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For his talent act, Tre Briscoe was Napoleon from Napoleon Dynamite.

Dominic Barbagallo stirs the crowd with his comedy stand-up for his talent act.

To portray his country music legend Jimmy Rodgers, Ryan Mondonedo sang the song "International Harvester".

Matthew Gelhard had an idea that no one else did. He portrayed Ricky Bobby, and the crowd loved it.

March 2009 2019 March

Memorable Moments

Memorable Moments

The contestants of Mr.Linganore pose for a picture with their escorts after performing the "It's Raining Men" dance, a non-judged portion of the show that is he finale every year. For many weeks, dance rehearsals were held in the cafeteria to make sure the dance was perfect in the show.

Noah Price wins Mr.Linganore 2019 “It feels good to win, but, honestly, there was so much talent here tonight, it was a little unexpected,” --Noah Price The “Night of Firsts” was truly magical for Noah Price, who portrayed the famous magician, Harry Houdini. Price was crowned the winner, with Morgan Fink and Ryan McFadden as runners up. Based on Price’s pre competitions points, talent, entrance, formal wear, and dance, he made it to the final three. The top three were all asked the same final question and after hearing each response, the judges named Price the winner. Price, influenced by his love for magic, chose to portray Harry Houdini for his entrance. In his magic act, he fooled the audience into thinking he was chopping off his hand. The audience was in shock. He also did a series of card tricks with audience participation. Junior Juliana Zeller said, “His talent was really

intriguing. I really enjoyed how he involved the audience.” As well as being a magician, Price is also a dancer and has a scholarship to Point Park University in Pittsburgh. Price and his escort, Maggie Adams, who is in the same dance company, scored first in the dance portion of the show. Jeremy Brown, master of ceremonies, ribbed Price

Tre Briscoe’s twist on the well-known Napoleon Dynamite dance. Natalie Rebetsky, sporting a blue wig, joined Brown on stage, even though she “retired” from the event in 2018. Brown introduced her as Natalia Rebetskia, his Russian mail-order cohost. The runners up, McFaden and Fink also had scored well in the different

Ryan Leyh portrays the first man, Adam, for his character. He is accompanied by Jackson Ambush, Eve

First President of the United States, George Washington was portrayed by Jake Santis, e arrived in a boat in his opening scene.

Mr. Linganore winner, Noah Price, with his escort Maggie Adams. aspects of the show. McFad-

when they saw the first place standing. “I bet you’re relieved.” Brown also took shots at some other contestants, such as Charlie Rasmussen and his friends for dancing to “Single Ladies” by Beyonce. Some other notable memories from the show were Jake Santis’ entrance with a full size row boat and

den played guitar and sang “Take it easy” by The Eagles, and Fink had a hilarious dance battle with Earl Blake. Price did well throughout the whole competition. Despite this, he was surprised to be crowned the winner. For the winning question, Price talked about what advice he was going to take with him in the next chapter of his life. He immediately mentioned something that his mother always advises. “Be loud and be proud.” Price described the backlash he gets for being a male dancer, but through it all he remains confident, comfortable, loud, and proud. Congratulations Noah Price for earning the title of Mr. Linganore 2019. Watch a behind the scenes video here: HIbH9OXn1UU

Charlie Rasmussen chose to be Chuck Yeager, the first man to break the sound barrier.

Natalie Rebetsky surprised the crowd, and even contestants by dressing up as "Natalia Rebetskia," with blue hair to host the show.


Mr. Linganore

The Lance

Contestants attempt to portray "Night of First" characters through cake and icing

Noah Price, winner of the cake decorating contest, poses with his cake inspired by his character, Harry Houdini.

The cafeteria staff judges the cake decorating contest.

The cake decorating contest is a favorite. Contestants had 20 minutes to decorate a sheet cake and reflect their characters. Many practiced their skills at home. They used toys, edible decorations, and other props to decorate their masterpieces.

March 2019

Mr. Linganore contestants construct gumdrop towers

The Mr. Linganore contestants race against time as they try to decorate their cakes. Jake Santis with his winning gumdrop tower. Santis won the competition with a tower of 24 inches.

Matthew Gelhard made a Ricky Bobby racetrack cake.

Morgan Fink had just as much fun eating his cake as he did decorating it! Mr. Brown carefully measures the height of each gumdrop tower.

