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Volume XXVII: Issue I

Lassiter High School

September 2009

Swine ‘09 skye rubel features editor


alex medders/staff

For the 2009-2010 school year, Lassiter has updated its systems in numerous ways--including its free-for-all parking process.

emily weissert features editor As this year starts, there are changes in the air for Lassiter students-from the parking situation to a new Academic Student Enrichment (ASE). Some changes are huge and affect everyone, while others just make the day’s schedule smoother. Over time, Lassiter has had many renovations, new teachers, and changes to policies and procedures; yet, this year shows the most change. A large part of high school is the ability to drive yourself to school. This privilege that tops them all was slightly changed this year. A student is not assigned a parking spot, but a lot. Seniors park in the front. Sophomores and juniors park in the back. Students have to use this new “freefor-all parking” policy. Once this policy was discovered, there was great apprehension about the availability of parking spaces and people potentially taking advantage of the system. However, this uneasiness was unnecessary. “I have not had a hard time finding a parking spot yet. The open parking creates a peace of mind that

you don’t have to worry about someone taking your spot,” states Kaele Johnson, 11. However, it has created more of a need to get to school early or at least on time, to try to get the better spots. Another change that Lassiter has brought this year is the two added doors to the entrance of the science building. This gets students to class in a more timely fashion. The mad rush with elbowing, tripping, and the occasional cuss word has been eliminated. With the additional doors, the wait time to enter the building has been reduced approximately 45 seconds--a sacred 45 seconds that is now properly spent on socializing. “I’m much more relaxed when I get to class now, because I didn’t have to stress out about being late or barely making it before the bell,” stated Brittany Browne, 12. Many of the changes implemented this year, such as this one, were made solely for the convenience of Lassiter students. Some changes were made to directly help students academically; ASE (Academic Support and Enrich-

ment Program) helps students that are struggling in certain classes, or that simply want extra help or advice in them. This extra thirty minute period happens three times a week and is designed to improve grades and the understanding of subjects. With ASE programs in language, math, and several “enrichment” topics, the possibilities are endless. Great classes offered in the ASE include Freshman Focus and Senior Support. These topics are unique because they are not typically offered in a normal schedule. Freshman Focus allows ninth graders to learn about study skills and what to expect in high school. Senior Support teaches twelfth graders about college applications and career options. Clubs and organizations, like Renaissance and Newspaper, also have an ASE option for their members. The new changes for Lassiter have their pros and cons. What works for one student, may not work for another. Although not all the changes are embraced by students, they are official and will continue to make Lassiter different each year.

Mother always said to cover your mouth when you sneeze, to wear a coat when it is cold outside, and to eat all your vegetables. Unfortunately, Mother’s advice is not too effective in protecting students from the H1N1 virus (also known as the Swine Flu). Though universities and schools are taking many precautions to protect people from sickness, little can be done to prevent the wrath of this highly contagious virus. Already at Lassiter, there have been a few cases of the H1N1 virus. Though the cases are relatively minor, many students are worried that this is only the beginning of a long and disease-filled journey. Shilpi Kumar, former editor-in-chief of the Laureate, was unable to protect herself from H1N1. As a freshman at Duke University, she was shocked to hear that she contracted the virus. “When they told me I had Swine Flu, I was pretty angry because I knew I would have to be quarantined for a long time. It’s really frustrating because it’s only my second week of classes and I’m stuck in my room,” stated Shilpi. Before being diagnosed, she assumed that her nagging cough, runny nose, and occasional headaches were just allergies or a cold. (continued on page 3, the 411) LHS junior suffers from the dreaded swine flu. Common symptoms of the H1N1 virus include: sneezing, coughing, headaches, fever, and chills.

cory shaw/staff


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true life on your TV

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Lindsay Tuman

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The 411

A Stampede for school supplies? Not this year! skye rubel the 411 editor With a great deal of dedication and perseverance, one must claw through the chaotic crowd of demanding school children and their overly enthusiastic parents to reach the coveted destination: the school supply aisle. Though this is normally the scene at stores like Wal-Mart and Office Depot during the back-toschool season, this year’s recession has brought forth a different shop-

skye rubel/staff

Where did all the customers go?

ping experience. The National Retail Federation determined that the overall spending on school supplies is down by eight percent from the sales of last year (which were also deeply affected by the recession.) Even a plethora of one cent glue sticks, heaps of notebook paper, and a diverse assortment of colorful binders is not bringing in the number of customers that stores need to survive during these poor economic times. Ordinarily, back-to-school shopping is the second biggest spending event (after the winter holidays, of course) for retailers. This year did not live up to its reputation. The Retail Federation has reported that eighty percent of America is cutting back on the amount of school supplies they customarily buy so they can save money. Many stores that sell these goods slashed prices to encourage people to buy the items they need. With these price cuts came less supplies and fewer staff to work in the stores. To bring in business, stores also came up with new incentives. At Office Depot, a ten dollar purchase

comes with a free backpack. At, if one spends $50 they receive free shipping for a limited time. Though prices are becoming progressively lower, some students are still unable to afford the supplies needed for school. Many organizations like Hosea Feed the Hungry and Volunteers of America donate backpacks full of pens, paper, and everything else to provide for these struggling kids. Unfortunately, the demand is high this year and the donations are few. Contributions to these charities would be greatly appreciated. Aside from the statistics, the decline in sales has become very apparent to many Lassiter students. “Normally Target is super crowded but it only took me a couple minutes to get everything I needed,” stated Kaleigh Davis, 11, ”I wouldn’t describe it as desolate but there were not that many people this year.” As these tough economic times carry on, take advantage of the empty aisles while helping the community at the same time. It is the perfect opportunity to snag school supplies at a really great bargain.

Three strikes and you’re out alex medders staff writer

For the longest time, Cobb County has not had a strict conduct policy for students participating in extracurricular participation, but all that has changed as of this school year. Effective in the fall of 2009, the Cobb County Board of Education has released a new and meticulously reviewed and revised version of the district’s conduct policy. The new policy is far stricter than last year’s policy, which will hopefully help keep Lassiter’s students safer and more conscientious about their choice of actions. The main reason why the policy was pushed to be published for this school year was because of the recent deaths of high school students due to drugs and alcohol. Just recently Dr. John Abraham, Cobb County Chairman, had attended the funeral of a high school student who had died in an alcohol related car crash. After the funeral, Dr. Abraham

stated, “I don’t want to have to attend anymore funerals of students who are dying young because of drug and alcohol related incidents.” This policy affects any student who participates in any extra-curricular activity. Many provisions have been added to the new policy to encourage students not to use any type of illegal substance. If the student is

chris ortega/staff Lassiter takes conduct very seriously.

caught doing this or reported seen using a substance by any faculty member, there will be dire consequences. First-strike offense results in twentyfive days suspension and loss of thirty percent of participation in competitions. Second-time offenders receive suspension for a complete three hundred sixty-five calendar days. If there is a student who lacks common sense and becomes a third-strike offender, they lose their ability to participate in any type of extra-curricular for the rest of their high school career. Despite the numerous and strict consequences, there will still be the handful of kids who disregard the rules and do what they want. Hopefully with the new policy in effect, students will receive a wake-up call and think before they do what the new policy prohibits. Students are strongly encouraged to follow the new policy and to not infringe upon any of the rules. If this happens, they will better Lassiter as a whole.

This Month in Politics:

amrita banerjee staff writer * Curt Schilling, baseball player for the Red Sox, is considering running for the senate seat recently left vacant by Ted Kennedy. * Two members of the Kennedy family will run Ted Kennedy’s vacant seat as well. Sources says that they are most likely to get the majority of the votes. * President Barack Obama is trying to get votes from the Senate to approve the proposed nuclear test ban treaty. If this gets ratified, it will help President Obama tell the world to limit nuclear weaponry. * Obama gave a speech on Tuesday, Spetember 8th, at Wakefield High School in Virginia exhorting students to “work hard” in school. He also gave a controversial speech regarding the healthcare system. * After campaigning for the 2008 election, Republican Mike Huckabee will run for president again in 2012.

