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…and LHS said, “Let there be light!” December 22nd, 2011

Rocking Grease Performances By: Beat Writer Paula Valenzuela,

The Lafayette High students from School Theatre Deneighborpartment performed ing Benton the famous producHigh School tion, Grease, in their came to supown way. The cast had port the cast. a children’s perforThere were mance on December around 350 6th, 2011 at 9am and tickets sold at 12:30pm. The audifor the Satence had some middle urday show. school and elemenSunday, Detary kids laughing and cember 12th clapping throughout was the last the show. The schools show, and it included were Spring also served Garden (100 stuas senior Above:Cast of Grease strikes a final pose at the end of Act I. Photo by: Jennifer Kendall dents), Truman (150 night. The 15 cial guest. The special guest the show. Grease had apstudents), Bode (50 students), seniors had their last “sparwas Superintendent of the St. proximately 370 tickets sold. and Hyde (150 students). It kling” moment as the Grease Joseph School District, Dr. The second show on Friday, came to a total of 450 students “family” finished for year. The Melody Smith. December 9th was almost sold for both shows! audience for Sunday totalled Opening night, Thursday, out. They had only about 30 The teachers performance to about 350 family members December 8th was a huge suc- seats open after 385 tickets was fun; the teachers laughed and friends. cess the audience was laughsold. Saturday, December tons and the cast had a speContinued on page 12... ing, clapping, and enjoying 10th was almost as popular. 21

Lafayette’s Got Talent By: Amber Harrison, Liaison,

It is that time again; Lafayette High School’s annual talent show! This year Student Council has chosen the “L FACTOR” as the theme, and the excitement for the show is building. December 12th auditions were held after school to verify each act and narrow down the quantity of acts, if needed. Mrs. Lisa Miller, Mrs. Theresa Paolillo, and Mrs. Kris Compton oversaw the auditions. The show has accumulated more acts than last year. Thursday, December 22nd is the day of the talent show, and tickets are on sale for $2 and will be sold at lunch December 19th through 22nd. The judges consist of Ms. Nicole Shiflett, Mr. Bo Tillman, Mrs. Christine Prussman, and Mr. David George, and the hosts are seniors Shaquille Nance and McKenzie Jones. Student Council and Leadership will set up for the talent show in the auditorium and Dr. M. Shane Heard’s techies will assist with the sound and lights. Dr. Tyran

Sumy stated, “I’m really looking forward to it. There will be a lot of acts and a stiff competition,

as to what their act is, but they have released the information that the act is a musical

Winner of the 2011 LHS Talent Show: A Greater Tomorrow but it’s all for fun. It should be a good time.” In addition to the student acts, there will also be a few special acts from the staff. Dr Sumy and Ms. Kim Evans have a special surprise to add to the excitement of the show. Very little has been revealed

performance. In fact, they are debuting in a band called “The Shamrockers”. Ms. Evans commented, “It is a musical number that is going to burn the

house down.” Mr. Derek Frieling also has a comical treat to bring to the stage. The skit consists of Mr. Frieling serenading. As usual his performances are hilariously bizarre and nothing less should be expected for this year. One other performance with a staff member is Mr. Nathan Arnold and senior, Kaitlin Bunse. In the past years Mr. Arnold has performed a musical number with former student Jaron Warner. This year Kaitlin and Mr. Arnold will also be performing a musical number. Kaitlin has performed in the LHS talent show her freshman and junior years. When asked if she cared about winning, Kaitlin said, “ No, I just wanted to do

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The Light

December 22nd, 2011

Winter Concerts Come to Lafayette High School By: Paula Valenzuela, Beat Writer, Tuesday, December 13th the Lafayette High School Band Director Mr. Brett King had the annual Winter Concert. The Jazz Band played “Free Ride” by Dan Hartman and Paul Jennings, “In A Mellow Tone” by Duke Ellington and Micheal Sweeney, “As If To Say Goodbye” by Larry Neeck, and “Christmas Fantasy for Jazz Band” (What Child Is This/ Emmanuel) by Andy Clarck. The Concert Band played “Firebrand!” by David Gorham, “Sleigh Ride” by Leroy Anderson, and “Deck The Halls with Old Composers” by Jerry Williams. It was a great show! Wednesday, December 14th Robidoux Middle School’s Drama Director, Mr. Evan Ross, used the LHS Auditorium to present their version of The

Ash Girl. It is a play similar to the story Cinderella. Monday, December 19th the Lafayette High School Choral Director, Ms. Kimberly Evans, with accompanist, Ms. Brenda Foster, had the annual Winter Concert. Mixed Choir

ladies sang “The Colors of Winter” by Lois Brownsey and Mariti Lunn Lantz and “Minka” by Greg Gilpin. Show Choir allowed Amber Robertson to play “Jingle Bells”, Charlotte Cremer to play “Silent Night”, Cerryssa Bonea to play “Jolly Old

