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…and LHS said, “Let there be light!” November 30th, 2012 DRIP, DRIP, DRIP By: Cheyenne DeCaigney, Beat Writer, The blood drive at Lafayette to send them home for not feeling happens about twice a year. well. She says that every student This year was not the worst should have a good breakfast and year, only one person passed eat and drink plenty before and out. The nurse, Tanya Alden, after they give blood and stay well had attended to five people feelhydrated. ing sick. She has worked eight They had more than 30 stuof the blood drives at Lafayette dents donating blood. There were and the worst was her first year many last minute people that when six people passed out. The showed up, but they allowed them blood drive is for a good cause to still donate because the more and they say every time you dopeople the better and it is and all nate blood you save two lives. for a good cause. The blood drive This year there were so was an eventful day for many many people that signed up late and as usual everyone that parthat they had a line, all the way ticipates gets a t-shirt to show for until last hour. You had to be donating blood and an I donated 17 years of age or have a parent blood sticker, and for the people signature to participate. When that at least tried to donate blood asking Mrs. Alden how she felt they got a sticker that said I tried about the blood drive, her being the nurse and playing to donate blood. To some this was successful to others an important part, she said the students should be 18 or at least they tried. When asking people six out of ten older without parental consent because even if a stusaid they have a fear of needles or blood. dent is 17 she has to have permission from the parents

Veterans Day By: Heidi Fattig, Beat Writer, Veterans Day is not to be confused with Memorial Day; Veterans day celebrates the service of all U.S. military veterans, while Memorial Day is a day of remembering the men and women who died while serving. This holiday is celebrated on November 11th. It was first proclaimed a national holiday by President Woodrow Wilson on November 11th, 1919. He called it “ Armistice Day”. Every year, Saint Joseph has a Veterans Day parade. There has been a parade every year since the holiday has began. Area high school bands, veterans committees, DAV, American Legion, all three high school marching bands, and sometimes the smaller high schools

such as East Buck or Mid Buck High School participate in this parade. “We’ve been a nation at war for over two years, we’ve been in two conflicts at the same time, we’ve had a lot of our students over there that have come home, we have had a lot of students from the Saint Joseph School District that have not returned home. It’s time we honored our veterans because if it was not for them, we wouldn’t have the freedom we have today.” Major Tim Burns explained. Lafayette High School has participated in the Veterans Day parade for over 17 years. The marching band and Major Burns’s battalion in JROTC are the only groups from Lafayette in the parade.

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The Light Staff Editor: Amber Harrison Assisant: Keri Day Liaisons: James Henderson III Andrew Murphy Writers: Katie Bourne Cheyenne Decaigney Heidi Fattig Eternity Felder Steven Foster Brooke Meyer Jordan Richardson Supervisor: Dr. M. Shane Heard

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November 30th, 2012 Class News

By: Keri Day, Assistant,

Students of Lafayette High School, if you know of someone that has done something exceptional and deserves recognition please see Dr. Shane Heard. They will have a chance to be featured in our upcoming Newspaper.

your required classes already. BE STRONG SOPHOMORES! Freshman Class(2016): Freshman, if you have not signed up for freshman board, you need to do so. See Mrs. Shaginaw for information!

Senior Class(2013): Seniors’ second scholarship unit was due on Monday the 19th. Seniors had a tour to Missouri Western State University on START STRONG Wednesday the 14th FRESHMEN! for only those who signed up. If you have not ordered your cap and gowns you need to do so, seniors. If you would like graduation announcements from Jostens those need to be ordered also, although they are not required, you can make your own.