3 Swine ‘09 (Continued from the front page...) Shilpi Kumar, former editor-inchief of the Laureate, was unable to protect herself from H1N1. As a freshman at Duke University, she was shocked to hear that she contracted the virus. “When they told me I had Swine Flu, I was pretty angry because I knew I would have to be quarantined for a long time. It’s really frustrating because it’s only my second week of classes

Want to tell LHS how you feel? We welcome guest submissions to The Laureate. [cartoons, editorials, pictures, and more] LHSPRESS@GMAIL.COM

“Swine flu could infect half the U.S. population this fall and winter, hospitalizing up to 1.8 million people and causing as many as 90,000 deaths.” and I’m stuck in my room,” stated Shilpi. Before being diagnosed, she assumed that her nagging cough, runny nose, and occasional head-

aches were just allergies or a cold. Though she hates being sick, Shilpi said that she does not think the symptoms of the strain of H1N1 she has are too unbearable. Much like Lassiter, Duke University is doing all they can to manage the H1N1 outbreak. Shilpi commented, “Duke is trying to contain the flu as much as possible and is prioritizing highrisk students who have asthma and heart problems. They have a shortterm illness contract that I sent to professors and the dean to excuse me from class this week.” Along with Shilpi, other cases of Swine Flu have also been reported at Lassiter and throughout East Cobb. Unfortunately, anxiety over H1N1 will not subside any time soon. Just a few weeks ago, the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology wrote an alarming article saying, “Swine flu could infect half the U.S. population this fall and winter, hospitalizing up to 1.8 million people and causing as many as 90,000 deaths.” In order to fully protect oneself, it is import to wash hands with soap and water, constantly use hand sanitizer, and try to avoid large crowds (though this is hard to do in a high school). The H1N1 virus is spreading throughout school but Lassiter is prepared to do whatever possible to keep the students and staff thriving.


Trojan Talk

Pro vs. Con: Free-for-all parking lindsay hopkins editorials editor

Luckily, the Lassiter administration has given licensed students a break this year. By selling decals with unassigned spots, students have the freedom to park anywhere in the lot. If a student wants to park close to the building, he can. If a student wants to park near the exit, he can. If a student likes sitting in stand-still traffic and wants to park in the middle of the lot, they can! The catch: remembering where you parked. “I always forget!” admitted Karl Abbey, 11. To avoid being like Karl (walking around the parking lot aimlessly, trying to find your car), make a mental note each morning of where you parked. The new parking fixes multiple problems. People frequently parked in the wrong spots by accident.

What happens after that? Student after student pulls up to school to discover that someone has parked in their spot. And there’s always the kid who complains to administration about someone taking their spot. Well now, those days are over. Aside from the little kinks, the new traffic is a great adjustment to the Lassiter parking situation. When polled, two out of three students claimed to like the new parking. According to Austin Evans,11, “It lets you park wherever you want. And if you get there early, you get the best spot!”


During previous years, Lassiter has had assigned parking spots in the front and back lots. At the beginning of each year, students would be anxious about getting the “perfect spot.” Whether it’s close to the school or the exit, every student has their own ideal spot. However, it never failed that each year most students got the worst spot (in their minds). If you are unfortunate enough to get a spot in the middle of the back lot, you are forced to walk a good distance to and from the building every day. Not only that, but you have no choice but to get caught in the stand-still traffic every afternoon at 3:25. The good news? You should be out by 6.

It’s a known fact: driving to school is fun. I don’t care what grade you’re in—junior, senior, even sophomores—getting into your car and driving to Lassiter is a good time. But let’s be honest: a major downside is worrying about your car during the day. If it is your own personal car, even if it is a million years old and its engine roars like a lion, you are worried about it sitting out there in that parking lot full of your classmates’ cars. Because really, even if you are a senior, you’ve only had your license for two years and you aren’t exactly a professional driver. Wrecks happen, especially for teens,

Full confession: I count down every minute of the class before lunch. I go to class with the intention of paying the utmost attention. Unfortunately, my efforts to remain on task are futile; I find myself staring at the clock. After all, lunch is the sole time of peace in my hectic school day. Fourth period isn’t too late in the day, but it feels like an eternity from breakfast. I wasn’t ecstatic when I found out I had fourth period lunch. Little did I know how lucky I truly was.

Editors-in-Chief Katie Zion Emily Kehner Trojan Talk Editor Lindsay Hopkins A&E Editor Taylor Hayes Sports Editor Kevin Ankerholz In the Wry Editor Courtney Ciesielski

Features Editor Emily Weissert News Editor Skye Rubel Centerspread Editor Mary Ann Staak

katie hayes/staff and especially in parking lots. Lassiter used to reduce the stress of searching for a spot by assigning one to every student. This year, Instead of assigning numbered spots, administration just hands out decals that only separated the juniors from the seniors by a handwritten word—“back” or “front”. It’s not exactly dangerous, but it’s not exactly safe. Honestly, when I pulled into the back lot on that first Monday, I was terrified of where I was going to park. I remember feeling my stomach turn in nervousness as I saw students zigzagging and speeding into spots. Although not many students share my

Parking decals for 2009-10 school year only assign lots--not spots. How do LHS students respond?

fear of parking without a spot, they will once they get into a hit and run. “I don’t really understand why the administration did this,” said junior Katelyn Corbin. “I don’t see how this makes parking more efficient for us.” So the next time you pull into the Lassiter parking lots after a ride to school, be on the lookout for crazy drivers pulling into spots on every side of you. Lassiter parking lots are a jungle; don’t get trapped in the chaos of bad teenage parking. Said student Nicole Dunham: “I love my car. And when I have to leave it out in the parking lot everyday, I feel like crying at the thought of someone hitting it!”



Lunch is great, but not so late

annabel edwards staff writer


JFF Editor Cate Cash

katie hayes/staff

mary ann staak centerspread editor

The Laureate Staff

Sixth period lunch is a new, and perhaps not-so-improved, addition to LHS. It allows seniors with minimum day to leave after fifth period, but it puts the rest of the people stuck in sixth in a rather unfortunate position. The risks of having lunch sixth period are numerous. First, crankiness is common due to prolonged periods without food. For some, it’s possible to eat in class, but others suffer through the day with no snacks. Those who have lunch sixth period will be eating five or six hours after breakfast, resulting in a plunge in

blood sugar. Teachers should not be surprised if their fifth classes are lackluster compared to others. The people who are eating next period aren’t able to focus as clearly; they must be salivating for food by that point. Also, those who eat sixth period must find the lunchroom in a repulsive state. The food cannot possibly be as hot or fresh as it is in third period, and the tables must be nowhere near as clean. They have to endure three period’s worth of spilled Gatorade, leftover trash, and remnants of lunches that are far past their prime.

Advisor Mr. Todd Henry Staff Writers Amrita Banerjee Alex Medders Frank Coutinho Tyler Molinaro Katie Hayes Julia Regeski Jack Herman Cory Shaw Natalie Kieta The Laureate is a student publication of Lassiter High School; a member of the Georgia Scholastic Press Association. Editorials reflect the opinions of individual writers and do not necessarily represent the opinions of Lassiter High School, Cobb County Schools, or their administrators. Financial support for The Laureate is obtained through advertising and generous patron contributions. Contact through the school address or by emailing lhspress@gmail. com.

On the plus side, skipping breakfast is no longer a problem. Failure to eat your first meal may result in dizziness by sixth period. Something that teachers and doctors have cautioned against for years, skipping breakfast is simply not an option for these students. On another positive note, some people are able to enjoy the fact that by lunch, their day is nearly over. Sixth period lunch does not sound enjoyable. While it does have certain perks, I, would rather eat at a more reasonable hour. For those in sixth period lunch: eat a big breakfast, bring snacks, and get ready. It’s going to be a long year.