Tuesday December 20th the Robidoux Middle School (RMS) Choral Director, Mrs. Robin McInnis, RMS Band Director, Mr. Brett King, and Piano Player, Mr. Darren Verbick had their Winter Concert at Lafayette High School’s Auditorium. The 7th grade Music Class played “Enter With Singing” by Cristi Carey Miller, “Green and White” by Teresa Jennings, and “CalAbove: LHS Choir performing during the Winter Choral Concert. Photo by: Deacon Sears ifornia Dreamin’” Arr. of 32 students sang “Twas the St. Nicholas”, Anna Miller to Roger Emerson. The 8th grade Night Before Christmas” by play “Away in a Manger”, and Choir Class sang “Sing Joyfully, Mark Weston and “Hip Hop Kaylee Kneale to play “O Come Now Everyone” by Arr. George Reindeer” by Andy Beck. The All Ye Faithful” on the piano. Strid, “On a Cold December Women’s Chorus of 11 young The All State Soloist Kaitlin Night” by Cynthia Gray, and Bunse sang “Midnight Noel” “Come Light the Menorah” by by Mark Hayes. The MMEA Arr. Hawley Ades. The 7th and Group sang “I Thank You God” 8th Grade Girls sang “Jubilate by Lloyd Pfautsch, “TshotDeo” by Mary Lynn Lightfoot. sholoza” by Jeffery L. Ames The 7th and 8th Grade Comwith a solo from Malik Hughes, bined Choirs and sang “Music “Earth Song” by Frank Ticheli, In You” by Joseph Martin, “All “Sing!” by Marvin Hamlisch, I Want For Christmas Is You” “The Pasture” by Z. Randall by Arr. Mac Huff, and “Silent Stroope, “The Moon is Distant Night” by Traditional. from the Sea” by David Childs, Wednesday, December 21st and “Little Man in a Hurry” by RMS Drama Director, Mr. Evan Eric Whitacre. It was a wonder- Ross, once again used the LHS ful show full of excitement and Auditorium to present their holiday cheer. version of The Ash Girl.

Special Education

By: Katie Bourne, Beat Writer, Some students at Lafayette High School are enrolled into Special Education classes and the teachers develop lessons that are at a special needs student level of understanding. The teachers help with multiple subjects. They of course help with core classes such as: Mathematics, Science, Communication Art, and History. The teachers also help with study skills, arts and crafts, and life skills classes. Many people do not really understand the importance of Special Services that are given at school. Everyone has a disability, some are recognized and some are not. It is important to make sure that people understand that students just need the extra help to exceed to the highest ability they have to offer. Last year, Lafayette High

School Student Council did a project called, “Be the Change”. It involved making the “R” word into respect. You should respect people and not call them words that could truly hurt them. By saying a simple word it can affect the people that are living everyday with a disability. After asking Mrs. Stacie Nassen, Director of Special Services, if she enjoyed working with the kids she said, “I love it! I’ve taught the students for 26 years and I love the kids.” Also after asking Mrs. Katie McCullough, Special Services Teacher, if she enjoyed teaching, she said, “Yes, of course I do love teaching. I really enjoy working with our kids. Being able to know your helping kids work towards college is great. I’ve taught for seven years here, and it’s great knowing I help guide them.”

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The Light

NEWS ACT! Time to Test

By: DezStaney Felder, Beat Writer,

The December ACT took place on December 10, 2011. To prepare for it before hand, the Lafayette Staff held an ACT Academy in the school library. The first session to take place was on Friday, December 2nd. It entailed the science portion of the ACT. Ms. Nicole Shifflet was the science Academy teacher, and she taught useful skills to know during the ACT. The students had to take two practice tests. One at the beginning of the class, and one after to compare the results with their new skills. On Monday, the sixth, Mr. Chris Neff taught the Math Section of the ACT Academy. During that session, Mr. Neff gave a test and then went over the answers. When going over the answers, Neff explained how he got to the answer, and some strategies to help on the ACT. The day before the testing, Mrs. Theresa Jordan taught strategies on the read-

ing and English section. At the end of the academy, Mrs. Jordan gave out a packet for the students to keep with the

the test takers included students from Lafayette, Central, Leblond, Benton, and Savannah. “It was the biggest group

Students taking a timed test. Photo: Spotlight Staff strategies learned from the day. The ACT took place at Lafayette High School and 119 people took the ACT on Saturday,

Department News By: Andrew Murphy, Beat Writer, andrew.murphy@lhsirish.

