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…and LHS said, “Let there be light!” October 27th, 2011

A Beloved Staff Member, Mrs. Diane Thee, Retires

By: Daniel Wooten, Beat Writer,

A beloved janitor at Lafayon her ette High School for nearly trash cart twenty years, Diane Thee, during retired on Friday, September Christ30. Diane was most known mastime. for her kindness, love, and One year, overall joyful mood when someone she came to work. To her it thought it did not matter what race you would be a were, it did not matter what smart idea your grades were, and it did to steal not matter if you were one of the bow. the best students or one of This incithe worst; to Diane, everyone dent had is the same. outraged On Tuesday, September many of 27th, Lafayette High School Ben Lotitio (left) and Talon Johnson (right) escort Mrs. Thee to the stuhad an assembly dedicated dents here her seat of honor during an assembly in her name. to Diane. Her family was at LHS. invited to watch the school Diane was and Student Council Treasurer, celebrate Diane and her phesurprised to find the next day, Talon Johnson all said a little nomenal personality. Many that the students had got her something about how Mrs. Dipeople spoke of what it was like ane had brightened their lives at numerous bows, and had filled to work with Diane. Dr. Tyran the top of the lid of the trash Lafayette High School. Sumy, Dr. M. Shane Heard, Mr. cart with them. Diane , and Dr. Heard told a story of how Russel Book, Mr. Chris Neff, everyone else, knew that she is Diane would always put a bow

Super Assessment Day By: Keri Day, Beat Writer,

Super Assessment Day at Lafayette High School took place on September 22nd, 2011. All classes participated in taking an American Col-

lators to go around, but many kids brought their own. Another issue was that the tests finished a little earlier than we anticipated, so the sched-

loved at Lafayette. The school changed when Diane started working here. Diane students, through the years, have learned how to treat people with respect, how to not judge a person on how they look or where they are from, and how to wear a smile everyday. This school changed for the better when Diane Thee started working here nearly twenty years ago, and that Friday it changed again. In the words of Dr. Sumy, “Every day for 17 years, I start my day off at school with an incredible person, Diane.” Mrs. Thee will be remembered at Lafayette High School in the hearts of all of today’s students, yesterday’s students, and all the staff that have worked here since she started. The entire Irish family would like to say, “We will all miss you Diane!”

Fall Homecoming By: Paula Valenzuela, Feature Writer,

This year Lafayette High School had a fair sized group running for Fall Homecom-

Kylee Pettijohn, Onna Farris, Ashly Hamm, Kelsey Gardner, Haylie Plummer, and Zoey

LHS Students work quietly on the tests during Super Assessment Day

lege Test (ACT) practice test, the ASVAB test, and the ACT Work Keys test. When asked if there were any problems that occurred, Mr. Chris Early, Lafayette High School Instructional Coach said, “To be honest, there weren’t very many issues. One minor problem we ran into was that we didn’t have enough calcu-

ule for the afternoon was just a little off. Otherwise, things were pretty smooth.” After test were taken, all LHS students proceeded to the Varsity Gymnasium after lunch for some fun! The administration had music and games for the students to enjoy. CONTINUED ON PAGE 3

Above: STUCO Officers crown Mr. Tyler Hurt and Ms. Kylee Pettijohn, 2011 LHS Homecoming King and Queen. ing King and Queen. The King candidates were seniors, Derrick Babineaux, Kiefer Knox, and Tyler Hurt. The Queen candidates were seniors, Kaitlin Bunse,

Haynes. It was a tough choice picking just one King and one Queen, but at the end, it formed an interesting result. Continued on Page 8

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The Light

October 27th, 2011

Lafayette High School Band Performs By: Katie Bourne, Beat Writer,

Lafayette High School’s Band this year is doing well and playing strong. The theme for the band this year is, “Broadway Favorites”, which are popular songs from Broadway musicals. They open with “The Phantom of the Opera” from the musical The Phantom of the Opera. The second song is “Greased Lightning” from the musical Grease. Mr. Brett King said, “I think it is fun that we had the chance to play a song from the musical that our school will be putting on in a few months. The closing song that the band will be playing is “Defying Gravity” from the musical Wicked. Even though it is the song that people know the least about, it is from the newest musical. Also, the other songs have been made into movies.

This year, the band has grown to 37 students strong. The number has grown about 10

band during halftime shows. Raymond Bailey is the Drum Line Captain, Zack Beaman is

Above is the Lafayette High School Fighting Irish Marching Band

members from last year. Also this year, Kaitlin Bunse, is the Drum Major; she directs the

the Brass Section Leader, and Makenzie Hager is the Flag Corps Captain. The other se-

Breast Cancer Awareness By: Kayla Wegenka, Beat Writer,

Lafayette High School’s Student Body gets involved in Breast Cancer Awareness every year in October. All LHS sports teams do something special to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Volleyball, Cheerleading, Poms, and Flags all worked together for the cause. They danced together at the Homecoming Game during half time and at the assembly. Leadership is also getting involved and helping with the activities at the games by working the concession stand. Monday, October 3rd Volleyball hosted a ‘Dig Pink Game’. All the money raised will be donated to the Heartland Breast Cancer Center. “I am excited to be hosting a dig pink game to raise awareness about breast cancer and be able to donate money to a local cause,” Coach Sipes said. A Varsity volleyball player, Georgia Gunter, also said, “I think that this game will be a great way for students to get involved and support the cause.” So come out, and help support the cause. At the ‘Dig Pink Game’ they wore their pink Breast Cancer shirts. The Volleyball team had a serving contest and they won Breast Cancer volleyballs. October 3 was also Senior Night, they announced all the Seniors on the team and told a little story about their high school years at Lafayette along with getting presents. The flags team has been a huge help raising money for Breast Cancer Awareness along with the Volleyball team, Cheerleading, and Poms. Mrs. Angie Riggs is the coach

