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Volume 51, Issue 5

Court is now in session for Mock Trial competitions Ryan Stark Reporter

People are streaming into a courtroom. Witnesses and lawyers are taking their positions to conduct a trial, hoping to prosecute someone or help someone stay free. The trial rages on, comes to a conclusion, and everyone files out. Except, there was no real trial: everyone

photo by Ryan Stark Garrett Wiehler and Haley Twillman prepare questions for use in the trial.

December 2013

12013 Old Annapolis Rd. Frederick, MD 21701

is a teenager, there are no real world consequences for the losers and the winners, and no one is being fined or going to prison. Instead, this was a trial conducted for Frederick County’s Mock Trial program. Mock Trial is exactly what it sounds like: a pretend trial. Participants choose either to be lawyers or witnesses for the defense or the prosecution. According to sophomore Sydney Clark, on trial days, “It’s exactly like a normal trial, except with no jury.” It’s comparable to a traditional debate club in a sense, except with predetermined paths of argument. Read the full story at w51rR

Thanksgivukkah: Bring on the turkey, stuffing and latkes

photo by Amanda Tapscott Thanksgiving and Hannukkah traditions are mixed in the Tapscott home.

Amanda Tapscott Reporter

Hanukkah is over. What? Christmas hasn’t even begun. The Hebrew word “Hanukkah” means “to dedicate.” The holiday is a Festival of Lights that begins on the 25th day in the month of Kislev on the Hebrew calendar and lasts for eight days. Hanukkah can occur at any time from late November to late December on our traditional Gregorian calendar. This year, Hanukkah fell

Auditions held for new ‘lip dub’ video phenomenon

Students participate in a scene from Catoctin High School’s lip dub.

will line the hallways in a pre-determined setting with posters, signs, and sports teams. One example of a lip dub is on YouTube, Catoctin High School. The date of the lip dub will be on February 14th, 2014. Greene has chosen three songs for the video, “Firework,”” Footloose,” and “Stronger.” “A lot of people don’t think a lip dub is cool, but it is. You get to miss class, have fun, and even dress up,” said senior Emily Cronin, a television production member. Greene isn’t 100% sure what they want to do for their intro, but he is thinking about having teens ride in on a tractor. They will end it in the gym, with students singing along to the song “We are Family.” Lip dub has made its way into many competitions. One competition was which school could do the best version of “Roar” by Katy Perry.

Brennan Nolan Reporter You’ve heard of break dancing, the Harlem shake, and even the continuous twerking. However, there is a new fad that has taken over YouTube. This craze is known as lip dub. “A lip dub is a one shot video where there are different students lip singing to pre-recorded songs as they move through the school with the student body interacting in the video,” said Pat Greene, technology education teacher. Greene wants to start a lip dub video demonstrating our outstanding school spirit. Linganore’s lip dub auditions Read the full story at were held December 10th, and Lakewood High School the video will be filmed during won and Katy Perry visited a pep rally in February. Clubs

especially early, beginning at sundown on Wednesday, November 27th and ending at sundown on Thursday, December 5th. With the second night of Hanukkah falling on Thanksgiving Day, some Jewish Americans referred to the holidays as “Thanksgivukkah.” A s s u m i n g people celebrating Thanksgiving will continue following the Gregorian calendar without modification and the Jewish

calendar will continue on its current 19year cycle, it will be another 70,000 years before a whole entire day of Hanukkah and Thanksgiving coincide. However, the first day of Hanukkah and Thanksgiving will coincide again in 2070 and 2165. “[It was] weird [ c e l e b r a t i n g Hanukkah so early this year],” said junior Moe de La Viez. Read the full story at http://lhslance. org/0YfRm

Be gone! Top 10 2013 fads we’re glad to see fade Olivia DuBro Reporter

Go Away! 1. Blurred Lines 2. Nail Selfies 3. Mustaches 4. Overhashtagging 5. Elena Brooke 6. Infinity Signs 7. Sparkly Uggs 8. Snapbacks 9. Skulls 10. Foamposites Stop Staying That! 1. Ratchet 2. Turnt 3. Swag 4. Bae 5. Can you not? 6. Finna 7. Basic 8. Swerve 9. Rage 10. Lls Read the full story at

Opinion Yes,Linganore, there is a Santa

Marissa de La Viez Reporter

Just because you can't see something, doesn't mean it doesn't exist

~Charlie Calvin, The Santa Clause (1994)

For most people, Christmas time means twinkling lights, cheerful music, hot cocoa, and gifts under the decorated tree. When we were younger, Christmas meant a visit from THE MAN, the myth, the legend, Santa Claus.

courtesy of Callia Tweedell A young Callia Tweedell opens presents.