Department News

By: Heidi Fattig, Beat Writer,

Each department of the school is working on something either new or finishing up. There’s the Math department, Science department, Industrial Tech department, Consunsumer Science department, Fine Arts department, History department, Foreign Language department, and the Language Arts department. Mrs. Diane Law is head of the Math department, Mrs. Elizabeth Jones is head of the Science department, Mr. Tom Toalson is head of the IT department, Mrs. Virginia Stone is head of the Consumer Science department, Mrs.Diana Wood is head of the Fine Arts department, Mr. Derek Frieling is

FINISH STRONG SENIORS! Junior Class(2014): Juniors can now sign up for basketball concession stands. Junior prom committee meeting is before Christmas break. STAY STRONG JUNIORS! Sophomore Class(2015): Sophomores, if you need schedule changes make sure you do them before Christmas break! Also, if you are thinking about attending Hillyards make sure you have all

head of the History department, Mrs. Kassie Harshman is head of the Foreign Language department, and Mrs. Theresa Jordan is head

of the Language Arts department. At the moment, in the language arts department, they are working on close reading strategies and context clues. “As a department, we’ve revised our expectations, and we’re seeing the students and teachers meet those expectations. We are looking more closely at data on all students and using the data to provide instruction and intervention as needed,” said Mrs. Jordan. In the fine arts department, art club is working on selling fundraiser items that will be sold on December 18th. Art club is working on making Christmas ornaments and small gift items. These items will be sold for raising money for scholarships to be awarded to the LHS students. “Our department is having steel added to our doors and to our display cabinets to help us hang artwork without damaging them. They will be hung by magnets and not tape so the art is safely displayed. We are very excited about this. If you are walking by the art rooms you should stop by and look at the wonderful artwork are LHS artist have created,” commented Mrs. Wood. The big thing that the history department is focusing on is the Government EOC testing. “We’re trying to make sure Lafayette’s EOC scores are as high as they can possibly be. We’ve pulled kids out of their xfl classes and we’re doing intense EOC review to try to bump up their test scores. We are also doing the same thing throughout the classes,” mentioned Mr. Frieling In the Industrial Tech department, students are starting to work on projects. The industrial arts club will begin meeting after Thanksgiving but the days that they will meet has not been settled yet.

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November 30th, 2012


Shooting For The Stars

By: Brooke Meyer, Beat Writer, This year’s Junior Varsity Boys’ Basketball team has a promising future ahead of them. Coach Daryl Williams says

21​Malik Hughes​ 10​ C 22​Karter Woodbury​​ 9​ ​G 23​Jamiel Rowland​ 10​ C 33 ​Malik Hicks​ 10​ ​G When asked what he was expecting for the season, Coach Will said, “I expect us to play hard, be competitive, and to get better and better throughout the season.” Even though there are quite a few freshmen, he said they were all deserving of their place, “I feel really good about the team. A couple of them could be really good someday. I’m really looking forward to getting this season started.” Their first home game is December 7 vs. Platte County at 6:15. Let’s all get out there and support our Fighting Irish! Work hard. Play hard. Win. Let’s go guys!

this team is different from all the past years since there are quite a few freshmen, but is excited for the season, nonetheless. The players show great skill and are sure to dominate the court, especially if they’re as good as they’re portrayed to be. The 2012-2013 players are: #​Player ​​ Year ​ Position 2​Gary Wilkinson​ 9​ ​ G 3​O’Shaye Kirby​​ 10​ G 5​Riley McKay​ 9​​ F 10​Anthony Busey​ ​ 9​ G 11 ​Cole Lehman 9​ C 13​Alex Brand​​​ 10​ F 20 ​Spencer Pennock 10 G

Hoopin’ it Up!

By: Katie Bourne, Beat Writer,

This year Varsity Girls’ Basketball is looking good. It is coached by Coach Ryan Madison. He has been involved in basketball for 31 years, playing since he was eight years old. When asked what basketball is to him, he replied, “It is the most important thing in my life, besides my family and friends.” There are about 10 returning girls this year. There are 3 new or coming back Varsity players this year. The girls are DJ Weston, Haley Deen, and Brenna Williams. The expectations for this year are very high from the girls. Their practices have been intense and a lot of hard work. The girls have been a lot more intense and are ready for the season to start. Coach Madison also expects his players to keep improving and to win more

this year than previous years. Varsity Players: Mariana Figueroa Brooke Ward Shay Ward Ashley Hinkle Ariel Dydell Mercedes Irvin DJ Weston Ravyn Whisenand Oceonna Weston Kayla Wegenka Please come out and support the girls as their season bounces on.