for the Flag team she said, “They are working so hard and coming together as a team. I am very proud of their hard work. They are competing as a flag team in Trenton soon.” It is the first year Brandy Cantrell, a senior at LHS, participated in Flags. Brandy says, “ We’re working together as a team and getting things done fast.” The student body have been thrilled to see the team twirling their flags at assemblies. Cheerleading and Poms have done extremely well raising money for Breast Cancer Awareness. They have been selling shirts for the cause and this has been a great success for them. Cheerleading has been working hard getting our Irish spirit up along with Poms and Flags. Every assembly there is always a new dance they have been practicing on before school. A freshman cheerleader, Lindsy Steltenpohl said, “I love Cheerleading! It has been such a great year so far. We’ve worked so hard together. We have come so close as a squad; we are family. It has been fun raising money for Breast Cancer Awareness.” The teams are coming together again for the Little Girls’ Spirit Clinic. A sophomore poms member, Cassidy Steltenpohl said, “This year has been a lot of fun for being only my first year. We’re all great friends, and we always stick together. I’m very excited for this Friday’s game because the little girls perform with us. They are so cute; I can’t wait!”

niors in band, Michael Larsen and Matthew King, have also stepped up as leaders. Mr. Brett King said, “I think this year will be great! My number one goal is to always improve day to day, week to week, and so far we have been doing that pretty consistently.” The next few weeks in band were very busy. They had the Homecoming game, and will have two band competitions and a parade. The band did a great job at the first band competition in Carrolton, Missouriwith good feedback from the judges to help them improve even more as they finish the marching band season. Once marching band ends, they go straight into preparing for the basketball pep band, concerts, and district music festival.

LHS Choir Picked to Perform

By: Keri Day, Beat Writer, Lafayette High School’s Choir is filled with “talented singers, new and old, and everyone is excited,” says Ms. Kimberly Evans, choir teacher. Things are looking pretty good for the Lafayette Choir, “I hope that they find the beauty of music within themselves and that they in turn share that beauty of music with all who hear them,” says Ms. Evans. Lafayette High School’s Choir has been asked to preform at the MMEA Convention on January 26, 2012. This will take place at Tan-Tar-A Resort, at the Lake Of The Ozarks. LHS Choir made an audition tape at the end of last year and submitted it over the summer of 2010. One hundred and forty-nine submissions were made and only five choirs were chosen including LHS. “It is the highest honor a choir and director can receive. We are very excited to have been chosen,” says Evans. Lafayette is the 1st choir ensemble to be selected from the Saint Joseph School District. Fourteen LHS students made all district choir and will perform on Oct 29th at Platte City. Juniors and Seniors will also be allowed to audition for All-State on that day. Verses and Voices is October 18th, and will feature Mary Lynn Lightfoot as the composer this year. Poetry, art work, and area choirs will exhibit their work that evening as well, tickets will be $10. LHS Fall Choir Concert will be held in the auditorium on November 4th at 7pm. “It is a big deal! I’m really excited and can not wait to get there,” says Junior, Emma Duncan.

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The Light

October 27th, 2011


LHS Irish Football Continues Season By: Andrew Murphy, Beat Writer, Lafayette’s Football team started out the season by winning their first three games in blow out fashion. The defense was dominating, shutting out both Bishop Leblond and East Kansas City High Schools. Odessa was the only team to put points on the board; 45-6 was the final score. Winning like this is a double-edged sword. On one hand it shows you the talent of all your players, but it also does not show you what they will do in tough situations. Then came week four of the regular season. “We made too many mental mistakes against Maryville” said Coach Paul Woolard. The next week the Fighting Irish came up just short of another victory. “We played well against Smithville. We just ran out of time,” said Woolard. The final score was 31-28. Two heartbreaking losses in a row can make or break a team.Teams either improve from mistakes or keep making them. The latter was the choice made by the Lafayette Fighting Irish. They did so with a convincing beat-down of Cameron, winning 33-13. The next game on the schedule was against Chillicothe High School. This was an important game for more than one reason. For one, it was an Irish Homecoming, a game no one wants to lose. Another reason was, this game could have

improved Lafayette’s overall record. The game was close throughout. At halftime, Lafayette High School trailed 10-7. Chillicothe struck twice in the first half, but Lafayette’s grinding, running game finally took its toll on the Chillicothe Hornets’s defense. Paving the way for three touchdowns in the second half. Lafayette High School’s defense held strong in the second half, allowing only one score. Which led to a final score of 28-16. The team appeared to be on the right track after two consecutive winning weeks. The Savages of Savannah High School had other plans. The Savannah defense held the usually potent Fighting Irish offense to 14 total points, zero points in the second half, which was a season first. The Savage offense managed to hang 42 points on the Irish defense. The season started off fast paced with three massive blowout wins. It slowed a little after two defeats at the hands of Maryville and Smithville. The Irish confidence reappeared with wins against Cameron High School and Chillicothe High School. A loss to Savannah High School changed the entire landscape. Now with only two season games to go, it is anyone’s game.

LHS Speech and Debate Team Prepares for Season By: Eternity Felder, Beat Writer,

Lafayette High School’s Debate Team is up and running again. The debate team competes for a judge’s vote. The participants have to play both parts, by being on the affirmative and the negative. Mr. David George, LHS History Teacher, is the sponsor of LHS’s Debate Team. When interviewing freshman Gary Felder, he stated the way the team gets its topics is simple: “The topics come from the State.” Gary also goes on to say that, “We have not gotten our topics yet, so our class is debating about anything debatable. Right now, we’re going over the rules, taking notes, and learning about the class.” According to another source, “There is a special event where

Lafayette hosts a debate. Mr. George gave us a helpful tip; he told us to watch out for thieves, because Benton and Central likes to take our words.” The participants can qualify for State, but they must go to districts first. There, Mr. David George will pick the students who will participate at the State Competition. Mr. George is very crucial to the team, since the debate team is filled with all “rookies”, first time students. He is also critical because he wants the best out of his debate team. The debate team sounds like they are in for a good year, so go out and support your Lafayette High School Debate Team.