Math: The math department is rounding out the time before break with benchmark testing. Science: The science department is finishing the year with benchmark testing. History: The history department is continuing to work on the improvement of vocabulary knowledge, and ACT strategies are continuing to be taught on Tuesdays. Communication Arts: Sophomore Classes are reading Animal Farm. Industrial Tech: Beginning Woodworking is starting their projects of signs and clocks, while Advanced Woodworking is making clocks as well. Physical Education: Weightlifting classes are currently maxing out. Team Sports and Individual Dual Sports are rounding out the month with basketball and Badminton. F.A.C.S: Cooking classes are currently making desserts. Foreign Language: Spanish 2 classes are working on learning how to speak in the past tense, while Spanish 3 is learning how to speak in the present tense.

we ever had, and they (the students) seemed to have worked really hard.” announced Mrs. Fite. The students had to show

up at Lafayette at 7:30 am; they brought along their admission tickets and Student ID. Once they showed their admission ticket to Mrs. Fite, they were assigned to a room that had twenty or so people in it. Before the students took the ACT, Mr. Neff was at the desk with graphing calculators that were already programmed with math functions. The ACT turned out really well and it has a lot to do with the Lafayette High School Staff. Vice Principle, Mrs. Kris Compton, made sure everyone who signed up for the ACT attended the ACT Academy. The counselors helped because they came on test day to help students get situated. All of the teachers that helped out in the academy, proved helpful by showing strategies that could help raise ACT scores. Thank you to all of the Lafayette High School faculty that assisted in the ACT.

Girls’ Varsity Basketball Tournament By: Keri Day, Beat Writer,

The Lafayette High School Varsity Girls’ Basketball team is doing an outstanding job, and working very hard this year to be at the top. When asked how the season is going, Head Coach, Ryan Madison said, ‘Well we’re 4-1, so going pretty well, we are a long way ahead from a year ago. Last year these girls did not get there fourth win till January 4th, so over all we have done a lot better than last.” The Irish Girls’ first game was on Tuesday, November 22nd against Excelsior Springs. They came out with their first victory with a score of 55-21. The first game in the Savannah Tournament was on Tuesday, November 29th against Maryville High School, which resulted in a victory, ended with a score of 59-39. The girls’ second game in the Tournament was on Thursday, December 1st against Chillicothe High School; the game closed with their third win and a score of 41-34. This victory lead the Lady Fighting Irish to the finals! When asked, how the season is going, sophomore, Shay Ward replied, “Good! We’re better this year and we work together more.” The last and final game in the Savannah Tournament was against Savannah, and this game resulted in the LHS Girls taking home

second place. “They fought their hardest,” Coach Madison stated, “this was a really good and close game. Savannah is a really great team and hard to beat.” The score of this game was 53-58. On Tuesday, December 6th, the Lafayette High School Girls’ Basketball team played Maryville High School once again and the outcome was just the same, with a win and a score of 47-37. Their final game before the nerve racking City Showcase took place on Saturday, December 10th. They battled with the Rockridge High School girls.This was a tough loss for the Irish girls, but they pushed through, and finished with a score of 16-69. Starting Varsity senior, Myia Weston said, “The season is going great! We have a new year, new look, and new attitude!” The Basketball City Showcase took place on Thursday, December 15th and Friday, December 16th. The Lafayette girls went up against Central High School. This also was a tough loss for the girls. While they held their own throughout the game and went into over time, the Irish just came short with a final score of 44-48. The Irish Girls’ Basketball team has been a hot commodity so far, lets hope they continue to trudge forward.

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The Light

December 22nd, 2011

Lafayette’s Canned Food Drive By: Eternity Felder, Beat Writer, The Canned Food drive at Lafayette High School took place on Monday, December 12th and lasted until Friday, December 16th. The goal for this year’s food drive was to get 3000 cans. That goal could be reached if each and every one of Lafayette High School’s student brought four cans to school. The event was held in the main hallway, where you could also pick up your raffle ticket. The Lafayette High School Student Council officers came up with some ideas to get more people to bring cans. For every three cans they brought, they received a raffle ticket. They could also bring three cans that met the needs of the requirement list, then they would receive two raffle tickets. The raffle ticket stub is then contributed to a daily drawing of prizes. The prizes consisted of: a parking ticket, a tardy pass, a yearbook, $25 iTunes gift card, an “eat lunch with your favorite teacher at a restaurant of your

choice” on STUCO, and a $30 dinner for two at Texas Roadhouse.

$30 dinner for two at Texas Roadhouse, two breeze freezes, and

were Deacon Sears, who won a yearbook, Andrew Wolf, won a free tardy, Emily Carter, who won a free breeze freeze, and Mrs. McDaniel, who got a free gift for the Irish Mart. When junior, Deacon Sears was asked how he felt about the Canned Food Above: The first stages of can collection. LHS’s goal is 3000 items! Photo by: Spotlight Staff Drive, he answered, “I’m On Friday, December 16th, there a free yearbook. Tuesday prizes happy I donated. I got to help out was a Grand Prize drawing of a were a free breeze freeze, a free someone in need, and I got a free free day off school, which counts tardy pass, and a free gift from the yearbook that I didn’t even have to as a school business day. Irish Mart. Some of the winners pay for!” On Monday, the prizes were a of the Canned Food drive prizes

Teacher Spotlight By: DezStaney Felder, Beat Writer, dezstaney.felder@lhsirish.