As children, we were told that Santa was a man with a white beard and a red suit who lived at the North Pole. On the night of Christmas Eve, he flies with his sleigh and reindeer to everyone’s homes to shimmy down the chimneys and leave us gifts… if we are good. Looking at this whole scenario as a teenager seems a little creepy. A man comes down your chimney – I don’t even have a chimney in the first place, so I guess he just walked on in the front door with his universal key – to give you gifts and eat the cookies and milk you left out for him. When we were younger our innocent minds let us believe in the wildest things, Kris Kringle being one of them. As we got older, some of us stopped believing, and the magic of Santa Claus deteriorated. Read the full story at bmpqr

Top 10 must-see Christmas movies

Erin Formulak Reporter

You cuddle up on the couch with a mug of hot chocolate and a big blanket. The tree is up; the decorations have been hung; and a warm fire is crackling. However, there is something missing from that cozy holiday feeling. You turn on the television and see many Christmas movies and specials playing on different channels, but which one do you choose? Everybody has their favorites that they can’t miss on television each year; they add on to the Christmas cheer during this time of the year. The Lance has chosen our top ten can’tmiss Christmas specials and movies to share with you.

“I triple dog dare ya!” Everyone remembers this hilarious scene from the classic holiday movie, A Christmas Story. Read the full story at:

Instead of dreaming IN class, dream ABOUT class Phoebe Kolsar Reporter

c u l i n a r y , woodshop, etc…. While they are all great classes, some students want more motivation to roll out of bed photo by Brennan Nolan in the morning. how Wouldn’t it be Imagine exciting to see your refreshing it would Spring schedule be to see electives loaded with fun offered such as yoga electives like space or Pilates for those class and kickboxing? who are not into Everyone would love strength training, yet coming to school. still want to exercise. The thing is, you’re How about a home required to include i m p r o v e m e n t / D I Y all of the basic (do it yourself) class core classes such for those who have a as English, math, creative craving but history, and science. want more “hands And when it comes on” projects than painting to electives, choices drawing, are pretty run-of-the- and photography? Is it even mill. For example, necessary to add more like most high “fun” classes to an schools, FCPS offers already academicallyart, photography, challenging schedule? h o r t i c u l t u r e , Could it take away

focus from AP classes? An article from the New York Times published in October reported, “Letting people learn what they love rather than dictating what they should be learning creates a more positive learning environment.” This has the potential to benefit grades in core classes because students would come to school eager to participate in activities and could be more motivated to get through the day. According to the New York Times, Cardio fitness, advanced Java programming and Mandarin are just a few of the classes introduced at Briarcliff High (NY) as well as Westchester High (CA). Read the full story at


Why don’t we have one? Abby Ryan Reporter

Ladies, we all know you need another excuse to get dolled up. Guys we all know you need an excuse to get close to girls. Would you be interested in going to a winter dance? There are no official plans in the works. Why not? Sophomores Lindsay Novesal and Rachel Huston said they would go to a winter dance simply just to have the excuse to dress up. When discussing it further they admitted “The dance would have to have a fun theme such as winter wonderland, black and white, or even a masquerade!” Spencer Young attended his first

high school dance this year and said he would attend another dance because he enjoyed Homecoming so much. If students are so keen on the idea, why haven’t we had one in recent years? According to Mr. Jeremy Brown, SGA advisor, this is due to the fact that students simply don’t make it a priority or seem interested. Previous dance failures contradict the majority of current students who are saying they would attend a winter dance. Senior and president of the SGA Dan Beck said, “If it was a benefit dance, I believe not only would more people come, but also it would raise awareness for

the benefit as well.” He continued to say it would be up to the leaders of each class to find out what themes students would be interested in. If a student wanted to plan a dance, he/she wouldn’t necessarily have to depend on the SGA. This could be a service learning project, where the student could get a club or class to sponsor the event. Winter dance themes could include a Winter Formal, Snow Ball, Sweetheart or Queen of Heart dance for Valentine’s Day, or even a Sadie Hawkins where the girls ask the guys. Read the full story at