Super Cont.

By: Keri Day, Beat writer, “Now that all the test have been taken, there is still a lot to do”, says Mr. Early. All of the tests have been sent off for scoring. As the score reports come in, all of the Math, Science, and Language Teachers will start analyzing tests with their students. “This is where the real learning takes place. You do not really learn much from taking a practice exam, but when teachers take the time to analyze the test with their students and explain why the right answers are right and the wrong answers are wrong, that’s when kids really learn. The day was pretty great! I think there are a few things we can fix, but for the most part, we were really happy. I think we were all really impressed by the students’ attitudes and attendance. I think LHS students are really starting to understand the importance of these tests, so they were respectful, patient, and easy to work with.” Early concluded.

Cross Country on the Move By: Legend Milbourn, Beat Writer, The 2011 Lafayette High School Cross Country Team is doing well this year. Alex Rich, junior, set a personal record of 18:24 and sophomore, Jordan Miller, had a personal record at

When asked how practice was going, Mrs. Katie McCullough said, “It’s pretty intense. We run three or more miles each day. I give each runner their time, and then they try to break

19. The roster includes: Boys’ Varsity: Alex Rich, Dakota Shelton, Jordan Miller, Billy Cook, and Tyler Leivan. Boys’ Junior Varsity: Justin Elliston and Jeff Leeson. Girls’ Varsity: Sarah Swoboda. Girls’ Junior Varsity: Amber Hagey, Eariana Stockton, Kylee Woodbury, and Ivy McClintick.

it.” “If you cheat, you cheat yourself. If you cheat yourself, you cheat your team. If you cheat your team, you cheat your coach. And your coach will not be cheated.” quoted by Lafayette High School Cross Country team.


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The Light

October 27th, 2011

Volleyball Continues the Season By: Georgia Gunter, Beat Writer,

Lafayette High School’s Varsity VolleySchool, Lafayette lost 1-2. Ashley Hinkle ball Team has improved tremendously this had 17 digs. In the game against Mid-Buseason. As the volleyball team continues chanan, Lafayette won 2-1. The final scores through their season, they have worked harder than ever to strengthen their unity. “We have been making positive strides, and I am excited for our upcoming tournaments and conference games,” Coach Jodi Sipes said. As a four-year varsity returner, senior captain, Marisa Grayson leads the team with 66 kills. Last season, she suffered an ACL tear during districts, and since then she has worked hard in rehabilitation to be strong for this year. Marisa states, “It was hard to sit out my whole junior year and watch all the things I loved to do. I am glad I’m back though. VolRight-Front: Ashly Hinkle, Middle-Front: Marrisa Grayson, Left-Front: leyball is so much fun Linda Anderson and setter Georgia Gunter prepare to kill the ball! this year. We do a lot of random stuff as a team and brings all of our personalities together. were 25-18, 15-25, and 25-23. Marisa GrayWe really want to go somewhere in districts, son had 12 kills. The game against Chilliso we are trying to use all of our regular cothe, Lafayette won 2-0. The scores were season games to find out what really works 26-24 and 25-22. Marisa Grayson and Katfor us on the court.” lin Losson both had seven kills. On October In Lafayette’s game against Central High 11, the Irish Volleyball team played Falls

Golf Sends One to State By: Legend Milbourn, Beat Writer, Starting another year of Lafayette High School Golf, and with a lot of seniors gone and several freshmen, the golf team is going to have a “rebuilding” year. “They are going to be pretty good,” said Ms. Kim Evans. “Kaydrie Bergner will be returning and has another shot at state this year.”

The team includes: Juniors: Kaydrie Bergner, Kaylee Kneale, Emilie Lucas, Abby Murphy ‘Fresh’s: Allie Monical, Lindsy Steltenpohl, Madison McKinley

This year, Lafayette High School did well in the MECs. Kaydrie Bergner took first place and was rewarded with a medal. Junior, Kaydrie Bergner was asked about how the team did this season, she stated: “The team was great, and this season was better than last! I met my goal of getting first place at MECs. But I think next year we will have an even better golf team because this year the team was very young and were all just learning.” Everyone played their best and ended the season well. When freshman, Madison Mckinley, was asked how she thought the season went for her and she replied, “It went good and was fun for being my first year. I loved learning new stuff every day from Kaydrie and Kaylee.”

City. Irish played 5 games and lost three out of the five. The last two games were very close with the scores 29-27 and 13-15. “This game I think Varsity played their best and worked together more than they ever have. They fought through the entire five games and never gave up,” Varsity player, Linda Anderson said. Volleyball districts was October 24th, 7:30 p.m., at Savannah High School. Lafayette got fourth seed and played Savannah. Below is the varsity roster: Varsity: Denise Thompson 1 Senior Linda Anderson 2 Soph Katie Thomas 3/L22 Junior Marisa Grayson 4 Senior Georgia Gunter 6 Soph Morgan Dittemore 7 Soph Kelsey Conant 8 Senior Ashley Hinkle 9 Soph Olivia Conant 10 Junior Katlin Losson 11 Junior Brooke Ward 12 Junior Summer Berryman 13 Junior Ulycia Crail 18 Senior The Junior Varsity team has done incredible. Their record without tournaments is 13-2 and with tournaments it is 17-6-4. Linda Anderson had 52 kills this season, Hunter Ziph has had 67 digs, and Shay Ward has had 93 assists and 29 aces. “I have never had a team with so many different characters. Every practice is a riot. I love my team; they have grown so much this season. I am excited to see where they will be Continued Page 7