Meet Mrs. Selina Chappell. She has been working at Lafayette High School for four years now. In those four years, the students and faculty knew her as “the cooking teacher”, but this year she has taken the place of the Mrs. Susan Rost, who retired last year, as the Fashion, Fabrics, and Child Development Teacher. Mrs. Chappell is the older sister of Mrs. Sheila Weed, Lafayette High School’s Math Teacher. She is married with two sons, one that has already graduated Lafayette, and one that goes here now. Mrs. Chappell’s favorite hobby is crocheting, which ties into why she now is the Fashion and Fabrics teacher. She loves to watch the television show Body of Proof and her favorite thing to do is read. When Mrs. Chappell was asked if she was ready for Christmas, she replied,

“Yes and no. I’m ready for Christmas Break,” then she added, with a laugh, “but I’m not ready to wrap Christmas presents.” Mrs. Chappell announced

she was expecting a new car and money for Christmas. She’ll enjoy her favorite Christmas song, “What child is this” over Christmas Break.

The Light Staff

…and Lafayette High School said, “Let there be light!” Editor: Kelsey Gardner Business: Amber Harrison Writers: Katie Bourne Keri Day DezStaney Felder Eternity Felder Georgia Gunter James Henderson III Legend Milbourn Andrew Murphy Alyssa Schmelzle Paula Valenzuela Kayla Wegenka Daniel Wooten Supervisor: Dr. M. Shane Heard

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The Light


StuCo Continues to Make a Difference By: Kayla Wegenka, Beat Writer,

Lafayette High School’s Student Council of food, it does not matter how many items (Mr. Craig Wolf) donates a lot every year, has participated in a Can Food Drive. For he does not do it for the prizes, every three items students brought, they he wants to make a difference received a raffle ticket for the chance to and help the community,” said win great prizes. Second Harvest needed senior and Student Council Vice and still needs more of certain items. If the President, Tyler Hurt. The first three items that were brought matched up day Student Council started to any item on the list, the donor would get they collected 300 food items an additional raffle ticket. Each day a table and their goal was to get 3,000 was set up in the main hall for students and food items by Friday, December staff to bring items. There were many priz19th. If everyone would bring es given out including: a free parking pass, four items, LHS could exceed a free tardy pass, a $25 ITunes gift card, their goal. “The Food Drive has and eat lunch with a teacher of your choice gotten off to a great start, we outside of school (paid for by Student got 300 items (Monday) and I Council), a $30 dinner for two at Texas hope to continue the rest the Roadhouse, or a free yearbook. There was a week to accomplish our goal. grand prize for a school business day (free We need a lot of help from the Teachers enjoy a meal. Photo by: Spotligh Staff day out of school) drawn on Friday, Decommunity to help the commucember 16. “There is a lot of people in need you bring, anything will help. Coach Wolf nity,” said Mrs. Miller.

Wrestling Season Starts! By: Legend Milbourn, Beat Writer, The Lafayette Irish Wrestling team is off to quite a good start. So far, the team has went to two tournaments. The first meet was in the White Classic tournament on December 3rd. The team did not do as well as planned. They took ninth out of twelve. The second meet was Saturday, December 9th in the Truman Invitational. The Lafayette High School wrestling team did a lot better here and took second. The Irish boys had eight wrestlers compete for third or first place. “I went two and four in the first tourAbove and below: Photos of a recent Lafayette High School Wrestling Meet. Photos: J. McBee nament and three and two in the second. I got fifth in both, especially for their first year wrestling, is is going pretty good, but I think we all could but believe I could have done better,” Varjunior Austin Drennen, who took second improve. A lot of us have been pushing sity wrestler, sophomore, Stephen Wilds in LHS’s first meet and, sophomore, Dylan hard at practice lately so I’m hoping we all reported. Ezzell took fifth in the first tournament and do better at the next match.” An Irish wrestler that is competing well, third in the second. Sophomore, Bryson Goldesberry took seventh in the second tournament, along with junior, Slade Hummer, who took fifth in the first meet and second place in the second meet. The next match was a ‘Tri’ (duel between 3 teams) at Central on Tuesday, December 13th against Plattsburg and Central. Kylan Kuritz, an Irish sophomore, stated, “Wrestling