5 Let’s face the facts: Michael is still dead cory shaw staff writer Michael Jackson was pronounced dead on June 25th, 2009 presumably due to a heart attack as a result of a drug overdose. To all those theorists who believe Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley are still alive and soaking up the sun in Aruba, sorry to rain on your parade. Even months after his death, the King of Pop makes national headlines on a daily basis. The Insider, ET, and Access Hollywood still center their entire broadcast around and severely construe the story of Michael Jackson to keep viewers interested. A search of Google today yields over 200 million results for “Michael Jackson,” while a search of “Barack Obama” produces only 75 million results. There is no doubt that even after his death, Jackson still has monumental influences. Living an extravagant lifestyle in a multi-million dollar “Wonderland,” Jackson earned his fame as a performer. Yet, he was a man riddled with controversy. His addiction to drugs, confessions of inap-

propriate relations with children, and his extreme debt – almost half a billion dollars – has left American society divided on his ultimate legacy. Meanwhile, Farrah Fawcett, Walter Cronkite, and Senator Edward Kennedy have all passed away since the news of Jackson’s death was made known. The passing of all three of these amazing Americans have gone virtually unnoticed due to the Jackson hysteria. While a confirmed cause of death for Michael Jackson is relatively clear, the blame game is long underway. Jackson’s personal physician, Doctor Conrad Murray, is likely to be charged with manslaughter. This lack of personal responsibility is a problem in today’s society. The drugs were his choice. His death, like so many others every day, was the result of arrogance and stupidity. Don’t get the impression that I have something against Michael Jackson. Or that I am jealous of all the fame and attention he gets. I do not doubt his amazing vocal ability, nor am I discounting his nearly 750 million albums sold. I feel bad for the family of Michael Jackson, as they are left with debt over their head - not to mention facing the daunting task of raising three children without a parent.

But, that’s where the boasting stops. Jackson’s glorification in the mass media is despicable. Their distortions are nothing but on-going desperate attempts to keep viewers interested. The sad part is that it works. Viral videos on Youtube show Jackson alive. People out there today want to believe everything they hear that’s positive, yet look the other way when reality sets in. And the reality is clear. This is no hoax! Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley have left the building. Tomorrow may bring more headlines, more myths, more hyped up fairytales, and more online scams, but Michael Jackson is still dead. Say your The deceased MJ pictured during his Thriller tour. prayers, and move on.

Stop your swhining! cory shaw staff writer Definition: Swhining is the initializing of a state of panic that causes others to become hysterical over the H1N1 virus. Several times in the history of the United States, the swine flu has caused widespread misinformation. In 1976, at an army base in New Jersey. After a single life was lost, President Gerald Ford swhined when he began a vaccination program that would reach nearly a quarter of the population. This mistake ended up being deadly. These vaccinations ended up causing a painful neuromuscular disorder. What’s wrong with our society? We are so quick to run to the grocery store when the news meteorologist warns us of possible inclement weather. At the first sight of snow, we buy expensive generators and pray for school closings. We are all so scared over this “worldwide pandemic” when the reality is we can’t even name the people it


“I hate it whenever my sister makes me late to school, she always takes forever in the mornings” -Jeff Ciesielski, 11

“I hate freshmen.” -Ryan Sullivan, 12

has seriously affected on one hand! Sure, a few lives have been cut short. But, there are nearly seven billion people on earth. You have better chances of dying right now as you read this very article than you do from the swine flu. Is it time we shut down all businesses? Is it time we put ourselves into hibernation mode and nail the doors of our homes? Absolutely not! It’s time we stop Swhining! To those who are sick in the Lassiter community due to the swine flu or even to those who know anyone who has suffered from its terrible side-effects, I feel for you. I am not bashing you or underestimating the extent of your sickness, but are you spreading facts or fear? Because panic is never a good medicine, it’s time we stop overdosing ourselves with it! Be prepared at all costs, get flu shots now before the season, and use hand sanitizer too often, but after that, stop the Swhining. If you still choose to spread rumors and strengthen anxiety, be sure to tell everyone that Swhining is the new side-effect.

compiled by cate cash/jff editor

“I hate all the homework they give us, they act like we have nothing else to do when we get home.” -Samantha Weissert, 10

“I hate nothing, but love my older brother.“ -Kevin Sullivan, 9

cory shaw/staff

“I really dislike how everyone is so obsessed with the football team, wrestling is better.” -Acton Pifer, 12 “I hate when people interview me.” -Coach Day, faculty “I hate what everyone else hates, homework.” -Taylor Springer, 9 “I hate the fact that I can’t drop some of my classes after two weeks of school, how am I supposed to know if I like or dislike taking the class that quickly?” -Jessica Holmes, 12

6 th Troubles continue wi of Liam and Noel Gallagher ing pp -to the former chart lly band Oasis. Noel officia called it quits as prob d lems with his brother ha . int po g reached a breakin

this month rMichael Jackson was bu ed ied in a mausoleum fill ies rit leb ce with deceased an such as Clark Gable, Je . Harlow and W.C. Fields d A judge has determine e tat es n that the Jackso iwill pay the “extraord l. nary” costs of the funera

in Backstreet Boys plan to , release 7th studio album . 6th r be to “This Is Us,” Oc t gh Their single “Strai s Through My Heart” ha d. se ea rel already been


compiled by taylor hayes / a&e editor

d Chris Brown sentence 6 to 5 years probation, laity un months of comm sbor, and a year of dome g tic violence counselin r me for on for his attack up He . girlfriend, Rihanna sh will remove graffiti, wa sh. cars, and pick up tra

C DJ AM overdosed in NY nd fou e lic apartment. Po r the powerful painkille ls Oxycontin and 6 other pil in of unknown strength d ve rvi su his body. He had ar ye a plane crash just last r. with friend Travis Barke

We asked. You listened. Here is your Top 10. 1. “Use Somebody” -Kings of Leon 2. “I’ve Gotta Feeling” -Black Eyed Peas 3. “Battlefield” -Jordin Sparks 4. “Down” -Jay Sean 5. “She is Love” -Parachute 6. “Falling For You” -Colbie Caillat 7. “Run This Town” -Rihanna 8. “Her Diamonds” -Rob Thomas 9. “You Belong with Me” -Taylor Swift 10. “Swallowed in the Sea” -Coldplay

compiled by lindsay hopkins / editorials editor


He Saw, She Saw: All About Hilarious frank coutinho staff writer

As I sat down in the movie theater, I was stressing out over typical problems a teenager has to deal with. I had tons of homework that I was not even close to starting- much less finishing, stacks of college applications were sitting on my desk waiting to be filled out, and I had not cleaned my car or even my room. Sitting in the movie theater to watch “All About Steve” was the last thing on my mind. However, after thirty minutes, my chores were forgotten as I realized that “All About Steve” is hilarious. Even though the storyline includes romance and has a sensitive side, “All About Steve” is a pretty funny movie. The characters and plot make the movie enjoyable for all audiences. The film, directed by Phil Traill, mixes odd characters to make a unique experience. “The Hangover” characters Bradley Cooper and Ken Jeong along with Thomas Haden Church of “Spiderman 3” combine to make a hilariously inadequate three man news crew. The men are followed across the country by a kindhearted and oddly intelligent woman, Sandra Bullock, who designs crosswords for her local Sacramento newspaper. As the crazed Bullock follows the crew through their countrywide search for news, I found

