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Trouble How can we live in a world where your neighbors will hurt you before the gang members around the corner? Well this is the generation we have come to people killing, robbing, and passing around diseases, we cause are own destruction. The days are hard and the nights are rough will a survive the night that’s a good question for some but who really knows in these streets now a days no one is really who they seem. Young ladies lien to older men getting themselves in a situation they might not be able to come back from. Never a thought on if what they are doing is safe and not thinking to be protected when passing their bodies around as they do. When will the world go back to the way it was maybe never because, now we have mothers acting like children and letting their child grow up in an environment where they have no self control or respect. Now that stupidity nearly controls the world what can we do to fix it talk, protest, pray, well if they have not worked so far I doubt the world just has a quick turn around and all the drug dealers and slime balls decide to just give up their ways and become Christians. They know it is wrong but they feel this is the only way to provide for them selves or their families who am I to say they are bad people when I don’t know their situation. Then you have single mothers, and fathers working to give a child the world when something has happened to cause their partner to leave or pass on. Then you have those low down dirty fathers who can do the activity and not take care of their child how disappointing! Then in any rights to their selves they can consider them self’s men and think they deserve respect from those around them. I say they should be locked away and

made look at that child grow up being supported by a real man and see how the women he got pregnant should have been treated in the first place.


A book over teen troubles and problems that could be happening to the people around you