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The Light


Hard Work Comes to Light By: Andrew Murphy, Liaison,

The start of the Varsity Boys’ Basketball season is nearing. Many hours have been put in by both the coaches and players during the offseason. Lafayette High School basketball has had a lot of success over the last few years. That is all in the past now, this team has to make its own way. It is up to them to carve their names in the history books as well. The talent is there as well as the will to work hard. Success is a great possibility. LHS boys basketball will be excitAustin Day Cody Massey Drew Cortez

Curtis Hubbard Jeff Leeson Billy Cook

This year’s team is full of promise. Success has been synonymous with the LHS Basketball squad over the last few season. There isn’t a reason why this year should be different. The roster is reloaded and ready to go. Another winning season is in the sights for this program. Come out and support the Lafayette High School Varsity Basketball whenever possible!

ing to watch this year. Try to make it to as many games as possible. The varsity is a vastly experienced squad full of players who have spent countless hours honing their craft. Ready for their opponents they will be facing. The major difference between this year’s team and last year’s is experience. Below is the varsity roster: Chester Goudeau Quante’ Ford Xavier Kurth Kenny Grant

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November 30th, 2012 Wrestling Hits the Mat

By: Brooke Meyer, Beat Writer,

The Lafayette Varsity Wrestling team has some very talented wrestlers this year. There are many returners from last year, including a medalist from the state tournament. This year’s team is sure to do great considering the amount of talent these wrestlers have. Wrestling is a little different from other sports, you can be on varsity one week, and junior varsity the next.

zel, Phoenix Foster, Courtland Hughes, Kylan Kuritz, Jordan Miller, Sno Powell, Stephen Wilds, Lake Sisk

Freshmen: Landon Adams, Kieth McNeece, Jacob Proctor, Israel Rayes, Evan Younger

The 2012-2013 wrestlers are: Seniors: Devin Adkins, Austin Drennen, Preston Gregory, Craig Renfrow, Spencer Riddle, Alec Smith Juniors: Sophomores: Drake Babineaux, Dylan Ez- Kane Richardson

When asked what he was expecting for the season,

Coach Kevin Jones said, “ As individuals and as a team, I expect that we improve everyday. And at the end of the season the goal is for at least one of our wrestlers to make it to the State Tournament.” Of his 27 years of coaching, Coach Jones said that at least one person has gone to state every year except one. “A lot of the kids do quite well, we’re sure to get better throughout the season.” Their first match is December 1st at Green Valley. Good luck guys!

Freshman Hoop It Up By: Eternity Felder, Beat Writer,

Lafayette’s Freshman Girls’ Basketball Team’s 20122013 season has finally began. But the season does not start

The girls sound like they’ll have a good season this year, go out and support them! Freshmen Basketball Roster: Number Height Name 4 5’1’’ Adriana Cary 12 5’2’’ Amber Nagle 14 5’4’’ Kelsey Sollars 20 5’8’’ Alexis Sisk 24 5’6’’ Jamessa Stone 40 5’5’’ Mackensie Murphy 44 6’0’’ Alle Moore 52 5’9’’ Amaya Osby 54 5’8’’ Amanda Frakes Head Coach: Kenny Norris

until Tuesday, the 27th of this month for a tournament. The tournament will continue on to Thursday, the 29th. The girls have been practicing every day after school in the Varsity Gym, getting ready for the new season. Asking Freshmen, Amaya Osby, what she thought of the new season, she said, “I believe we will be good, and will have a great season. We work really hard and it will show in our games.”