The Light Staff

…and Lafayette High School said, “Let there be light!” Editor: Kelsey Gardner Business: Amber Harrison Writers: Katie Bourne Keri Day DezStaney Felder Eternity Felder Georgia Gunter James Henderson III Legend Milbourn Andrew Murphy Alyssa Schmelzle Paula Valenzuela Kayla Wegenka Daniel Wooten Supervisor: Dr. M. Shane Heard

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The Light

October 27th, 2011

Lafayette High School Phat Stats By: Amber Harrison, Light Liason,



Level Location


LHS Vis Record

LHS Tennis Girls Finish the Season

Varsity Football 9/23/2011 Smithville Varsity Home 7:00 28 31 3-2 By: Eternity Felder, Beat Writ9/30/2011 Cameron Varsity Away 7:00 33 13 4-2 er, 10/7/2011 Chilicothe Varsity Home 7:00 28 16 5-2 10/14/2011 Savannah Varsity Away 7:00 14 42 5-3 The Lafayette High School’s 10/21/2011 Platte County Varsity Away 7:00 26 49 5-4 Tennis Team kicked the 2011Softball 2012 season off to a great 9/19/2011 Falls City Varsity Away 5:00 3 2 5-7 start. They started off the new 9/20/2011 Central Varsity Away 4:30 6 3 6-7 season 2-1. The girls lost to 9/22/2011 Savannah Varsity Home 4:30 4 3 7-7 Trenton High School for their 9/27/2011 Benton Varsity Away 4:30 6 4 8-7 first match, but quickly came 10/1/2011 Benton Invitational Varsity Away TBA 11-8 back to win their second and 10/6/2011 District Tournament Varsity TBA TBA 5 6 11-9 third matches. When AssisGirls’ Tennis tant Coach, Craig Wolf, was 9/19/2011 Benton Varsity Away 4:00 2 7 2-6 asked about the talent of the 9/20/2011 Bishop Leblond Varsity Home 4:00 2 7 2-7 Girls’ Tennis Team this year, 9/27/2011 Savannah Varsity Away 4:00 0 9 2-8 he answered, “They are fairly 9/28/2011 MEC Tournament Varsity Away 9:00AM Doubles took 3rd good.” He went on to add, “The 9/29/2011 Atchison Varsity Home 4:00 7 2 3-8 top three players are fairly close 10/7/2011 District Tournament Varsity TBA TBA Doubles took 4th together (in skill).” Girls’ Volleyball 9/19/2011 Central Varsity Home 5:30 7-25, 25-21, 10-25 6-6 Lafayette High School Tennis includes not only one-on-one 9/20/2011 Mid-Buchanan Varsity Home 5:00 25-18, 15-25, 25-23 7-6 matches, but they also have 9/22/2011 Chilicothe Varsity Home 5:00 26-24, 25-22 8-6 doubles matches. This is where 9/27/2011 Maryville Varsity Away 5:00 6-25, 16-25 8-7 partners face another pair from 9/29/2011 Smithville Varsity Away 5:00 18-25, 10-25 8-8 10/1/2011 Leblond Tournament Varsity Away TBA 10-12 the opposing team. Coach Wolf 10/3/2011 Benton Varsity Home 5:00 17-25, 21-25 10-13 mentioned that, “Seniors, Mor10/4/2011 Chilicothe Varsity Away 5:00 13-25, 25-13, 21-25 10-14 gan Brand and Kaitlin Bunse 10/6/2011 Bishop Leblond Varisty Away 5:00 21-25, 17-25 10-15 are our really good doubles 10/8/2011 Benton Invitational Varsity Away 8:00 AM 11-19 team.” Kaitlin and Morgan played 10/11/2011 Falls City Varsity Away 5:00 13-25,17-25,25-20,29really well this season. The 27,13-15 11-22 10/13/2011 Benton Varsity Away 5:00 20-25, 22-25 11-21 pair’s doubles match score, be10/20/2011 Cameron Varsity Away 5:00 8-25, 9-25 11-22 fore Conference, was 12-4. They 10/24/2011 District Tournament Varsity TBA TBA 18-25, 16-25 11-23 went to the District Tournament and placed fourth. The pair Boys’ Soccer went to the Conference matches 9/20/2011 Bishop Leblond Varsity Away 5:00 0 1 1-9 (MEC Tournament) where they 9/21/2011 Benton Varsity Away 5:00 8 1 2-9 placed third. After the Confer9/26/2011 Maryvile Varsity Home 5:00 3 2 3-9 ence matches, the girls’ score 9/27/2011 Chilicothe Varsity Home 5:00 2 1 4-9 was 18-7, a tournament record 9/29/2011 Cameron Varsity Away 4:00 5 1 5-9 for Kaitlin and Morgan. 10/3/2011 Lutheran Varsity Away 5:00 2 2 5-10 Lafayette Girls’ Tennis Team 10/4/2011 Savannah Varsity Home 5:00 6 1 6-10 overall scored 3-8 in their 10/10/2011 Benton Varsity Home 5:00 2 1 7-10 matches, ending this year’s 10/13/2011 Bishop Leblond Varsity Home 5:00 0 2 7-11 season. “The doubles had some 10/18/2011 Saint Pius X Varsity Home 5:00 1 2 7-12 challenges, but as individuals 10/20/2011 Maryville Varsity Away 4:30 2 0 8-12 they did much better,” stated 10/25/2011 Lutheran Varsity Home 5:00 1 1 8-13 Coach Wolf. Cross Country: 1. Platte County 9/15/2011: Alex Rich 31st place Time 18:24 2011-2012 Varsity Team 2.Benton 9/20/2011: Alex Rich 8th place Time 18:32, Jordan Miller 16th place Time 19:18, Sarah Swoboda 23rd place Time 25:00, Dakota Shelton 33rd place Time 23:06 Kaitlyn Bunse 3. Savannah 10/1/2011: Alex Rich 19th place, Sarah Swoboda 21st place Time 23:56, Dakota Shelton Ashlann Shroyer 34th place Time 2:07, Billy Cook 37th place Time 21:50 Morgan Brand Girls’ Golf: Megan Render 8/25/2011 Trenton/Cameron Tri: Kaylee Kneale 68 Stephaine Auxier 8/29/2011 Savannah/Benton: Kaylee Kneale 55 Brook Meyer 9/1/2011 Savannah/Benton: Kaylee Kneale 53 9/6/2011 Benton/Chilicothe/Cameron Quad: Kaylee Kneale 59 Please congratulate the girls 9/7/2011 Smithville: Kaylee Kneale 67 on a good season. The record 9/8/2011 Central Invitational: Kaylee Kneale 93, Kaydrie Bergner 86 may not have been as those 9/22/2011 Chilicothe Invitational: Kaydrie Bergner 88-6th place, Kaylee Kneale 99, Allie Monical involved would have liked it to 113, Emilie Lucus 130 be, but all in all, the season was 9/26/2011 MEC: Kaydrie Bergner-Champion 83, Kaylee Kneale 99 a success. 9/29/2011 DISTRICT TOURNAMENT: Kaydrie Bergner 86-3rd Place, Kaylee Kneale 110 Kaydrie Bergner Finishes Strong, GOES TO STATE!