Contestants write sweetheart letters to the ones they love: dogs, ocean, and girls

Matthew Gelhard, winner of the sweetheart letter competition, wrote a sweet letter about a stray dog he named Bucky.

The Mr. Linganore contestants prepare for the sweetheart letter competition with their escorts for support.

For the sweetheart letter competition, contestants are given candy hearts and 15 minutes to write a letter to their sweetheart incorportating the words printed on the hearts. The final letters were judged by the English Department.

Dominic Barbagallo writes his sweetheart letter to his girlfriend Jade.

Ryan Leyh constructs his gumdrop tower next to Alex Ismael and Ryan Mondonedo.

The Mr. Linganore contestants hard at work on their sweetheart letters.

Tre Briscoe has laser focus while putting his sweetheart letter together.

Charlie Rasmussen looks defeatedly at his collapsed tower.

Who Wore It Best? Charlie Rasmussen and Victoria Rausch

Alex Ismael and Eilis McCormick

Dominic Barbagallo and Jade Pack

Ryan Mondonedo and Maggie McCrossin


The Lance

March 2019

Signing Day

Eleven sign their National Letters of Intent

Earl Blake

Fiona Rowan Shippensburg University

Kent State University

Raider Basketball

Golden Flash Wrestling

"Not only can she show her skills on the basketball court, she does it on the soccer field as well, she earned All-County Honors in both sports." - Rachel Easterday Girls Varsity Head Coach

w Beekey Matthew

RRead the full stories at:

Ryan Leyh

"He is a dynamic player. Earl brings so much energy, physicality, and explosiveness on the mat whether it is at practice or wrestling for a state championship." - Ben Arneson Head Wrestling Coach

Jackson Ambush

Stonehill College

Shippensburg University

University of Albany

Warrior Football

Raider Football

Great Dane Football

Beekey is the best role model that I could ever have. I strive to live up to his expectations and aspire to be him. He works hard one the field, and deserves to play college football." - Joey Bruscia Former Teamate

Sam Everett

"Leyh was a strong team player who everyone could count on. When we would play and we knew that Ryan was going to be involved, he was more than likely going to pull it off.” - Rick Conner Varsity Head Coach

Taylor Koch

“Jackson’s a physical, hard-nosed inside linebacker. He may not be the biggest guy, but he runs really well. He fits our style of defense,” - Greg Gattuso University of Albany Head Coach

Paige Wilhelm

Bridgewater Univer-

Mount St. Marys University

Chowan University

Eagle Softball

Mountaineer Swimming

Hawk Softball

“Sam is able to breed positivity, and she would run through the fence for her team. Also, I hear she is ferece in the courtroom.” - Andrea Poffinberger Head Varsity Softball Coach

Jon Wheat Fairfield University Stag Lacrosse "Jon is incredibly dedicated and has an unbelievable work ethic. He is a strong leader with amazing skills in his craft. " - Rich Thompson Head Varsity Lacrosse Coach

“She is a natural leader, and is an inspiration to the team. We are losing a top swimmer, and we are going to have to find someone to step up and take her spot.” - Joseph Hawkins Swim Coach

Joey Felton

”She’s very driven. She is extremely hardworking and leads by example; she expects 100% from herself and her teammates.” - Andrea Poffinberger Head Varsity Softball Coach

Tre Briscoe

Yale University

Shepard University

Bulldog Football

Ram Football

"He had the ability to change the game in one play. Few guys have that ability, but he’s one of them. Joey is so fast, he competes so well. Whenever you gave him the ball, it was always the right choice.” - Rick Conner Varsity Head Coach

"Tre has been really fun to coach over the years because his great work ethic is what sets him apart. He got better everyday. " - Rick Conner Varsity Head Coach


The Lance

March 2019


NEHS brings Clifford to high school Mock trial wins county

photo by Lily Weaver The NEHS won the opportunity to have Clifford for an entire week.