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The Light

December 22nd, 2011


Cheerleading and Flags

Lafayette High School’s Fab 14

By: Kayla Wegenka, Beat Writer,

By: Legend Milbourn, Beat Writer,

The Lafayette High School Homecoming in February. Flags Team and CheerleadThe Irish FlagsTeam has ing squad have been doing been doing a wonderful job twirling their flags and they have added a little dancing to their routine. Sponsor, Mrs. Angie Riggs announced, “Their really pulling it together as a team, and are coming up with good ideas. They’ve got stronger Above:LHS Cheerleaders perform. Photo by: Deacon as a team, Sears. Below: LHS Flag Corpe. Photo: Paula Valenzuela and are giving their 100% effort at practice and during the assemblies.” They have been working so hard and doing great performance. A sophomore, Courtney Rogers a phenomenal job keeping commented, “We are doing the students and faculty on really good, we have gotten their feet cheering during a lot better this year.” the Pep Assemblies. The Brandy Cantrell Senior cheerleaders have been a Deacon Sears, Senior great support at the LaMcKenzie Hager, Junior fayette Basketball games. Shelbee Murphy Sopho“Cheerleading is a difficult more, Courtney Rogsport that you have to put ers Sophomore, Kinsley a lot of effort into. Also, if Whisenand , Sophomore you do not put a 100% into Jesseca Wilkerson everything you will look Sophomore. a mess, but if you try and Next time you see see work hard you will sucany of these students, conceed. It has been a great gratulate them on a job well year so far!” stated senior done. cheerleader, Brian Lucas. Cheerleading and Flags are gearing up for the Winter

The Lafayette High School Poms squad has been doing really great this year in terms of coming together as a team. Another plus, for the squad this year, is that the girls have become really great friends with one another. “It’s been excit-

which includes, Leblond High School, Benton High School, and Central High School to do the annual “City Showcase” dance. The Irish Poms squad had been working extremely hard on the dance and have gone through a few stressful weeks trying to

ing this year to be on the squad because we all have come so close. I love every single one those ladies and would not trade them

get it down. So much time and effort is put into every one of their dances. Lafayette High School’s Poms squad always puts theirs

for any other squad. They have made my senior year one to remember!” senior, Denise Thompson said. This year on Thursday, December 15th and Friday, December 16th, the Lafayette High School Poms got together with the other three high schools in Saint Joseph,

hearts on the dance floor. At the end of the night, the Poms did not fail to give Saint Joe a performance to remember.

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The Light

December 22nd, 2011


Girls JV and Freshman Basketball

Boys Basketball Season Begins

Andrew Murphy, Beat Writer,

By: Georgia Gunter, Beat writer,

The Freshman and Junior Varsity Girls’ Basketball teams have started the season in similar fashions. Both teams have 0-4 records, but this does not signal panic mode just yet. There are many practices and games ahead in which improvements can be made. It is

school basketball, there is a lot to learn. The plays you will be running are more complex and your teammates are new faces as well. Even when the season does not start off the best bright spots still emerge. “Alia Irvin has been a bright spot for the freshman team so far

Above: Lafayette High School Lady Irish Varsity Basketball Team, Below: JV Baketball Team, Far Below:Freshman Basketball Team not how the season starts but how the season finishes. The Junior Varsity team consists of four freshman and six sophomores, which means the team has not been together for long. With the season still in its early stages the players are getting use to each other in game situations. “The JV team is inexperienced and are

learning as they go,” stated Coach Brad Spinner. “As long as we improve every game we are accomplishing what needs to be done at the junior varsity level.” Improving every week is vital to the success of a team and program. Strengthen weaknesses and progress every day and success will follow. Freshman basketball has started off slowly as well. Since this is their first year of high

this season,” announced Coach Spinner. As the season goes

on the players learn, improve, and come together as a team. It is not how a team starts but how they finish that matters. “The team should improve as the year goes along, and as we get games under our belts,” said Coach Spinner. There are many games are ahead for both the Freshmen and Junior Varsity teams. This means there is plenty of time to improve and learn in. The season may have started off slow but improving at every chance can lead to a successful finish. The season has just begun, there is plenty of work left to be done. A promising future is ahead, improvement leads to this.

Coach Daryl Williams is hoping for a season just like last year. In the last season, Lafayette High School’s Junior Varsity went