cate cash myself laughing more than I even wanted to. The antics of the camera jff editor Before I tell you all what I crew are irresistibly funny and clever thought about this movie, let me just while their frantic attempts to avoid say that if this was not something their avid stalker are even funnier. I had to see to write a movie review “All About Steve” also sends about, I would not have gone to see a good message. The movie is dethis movie at all. Even though the signed to make funny situations ocactors in it are some of my personal cur all too often, but the moral of the favorites, the commercials previewstory is also important. The main ing “All About Steve” make the movie character Mary Horowitz (Bullock) look like a is accepted as complete her quirky self, flop. I will with the best say that by intentions watching the and care for commercials, people. The it is very difmovie tells ficult to even people never imagine a to change for good ending others and for this movto be their ie. All you see own person, is Bullock Bullock acting an important message especially for the Lassiter Cooper and Bullock inspire laughter yet again. like a crazy stalker and co m m u n i t y. falling in a hole, which by the way, is Although having only hit not as funny as it looks. Yet, it curiosity Park 12 Theater on Friday, Sepgot the better of me and I went to see tember 4, “All About Steve” has althis movie to find out what happens. ready created a buzz among Las With the kind of cast this disiter students. Ross Ripple, 12, said rector rounded up for the movie, I “I want to see it because it has the was expecting it to be much better. guys from Hangover in it. It looks Throughout the film there is Sandra good.” Many Lassiter students Bullock (Mary), Bradley Cooper (Steve), agree, and I am sure they will be and Thomas Haden Church (Hartman). seen buying tickets for “All About All these people have been the acting Steve” in the very near future.

results of great hits such as Bullock in “Hope Floats” and “Miss Congeniality”; Cooper in “He’s Just Not That into You” and “The Hangover”; and Church in “George of the Jungle” and “Imagine That.” Many of the films are great, and some just lie on the line between great and mediocre. The movie “All About Steve” has a great lesson about how we are all unique and we should celebrate ourselves for what we are and not what people want us to be. The movie is not something I would recommend spending money on. You just have Mary who spends her days at work making crossword puzzles and living at home with her parents, who set her up on a blind date with Steve. Mary has lost all hope in love before the date, but once she sees Steve standing at the bottom of her steps, she is instantly infatuated with him. The problem lies in the fact that Steve does not sharing the love back. Mary, being egged on by Steve’s co worker Hartman, who loves messing with Steve, is completely oblivious and follows Steve wherever his job as a news camera man takes him. She meets a group of misfit friends along the way who accept her for all the quirkiness and weirdness she has in her. Together they all discover their place in the world, and Steve realizes what a great person Mary really is.


Reality Check: True Life On Your Television natalie kieta staff writer

Let us depart from reality for a moment and step into the world of reality-television. Reality is often depressing and problematic, and people frequently find themselves looking to television for a break. But rather than watching a program about the unrealistic roles created by producers, millions worldwide find it much more preferable and far more funny, to watch the drama and problemfilled lives of reality stars. These are just some of the many reasons that reality shows have taken the television industry by storm. Who wouldn’t want to focus on other people’s problems rather than their own? Between “The Ultimate Fighter” and “America’s Next Top Model,” there is something to capture everyone’s interest. With millions on the edge of their seat night-after-night, the industry is booming more than ever before. Many different channels offer this type of television show, including TLC, Fox Reality, Bravo, MTV, Reality Central, and many others. TLC’s “Jon and Kate Plus 8” has had far reaching effects on audiences and on the headlines of numerous gossip magazines. The viewers have been captivated by the drama-filled series and in many ways become attached to

the reality-stars. Many struggling parents sought guidance while watching these overwhelmed parents, who are now divorced, try to keep their head above water and efficiently manage their eight children. Other audiences included millions of people who became quickly obsessed with adorable Cara, Mady, Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah, and Joel. The show is a hit and just one of the many successful reality television shows. MTV’s popular reality television show “The Real World,” has captivated teen and adult viewers alike. First produced in 1992, it has been the longest running program in MTV history and is expected to include twenty six seasons before completion. After picking seven strangers to live under one roof for several months, The Real World shows what happens when the contestants lose their patience, their manners, and are at their wits’ end, all while being forced to get real. The hilarious episodes are truly entertaining as millions of people anticipate what will happen next. A fan or not, everyone has undoubtedly heard of “American Idol.” This and other talent-searching shows like “America’s Got Talent”, “So You Think You Can Dance”, “Project Runway”, “America’s Best Dance Crew”, “America’s Next Top Model”,

“Making the Band”, HGTV’s “Design Star”, “Top Chef”, and “Shear Genius” are produced in hopes of finding the biggest undiscovered talent in America and to find an abundance of laughs along the way. Eliminations, performances, mini-challenges, and the undeniable tension of competition spices up the viewing experience, as audiences worldwide cannot wait to see what happens next. As reality television holds such a wide spectrum of possibilities, producers are constantly thinking of new ideas to score big with audiences. Because “A.N.T.M.” pushes models to the edge. nothing is scripted, the funny, unexpected moments that everyone is talking about are possible, and new opportunities present themselves. Even as some reality television presents the truth, there are those who show only certain pieces, portraying situations that may not reveal the truth.As more reality shows appear and disappear, remember, that “Life happens when no one is watching,” or in the case of reality television, when you think no one is watching. Lucky for you, you get to watch it all, any day of the week. The family continues filming even after divorce.



Special people in a special department cory shaw staff writer

If you were to guess how many faculty and students at Lassiter are part of the Special Education Department, what number would it be? You may be surprised. You may have seen quite a few special needs children throughout the halls, but the topic is not highly-discussed. This year, there are nearly two-hundred students – ten percent of Lassiter – that are part of the department and this is a topic that should be discussed. Furthermore, the student to teacher ratio is approximately four to one, a fantastic statistic. At Lassiter, the AP Program is nationally recognized, students score in the top percentile in almost every category, and the staff and employees are in a class of their own. Yet, with so much emphasis on test scores and college credit nowadays, it seems unfair that the Special Education Department is not being portrayed with the same level of recognition as the others. With the start of a new year, the time has finally come to reward

the hard work of the staff and students that make up the department. New this year is a “Transition Academy,” which gives graduating seniors in Special Education a chance to move on towards their equivalent of college. It is also important to know and understand what fantastic things these kids will be doing for you this year. Around the school, they find themselves active in custodial work such as paper shredding, sharpening pencils for tests, cleaning windows in the front and back, and designing and purchasing the planters that make the exterior of our school so unique. Also, there are preliminary plans for a Special Olympic Games which Lassitcory shaw/staff er will host for the local area. This will Mrs. Dupree’s Special Education class poses for a group picture during lunchtime. allow those students who do have special needs to have the privilege of throughout her day, her answer was derful, hardworking students” was a fun-filled day of activity and sports- concise: “No. I love school. [Miss Du- how they were described. And even manship at an extremely high level. pree] is smart and nice. I would change though I spent only one hour with “I like to do math, I like music, and nothing.” Mrs. Claudia Downs, depart- them, I couldn’t agree with her more. I like to watch ‘The Lion King’,” said a ment head, seemed quite excited for Alongside those of you who make special needs child in Mrs. Jennifer Du- the year and was enthused about the 5’s on every AP Test, this year there pree’s class. And when asked whether many different opportunities these should also be special needs children or not there was anything that she children have. “Diverse and won- at Lassiter in the national spotlight. disliked or felt uncomfortable doing

