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The student newspaper of Linganore High School Volume LIII, Issue 6

12013 Old Annapolis Road Frederick, MD 21701

Acts of Kindness

Every Blesssing Counts Bridget Murphy and Braden Weinel

Braden Weinel was stopped by a red light in Frederick, Maryland. He looked out to the left and saw a man sitting on the guard rail. He had nothing, and, although some say that you shouldn’t give to homeless people because they might not really be homeless, Weinel knew what he was doing. He grabbed a bag out of the backseat of the car, went to the man and handed it to him. “Thank you so much. God bless you. Thank you,” he said. The bag Weinel gave away that day is called a “Blessing Bag.” They are filled with items like food, drinks, socks, soap, Chapstick, and other little necessities. Like the people in that Facebook post, Bridget Murphy and her mother Jennifer Murphy, keep blessing bags in their cars

"Blessing bags are filled with items like food, drinks, and other necessities"

year-round. The bags they assemble at home include items such as McDonald’s gift cards, hats, gloves, tissues, a toothbrush and toothpaste, razors, and more. The little things in life often go unnoticed by many. While the daily chore of brushing your teeth or shaving may seem like a hassle at times, it can make a huge impact on a person’s self esteem. Looking fresh and clean not only is important for keeping your health in good shape but also can determine whether or not you get hired for a job. At St. Peter the Apostle Roman Catholic Church, they have been tackling the issue of hunger in the community. The program is called the Libertytown Food Backpack Ministry. It is important to always be ready to help the needy no matter where we go. We can and will make an impact on our community and change someone’s life. Read more at: xe62i

@realDonaldTrump ~ @Logic301 ~ @selenagomez

Eight days of Kindness Jacob Blue Reporter

As a mixed-breed teen, half Jewish and half Catholic, I love the season and the blend of traditions. I decided to mix the secret Santa formula with a Jewish, social media twist. For the eight days of Hanukkah I would randomly select one of my Instagram followers. On the first day of Hanukkah, I randomly selected Madie Beck. She requested for me to donate a nonspecific amount of money to St. Jude children Research Hospital. I donated $10 and put the donation in her name. On the second day of Hanukkah, I randomly selected Lexie Fowler. She requested a baby cactus plant. Cacti remind Fowler of when she used to live in Arizona and was near her grandparents. On the third day of Hanukkah, I selected Autumn Frazier. She asked me to buy a Dreidel. Showing others my traditions is a very exciting experience for me. On the fourth day of Hanukkah, I randomly selected Bridget Curtis. She asked me

to buy her M&M’s. On the fifth day of Hanukkah, I randomly selected Jasmine Dick-

"I mixed the secret Santa formula with a Jewish, social media twist." son. She asked me for acting advice, and how to ease your nerves. On the sixth day of Hanukkah, I randomly selected Megan Plazinski. She wanted me to buy her some candy canes. On the seventh day of Hanukkah, I randomly selected my sister, Natalie Blue. Natalie wanted me buy her some Kit Kat bars. On the last day of Hanukkah, I randomly selected Solana Rios. Solana wanted me to by her some holiday socks. I loved being a secret Jewish Santa. It gave me more holiday spirit — giving really is better than receiving. Read more at: rge2k

Hour of Code: Hours of fun and easy for everyone Renata Farrell Reporter

Computer Science Education Week was December 4-10. This is when the Hour of Code takes place. The Hour of Code is a fancy name for hours of computer science fun. Here are some of many reasons you should participate! One easy hour: You should participate in the Hour of Code is because it is a good way to try out something new! It is only an hour, and you can have fun doing it. You never know. Maybe you will have a great time and continue coding! Discover a new talent: You should participate in the Hour of Code is that you can discover a new talent. If you are enjoying the hour, you can complete more activities and explore career opportunities in the computer science field. Instant Results: Most of the coding activities are either games or you make a game. Coding is the future: we are going into a future full of coding.