undefeated. The boys have started the season off this year with a record 2-0, winning against Benton and Leblond, the season is going great. “This year may be more of a challenge. A lot of guys are playing JV that are on Varsity and last year there was more talent, but everyone still plays hard and tries their best,” Coach Williams stated. For this year, Williams wants to see the team get better and better everyday. “JV is to prepare these kids for Varsity,” Coach Williams announced. In practice, the Irish are working on defensive things. Williams believes that they win games because they can defend people. That is why 80% of the things they work on are a part of defense. “I can’t wait to see where this season takes us. I am glad to be playing some JV and I am working hard to do my best,” freshman, Preston Martin said. “I am really impressed with Kenny Grant this year. He always plays hard and comes to practice with a good attitude and stays positive,” Williams stated, leading on he then exclaimed, “We have a young team. The freshman are playing very well and picking up fast. Hopefully we can win a lot of games this year. Our kids practice hard, I like being around them. They all like each other and everyone gets along. Our team has a ‘family’ atmosphere and everyone is really committed.” Williams also stated how they always use this quote for motivation, “It’s not what happens to you, it’s how you respond to what happens.” The most challenging game Irish will play this year is against Kansas City Harman. They were the strongest opponent the Irish team faced last year, and KC Harman has a lot of players returning from last season. Below is the roster: # Player Height Year 2 Kenny Grant 5’10” 11 3 Chester Goudeau 5’10” 9 5 Drew Cortez 5’9” 9 10 Sam Stufflebean 5’10” 10 11 Drake Babineaux 6’1” 10 13 Austin Day 5’10” 11 20 Courtland Hughes 5’10” 10 21 Preston Martin 6’0” 9 22 Quante’ Ford 5’10” 11 23 Dustin Green 5’8” 10 32 Curtis Hubbard 6’2” 10 33 Chase Calloway 5’9” 10 44 Tyjuan Lee 6’0” 10 Come out and support the boys as they continue their season.

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The Light

December 22nd, 2011

Winter Basketball Jamboree Eternity Felder, Beat Writer,

Lafayette High School’s Varsity Girls’ and Boys’ Basketball players participated once again in the annual “City Showcase” held at the Civic Arena. The event took place on Thursday, December 15th and Friday, December 16th. Thursday, the Lafayette Irish went against Central High School. On Friday night, LHS faced the Leblond Eagles. The Lady Irish left early from school to attend the first game of the Showcase, which started at 3:30 p.m. Though the Lady Irish made the first shot of the night, Central Indians pulled ahead throughout the whole first three quarters of the game. Through-

out the whole fourth quarter, the fans were on

On Friday, the Lady Irish redeemed themselves and defeated Bishop LeBlond. Lafayette High School Boys’ Basketball team played next in the “City Showcase” against Central at 5:30 p.m. The boys made the first shot of the game, taking the lead against Central. The boys stayed in the lead against Central

edge to see the outcome of the Lafayette High School verses CHS game. The Lady Irish did not disappoint, they took the lead with only a minute to spare. Then a Central player made a free throw shot, shocking the crowd, with only seconds on the clock, and tied the game at 39-39. Needless to say the game went into overtime. Though the Lady Irish played at their best, Central came out ahead, winning the game at 44-48.

for the first quarter of the game. Central came back in the second quarter, and stayed in the lead, with a score

of 32-42. Lafayette Irish’s boys fought hard to catch up but they fell short against Central’s boys with the final score of 68-56. Friday must have been Lafayette High School’s night, because not only did the girls win, but the boys also won against Bishop LeBlond. The City Showcase had a great turnout, there were numerous family members, students, and faculty who came out to supported their team.

Phat Stats

By: Amber Harrison, Beat Writer,

Date Opponent Level Boys’ Basketball 11/29/2011 Benton Varsity 12/3/2011 Ken. Shootout Varsity 12/15/2011 Central Varsity Girls’ Basketball 11/22/2011 Excelsor 11/28/2011 Sav. Tour. 12/6/2011 Maryville 12/10/2011 Rock Bridge 12/15/2011 Central

Varsity Varsity Varsity Varsity Varsity






Home Away Home

7:30 TBA 5:00

49 40 56

37 58 68

1-0 1-1 1-2

Home Away Away Away Home

7:30 55 21 TBA 7:30 47 37 2:30 16 69 3:30 44 48

1-0 3-1 4-1 4-2 4-3

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The Light


December 22nd, 2011

Teacher Christmas List Keri Day, Beater Writer,

The season you have all been waiting for is finally near! Some of Lafayette High School’s finest teachers shared what they would like for Christmas. Here are a few Staff members’ responses: Physical Education teacher, Mrs. Jodi Sipes replied, “I would like to win Albert Pujos’s new 250 million dollar contract, and go to an island in the Caribbean.” Fashion Fabrics/ Child Development teacher, Mrs. Selina Chappell wants,“To not have to worry about money!” Wood Shop teacher, Mr. Tom Toalson is wishing for, “A new car, but that’s not going to happen; I want my kids to come home for Christmas.” Spanish Teacher, Mr. Ryan Madison said, “A Chili’s gift card, Megan Fox, or both!” Science Teacher, Miss Nicole Shi-

The Home For Little Wanderers

By: James Henderson III, Beat Writer, james.

flett replied, “What I would like is for all of my friends to get what they want for Christmas.” Language Arts Teacher, Mr. Stephen Kibler wants, “Instead of a gift, I want to go somewhere fun as a family: me, my wife, and kids, Or a large quantity of cheese and pie.” Language Arts Teacher, Ms. Christine Prussman is wishing for, “Toe nail clippers, a pot of gold, and a nap!” Language Arts Teacher, Mr. Jason Guthery said, “To grow!” The Lafayette High School Light staff would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a wonderfully Happy New Year!