Seniors vs Juniors: legendary class rivals katie hayes staff writer “Wait your turn!” It’s something MOST of us learned when we were five, but apparently not everyone. Many of you may have recently become aware of the increasing tension amongst this year’s upperclassmen and you are probably wondering why. J u niors, don’t get the seniors wrong, most of them agree that having class spirit is great and it’s really cool how everyone is going all out this football season, but there is a line, a line that has

been crossed. As we all know, with being a senior comes many special privileges, such as standing in the front at the football games, automatically winning the beloved spirit stick no matter how loud the other classes are, and just all around being able to do whatever they want. And the seniors WAITED for these privileges. So, juniors even if you paint up or just feel the urge to stand in the front at a football game, don’t. Yeah sure, the seniors do enjoy your company at tailgating and also at the game, but they enjoy your company behind them. “I feel like the juniors are trying way too hard to be in control and they just need to chill out and

be juniors,” says Katy McCollister, 12. At the first pep rally many of you probably noticed the “Let’s go juniors” sign. Again, everyone is extremely excited that the juniors have such a large amount of spirit, but really? “Let’s go juniors?” Many of the seniors were peeved by this particular action because “it’s just not school spirit - it’s class spirit and I feel as if they are trying to compete with us,” expresses Lauren Korowitz, 12. Even student body representative for the junior class, Taylor Bradley, agreed that his fellow juniors are “overly peppy.” “From

the sign at the pep rally to starting cheers, and standing in the front at games, I really do think that we need to tone it down and let the seniors have their year,” says Bradley. So juniors, how would you like it if this was happening to you your senior year? You wouldn’t. So let’s be respectful to the seniors who have worked hard to get where they are now and remember that you juniors have all of next year to be the head of the school. Left: Taylor Bradley, 11, and Katy McCollister, 12, duke it out for the greatest class. photo courtesy of katie hayes/staff

9 A Student in the Spotlight: Lindsay Tuman katie zion editor-in-chief

Academics, leadership positions, and extracurricular activities fill the lives of well-rounded students. Lindsay Tuman, a Lassiter senior, maintains all these qualities and more. As an anchor for LNN’s weekly broadcasts, a Varsity captain of the Dance Team, a leader of the Renaissance team, and a member of NHS and other organizations, Lindsay makes her influence and talent valuable. In her last year of high school, Lindsay cannot surrender to senioritis; her demanding schedule includes many challenging Advanced Placement classes. Multiple Principal’s and Highest Average Awards add to her impressive academic resume. Mr. Kurt Rinehimer appreciates Lindsay’s determination in class; he believes that “her positive attitude is infectious and her work ethic is tenacious.” Lindsay continues her hard work in school with high hopes and aspirations of attending the University of Georgia next fall. She has plans

co-captain of Lassiter’s Varsity Dance team with close friend, Kristen Kastner, Lindsay works and helps out her peers at practice and events. Kastner thinks that “Lindsay is always positive and organized--she’s really fun to work with because of her over-the-top energy.” The team learns hip hop, jazz, and pom routines; they participate in multiple competitions and perform at various Lassiter assemblies. photo courtesy of lindsay tuman Lindsay also takes extra technique classes at Center Stage Dance Studio. Lindsay poses with co-captain of the Lassiter Varsity Dance Team, Kristen Kastner. Outside of school, Lindto study broadcast journalism in fers to stay in front of the camera. She say spends a lot of time with her UGA’s noteworthy Grady College of participates, as an anchor, in the Las- large, close-knit family. and her Journalism & Mass Communication. siter news [LNN] productions; the live soft coated wheaten terrier, Frodo. Dreams to become a televibroadcasts are shown to all students Lindsay Tuman’s academics, sion news anchor developed in Mr. and staff each week. Rachel Parks, extracurricular activities, and leadBoyland’s Video Broadcasting classes. another anchor, says that “having her ership roles epitomize the image Lindsay excels in the production of in class since freshman year has been of a top Lassiter student. Ms. Kemp, movies; she creates and edits short great! I love doing the announcements an advisor, recognizes that “Lindsay film projects. with her!” epitomizes great strength of charAlthough she Dance acter- integrity, perseverance, and “She’s really fun to work participates in also plays a leadership.” All of the people that with because of her the technologmajor role work with and around Lindsay know ical process, in Lindsay’s that these qualities will lead her to over-the-top energy.” Lindsay prelife. As the much deserved success later in life.



Jokes of the Month A man was in his front yard mowing grass when his attractive blonde female neighbor, Judy, came out of her house and went straight to the mailbox. She opened it, and then slammed it shut and stormed back into the house. A little later she came out of her house again, went to the mail box, and again opened it and slammed it shut again. Angrily, back into the house she went. As the man was getting ready to edge the lawn, she came out again, marched to the mail box, opened it and then slammed it closed harder than ever. Puzzled by her actions, the man asked her, “Is something wrong?” She replied, “There certainly is! My stupid computer keeps saying, YOU’VE GOT MAIL.”

D o b r u a U lo g g y h

Why does Snoop Dogg carry an unbrella? ...Fo Drizzle! Two peanuts walk into a bar; what happened? was a salted Jennifer Love Hewitt & Jennifer Aniston were in a parking lot of Hollywood studios trying to unlock the door of their Mercedes with a coat hanger. They tried and tried to get the door open, but they just couldn’t! Jennifer Aniston stopped for a moment to catch her breath. Jennifer Love Hewitt said anxiously, “Hurry up! It’s starting to rain and the top is down.” A policeman pulled a female driver over and asked to see her license. After looking it over, he said to her, “Lady, it stipulates here on your license that you should be wearing glasses.”“Well, I have contacts,” the woman replied. “Look lady, I don’t care who you know,” snapped the officer. “You’re getting a ticket.”


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Advice From Courtney and Taylor:

Dear Courtney and Taylor, With the new start of the school year, I just cannot seem to get back into my daily routine. How do you deal with the change from the lazy days of summer to the demanding days of school? -Struggling Student

Dear Stuggling Student, August is over, September is off and running, and it’s time to get back to the dreaded thing we call routine. Everyone is used to waking up late, staying out late, and doing a whole lot of nothing in between. Unfortunately for us, these days are ong gone. We must get back into the groove of our daily lives. The faster you get into a routine, the less stressed you will feel. I’ve got a couple ways to help those of you feeling the crunch. Seniors! Try not to slack. I know this is preaching to the choir for some, and about three fourths of students will do it anyways. If you are already putting off homework to try and finish it in homeroom or ASE and it’s only the first few weeks of school, you are digging yourself nto a hole that will be impossible to pull yourself out of by the time November rolls around. If you’re slackng NOW, you know it will only get worse as school goes on. Everyone, ncluding people who have slacked forever, knows that getting behind causes stress. Try, for as long as you possibly can, to be on top of all your schoolwork. You will be less stressed and will have an ‘A’ instead of a ‘B.’ And for all you underclassmen, you have absolutely zero room to slack-way less room than seniors do. This is the time to boost your GPAs! ’ll be the first to tell you that my GPA was not great freshman year and I’ve been digging myself out of a hole ever since. Join clubs, join sports, and study, study, study! Easier said than done-I know, but trust me when I say that you will feel much better when you are on top of your school work

and do something other than sit on Facebook all day. Joining clubs will divert energy towards other things besides school, and you will be more tired at night. You’ll get more sleep, you’ll be less stressed, and you’ll perform better. All this comes from just simply giving a good effort. It’ll pay off when it becomes crunch time, which is what every senior is experiencing now in terms of applying for college. Basically, if you work hard, you will be rewarded and feel less stressed. Cliché I know, but it is SO true. You will feel better once you get into a routine, and the more you do, the more you will feel accomplished. Good luck, get out there and get involved! -Courtney Ciesielski/ in the wry editor

Are you back at school this year and in need of a hot date?

Try this Pick Up Line of the Month!