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November 30th, 2012

Shooting Hoops Freshman Style!!! By: Jordan Richardson, Beat Writer, Every fall of every year Lafayette High School is struck with the electricity of a popular sport: Basketball. In fact it’s one of Lafayette’s hottest sports especially when two years ago the infamous Varsity Team left their mark on the school by leading us to the Final Four in the state of Missouri. However all eyes shouldn’t focus on the varsity teams of the past and present, but also on the new up and coming freshmen team. The freshmen team is chock full of hot new talent ready to make their mark on the game of basketball. They don’t play for titles, or even district games. They play for a regular season schedule that’ll show their ability and reason for wanting to contribute to the game

of basketball. Now not only does this year’s boys’ freshmen team show excellent ability and focus of making their mark, but they’re also focused on making this season one to never forget. Head Coach Cody Denton leads this year’s freshmen boys’ team and Assistant Coach Chad Rucker sat down for an interview to talk about this year’s freshmen team. “They’re very good and actually very experienced. There’s four to five guys who all they do is basketball. With their work I should see them bumped up into Junior Varsity in no time.” When asked how this season will be compared to Central’s and Benton’s freshmen teams Coach Rucker said, “I believe we’ll be good if not better than what they have to offer. If we keep up the good work and try hard then it’s definitely possible.”


Flags used to be a big deal. Back in the day there was 60 people trying out. “We accentuate the band,” says Mrs. Angie Riggs. Flags used to have batons and was the in thing of the older days. Although, the image of flags has slowly decreased, Mrs. Riggs adds, “I think the image has done a 180 within the

finished product.” Senior and co-captain, Deacon Sears, says, “There is no drama compared to other years. It’s fun to watch the improvement over the past 3 years.”

last few years. I am very pleased to see the respect the team is being given and shown. I just love my flags!” Flags is going very well, it takes dedication working around everyone’s school schedules, personalities, sick days, and family issues. A special thanks to Mrs. Riggs for stepping up. When asked how she likes being the new coach, Mrs. Riggs stated, “I love it! It has it’s challenges. We all get along with different personalities. It’s rewarding to see the

Your Flags teams are as followed: Jessica Wilkerson Deacon Sears Kailey Rash Zena Brown Lessa Auxier Trinity Evans

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November 30th, 2012


“Please sir, I want some more.” By: Eternity Felder, Beat Writer, Lafayette High School Theater Department presents the musical Oliver. This is a story about a young boy named Oliver Twist, who lives in a workhouse with other orphaned boys. When Oliver disrupts a meal by asking for more he is sold to a local undertaker. Oliver escapes from the home, and runs off to Paddington Green, where he quickly befriends another young boy called The Artful Dodger.

Brownlow. He assesses Oliver’s condition at the beginning of Act II, deeming him fit to go outside. Bet, Nancy’s friend [or younger sister, in some productions], one of Fagin’s former pickpockets. Charley Bates, one of Fagin’s pickpockets. He is Dodger’s sidekick.

Principal characters: Oliver Twist, the protagonist of the story. He is a lonely orphan boy born in the workhouse. Fagin, a conniving career criminal, takes in homeless boys and teaches them to pick pockets for him. Nancy, Bill Sikes’s lover. She takes a liking to Oliver and treats him like her own child, but is eventually murdered for the steps she takes in behalf of him. Mr. Brownlow, Oliver’s grandfather, a kind man of wealth and breeding. Bill Sikes, Nancy’s brutal and abusive lover, a burglar and her eventual murderer. Mr. Bumble, the pompous beadle of the workhouse in which Oliver was born.