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The Light

October 27th, 2011

LHS Flags Corps Twirls On


By: Katie Bourne, Beat Writer,

Lafayette High School’s Flag Corp is gaining a lot more people and momentum this year. The group is bigger than it has been in a long time! It is going to be an exciting year for the Flags team. Coach Angie Riggs, the sponsor of the Flag Corp, says, “It is exciting to see more students getting involved in Flags this year.” Even though flags has even more new students, the girls (and a boy) are learning quickly and are understanding this sport it is a team effort. Everyone is working together very well. This year, the Lafayette High Above First Row:Kailey Rash, Linda Anderson, Second Row: Kinsley Whisenand, Shelbee Murphy, School Flag Corp, Third Row: Kenzie Hager, Jesseca Wilkerson, Courtney Rogers, Brandy Cantrell, and Deacon Sears. are destined to high expectations because they a competition in Trenton, Miswin the competitions coming work hard, and they know how souri on Thursday, September up. There are three big compemuch they can push themselves. 15th, 2011. The Lafayette High titions coming up. The biggest The competition in Carolton will School Flag Corp has a competicompetition is in Carolton, Mis- take place on Saturday, Septem- tion at Missouri Western State souri. Coach Angie Riggs has ber 24th, 2011. The team had University on Tuesday, Octo-

ber 11th, 2011. They have many fresh, new routines. The competitions the team are registered in are paired with the Lafayette High School Marching Band. This year, the new Flag Corp, made their own uniforms to add to the already improved team. They took shirts, added some creativity through glitter and patterns, and improvised some Lafayette High School Fighting Irish spirit to make the 2011-2012 Flag Corp one of a kind. Roster: Brandy Cantrell Kenzie Hager Deacon Sears Courtney Rogers Linda Anderson Jesseca Wilkerson Kinsley Whisenand Shelbee Murphy Kailey Rash

12 11 11 10 10 10 10 10 9

Please congratulate all of the Lafayette High School Flag Corps for an outstanding job this season. They have worked really hard and deserve you praise.

LHS Softball Girls Finish Season By: Georgia Gunter, Beat Writer, This season Lafayette High School’s Softball team has a record of 10-13. McKenzie Jones is leading the team in hitting, batting a .469, Randy Mollett is second, batting a .397, followed by Morgan Stanton at a .391. When head coach, Mr. Jeff Leake, who he thought has grown the most as a player, he mentioned “Morgan Stanton and how much her hitting has improved.” The most recent tournament was the Benton tournament on October 1st. The team won their division. They played Gallatin and won 5-2. Then played Cameron and lost 11-1. Next, they won against Mid Buchanan 11-7. Finally, they played Hamilton and won 6-4. Varsity player, Jordan Montemayor says, “This was the best we have done in a tournament this year. We stuck together through out the tournament even though throughout the day the weather changed.

Even when we were not ahead we played hard to come out on top.”

Farris and Lauren Grundberg are giving us timely hits,” Coach Leake said. The softball girls

On senior night, Lafayette played Savannah and lost 4-3. Randy Mollett hit a three run, home run. “McKenzie Jones, Morgan Stanton, and Randy Mollett are doing great hitting this year. Ashly Hamm is playing good defense, and Onna

practiced hard for districts Thursday, October 6th. “I’m happy with where we are at going into districts, our attitudes are really good, and we have a chance to beat anyone in districts,” stated Leake. Lafayette High School entered

districts October 6-8. The Irish played Cameron and lost 6-5. Lauren Grundberg played hard this game hitting 4-4, 3 singles and a triple. “It was a close game and we hit the ball good,” Coach Leake said. “This season went well I think. We could of always had a few more wins, but that is with any sport. The most important part was how we all bonded and just enjoyed the season together. I have no regrets,” Onna Farris said. Next year, the girls’ softball team will lose five senior players. Coach Leake epressed, “I want to see the upcoming players work hard in the off-season.” The difference between this year and next is, “We will be younger and hopefully faster. We will lose five seniors, so there will have to be many girls that will step up and play the varsity level,” Jeff Leake stated.