Since 1894, the Noyes Home has served Saint Joseph’s children with a driving passion. However, there may be some misconceptions about what exactly goes on at the Noyes Home and why children go there. The Noyes Home takes kids in for a multitude of reasons: their parents may be in a ruff spot, they may have behavioral problems and need help finding ways to fix them, or they may be in state custody. The Noyes Home is actually not an orphanage. They just help kids who need it. Children usually only stay there for three to six months. During this time, the children who reside there need donations. Due to the fact that The Noyes Home is not funded by the state they rely completely on the generosity of St. Joe residents. All through the year they welcome anyone in the City to donate anything they can use to help these children. Especially this time of year. With Christmas and winter upon us they need donations now more than any other time. So go down there and spread your Christmas cheer to the children who need it and the facility that deserves it. Here is a list of donations the Noyes home is looking for this time of year: Noyes Home Wish List: -Twin Comforters/Twin sheet sets/twin size fleece blankets -Bath Towels/Hand Towels/Washcloths -Bathroom mats (boys/girls) -Hygiene products (boys/girls) (i.e. body wash, shampoo, conditioner, bar soap, deodorant) -Personal caddies for hygiene products -Shower curtains (single stall size) -Brushes and hair accessories -Small trash cans -Small table lamps (bedside size) -Socks (boys/girls) ages 6-18 -Underwear (boys/girls) ages 6-18 -Pajamas (boys/girls) ages 6-18 -Bras (assorted sizes and styles—sports or cup varieties) -Craft supplies (i.e. beads, string, tempera and acrylic paints) -Calculators (hand-held size) -DVD Movies (G, PG and PG-13 only—NO Rrated Movies) -DVD Players -Disposable cameras -Sporting equipment (i.e. volleyball net, basketball hoop nets, bicycle helmets, basketballs, volleyballs, footballs, soccer balls, kickballs) -Wii Accessories and Games -Playstation 2 games -Batteries AA, AAA -Over the Counter medicines (i.e. cough and cold medicine, pain reliever-Ibuprofen, cough drops, Tums, sinus and decongestion for head, PMS medicine, allergy medicine) -African American Hair Products (perms-to help straighten hair, oils, styling products, etc) -Vacuums for Resident’s Use If you can help out in any way, please contact the Noyes Home.

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December 22nd, 2011

Top Christmas Gifts 2011 By: Daniel Wooten, Beat Writer, daniel.

The Light


Students Christmas List By: Katie Bourne, Beat Writer,

Christmas is the time of year for School students what they wanted and Christmas is coming up fast! Do families to share their joy. Many fami- this is their responses: not know what to get? Well you lies celebrate by coming together to Senior, Myia Weston said, “I would are in luck! Top picks for gifts this give each other presents. With Christlike to get year, are here! mas only money from a week my parents.” For that special kid, whether away, Senior, Talon it’s your nieces and nephews, your many Johnson said, children, or grandchildren, the Lafay“I want an top gift picks for the little kiddos ette High Xbox 360.” ages 1-3 could be: School Junior, Sadie -PlaySmart Plasma Bike students Bartram said, -Fat Brain Toy: Topples are start“I want many -Sesame Street Playschool: Let’s ing to things, but Rock Elmo make if it comes -QuickSmart: ScrambleBug their down to it, I Friendly Any Ride-On Christwant a pupmas lists py.” There are many choices when it and are Junior, Alcomes to the younger kids. For making exander kids who are in grade school you sure their Rich said, “I could go for: families want a snow -LeapFrog: LeapPad Explorer know board!” Game System, exactly Sophomore, -Justin Bieber: Tour Bus and Con- what they Whittney Gocert Stage want. Afforth said, “I -LEGO: Ninjago Fire Temple ter asking want a white -Hot Wheels: Video Racer Micro around iPod touch.” Camera Car the Sophomore, -Perplexus Epic school, Andrew Wolf most LHS said, “I wantHow about those teens that have students ed an iPad.” grown out of the toys: even they are wantFreshman, cannot resist: ing the Lessa Auxier -Vortex Nitron Disc Blaster by new iPad said, “I want NERF and/or pencils and -Skatecycle iPhone. notebooks. -Lomography: Sprocket Rocket Some That way I Superpop Camera people, can write be-X-Box 360 with Kinect or though, cause I love to any other new gaming system. say they write.” just want Freshman, How about for your parents, money beAarron Cangrandparents, aunts, uncles, or cause their trall said, “I one of your favorite teachers? Try parents want a motorgetting an X-Box 360 or a new cannot cycle.” laptop for a young collage student. find the Have a very Maybe a special cologne or perpresent Merry Christfume for mom or dad. A card with they are mas and a lots of love in it for a grandparent. yearning Happy New There is a lot of stuff out there for, or they Years. for your family and friends. Make simply do sure you get the best gift you can not underafford. stand the present they are exactly wanting. The Light asked eight Lafayette High