You better have a license ‘cause you’re driving me crazy!

cate cash/staff Dear Struggling Student, Every year stores put up their Back-To-School displays a few days earlier than the year before, and every year they draw in the same people-the ones who find buying mechanical pencils and notebooks with flowers on them the most fun they’ve ever had. But for the other 98% of students at Lassiter, the signals from Wal-Mart, Target and Office Depot remind us of the imminent storm that is school. That reminder, conveniently, hits us in late July and slowly begins to transform our minds back into school mentality. And for more students than teachers would like to believe, the concept of summer reading gains passage back into our thoughts, forcing us to read the 1,000 pages, complete the multiple essays and the pointless “creative visuals”. While as much as students would love to progress onward with summer, school is here and doesn’t plan on leaving. Before you know it, Thanksgiving break will be here, a full week off from school. But to secure your freedom throughout that week, most of you will need sufficient grades in all of your classes. Going into a week off with a few inadequate marks can generate the stupefying fury of the

parental units, leaving you in a situation of perplexity and complete dismay. Or you could just be grounded. To avoid such disciplinary action, be a good little student, as follows. As it is generally accepted, girls and agendas make quite a team, while guys and agendas, not so much. So girls keep on writing with your perfect handwriting in six colors and skip this paragraph. Of course there are the studious male students who write in their agendas daily to keep track of their homework and other assignments, but there is a vast majority of those who do not. Writing in your agenda can prevent unnecessary zeros for homework, or that health article that might ruin your grade, so write in it, for every class, everyday. School has not been going on for too long and some classes may only have one grade in Pinnacle, leaving your parents to think you have 100’s in every class, despite the fact that your teachers haven’t entered that 68 you made on that test from the second week of school. Even though Pinnacle displays that you are going through this school year like it is 2nd grade math, there is no reason to slack off, not study or read that chapter of Biology. Coming from someone with significant experience in this field, do not think that because you got a 100 for coloring that map of Southeast Asia that you are invincible, because you aren’t, and you will fail that test if you haven’t kept up with the work. By now you should have definitely found the hidden message here, but if you haven’t here it is. I’m talking about bringing the troops home, because frankly I think the troops should be able to wake up, have a home cooked breakfast and drive to war. It’s the least we could do. As an honest man I cannot take credit for that bit of brilliance (Daniel Tosh). But in all seriousness, don’t slack off with school, keep up with your assignments, make the grade, and then when the time comes, your parents have one less thing to hold against you when you want to stay out an hour later than last year. -Taylor Hayes/ a&e editor



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Unacceptable. tyler molinaro staff writer The Dip n’ Dots machine is gone. I saved my money all summer. Powers that be, this is unacceptable. My brother found our creepy furby from six years ago and decided it would be funny to hide it in my room. I couldn’t find it and it talked all night. There’s a reason it was hidden. Powers that be, this is unacceptable. Every time I say or do anything, my brother and sister look at me, glance at each other, look back at me and say, “Fail.” Powers that be, this is unacceptable. My parents have decided that this is funny and to join in with them. Powers that be, this is unacceptable. In retaliation I tried to say, “Fail,” to something they said. They all looked at me, looked at each other, looked back at me and said in unison, “Epic fail.” Powers that be, this is unacceptable. My sister managed to get icy-hot down my cast. Powers that be, this is unacceptable. I feel sick and my throat hurts every time I try to speak. Powers that be, this is unacceptable. My father pointed out that

at least that would cut down on me talking, doing the whole world a favor. My entire family is in agreement. Powers that be, this is unacceptable. While spiking my hair I got a comb stuck in it. They had to cut it out. My hair is broken. Powers that be, this is unacceptable. I spelled my name wrong at the top of my spelling quiz. The teacher counted off. Powers that be, this is unacceptable. My summer reading book was called “1001 Arabian Nights.” It should have been titled 1001 Arabian Pages. Powers that be, this is unacceptable. My dog ate my socks. And wallet. And my library book. And my pen. And a bottle of Tabasco sauce. Powers that be, this is unacceptable. I have a constant and pounding headache. Other people call it math. Powers that be, this is unacceptable. My pen exploded today. I was chewing on it. Powers that be, this is unacceptable. Due to me being vertically challenged, The members of my own class, the sophomores, often mistake me for a freshman. Nothing like getting freshman fished by your own class. Powers that be, this is unacceptable.

Remember that status you posted on facebook last night? We do... ...going to wash ma car and put on hello kitteh seat covers! :D is “kitteh” even a word? too sick and tired to study. yeah, join the club.

...phones working. good, because I was really starting to worry.

...I’m waiting for my rocket to come :) ….what? wondering how she could possibly have misplaced her ap chem book... anybody see it in the french room????? I’m pretty sure if they saw it, it wouldn’t help you now, at 6 at night.

...needs to start her poetry response... then get off facebook and go start it.

...ah, finally done for the week. congrats.

...look me in the eyes and tell me you dont find me attractive I don’t…

...35 on ACT.

maybe this is a big enough accomplishment for a status dedication...but not for a month.

-compiled by the laureate staff


The light, the sign, and the bathroom tyler molinaro staff writer It had to be done. I knew that. I had always known that. There was no way around it, and time was depressingly short. I was standing there, alone, isolated, empty, with my mouth hanging open in terror, my head cocked to the side. I felt my eyes glaze over as I contemplated the dilemma with which I was faced. It was a bathroom. But not just a bathroomthe bathroom. My eyebrow twitched uncontrollably, a sure indicator of panic. I shuddered. I turned back. I turned front. I took a deep breath. Twice. And finally I squared my shoulders, cried some variation of, “Goodbye cruel world,” and plunged into the waiting abyss of a high school boys’ bathroom. Or girls’. That was the problem. Which bathroom was which, exactly, was as indeterminable as a matrix. The signs that so clearly graced the fronts of all other bathrooms, indicating which side of the cinder-

block division was girls, and which was boys, were missing. Rumor held that it instead was tacked onto the far wall at the end of a large hallway and unreadable to my ill-equipped eyes. Something else was quite apparent, though: this place had seen countless other cases of the fright that caused the glazing, shuddering, twitching, and other such symptoms before. This bathroom, ominously flickering light and all, shrouded in a tangible cloak of countless embarrassing moments from days both recent and long past, was chilled. Years of exposure to the fear and goose bumps daily present in this factory of awkward moments must have made the walls permanently radiate wave after wave of suffocating, shiver-inducing dread. I cer-

tainly felt it. My trepidation was by no means unjustified. There were stories about this place- horrible, nightmarish tales of woe. I pondered them as I uncertainly chose the left passageway to tip-toe down. The bathroom’s set-up was its main, though not by any means only, issue. An endless, dimly lit corridor illuminated only by a single flickering light and the glittering tears that reflected its negligible glow was accompanied by… facilities, the details of which were unknown as few made it that far, and those who did and made it out without a nervous breakdown of some sort were unwilling to discuss their ordeals. “Then where do the stories come from, I wonder?” The question and quote had been asked many a time before, but, as with everything involving the dreaded spot, answers

“Which bathroom was which, exactly, was as indeterminable as a matrix.”

were few and contradicting. I was finding out for myself, and before the bell rang. Upon nearly coming within eyeshot of the sign, I heard a flush. My heart soared. Another brave soul willing to tempt fate! The mystery person who would reveal to me the secret of which bathroom was which stepped out. A girl. She stopped, looking at me, confused at why a boy would be slinking stealthily down the entry to a girl’s bathroom with a pen clutched in his hand, scribbling away in a notebook. I stared back in horror and embarrassment, looking at the wall behind her, where legend said the sign was. There was no marker in sight. She giggled. I ran. Down the corridor, away from the place of terror I went, leaving the girl to her laughs. And there, illuminated by a standard, steadily shining light, was the sign: girls left, boys right… However devastating that day was, though, I learned an important lesson from it: never ask a freshman for directions.