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October 27th, 2011

The Light


Volleyball Con’t By: Georgia Gunter,

Beat Writer,

because I have really high hopes for them all,” Junior Varsity Coach, Ms. Lindsey Riggs says with pride. She also says, “This team has adjusted so well to injuries and people being moved up to varsity. They all have stepped up and filled positions they would not normally play, and I could not be more proud of them.” The best game they played was against Platte County. They split with them 25-22 and 25-19, but beat them in points. “We worked really hard and stayed focused the whole game. This was the hardest team we played, but the most that we worked together as a team. What made it all even better was this was the first time Platte County’s JV has been beaten in seven years,” Junior Varsity player, Legend Milbourn said. Junior Varsity: Linda Anderson 1 Sophomore Paige Schubert 3 Sophomore Legend Milbourn 5 Sophomore Hunter Ziph 6/L20 Sophomore Shelbee Murphy 8 Sophomore Alyssa Hughes 10 Freshman Anna Richardson 11 Sophomore Shay Ward 15 Sophomore The Freshman Volleyball team has done well. They have a record of 11-8-6. In their two tournaments they have played, the Lady Irish placed third at Cameron on October 1st, then two weeks after they took fourth at Leblond High School. “I think the team has shown great improvements in both passing and hitting, as well as, the ability to overcome point deficits,” Freshman Coach, Chelsea Shepherd said. This season, Doshanique Jones has a 85% passing record. Taylor Welliver had 18 kills, and Taneia Bundy has had 35 kills. Riley Calloway had 21 aces and has only missed one serve. The best two games the freshman have played this season were the game against Chillicothe and Smithville. In the Chillicothe game, the freshman won 25-7 and 25-2. In the game against Smithville, they won two out of three. The first game they lost 25-18, then came back for two wins for the second and third games 26-24 and 21-25. Doshanique Jones said, “We concentrated and actually played our game. The best part was that, we never gave up.” Below is the Freshman roster: Freshman: Riley Calloway 2 Freshman Taneia Bundy 3 Freshman Alyssa Hughes 4 Freshman Ashton Farris 5 Freshman Taylor Welliver 6 Freshman Mariah Bennett 7 Freshman Alia Irvin 8 Freshman Atleigh Hale 9 Freshman Doshanique Jones 10 Freshman Saydee Cochran-Rice 11 Freshman Head Coach: Jodi Sipes Assistant Coaches: Lindsey Riggs, Chelsea Shepherd

The Boys Are Back

By: Amber Harrison, Light Liason,

The Lafayette High School Boys’ Soccer season is turning around. All the injured players are back in the game and they are getting on the scoreboard. Senior, Caleb Bates said, “Glad to have the whole team back.” On September 21st, the team played against Benton and won 8 to 1. Since that game, the Lafayette Boys’ Soccer team has done a 180 degree turn around. Players on the team keep men-

Moser said, “We’re going to win districts.” Head Coach, Brad Spinner also realizes the teams potential. He said, “If we play to our potential, I think we have a really good chance at winning the championships.” The morale is high on and off the field. During the game, the team lifts up each other. With senior, Tyler Hurt in the background chanting on his fellow teammates, the team works well

Left: Melo Clark, Middle: Taylor Wilson, Right: Gentry Cline work to get the ball down the field towards the goal!

tioning how their team has great potential. Junior, Jose Hernandez said, “We’re solid.” The Benton game was an awakening for the team. In regard to the Benton game, junior, Cody Habrock said, “It showed what we can do as a team.” The beginning of the season was tough with all the players that were injured, but the team is turning around. A transfer student from Indiana, who has now moved again, sophomore, Alfonzo Rodriguez said, “We started out pretty bad, but now we are doing pretty good.” Now that the team is starting to play to their potential, they are going to start working for Districts. The goal is to win Districts and the team has talent and potential. Assistant Coach, Vince Crowley said, “Hopefully I can teach these boys more about soccer, and that they can use soccer to relate to real life.” Coach Crowley has high expectations for the team and realizes that the potential is there, it just needs to be put to the test. There are many positive attitudes and optimism throughout the team. A confident sophomore, Josh

together. When asked what he thought about the teamwork, Alfonzo said, “They work pretty good together.” All the players say that they work well together and it shows on the field. The team has the morale and strength now with the whole team back. Cody said, “We’re able to take what comes at us.” That ability comes from the morale and teamwork of the LHS Boys’ Soccer Team. Junior, Taylor Wilson said, “Off the field we talk to each other and keep each other held up.”

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The Light


October 27th, 2011

Home Coming Continued

Queen Candidates:

Kaitlin Bunse In the four years Kaitlin has been at Lafayette High School, she has been involved in Band, Choir, All-School Musical, and Tennis. When asked how she felt about running against her fellow classmates, she responded, “Well I didn’t think I had a good chance, but I figured ‘hey it’s senior year, I will just go for it’.”

Volleyball, and Yearbook. Kylee Pettijohn While at Lafayette High School, Kylee has been involved in Soccer, Softball, STUCO, Leadership, Freshman Mentoring, Cheerleading, DECA, and Poms.When asked how she felt about running against her fellow classmates she said, “I thought I would do okay, but I didn’t figure I would actually win. It was an amazing feeling!” Haylie Plummer In the four years Haylie has been at Lafayette High School, she has been involved in Soccer, Softball, STUCO, Leadership, DECA, Basketball, and Cheerleading. When asked what her thoughts were on some of girls she was running against she responded, “I love all of them.”

