transition songs was also thrown into the mix. The transition songs were little snap shots from real songs that made the show run smoothly with no down time. With costumes, a set, fantastic lighting effects, and comedic characters the show is complete right? Not quite. What would a show be without the phenomenal instruction of the talented choreographer and voice coach, Mrs. Williams and Mrs. Newman? With the performers in these ladies' very capable hands, the show was an absolutely success. For more pictures of the show, visit theater. Sources: interview with Mt. Skelcey and Dylan Flynn, a viewing of Scarborough Fair’s Hollywood Hits Pictures taken by Maci Steeves




Then and Now

/Vol. 10, Ed. 4/ January 2013

Caden Nixon, Brandon Wilburn, Sam Vieux, Mike Ende

S i r C a l t h e L a n c e r ! Kevin Abernathy, Sam Sommers, Travis Talley

M r.

Darby Baker, Taylor Simer

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