Fails of the Month Clockwise from left: 1. A sign demonstrating facts about New total. 2. A woman struggles on “Who Wants to be a Millionaire.” 3. A newspaper headline showing a Weight Watcher spokeswoman breaking the law...and her diet. photos compiled by courtney ciesielski/comedy editor


Trojans start with success kevin ankerholz sports editor The 2008 Lassiter football season was truly a special one. Under first year head coach Chip Lindsey, the team went 9-3 and advanced to the second round of the state playoffs for the first time in school history. However, after losing a large graduating class including tight end Philip Lutzenkirchen, now playing for Auburn, many wondered whether the 2009 team could live up to the high expectations that would be placed upon them. Through an intensive spring and summer program, the 2009 Trojan football team came into this season hungry to disprove its doubters, and so far they have done just that. The team has started the season 3-0, better than last year’s 2-1 start, and they are in great position to compete for the region title. In the season opener, the Trojans traveled to rival Sprayberry in the annual “Backyard Brawl.” The Trojan offense sputtered most of the game due to penalties and poor execution, but the experienced defense led by senior linebackers Rip Rowan and Marcus Stokes more than made up for the offensive struggles; the defense held the Jackets to only 38

Sports yards of total offense in the first half. In the end, the offense managed to piece together two scoring drives, both capped off with touchdowns by freshman Tyren Jones, and the Trojans won in dramatic fashion 14-7. In the home opener, the Trojans faced off against Pope, a much improved team from a year ago. The Trojan offense returned to its explosive form as senior quarterback Hutson Mason completed 25 of 30 passes for over 300 yards and four touchdowns. Senior receiver Griffin Roelle also had a stand out game, catching double digit passes for over 150 yards and a touchdown. However, because of missed extra points, the Trojans allowed the Greyhounds to tie the game at 25-25 at the end of regulation. In overtime, the Trojans received the ball first and scored quickly as Mason found senior receiver Jimmy Mayer in the back of the end zone. Pope then got their chance on offense and answered with a touchdown of their own. However, a bad snap caused Pope’s kicker to miss the extra point, giving the Trojans a thrilling 32-31 overtime win. In week three, Lassiter faced off against hated rival Kell, looking to end a three year losing streak against the Longhorns. From the opening drive, it was obvious the Trojans were not going to let the streak extend to four games. It took only four plays for the Trojans to score on the opening drive, and they never looked back. Mason threw two more touchdown passes in the first half, one to senior Keith Knight and one to junior Bo Shaw on a perfectly executed trick play. The defense held strong all game

against Kell’s talented running back Brian Randolph, and the offense managed to score a touchdown in the fourth quarter to put the game out of reach. The Trojans claimed the 28-17 victory, ending the three year winless streak against the Longhorns and improving their record to 3-0, 2-0 in the region. When asked about the team’s performance thus far, Coach Lindsey remarked, “I’m very proud of the team’s efforts so far. We’ve found a way to win even when we haven’t been at our best, which is very promising. Right now we are in great position in the region, and as we continue to improve we should continue to keep winning.” The next two weeks the Trojans play away at Campbell and away at Wheeler, two region games that the team must win in order to stay atop the region 6 AAAAA standings. So far the crowds have great, so please continue to show your support!

Left: Quarterback Hutson Mason, 12, throws a strong pass during the Kell game. Top Right: Senior inebacker Marcus Stokes runs back an interception during the Pope game. Middle Right: Senior receiver Griffin Roelle hauls in the touchdown catch against Pope. Roelle had over 150 receiving yards in the Trojans’ 32-31 win over Pope. Bottom Right: Senior receiver Jimmy Mayer celebrates after scoring a touchdown in overtime against Pope. Mayer’s touchdown was the winning score in the Trojans’ win. photos courtesy of

17 Fo o t b a l l fanatics natalie kieta staff writer

photo courtesy of Tyren Jones, 9, gashes the Sprayberry defense for a big run. Tyren’s effort help the Trojans escape with a 14-7 win.

Athlete Spotlight: Tyren Jones jack herman staff writer

Whether it is scampering into the end zone from five yards out or catching a short screen pass and turning it into a 40 yard gain, it is obvious to many why Tyren Jones is a catalyst for this year’s football team. He posses all around traits that make him a threat no matter the situation and give him big play potential at all times. These traits were showcased during the first game of the season against Sprayberry High School. Tyren, who is only a freshman, logged two huge touchdowns that provided the Trojans with a thrilling 14-7 win. Is it his speed that makes him great or is it his ability to sense defenders coming at him from any direction on the field? Well if you are lucky enough to catch one of his big runs you will see that it is simply a combination of both, along with a high desire to win that makes him fight for the extra yards. When asked about this season and his expectations, Jones calmly answered the question by saying, “My goal for this season is to score as many touchdowns as I can so that we can make the playoffs and have a great season.” It is still early but he has so far helped to complete his goals by scoring those two monumental touchdowns and recording a win for Lassiter. Born in New Orleans, Tyren has always showed a great love and passion for his favorite sports: football and basketball. As you can imag-

ine, his great football intangibles allow him to be a fantastic player on the hardwood, too. When not playing sports, Tyren enjoys hanging out with friends and watching the popular comedy series “Family Guy.” His calm and cool demeanor allow him to succeed on the football field as he is always in control of not only his body, but his mind; he can rise above whatever is thrown his way. Tyren’s versatility and ability to be a triple threat (catch, run, and block) in the backfield make him a playmaker that has superstar potential. In his first game with the Trojans, he rushed for a respectable 33 yards but added a handful of catches from quarterback Hutson Mason, 12. What also makes Tyren so impressive is his given ability to rise to the occasion. He showed his ability to do so when with 28 seconds, left Tyren silenced the Yellow Jacket crowd as he punched a two yard run into the end zone for a 14-7 lead and the eventual win. When asked about his greatest football accomplishment Tyren replied, “My biggest football accomplishment has to be winning the championship back in 7th grade.” It’s not surprising at all that Tyren would list a team

accomplishment as his biggest goal because you can just see how teamoriented he truly is. Tyren later went on to add, “My dad has been my biggest hero and inspiration in my football career. He motivates me to be the best I can be and makes me work hard to reach where I want to get.” Tyren Jones is not your everyday running back. He is a team-oriented, hardnosed player that will do what it takes to get the job done at all costs, and it is no wonder why he is a favorite in the locker room. He may just be a freshman now, but soon enough he will be a marquee name and is the well deserving athlete of the month.

Football season has once again begun, as the halls resonate with talk of the next Friday’s game. The football team has put in many hours of hard work to ensure them multiple victories. While some Trojans only come to home games, others are dedicated fans that make a point to be at each of the games, cheering on their fellow classmates. It doesn’t matter how far, and it doesn’t matter if its pouring down rain. These die-hard fans want to see some football! Some students come solely to socialize, while others sit on the edge of their seat, fidgeting with the anticipation of the final outcome. No matter which type of person you are, there is some game you must be looking forward to most. Looking at the data collected, it appears that most of the Trojans are buzzing with excitement to play against Kell, our rival. As Gray Lentjes, 10, tells the Laureate, “I’m most excited to play Kell because the intense rivalry causes them to play dirty. I look forward to watching.” While asking many students on their opinions, many answers were followed with the phrase “We’re going to win.” It is nice to see that Trojan spirit! After surveying 100 students, here are the results so you can see for yourself the intense competition that lies ahead.

Whatgame gameare areTrojans Trojansmost mostexcited excitedabout? about? What

18 LHS Trojan Volleyball spikes the competition katie hayes staff writer Lassiter’s volleyball team is one of the school’s most successful sports teams, and yet they are not supported as well as they deserve by the student body. Both the varsity and junior varsity teams put in hours upon hours of practice per week, as they say, “Practice makes perfect.” This practice is obviously paying off on both teams, with the varsity’s record being 12-2 and the junior varsity’s being 6-2. The two teams that the varsity volleyball team lost to are ranked among the top three teams in their division. Among the team’s twelve wins so far this season, eight of them

have been against ranked opponents. However, the games that most players seem to be looking forward to are the Pope games. The junior varsity team, after losing to Pope in a match earlier in the season, is really looking forward to two more games against the Greyhounds. Junior Varsity team captain April Davis, 10, says, “I’m most excited about the Pope games because they are our biggest competition and it would be really nice to beat them!” The varsity team also shows a lot of excitement about playing teams like Pope and Kell. Varsity starter, Katy McCollister, 12, stated that, “I am so pumped to play Kell and Pope because they are Katy McCollister, 12, gets ready to spike the ball in the match versus Marietta.