Mrs. Bedwin, house-servant to Mr. Brownlow and caretaker of Oliver. The Artful Dodger, the cleverest of Fagin’s pickpock- ets, he introduces Fagin to Oliver. The LHS Theater has been practicing extremely hard for the musical they’ll perform in a little under Mr. and Mrs. Sowerberry, the insensitive couple two weeks. They rehearse every day after school, and who take in Oliver and use him in their funeral busihave small rehearsals, when they can, in XFL. The hard ness. thing about rehearsals, is not just remembering lines, but also remembering the dance choreography. When Mrs. Corney, the matron of the workhouse where talking with Centenary Hadsall, who plays Bet, she Oliver was born, later marries Mr. Bumble. said, “We practice hard, but it will be well worth it.” Oliver is a classic tale that the LHS Oliver Cast will perCharlotte Sowerberry, the rude but also flirtatious form on Thursday, December sixth, at seven p.m. The daughter of the Sowerberrys. tickets are sold for seven dollars in advanced, and eight dollars at the door. The cast performs all the way from Noah Claypole, The Sowerberrys’ apprentice, he Thursday to Sunday, in the LHS Auditorium, so go out bullies Oliver about his mother and enjoys a flirtatious and support the Irish! relationship with Charlotte. Dr. Grimwig, foppish doctor and friend of Mr.

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November 30th, 2012

Cheering and Dancing the Games Away By: Katie Bourne, Beat Writer,

Cheerleading: This year the cheerleading squad is stronger and fit. They have many new routines and are ready to cheer this winter, to cheer on basketball. The coaches of the team are Lynette Steltnpohl and Jeanie Benitz.

ing great! The squad is looking good. The captains this year are Justus Lind, Montana Conway, and Dantana Conway. They have been putting a lot of new dance moves into their dances. They let different members of the squad make the dances up and they always end up very good. Meagan Root is the coach this year.

Cheer Squad: Linda Anderson Emily Fauver Katlyn George Taylor Guess Amber Hagey Ivy McClintick Kristen Neverdusky Haylee Nichols Mary Peacock Crystal Ruth Ashlan Shroyer Lindsy Steltenpohl Travaris Turner Shelby Williams

Above: LHS Cheerleader get the crowd pumped up. Below: LHS Poms perform at Halftime.

Poms Squad: Crystal Bowers Riley Calloway Dantana Conway Montana Conway Morgan Dittemore Taylor Goddard Alia Irvin Justus Lind Legend Milbourn Allie Monical Anna Richardson Kylee Woodbury Please come out and support the squads as they keep our spirits soaring.

Poms: Poms this year is go-

One Step


The seasons of both the earth and sports are changing. Fall sports have ended and with it has come the winter sports season. The leaves have fallen and the air is feeling colder. Sports and their fans are migrating towards the indoors. The start of the basketball season is fast approaching and the players at all levels are working very hard. The focus this time is on the junior varsity. The team that is one step away from the big show. Below are the players that make up this team on the rise.

Hannah Sands Alle Moore Jamessa Stone Amaya Osby Mercedes Irvin Amanda Frakes

Success isn’t measured by wins and losses but by improvement. The goal is for each player and the team as a whole to improve as the season goes on. These players are one step away from the varsity squad. Them improving signifies the success of the varsity for years ahead. Looking The Junior Varsity Girls’ Bas- at the win and lose column ketball are as follows: doesn’t always tell the whole story. The true story is in Kelsey Sollars the hard work put in by the Madison McKinley coaches and players. Gabby Deweese Each week the players grow Ravyn Whisenand as a team and the product Alexis Sisk on the court becomes even Allie Nelson greater.

Junior Varsity Wrestling Wrestling has always been a shy sport if you would like to say, not a very popular sport but very competitive. The JV team is full of boys and a girl that are very headstrong. Sno Powell is the only girl. When asking a couple wrestlers why they wrestle, all of them said that being competitive is the main reason. Colton Ezzell (former wrestler) says, “Wrestling is the hardest sport, wrestling is about dominating the other opponent with not just strength but technique.” Dayonna Campbell says, “the boys focus because it is one on one rather than a whole group and it is very

intense to watch.” Dylan Ezzell stated, “I started wrestling for my dad, been doing it for about 10 years.” Using one word to describe wrestling he said “intense”. When asked how it feels to have a girl on the team he said that it is not weird at all. They wrestle off every Wednesday and whoever is best, gets Varsity and the others get JV. Interesting fact, you can not have facial hair except a mustache. They use to not have to wear head gear. You have to have above a C average to participate. Coach Jones is the head coach and he teaches at Robidoux and he teaches P.E. and health.

