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“Son are you listening to me.” These were the redundant words I heard until my senior year. My father had a way with words that would take you on an intellectual journey. I was blessed to not only have a man in my household but a man who was my biological father. This affected himand I tremendously by allowing us to connect and understand each other better. His foundation in my life is important to my wellbeing and future. Minute conversations from my childhood stemmed the meaning of my father’s motto of being well established in life. He did more than just tell me, “You can do anything or be anyone”. My father would ask me, “Kedron what do you want to be in life?” I would reply and he would respond “How do you expect to get there.” From then on he began to outline my future with reality. Structuring the path in which I should follow. Assuring that he was behind me the whole way but at a distance to where I could stay make mistakes and learn from them. Descending from cloud nine was never an issue with my father. He would tell it like it is with frank tone and a blunt attitude. If I were to say that I wanted to become an astronaut he would inform me on the rigorous amount of study and education I need to achieve that goal. My father was also active in my life. He encouraged me to run track and I went on to become a state champion. He wanted me to be a man of god and took me to church every Sunday. He was always talking to me about girls and how to respect a female. He believed that I should treat every woman like she was my mother. These values were instilled in me and I will remember them until I die. It is imperative that my father is in my life currently. I am making numerous transitions in my life right now and he is there every step of the way. These decisions are life altering so he guiding me will prevent me from simple and major mistakes. Displaying and conveying

manhood and teaching me the importance of financial stability. He made it important for me to know that without being secure with my money my life would not properly function. As far as selecting a college that is right for me my father has a significant amount of input. He asks questions like “What’s your major, where do you want to live etc.� Informing me on how much money I would make if I went into a certain field. Without my father I do not know if I would be the young man I am today. His words and presence are so important to me. I know he will continue to help me make decisions that will better me as a man and this makes him so important to me and I love him.

My Father Matters  

A conncetion between a father and son from a teeneage perspective.