BIG rivals and it would be very nice to beat schools that we don’t like and are competitive with.” Another varsity player, Rachel Jenkins, 12, is also very excited about the Pope game because “in the past years we have won one and they have won one, so this year is kind of a determining game.” Even after losing two star players last year, Taylor Montgomery and Hannah Reinke, the varsity vol-

leyball team still shows lots of potential in making it to state this season. Coach Hodge says, “Our goal is to make it to state; however, we are in a region that right now four of the top ten teams are in and really anything can happen.” McCollister and Jenkins, 12, agree that “the team this year is most definitely capable of making it to state, but there is always room for improvement and we just need to work hard and not get too confident.” With hard work and determination this group of team-oriented, “go getter” girls have the potential to be great this season and are already proving this, but they could really use some Lassiter support and they definitely deserve some. As McCollister said, “We’re about to get in our groove and it’s something we want the school to know about!” Jordan Myers, 12, serves the ball to the opponent during a varsity match.


Sports A New Administrator Spotlight: Mr. O’Neill kevin ankerholz sports editor At the beginning of the school year, freshmen are not the only ones adjusting to life at Lassiter; new staff members are similarly trying to memorize the building and become acquainted with their peers. This year, Lassiter has several new teachers and administrators, including Mr. Arthur O’Neill. This year Mr. O’Neill will serve as Lassiter’s Athletic Director and as an assistant principal. Before coming to Lassiter, Mr. O’Neill served as the athletic director at nearby Walton High School. When asked about why he came to Lassiter, Mr. O’Neill replied, “I wanted to go to a place where I could enhance my skill set as an administrator. Lassiter is the perfect place to achieve this because I can fulfill my passion for athletics by serving as Athletic Director and my passion for education by serving as an assistant principal.” Mr. O’Neill believes that Lassiter’s athletic program has excellent traditions in numerous sports and that these successes can continue through hard work and commitment. He envisions that Lassiter has the potential to have “one of the top overall athletics programs in the southeast.” A typical day for Mr. O’Neill entails a balance between Athletic Director and Assistant Principal duties. He overlooks the school’s facilities and academic curriculum to ensure that standards are being met and to look for possible improvements. He claims that “the best part of my job is interacting with the students.”

Regarding his goals as Athletic Director, Mr. O’Neill wants to be anonymous. He asserts, “I want to play a support role in the success of athletes and coaches, but I want them to be in the limelight.” He also stresses the importance of athletes giving back to the community through service. However, Mr. O’Neill’s ultimate goal as Athletic Director is to win the Director’s Cup for overall excellence in all athletics. He claims, “Winning the Director’s Cup requires all of the different athletics programs to come together to achieve a common goal, which is truly a special accomplishment.” A man of much wisdom, Mr. O’Neill has several messages to Lassiter’s students and student-athletes alike. First, he advises students to “Respect their parents because they make sacrifices that students cannot even imagine.” Second, he wants student-athletes to “Remember that you represent more than just yourself. You represent your team, your school, and your family, and because of this you must act with great responsibility.” His final message to Lassiter’s students is “Be true to yourself and your commitments.” Overall, Mr. O’Neill looks forward to working at Lassiter this school year. He will relish this great opportunity to work with both academic and athletic programs at Lassiter. With his friendly and outgoing personality, Mr. O’Neill is sure to be liked among Lassiter’s students. However, he wants to make the students aware of one thing: “I am not a Walton Raider anymore. Go Trojans!”

kevin ankerholz/staff Mr. O’Neill, the new Athletic Director, works in his office next to the cafeteria.

jack herman/staff This famed jumbo-tron was one of the Frank’s first aspects of remodeling.

Still Fixin’ the Frank jack herman staff writer

Frank Fillman Stadium is truly a high quality facility. Each time we look at the Frank we see all the football plays and the players that occupy its beautiful field each Friday during the football season. What we tend to forget is that it is not one dimensional. The Frank is also home to the track team, the girls’ and boys’ lacrosse teams, and the girls’ and boys’ soccer teams. All of these teams are able to play on this field due to the fact that instead of grass, we have some of the finest turf known to man. Principal Shaw weighed in about The Frank’s wonderful set-up, saying, “The Frank is unique in that its turf is safer than grass. Under the turf is a special padding that softens the blow when athletes are tackled or hit into the ground for whatever reason. Having turf now instead of grass allows us to save between $35,000 and $40,000 because we do not need to re-sod and replace dead grass.” As our stadium revolutionized from high school quality to college quality it was easy to see the differences. The first major change was the addition of the jumbo-tron and turf at around the same time. Both additions really bolstered all of the sports teams’ reputations around the state. You may be wondering where all of the money came from that sponsored all of this. If you look out at the jumbo-tron at any time, you will see a list of local businesses and restaurants. You guessed it: those sponsors pay for our football field and jumbo-tron single handedly. Principal Shaw referred to this change

as the “college concept,” which simply means you have outside businesses pay for their names to advertised. With all of the renovations happening in a blink of an eye, many still wonder if we are done renovating. The answer is no. Principal Shaw’s next goal is to expand the track lanes from six to eight to allow Lassiter to become the annual host of the region track meet. After that he wants to expand the stands and make the Frank even more fan friendly than before. When asked about when we can expect to see these changes Principal Shaw replied, “I plan on having the track ready in two to three years and we ideally want the stadium to be expanded within the next five years.” With the economy what it is, everyone is trying to cut corners wherever it is possible. Another beneficial factor the turf brings is its ten year guarantee, which saves us money. This guarantee promises that the field should last ten years and not be damaged or torn up like normal grass would become over time. The only maintenance the field needs is to fix those little black beads. After every game Lassiter must have someone drag the field and realign the beads so that they are centered in the middle of the field, to ensure that players will have proper footing throughout the entire game. The Frank seems to have changed overnight. However, the remodeling is not finished. Once complete, the Frank will create a breathtaking experience that will change the way that many look at high school athletics.

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SENIORS, stay in-check and on time with this calendar of upcoming events. Sunday






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College Rep. Visit: Valdosta & UGA





Columbus Day


GA Tech Early Action Deadline


College UGA Early Action Probe Deadline Fair @ Cherokee


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Senior Box

College Applications:


amrita banerjee staff writer

Now that the 2009-2010 school year has started, it’s time for all seniors to begin the college application process. Here’s a list of things to do:

*Application Form: Most college forms can be accessed through the internet. Many of you can also apply using the Common Application, an application accepted by 240 colleges. *Application Fee: All students have to pay about $35 to apply to each college. This fee is nonrefundable, so be sure whether you want to pay or not. Some colleges have policies that give fee waivers to students of low-income families. *High School Transcript: Along with your application form and fee, you have to send your high school transcript. Also, remember to pick up and send your final transcript before the year ends. *SAT/ACT test scores: Send the scores of these tests to the colleges of your choice. Don’t send all the

scores, send only your optimal scores if you’ve taken the tests multiple times. Some colleges also require SAT Subject Tests. If you’ve taken them, send these scores as well. *College Recommendations: Colleges may ask you to send recommendations written by school faculty. You can ask a specific teacher or a counselor. Don’t forget to hand a thank you note to the person who wrote your recommendation letters. *College Essay: Many competitive colleges require students to write essays. While the other parts of the application are just records of your achievements, the essay is a great way to express yourself as an individual person. Make sure to get your essay edited before turning it in. For most of you seniors, this will be a huge process, from gathering all your transcripts to writing your college essay. The last thing you want is to leave all the work for the night before. Organize everything before sending your college applications .

Colleges are visiting lhs! Go to the counselor’s office (in skylight) for more information.

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September 2009  

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