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December 22nd, 2011


ROTC December By: Daniel Wooten, Beat Writer,

Lafayette High School there. citizens of themselves and their competitions, contact ROTC has a few additions The ROTC students work those around them. For Major Timothy Burns at to last month’s edition of hard year round to apply more information on the LHS at (816) 671-4220. the Light. For those who do their skills to make better ROTC program or any of not know, ROTC is in the drill hall at the bottom of the annex. On Thursday, December 1st, the Academic Challenge at Missouri Western took place. Lafayette High School, Benton High School, and Central High School all participated in this. The Lafayette Irish placed in the top 20 percent. The Academic Challenge consisted of four parts with ACT questions. Lafayette High School Above: Collin Correll and Stephaine Auxier (ROTC BALL KING AND QUEEN, Above Left: Justin Wood and Miriah Auxier, Below Left: Autum George, Spencer Taylor, and Kayla Whitmer, Below Right: Cody Davis, scored in the 85 percentile. This enabled then to Shelbee Murphy, Brandy Cantrell, and Billy Pursifull, Below: All Three High Schools Attending the 2011 ROTC BALL move on to the second level. The Drill team has a competition on January 14th in Council Bluffs, Iowa. They will do course regulation drills, with and without weapons. The Council Bluffs meet will also include an academic challenge with ACT type questions. There will be twenty schools attending and nearly 800 people will accompany the schools

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December 22nd, 2011

Grease Continued Continued from page 1.... When asked how he felt about Grease being over and losing the record amount of seniors, Dr. M Shane Heard responded, “It was one of the best shows Lafayette has ever done. I will miss everyone, especially my seniors. They have been with me so long that I am not sure what I will do without them. I will surely be lost!” Secondary Fine Arts Coordinator, Mr. Kevin Griffin, sent the Grease cast and crew a wonderful email saying, “I thoroughly enjoyed Lafayette’s production of Grease this past weekend! Thanks to all of you for your hard work and dedication to making this musical a success! Please

extend my sincere appreciation and congratulations to

nice email saying, “I had the opportunity to see Grease on

all of your students. I know Coach Book’s vocal training is lacking - but the audience loved him!” Vice Principle of Robidoux Middle School, Precious Kurth, sent a very

Saturday and I thought was outstanding. Characters were wisely selected, the music was phenomenal, the acting appeared natural, and costumes and settings were

fabulous. It was an awesome evening and a solid two hours of entertainment. Just wanted to say kudos to you and your crew. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute, every song, and every scene.” The Truman Middle School Music Teacher, Rebecca Snider, said, “Great performance and my kids loved it! Kudos to you and your students. Amazing job and thanks for the invite!”

Lafayette’s Got Tallent Coninuted

It is that time again; Lafayette Nicole Shiflett, Mr. Bo Tillman, In addition to the student acts, High School’s annual talent Mrs. Christine Prussman, and there will also be a few special show! acts from the staff. This Dr Sumy and Ms. year Kim Evans have Student a special surprise Counto add cil has to the chosen excitethe “L ment of FACthe show. TOR” Very as the little has theme, been reand the vealed as exciteto what ment their act for the is, but show is they have buildreleased ing. the Deceminformaber 12th Above: Wesley Sisk takes second, Below: Onna and Ashton Farris take third. tion that audithe act is tions a musiwere held after school to verify Mr. David George, and the hosts cal performance. each act and narrow down the are seniors Shaquille Nance In fact, they are quantity of acts, if needed. and McKenzie Jones. Student debuting in a band called “The Mrs. Lisa Miller, Mrs. Theresa Council and Leadership will set Shamrockers”. Ms. Evans comPaolillo, and Mrs. Kris Compup for the talent show in the mented, “It is a musical number ton oversaw the auditions. The auditorium and Dr. M. Shane that is going to burn the house show has accumulated more Heard’s techies will assist with down.” Mr. Derek Frieling also acts than last year. Thursday, the sound and lights. Dr. Tyran has a comical treat to bring to December 22nd is the day of the Sumy stated, “I’m really looking the stage. The skit consists of talent show, and tickets are on forward to it. There will be a lot Mr. Frieling serenading. As ususale for $2 and will be sold at of acts and a stiff competition, al his performances are hilarilunch December 19th through but it’s all for fun. It should be a ously bizarre and nothing less 22nd. The judges consist of Ms. good time.” should be expected for this year.

One other performance with a staff member is Mr. Nathan Arnold and senior, Kaitlin Bunse. In the past years Mr. Arnold has performed a musical number with former student Jaron War-

ner. This year Kaitlin and Mr. Arnold will also be performing a musical number. Kaitlin has performed in the LHS talent show her freshman and junior years. When asked if she cared about winning, Kaitlin said, “ No, I just wanted to do it.”

The Light 12-22-11  

The Light December Issue

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