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From the fetal position I emerge. Slowly moving closer to white light Eyes barely open. Dark figures surround me. My cord is cut. Wrapped in warm cloth. I am new life. I am a legacy. Rockets, bears, and sport balls rotate above. Tis’ my desire to escape the cage of pillows Body weak, Bones tender‌. I am an angel. Alas, my first step has been taken. My badge is orange. My knowledge of the highest caliber. My senior year is here Save the best for last. Each day will be my last. I will not stand by and let my year go to waste. My memories will be everlasting. College Center is essential. It will help me explore new places. Education is key. Slowly awaiting that letter of acceptance No where to go but up. Away from home; Miles away. Dress code does not exist. New friends. New life. New environment. College is where I will be. I will be a new person. Growing day by day. Learning by the hour. For the next 4 years I will have a new home. I am an inquiring student. Yearning for a place in society.


This is a book about my life growing from a new born, a child, and to a young adult.

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