Above: The 2011 Queen Canidates. Below: 2011 Queen and King Onna Farris While at Lafayette High School, Onna has been involved in Softball, Poms, DECA, Leadership/Student Council, Freshman Mentor, Choir, All-School Musical, and TAG. When asked what her thoughts were on some of girls she was running against she said, “I honestly was in Wonderland in trying to predict what would happen. I was running against some pretty competitive and well-liked girls.” Kelsey Gardner In the four years Kelsey has been at Lafayette High School, she has been involved in All-School Musical, Academic Pin, Varsity Softball, Varsity Cheerleading, One Acts/Readers Theatre, The Light, and Thespian Society.When asked what she did to reach out to voters but not full on campaign she responded, “I just kind of told my friends to vote for me and talked to a lot of the ‘under appreciated’ students and told them to vote regardless of who it was for!” Ashly Hamm While at Lafayette High School, Ashly has been involved in Softball, Poms, Basketball, STUCO, and DECA. Zoey Haynes In the four years Zoey has been at Lafayette High School, she has been involved in Speech and Debate, Academic Pin, DECA, Freshman Mentoring, Leadership, STUCO, Biomedical Club, Softball,

King Candidates:

Derrick Babineaux While at Lafayette High School, Derrick has been involved in Football and Basketball.When asked what how he made sure the voters knew who he was but not full on campaign he said, “I am one of the star football players and I’m always nice to people in the halls.” Tyler Hurt In the four years at Lafayette High School, Tyler has been involved in STUCO (Vice-President), Varsity Soccer (Captain), Boys Scouts, SRO, Lafayette Loud Crowd, Chamber Choir, Baseball, District Choir, and State Choir. Kiefer Knox While at Lafayette High School, Kiefer has been involved in Football, Young Life, Leadership, STUCO, Track, and Basketball. The Outcome: The results were announced at the Homecoming game against Chillicothe High School on Friday, October 7th. The 2011 Fall Queen was Miss Kylee Pettijohn, Maid of Honor was Miss Ashly Hamm, First Attendant was Miss Onna Farris, and the Court in alphabetical order was Miss Kaitlin Bunse, Miss Kelsey Gardner, Miss Zoey Haynes, and Miss Haylie Plummer. The 2011 Fall King was Mr. Tyler Hurt, Duke of Honor was Mr. Derrick Babineaux, and the Prince was Mr. Kiefer Knox.

Northside Pride Week Beat Writer, DezStaney Felder

Lafayette High School had many plans for the Northside Pride week. There was a Northside Pride reception on Tuesday, Super Assessment Day on Wednesday, and on Friday Robidoux Middle School came to Lafayette for a pep assembly. Throughout the week, the spirit squads went to the “feeder” schools, and later there was a parade of the elementary schools before the Varsity football game. Super Assessment Day, on Wednesday, was planned out very well. Students had to be in class by seven forty five, and began the test at seven fifty. The day before, Mr. Chris Early explained how the day was going down. He explained that the all four tests were to be taken seriously, because not only do they represent Lafayette High School’s scores as a whole, but it also would

be counted as a grade. The whole student body had to take the test except for students who scored a twenty seven or higher on the

day seemed detrimental, the entire day did not consist of just work and no play. After testing and lunch, the student body, as a whole, were in

ACT. The day of the test the faculty became very serious. Junior, Centenary Hadsall, said “It was set up like a real ACT, and the environment felt very ‘ACT’.” Though the

the varsity gym where there were games, music, and dancing. Throughout the week, Lafayette’s Cheerleaders, Poms, Flags, Leadership Class, and some of the foot-

ball players all went to the three elementary schools: Lindbergh, Pershing, and Humbodlt. There they entertained the kids and got them pumped up for the game that night. Friday’s pep assembly brought along some new things. First and foremost, Robidoux Middle School was here. President Benjamin Lotito brought out eighth-grader Amia Dydell who showed off her acrobatic skills with multiple back flips. Then, some of the Robidoux Middle School Cheerleaders joined in on the action and showed off their talent. The rest of the assembly was very spirited and ended with the Victory Cheer. To end the entire week with Irish spirit, the Varsity Football team came out with a phenomenal victory against Smithville High School.

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The Light

October 27th, 2011

Grease Audition Results

By: Paula Valenzuela, Beat Writer,

This year auditions were filled with many energetic students, who showed off their talents, and will be a part of Lafayette High School’s Grease production. It must have been very tough for the staff to pick the cast and crew.

Eugene: James Henderson III V. Fontaine: Talon Johnson Miss Lynch: Taylor Weed Jonnie C.: Stone Cole Teen Angel: Coach Book


By: Kayla Wegenka, Beat Writer,

Lafayette High School Student Council is one of the most active things at Lafayette. STUCO helps plan all the activities for student body and represents LHS. All the activities can be educational and instructional. Leadership sets up and plans for both homecoming and most pep assemblies. The leadership committee chairmen help organize with the

Night Game’ in December and the ‘Polar Bear Pludge’ for Special Olympics. STUCO is trying to prevent “No Texting While Driving”, thumb rings were handed out to the student body. STUCO had a Blood Drive Wednesday, October 12th. It was a big event for Lafayette Hight School. There was about 90 students and staff that participated. Every year

activities too. “I’m proud of them and it’s been a very good year so far,” said Mrs. Theresa Paolillo. Any student can be involved in leadership, there is about sixty students now involved. Mrs. Theresa Paolillo and Mrs. Lisa Miller are the advisors of these groups and plan the activities. The four Senior STUCO officers; Benjamin Lotito, Morgan Brand, Tyler Hurt, and Talon Johnson set up the activities for the student body at every assembly along with various Leadership students. Student council meets once a month, but there are two leadership classes that meet everyday. Talon Johnson said, “It is going really well, so glad to see spirit of LHS higher than ever. Everyone be on the look out for what comes next!” Every Monday Matters is something that is on the announcements and also on the TVs in the hallways. They are getting ready for the ‘Silent

LHS Student Council invites The Community Blood Center to Lafayette for the annual blood drive. We have had a bunch of tragedies that have happened this year. The Community Blood Center was low on blood and it was a way for students and staff members to give back to the community. The Community Blood Center is still low on supply and is in need of your donation. Ms. Miller said, “It’s important for student council to provide opportunity for students to participate in community service.” STUCO had a lot of help from their officers including Kaitlin Losson, Katie Thomas, Hannah Ryan, and Morgan Dittemore. “The blood drive went really well; our blood center was in desperate need of donors and we really helped them stock up their shelves again. They really appreciated our support!” said Morgan Dittemore.