Features Should coffee be a controlled substance? Kobi Azoulay Reporter

Almost every shopping center has a Starbucks; coffee has become a normal part of today’s culture. The drink that used to be considered an “adult drink” has seen an increase in popularity among young people and that has caused the FDA to investigate what effects it can have on them. In a consumer update, an FDA spokesperson said, “We need to better understand caffeine consumption and use patterns and determine what a safe level for total consumption of caffeine is.” While the FDA wants Read the full story at: to try to find ways to limit caffeine consumption by teens, they agreed that putting an age restriction on caffeine would be very complicated and it isn’t really a priority right now. Even though the FDA won’t be placing an age restriction on caffeine, it does have some adverse health effect. In a study published in The Journal of Pediatrics, researchers found that 75% of children surveyed consumed caffeine on a daily basis, and the more caffeine the children consumed, the less they slept. Caffeine also increases heart rate and blood pressure and could negatively affect a child's developing neurological and cardiovascular systems, a 2011 report from The American Academy of Pediatrics stated. The report also stated that children ages 6 to 10 consume caffeine eight out of 10 days on average. Read the full story at

Hike in minimum wage heats debate Hannah Jaffe Reporter

$7.25 $8.00 $8.25 $9.19 Maryland




Current minimum wage

It has been more than four years since the official end of the Great Recession, yet most American workers’ pay has not been increased. The cost of living is continuing to rise while salaries remain stagnant, making greater numbers of Americans susceptible to poverty. Originally, the federal minimum wage was enacted to keep American workers out of poverty

and increase customer purchasing power in order to stimulate the economy. However, the value of the minimum wage has fallen sharply over the past 40 years. The federal minimum wage was last increased on July 24th, 2009 when it rose from $6.55 to $7.25. Before this, it had been stuck at $5.15 for 10 years. It has made it almost impossible to combat the decreasing value of the dollar when

the federal minimum wage is raised so slightly and takes a while to increase. Currently, the federal minimum wage translates to a mere $15,080 salary for a full-time year-round worker. Considering that the average American spends between $1,333 and $1,600 a year on gas and Electricity. Read the full story at http://lhslance. org/3wmsg

Driving: One costly luxury

paycheck is an issue; walking to work every day becomes an option as well as relying on Driving school. someone else to give Practice. rides. Driving test. Along with this License. comes getting to Then you’re school. If students on the road with a miss the bus, how do car driving around, they get to school? right? For many Also, families with no teens there is a big car are then unable factor increasing in to go to after school getting a license, the activities, or club expense. Most seem sports. to look past the fact H i g h that getting a license unemployment and has a price and that the rising costs of many teens cannot driving are putting afford it. the brakes on teen Not being able to driving, says a report pay for driving school from the Insurance and then insurance Institute for Highway is one thing, Safety's “A but this can Highway cause a chain Nationwide Loss Data r e a c t i o n . Insurance Institute. No license report says T h e means no households s t u d y have to r e v i e w e d job; of course put out i n s u r a n c e p a r e n t s an extra data can drive, on but then it $3,100 each i n s u r e d year to t e e n a g e has to work with their allow teens d r i v e r s to drive” and found schedule as well. It creates the drop in a vicious cycle that teen driving coincided makes an impact with the prolonged on every part of an economic slowdown. individual’s life. Paying for their According to own cars, gas and the Center for insurance is hard if Disease Control and teens can't find a job. Prevention from 1996 At the same time, to 2012 the number kids who count on of high-school seniors mom and dad to help with licenses dropped them may be out of luck if their parents by 12% to 73%. It’s more than have been affected by just a matter of age the recession. What else can when it comes to driving. Teens have be harmed from the of teen said, “My life would decrease Insurance be so much easier if I drivers? can drive. I can’t wait companies, they are till I’m old enough,” seeing revenue drop but for another part as families delay teen of the teens, driving driving. Nationwide is not just the fact report that they’re not old Insurance households enough. It’s the lack says have to put out an of money. One senior extra $3,100 each understands. Her year to allow teens family can’t afford to drive, if their even the driving process, able to afford it. Gas prices are rising, and or even a car. For many everything else seems Americans including to be getting more this senior, earning a expensive as well. Theresa Bentz Reporter

Read the full story at vpS1V

Sports/Entertainment Winter athletes gear up for new season Kyle Brodt Reporter

all b t e



Coach Kraft thinks the boys will take “positive steps” from last year. He says that the team has worked hard to get ready for the season. “We have a good style of play with the personnel…. We’ve also worked on conditioning.” As for the girls, new coach Kathryn Linehan plans to lead the Lancers to a strong season. Linehan played for the Lancers until she graduated in 2002. As a student, she led the girls to a state championship game in 2000, but lost by only four points to Dunbar.