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November 30th, 2012


A Nation Divided

By: James Henderson, Liaison, George Washington was once quoted saying, “The alternate domination of one faction over another, sharpened by the spirit of revenge natural to party dissention, which in different ages and countries has perpetrated the most horrid enormities, is itself a frightful despotism.” What our former President, national mascot, and dollar bill is saying is that the creation of parties leads to one group of people trying to dominate the other just to win. That leads one to think, is he right? Does the creation of parties lead to rivalries that in itself destroy the very basis of Democracy? In theory political parties are good. Especially for a budding Democracy. Political parties help organize Democracies in the early years. At the beginning it can be chaotic with a nation full of people all with different ideas and everyone wanting to be heard. The institution of political parties helps to split people up by their ideals and make the voting process more smooth. Parties also help create a competition that at the beginning is good. When voting is new to a people they want to automatically agree with the people around them. However, parties allow the people to see a different side. In terms of Plato’s metaphor of “The Cave”, parties would be your way out. Each member of a party gets the feeling that they are being heard. They are not just voting by themselves, they have comradery. Every Republican will vote with their fellow Republicans on their Republican ideas. The same goes for Democrats. Here, however, is the problem that modern parties raise for the modern Democracy. Let’s say that since the beginning of each party a family has been Republican. Now, the first generation will have chosen the party because of the ideas and that is fine. The next generation would more or less inherit both the ideas and party from their parents. This would continue down the line (with a few minor variations) until eventually they inherit the party and then the ideas. In this way parties create caves in themselves. They get people to vote more or less on what their party says to vote for and not what they see the people need. Let us put this in football terms. I am a Dallas Cowboys’ fan. If you ask me why, I can’t give you any other answer than my dad is. I live nowhere near Dallas, but because the Cowboys are all I know from my Dad, I love them all the same. This is common in our current world of politics. I asked a Republican, who chose to remain anonymous, about parties and she said, “I could never

be a Democrat!” I asked her why and she just repeated “I can’t. I can’t.” This is exactly what Plato was talking about. If we only know a small portion of the truth and have no desire to go out and look at other possibilities we might as well be chained to the ground staring at a wall our entire life. While it feels safe not trying to change what you know you know, it leaves no room for you to grow as a person or us to grow as a society you know? Then comes another problem I like to call “The Cave Wars”. Lets put a variation on the cave theory. Hypothetically, the people inside the Cave still know only what is in their Cave when a person from another Cave comes by. He comes and explains what he knows from his cave. Now, the people in the original cave refuse to believe the stranger from the other Cave. Not only that, but the original Cave “members” get angry at the other Cave member. “Who does he think he is speaking such blasphemy?” They send him out in anger and begin to think of ways they could prove their dominance and superior ideas. This starts as competition and leads to rivalry. Each Cave will stop at nothing to keep the other from going down. This essentially leads to two separate nations. While in this scenario that’s not that bad, but when you move this from a metaphor to real life and place them under one government it creates a very serious problem. America is split. We are no longer a nation of Americans, but a nation of Democrats, a nation Republicans, a nation divided. The healthy competition that originally helped spur democracy has grown into a war that in itself is destroying the very basis of a Pure Democracy. What used to be an organizational tool has turned into a great divide. Two sides fighting the other at every turn making any hope for compromise or individuality impossible. Republican Abraham Lincoln, following the deadliest war in American history, said, “A nation divided cannot stand” then took in the Democrat and former Confederate, President Andrew Johnson as his Vice President for his second term. Lincoln and Washington were both presidents known for their honesty and I feel if they knew the America that they fought for, the America they tried to fix, the America they loved was this split by political parties and personal agendas they would roll in their graves. So I ask you. Which cave do you want to be in?