Matthew Gelhard Managing Editor Clifford decided to leave Emily in 2nd grade and take a visit to high school. Alongside members of the National English Honor Society, Clifford traveled the halls of the school and visited various classrooms to participate in classroom activities. For every step of Clifford’s journey, NEHS members took photos and those pictures will be put together into a book, made specially for the Little Lancers so they can learn what is high school is like through Clifford. Another goal was for the Little Lancers is to find a love for reading through a larger-than-life character in Clifford. After Clifford’s first day, teachers sent email to NEHS Advisor Natalie Rebetsky

asking her to schedule a visit from Clifford to their classrooms. Clifford planned to visit three elementary schools, Deer Crossing, Clearwater, and New Market ES, but all three trips were cancelled due to snow and wind chill delays. Vice President of NEHS, Sarah Buckley, said, “I really enjoyed accompanying Clifford in his visit and the fact that he participated in not only read-

ing activities but science and math, too.” Many members and their friends helped to bring Clifford to high school: Diana Bryan, Sarah Buckley, Beau Cameron, Rachel Eaves, Caroline Etherton, Olivia Geisler, Ethan Hart, Sammie Hoefs, Erika Katsumoto, Courtney Larrick, Francesca Martinazzi, Rachel McCoy, Ashley Nash, Emily Reed, Catie Jo Tansey, Lily Weaver, Braden Weinel, Emily Wolfe, and Juliana Zeller. Rebetsky, attended the Frederick County Reading Council annual October dinner and won the door prize of getting to spend the week with Clifford. She strategized how to bring Clifford to as many people as possible and decided that the photo book would be a lasting memory.

photo by Lily Weaver

French Honor Society hangs Seurat mural

Sierra Rossman Reporter On February 6, the French Honor Society hung a mural commemorating the 1884 painting Un dimanche après-midi à l’Île de la Grande Jatte which translates to A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte. French teacher and French Honor Society adviser Madame Dragana Blonder printed a version of the painting and cut it into several squares for an art project where each member could

color one of the pieces–a little like a jigsaw puzzle. French Honor Society secretary Maria Bernal suggested the idea. “We wanted something that represents French culture and art as well as a project everyone could be a part of,” she said. The honor society met on November 7, 2018 and each member colored a square for the final product. The project was originally started to be a part of National French Week, which takes place annually the first week of November. “It was fun to put a spin

on the part I was coloring so it would fit in differently compared to the others,” said member Justin Filigenzi. The original composition was created by Georges Seurat and is now located in the Art Institute of Chicago. Seurat pioneered the technique known as Pointillism, which uses tiny brushstrokes of contrasting colors. The 19th-century French school of Neo-Impressionism began with

Seurat. After assembling the pieces, Mod-podging them together, and putting on the finishing touches, the beautiful mural was ready to hang. Blonder said, “It looks a lot better than I expected, and I think it gives a little bit of an artistic look to our hallway.” The mural is hanging in the C hallway where most of the language classrooms are located. Blonder is planning another project next semester because this one was so successful.


Gabby Llewellyn Reporter On March 13, the mock trial team beat Oakdale High School. to earn the title of Frederick County champions. They will be going against Richard Montgomery high on Tuesday, March 19 at the Frederick County courthouse at 5pm. On February 26, the mock trial team competed against Middletown for their fourth match this season. The prosecution had a huge win against Middletown, with a score of 49-39. The team has had four consecutive wins and hopes to continue their streak.

"Where else do you get to argue--and for it to be OK and even expected?" -Jamie Hendi Each year, the mock trial team prepares a case provided by MyLaw. Every mock trial team in Maryland uses the same case and competes against each other–arguing either the defense or the prosecution/ plaintiff ‘s side. Students on the team not only portray attorneys, but also act as victims, witnesses and bailiffs. “We have a lot of seniors with a lot of experience, and shadows with lots of exposure on how it works. Everybody really wants to

work hard.” The case this year is particularly interesting because of how familiar the experience is to students. This case highlights cyberbullying and cyber abuse. As our world becomes more technologically dependent, practices like these are more common and teenagers have to be aware of what they post on the internet and how it can be interpreted by others. Macy Armagost, MaKenzie Llewellyn, and Sam Everett lead the prosecution. Years of experience has prepared them to demonstrate their excellence this year. Members also look forward to the testimony of Doctor Emme Brown, since Emily Alberson, who portrays her, is always sharp on the stand. Mock trial increases critical thinking, listening, reasoning, and public speaking skills. It also provides a further understanding of legal processes. “There are so many reasons for someone to do mock trial. It’s awesome for critical thinking skills, analytic skills, and argumentative skills.” Hendi said. “Where else do you get to argue for it to be okay, and even expected?” The team has two more competitions before playoffs, one on February 28 and one March 5.

