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E’Quecia Griffin December 1, 20111 4th period

Abortions Abortions are one of the

most controversial issues in America today. Most of abortions take place mainly between the ages of fifteen and twenty- four years of age. Some think that abortions are simply murder cases but others beg to differ. When people have abortions, they have different reasons. Most abortions come from those that are teenagers. They aren’t able to take care of it finacially or simply can’t keep it in their parent’s home. Abortions are very hard decisions to make in some cases. I can’t imagine killing my child and not knowing what it could’ve been. I would personally want to give my child up for adoption instead. Abortion to me is a lack of value of human life. Abortions are by far the worst tragedy not only for the child that would never experience a life but for its mother. Though some grant the approval of abortions due to rape or health issues, it still not an easy choice to make. I can see in a sad case such as these why a human being wouldn’t want to experience the horror over again. It hard to really say abortions are wrong when your own life is at stake. I do feel that those who aren’t able to take care of their children that they should think of better options. Abortions are not consequences or a fate as some would say choice. Abortions to me are selfish acts. Because although you’re thinking about how you can’t provide for them, you can give them that unconditional love or give them away.

The solution to this problem may vary for years to come. However, for teenagers it should be contraceptives. It should be given out wherever they go. Teenagers you should not be strangers to preventions of pregnancy. Most

E’Quecia Griffin December 1, 20111 4th period importantly you should be practice adolescence. On the other hand, abortions shouldn’t be rushed into you should really take the time and think about your decisions.

Avoiding Abortions : The Controversy  

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