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The Light

November 30th, 2012

Mr. Groth: The Untold Story By: James Henderson III, Liaison,

Lafayette High School has gone through a lot of changes this school year. Especially in its staff. One notable change is somewhat small, but huge at the same time. Mr. David John Groth is Lafayette’s newest choir director. Even though he is relatively small in stature he plans to make large strides with Lafayette’s choir program. But, who is the enigma we call Mr. Groth. Mr. Groth went to Northwest Missouri State University just two years ago. Mr. Groth started off at Northwest majoring, surprisingly, in psychology. He was asked why he ended up deciding to be a choir director instead of continuing on with psychology he said, “I didn’t like the thought of not continuing on with music.” While at Northwest he was involved in both band and choir. He decided to be a choir director instead of going the band route because, “I can teach tone quality in the voice better than I can through instruments.” Not only that, but Mr. Groth and his college buddies very much so enjoyed playing sports. Believe it or not one of the sports he enjoyed playing was basketball. “I didn’t play for a team or anything because I’m too small, but my friends and I would just grab a ball and go.” Once he graduated college he went on to teach at Riverside High School in Wathena, Kansas. He taught there for only one year before

getting called up to the big leagues. He said that when Lafayette called him at first he was nervous about the “resentment” he would face from students who were upset about Ms. Evans leaving. However, after that he was very excited about the opportunity. Mr. Groth, being the straight A student that he is, did some research on Lafayette’s choir program and he said he learned that “you had a strong history of being one of the best choirs in Missouri.” Mr. Groth’s first class at Lafayette was with the LHS Chamber Choir. Upon walking in on the first day his nerves for the resentment were overridden by excitement. “I finally felt like I was in a place where I could make good music.” Even though there was some resentment, as the year has gone by it has all washed away and was replaced by a very good and cohesive choir. Mr. Groth (the Husker Cheering, Band Geeking, Choir Loving, Basketball Playing, Tech Nerd) is working hard to take Lafayette Choir not only to where it has been before, but beyond even that. That’s the story of the Mr. David Groth.

Administration Spotlight: Coach Tim Nassen The Man with all the Plans

By: Jordan Richardson, Beat Writer,

In Lafayette High School there are four excellent administrators. Dr. Tryan Sumy the Principal, Mr. John Davis and Mrs. Kris Compton the Assistant Principals, and Mr. Tim Nassen the Activity Director. This story takes a look at Mr. Tim Nassen and how the activities at Lafayette High School have been improved and and succeeded by his work.

plenty of opportunities to be involved.”

It’s the month of November and all that means is it’s game time for Mr. Nassen who is coming off a great start after the Irish sports dominated in football going 7-3, soccer having another impressive year, and after Kaydrie Bergner showed it was all in the hips as she proudly represented the Irish becoming State Medalist in golf. Kaydrie has recently signed a letter of intent to Northwest to play golf as well. So for Mr. Nassen, he is determined to tackle this huge amount of winter activities in great stunning fashion.

When asked which activity he thought everyone should keep an eye on Mr. Nassen hesitated and said, “Look, we got a lot on our plate this month, trying to say one activity will be more better to the eye than another is just not possible. We got an excellent wrestling team, our Girls’ basketball team is coming off a season in which they won four more games than the previous year, our Boys’ basketball is just as exciting as always but even things like the school play which runs from December 6th through 9th could steal the show. No event can be put under the November spotlight, they can only add to what should hopefully be a great winter for Lafayette.”

Mr. Nassen says that the Irish has many new things this year such as the fact that the Irish boys and girls basketball will take place in the Savannah tournament during the last week of November for the first time in nearly 10 years. Also, he says time will fly faster. “School seems to speed up and go by faster when we’re busy. It also helps our students because it gives them

Mr. Nassen is right for the fact that students do perform better when they have plenty to do and since activities will be heated up from now until the month of February students are definitely gonna have plenty to do.

The Light 11-30-12  

The Light November 30 2012 Issue

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