Read more at https://lhslance. org/2swvp


The Lance

Wrestling wins state titles

Earl Blake is awarded first place in the 132lb weight class

Michael Bromley is awarded first place in the 182lb weight class

Sports Pom and Dance takes home gold their best performance. Senior and head captain Cici Emerson said, “We were able to pull together these routines and win first place in ¾ dances this past weekend. I am so proud of how much effort we all put into these dances and that hard work definitely paid off through our recent courtesy of Linda Nash sucesses.” Leah Bolger The Pom team is run by Mrs. Reporter Richardson, a history teacher and head of the Rho Kappa Social StudOn March 2, the Pom and Dance ies Honor Society. She selects three Team traveled to Gwynn Park High seniors each year, a head-captain School to take part in their last comand two co-captains who will chopetition before States. The Pom and reograph selective dances for the Dance team specializes in raising competition season as well as footstrong, and competitive dancers who ball season. surround their crowd with positive “I think that if we keep up the and upbeat routines. hard work and continue to clean This team blew away the crowd our dances in order to make them with their intense routines and perfect, we could take home another placed first in their Pom, Jazz, and win at States,” said Class of 2019 Lyrical dances and third place in co-captain, Cailey Weber. their Total Package dance. Previously, they had competed in two other contests and taken home a few Read more at: trophies, but this past weekend was

AAF: the most exciting league you’ve never heard of Erich Miller Reporter

Sad that the NFL season is over? Then you haven’t heard of the new football league that is taking the world by storm. The Alliance of American Football league, or AAF, kicked of its inaugural season in 2019. The league consists of eight teams competing in a ten-game regular season. The playoffs in April 2019 will determine the best two teams, and they will play for the championship. The AAF was created in 2019 for the sole purpose of complimenting the NFL during the offseason, with some slightly differing rules. AAF rules include: no kickoffs, no extra points, and a shortened play clock. The new rules were established to oppose injury concerns and to accelerate the game. The only safety the league allows are the hits players can give the quarterback. One such example of these new regulations include San Antonio’s huge hit on the San Diego fleets’ quarterback. The play knocked the quarterback’s helmet off and would have been a for-sure penalty in the NFL. On the AAF’s opening day, Febuary 9 2019, the games began.

Afterwards, fans praised the new league. Some fans even went to say that these games were more exciting then Super Bowl 53. After Week One the viewer ratings were way up from what they expected, with an average

of three million viewers per game. It’s gotten so popular that the Birmingham Iron has a sold out game in Week Two at Legion Field. Legion Field holds over 70,000 people. The AAF has made noise due to the highlights and big names in the league, such as Trent Richardson, who was taken in the first round a couple years back. Richardson rushed for 58 yards and two touchdowns. Josh Johnson, the Redskins quarterback for the 2018 season,

is also considering joining. Even controversial quarterback Colin Kaepernick is considering joining the AAF. With the first months complete, expect viewership to increase even more. The highlights have blown up on sources such as SportsCenter and Instagram. The games are exciting to watch, and, if you’re not an NBA or college basketball fan this may be the perfect answer to your football deficit. Even though there are only eight teams, if this league continues to gain viewership and high ratings, expect there to be expansion. If the AAF can stay together for the next couple years, team expansion is inevitable. According to the AAF, their plan would be to give the cities that don’t have NFL football teams their own AAF team. This could cause excitement to watch the new league even if viewers have never heard of it. If the AAF can play their cards right, this newly founded football league could be here to stay for a long time. Read more at:

Am I betraying my gender if I prefer the NBA? Madeline Williamson Reporter

Who are Diana Taurasi, Maya Moore, and Sylvia Fowles? They are the top WNBA players. I bet you didn’t know that, and neither did I. What they all have in common is that they are the best of the best in women’s basketball. Why aren’t these names household names like Lebron James and Steph Curry? While the top NBA players like Lebron James, Steph Curry and James Harden struggle to go anywhere in public because of the fans and paparazzi, the women are relatively unknown outside of hardcore fans. I don’t follow the WNBA. Am I to blame if I don’t support my gender because I love the NBA? Social media buzz

March 2019

graphic by Bailey Spore

plays a key role in the basketball league’s following. For example, on Instagram the NBA has 36.4 million followers and on Twitter they have 24.6 million. The WNBA has 2% of of the amount of Instagram and Twitter followers. This made me realize that I am partially to blame if I don’t follow the women, but I follow the men. As a woman who expects to be paid equally for the job I do, I agree these women should be paid more fairly.