Above and Below: Many student audition for the Dance Portion of Grease

Danny Sandy:

The Cast: Ben Lotito Kaitlin Bunse

Pink Ladies: Rizzo: Onna Farris Frenchy: Morgan Brand Marty: Megan Render Jan: Kori Trauttoff

Dance Troup:

Kelsey Gardner, Sara Ackerman, Kyrsten N., Hannah Ryan, Aubrey McCamy

Guys ‘Chorus: Mark Lawerence James Henderson John Dunkle T-Birds: Andy Malott Kenickie: Matthew Kanke Cooper Hemington Doody: Kelley Bufford Branden Landers Roger: Raymond Bailey Talon Johnson Sonny: Spencer Taylor Girls’ Chorus: Prom Night Chorus (Also Hannah Ryan in Girls Chorus): Charlotte Cremer Cerryssa Bonea Aubrey M., Allie M., Amanda Alaesha Kephart, Emma Duncan, Nance-Wilkson Sylvia Brand, Centenary Had- Samantha Simons sall, Hanna Rehm Justus Agel Taylor Weed Ashlann Shroyer Elora Gates Autumn George S. Managers: Mariah Auxier Steven Foster, Paula Valenzuela

Patty: Cha-Cha:

Kelsey Gardner Kyrsten N.

Please congratulate these students on their accomplish. Do not forget, Grease performances are December 8th10th at 7pm and December 11th at 2pm.

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The Light

October 25th, 2011

Back Page/Editorial Three in One

By: Daniel Wooten, Opinion Writer, The poms, cheerleaders, and flags worked together to bring one big routine for the Lafayette High School Homecoming football game. From what I know about Lafayette, this has not happened in a long time. In my opinion, it is kind of sad that there had to be division between the pep bringers in the past. I, like many, think that one big routine instead of three smaller ones brings more school spirit. The flags, cheerleaders, and poms need to work together more often than once every thousand years or so. In complete seriousness though, I think that the routine brought the most spirit that it could and it put us to victory against the Chillicothe Hornets that night. The Lafayette High School cheerleaders, poms, and flags of course have always had their rivalry in the past. Since they have put disagreements behind them, they have provided

more Irish spirit than ever before. Behind this new tradition were the three coaches: Mrs. Tina Shaginaw, Mrs. Jennifer Koch, and Mrs. Angie Riggs. Without the leadership of these coaches there would have been no “big bang” on Friday, October 7th. We, as a school, would like to thank the Above: LHS Flag Corps, Below Left: LHS PomsTeam, Below Right: LHS Cheerleaders, coaches for workwork together to bring a school wide performance to life. ing together and putting on an routine at the Homecoming awesome idea and who ever outstanding show. football game. On the other thought of it should be In all fairness, I think the hand, people could say the rewarded! three squads could have, and squads were best preformed toshould have, done a contest. gether, and could have done anLafayette High School students other routine and staff could have voted on at the game. which out of their routines So all together was the best. The one that won this was an could have preformed a special

Greatest Week Ever

By: James Henderson III, Beat Writer,

Homecoming week at Lafayette High School was a success as usual.This years theme was The Greatest Week Ever. Each day during The Greatest Week Ever LHS had a special day were everyone got to dress up according to a theme. This year, like every year, the Student Council and Leadership classes vote on what themes should be assigned to each of the day of the week. It was obvious that the student body enjoyed the themes because every day students, and staff, came to Lafayette dressed up and ready to go. Monday was Super Hero

Day. On that day students came to school dressed as their favorite super hero. Senior Matthew Kanke said he liked Super Hero Day “Because I got to unleash my inner Dark Knight!” From Dark Knight to Man of Steel LHS was definitely a place for villains to avoid. Tuesday was Disney Day. Lafayette looked like something out of a fairy tale as Disney’s characters came to life. You could see every one of your favorite characters from Mickey Mouse to the Seven Dwarfs. When asked what her favorite day was sophomore, Sylvia Brand

said “Disney day duh! I got to carry around my Perry the Platypus pillow pet”. Senior Citizen day fell on Wednesday. Students and faculty all came to school looking as old as possible. Sophomore Kori Trautloff said that she liked “old person day”, “Because Mr. Frieling looked like Coach Heard.” All joking aside, Senior Citizen day was a great way for the Student Body to show their ferocious school spirit. Then, came Throwback Day. On Thursday LHS got a blast from the past as students came to school dressed in clothes from their favorite

decades. Senior, April Dodge said she liked Throwback Day because, “You got to become a different person.” Finally came the Green Friday. Green Friday is the day that Lafayette High School comes with as much green attire as they can find. Freshmen Kaitlin Wilson said she liked Green Friday because, “Everybody showed off their Northside Pride.” Lafayette High School always puts on a great Homecoming week and this year was definitely not a disappointment. LHS definitely knows how to put on the Greatest Week Ever.

The Light October 2011  

The Light Issue # 2 October 2011

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