What many people don’t know is that the hockey team is actually a co-op team with TJ. Assistant coach Mrs. Ericsson said there are fewer teams than last

year throughout the county: Linganore/TJ, Urbana, Walkersville, Middletown, Oakdale, and Frederick. One of the top players at his position in the league and possibly the county came from TJ: senior goalie Devin Shields. Freshman defenseman/forward Madison Airey says the team’s two top scorers are senior Josh Airey and junior Colin Maggi who both

r oo


ack r T

Last year, the team won counties, regionals, and finished fourth in the state. The boys’ indoor track team has a lot to live up to. Junior long distance runner Riley Mack expects the team to have a slight drop off from last year, but the team should still be able to perform. “Last year the team was more even in sprint and distance. This year we’re better at distance.” The girls’ team looks to have a strong season as well. They finished in the top 10

at their first meet of the season with the top performances from junior Bailey Tregoning finishing second in the 1600 meter and senior McKenna Henyon finishing sixth in the 55 meter hurdles.


tl res


With the wrestling team coming off of a less than impressive last season, they are looking to improve this year. The team tied with TJ for seventh place in last year’s county championships. The Maryland W r e s t l i n g Association ranks Linganore sixth in the county behind powerhouses like Urbana and Middletown. Despite the pre-­ season rankings the Lancers have 10 wrestlers returning and are looking to surprise everybody with srong leadership. Read the full story at

http://lhslance. org/8tdwu

S impson r el e as e s A c o u s ti c S e s sion s Kate Mannarino Reporter

Australian artist Cody Simpson released his much anticipated The Acoustic Sessions on November 19th, 2013. This five song EP, his third, covers four of his own tracks from previous albums, including “Pretty Brown Eyes,” “La Da Dee,” “All Day,” and “Wish U Were Here” and then wraps up The author and her the EP with a cover of idol, Cody Simpson. “Please Come Home Read the full story at For Christmas” by Charles Brown.

Catching Fire draws crowd Kaycee Oland Reporter

Catching Fire, the sequel to the movie The Hunger Games, was in theaters everywhere on November 22, 2013. Starring Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen and Josh Hutcherson as Peeta Mellark, the movie is set six months after the last Hunger Games on the day of the Victory Tour. Catching Fire covers a wide range of genres, including adventure, science fiction,

romance, and action, so this movie draws in many different audiences. Catching Fire begins as Peeta and Katniss return home safe after winning the 74th Annual Hunger Games. Winning means that they must turn around and leave their families and close friends, embarking on a Victor’s Tour of the districts. Along the way, Katniss senses a rebellion. Read the full story at

Students go for big game The Lance Staff 14th, with the enjoy using hunting Nicole Baye Reporter

Deer, goose, duck, and turkey: there are so many delicious animals we eat, especially at the holidays. There is one problem: they aren’t just going to walk into the oven. You have to get up at the crack of dawn just to drive to the location, AND THEN you have walk who knows how many feet to a tree stand just to text all day until something walks by. Deer firearm season opened on the 30th of November. The season is very short, lasting only from November 30th through December

exception of the weekend of January 10th. Maryland doesn’t have a “rifle season” because not all counties allow rifles;; instead it is called “firearm season.” “I hunt with both bows and firearms, but never a rifle! I am primarily a shotgun guy,” said Daniel Chauvin, an avid hunter. Hunting provides many benefits. “I appreciate every type of legal hunting;; including archery, muzzleloader and firearm. I enjoy the camaraderie of family and friends that goes along with hunting. I

to promote an interest in wildlife habitats and instill conservation ethics. I enjoy being out and being a part of nature, and appreciate all the beauty it offers,” said Patricia Handy, the DNR information and education program manager for Maryland. “I missed the shot on my buck the first time, so I took a second shot as he came running at me,” said Cleveland Hall, a junior who hunts almost every weekend during the season. Read the full story at

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