This translates to a financial struggle due to the lack of following and the lack of money that goes into the program. The players in the WNBA feel underpaid for the work that goes into their jobs. Why am I attracted to the NBA? Men can do crazy dunks and blocks while women make layups. Watching a man dunk the ball is far more interesting, which is, sadly, a skill that most women struggle with because they simply aren’t tall enough. What the NBA players do to attract attention is the crazy moves that make viewers want to watch more. After watching a series of WNBA plays that aren’t as flashy, I don’t believe that I’m to blame. The NBA offers more entertainment than the WNBA, but I realize I could do more to support my gender.

courtesy of Carter Holsinger

Boys indoor track repeats state championship Bailey Spore Editor

On February 19 the boys indoor track team dominated the 3A State Championship meet, bringing home the first title of this school year. In 2018, the boys squeezed out a one point victory for the state title. This year they didn’t have to worry about that, as the team racked up 72.5 points, beating second place Chopticon High School in southern Maryland by 31.5 points. Within the span of an hour, the team won four different events. First, Joey Felton won the 55 meter dash with a time of 6.45, breaking his old school record of 6.53. Next, Michael Belmaggio dominated the 3200 meter run with a time of 9:39.08. Winning the 3200 is nothing new to Belmaggio, as he was defending his 2018 state title. Belmaggio won by 11 seconds, which, for him, is a close race. Colby Bannon and Carter Holsinger also won their events (high jump and pole vault) within the hour. These four wins secured the championship for the team. “I came into the meet very confident, but you can never be too cocky because you never know what could happen,” said Holsinger. Holsinger won pole vault for the second year in a row, with a height of 14’ 7”. “After realizing I had won 3A, I was going for the overall state title and I claimed it by 6 inches.” Holsinger also attempted the state record, which is 15’ 2”, but couldn’t reach it. Although Belmaggio won the 3200, he didn’t do it without complications. Usually the officials keep track of the leaders laps, but since Belmaggio lapped so many runners, the officials lost track. Once he finished the race, they told him he still had one more lap. He knew it wasn’t true, but he ran it anyway. After reviewing footage of the race, Belmaggio was officially announced state champion of the 3200 meter run. Holsinger and Belmaggio both qualified for nationals in their events. Many other athletes scored points in the meet, Allejah Seraton finished second in the 500 meter run. Will Cioffi came in second in the 1600 and 3rd in the 800. Carson Buck also contributed some points in the 3200. “It was great to win again, I was so happy for all the kids and glad everything came together so perfectly in the end,” said Coach William Eckard. The track team looks to carry their dominance into the outdoor season. Students interested in joining the team for the spring season should talk to Coach Eckard.


The Lance

March 2019


Flower Power Welcome Spring Word Search

The Watermark March contest Honors Dr. Seuss's birthday and Read Across America. Topic: Create something inspired by a location or place that is meaningful to you. Deadline: April 2 Submit your work: Email Can be short story, poem, art (digital or traditional) Prizes! Prizes! Prizes!

National Womens Month matching! 1. Alice Coachman

a. Nurse during the Crimean War.

2. Sybil Ludington

b. British political activist and helper of the British Suffragette movement.

3. Emmeline Pankhurst

c. Founder of the American Red Cross

Did you love Mr. Linganore 2019, "A Night of Firsts"? Take our survey to vote for your favorite contestant!

Lancer Media staff


Natalie Rebetsky Editor In Chief

4. Florence Nightingale

d. Queen of the British Celtic Iceni tribe.

5. Mary Seacole

e. The third Prime Minister of India.

6. Jane Austin

f. First African American woman to win an Olympic Gold medal.

7. Marie Curie

g. First woman to win a Nobel Prize.

8. Boudica

h. Leader of the first official team of Brittish military nurses.

9. Clara Barton

10. Indira Gandhi

i. The sixteen-year-old who warned the country side that the British were invaiding. j. British Novelist.

Jacob Bolger

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March issue Spring 2019  

The Lance is the student newspaper of Linganore High School. 2018-2019 School Year, Spring Issue

March issue Spring 2019  

The Lance is the student newspaper of Linganore High School. 2018-2019 School Year, Spring Issue