Game Changers of 2017

Donald Trump (@realDonaldTrump)

Whether you like him or not, there is no denying that he has been the most talked about person this year. Since winning the 2016 presidential election, his publicity and platform have been bigger than ever and he has faced many social and economic issues such as Net Neutrality, health care, DACA, and immigration policies, issues that impact our country greatly. Known for being a triple Selena Gomez threat in the dancing, (@selenagomez) singing, and acting world, Gomez has taken her role in Hollywood to another level this year by taking the position of executive producer for the hit series “13 Reasons Why.” This show based on the novel by Jay Asher brings awareness to the rising issue of teen suicide. Gomez also won Billboard’s 2017 Woman of the Year award and has hosted multiple charity events that encourage teens to volunteer in their communities and speak their minds. She is also a co-chairperson on the Lupus Alliance Research Board and is active in her role.

Chance the Rapper Earlier this year, he (@chancetherapper) donated millions of

dollars to help Chicago public schools and children living in the city.

Holiday Edition 2017

Even math haters have fun: I personally love math and had a lot of fun participating and want to do more, but it is not all math. While I was making my app, I did not know that I was using math. There are many other options when coding than using math. There are many different coding languages and they all are based off of different things. For those who love math, there are some activities and programs that are math heavy, I recommend those. Not everyone is going to enjoy it but they are probably going to have fun. With some of the games, you cannot even tell that you are coding. These are just some of the reasons that I participated. Go, join the experience, learn about coding and the future of computer science. Read more at: nkua1

@SenWarren ~ @chancetherapper ~ @rihanna

From Gaithersburg, Maryland, Logic Logic’s (Robert Bryson Hall) (@Logic301) most recent album has made huge waves. With songs bringing awareness to suicide and racial injustice (to name a few), his music has influenced people greatly. His hit song, 1-800-273-8255 (the suicide hotline number), has increased calls to the suicide hotline by as much as 50%.

Alyssa Milano & These two women went viral on Twitter earlier Tamara Burke (@Alyssa_Milano) this fall for creating the

trending hashtag “#metoo”. Tamara Burke started the #metoo movement a few years back to bring awareness to sexual assault and harassment. When Alyssa Milano heard about the movement, she teamed up with Burke and tweeted her own assault story and encouraged other women to do the same. This hashtag quickly went viral and millions of women were coming together and bringing light to an issue that most females in our day and age deal with. Emily Webb Reporter


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Holiday Edition


Christmas should be peaceful--not warlike

Merry Christmas to all, not just Christians Kelsey Ward Editor


Merry Christmas! Are you offended? Of course

What is this “war” that we fight during this season every year? Can’t we agree that “Merry Christmas” is a neutral greeting? In a year where we are all so exhausted from political fighting, can’t Christmas be a time of truce? During World War I, in 1914, the fighting stopped between the German and British troops to celebrate Christmas together. Shouldn’t we have a war on extreme liberals and conservatives who have nothing to do but accuse each other. I, for one, want the opposite — I want this season to be a time of peace between politicians, and all people. Shouldn’t we be focusing our time on other conflicts, like the possible nuclear war that could happen with North Korea, the suffering of the Syrian exiles, or the poverty and destruction in the wake of the hurricane in Puerto Rico. In 2017, Christmas is commercialized. It no longer has as much religious context to it as it used to. Most people view the holiday as a

time for presents, trees and stocking. Some argue that a “Merry Christmas” sign posted outside of the Nallin Gate at Fort Detrick in Frederick, shouldn’t be posted because it goes against the separation of church and state. I think the sign at the gate means “Peace” or “Have a Nice Holiday” or “Share Some Love.” These are all things that I think everyone could agree are important during this joyful season. People who see Christmas as a religious holiday should be less concerned about words and more concerned about actions. There are many people who can’t afford a holiday. Simply donating toys, making meals or giving blessing bags, can shine a light and help spread the joy because “Merry Christmas” belongs to all, not just Christians. Read more at:

Work together, not apart: How to fix the SGA’s biggest problem people are the only ones going to events,” said SGA president Jack Dubro. The incentive problem is not just limited to SGA and clubs have tried different ideas Egg Nog Jog Committee Chairs to fix the probAlex Ismael and Jane Quakenbush lem, too. Mu Alpour eggnog for the participants pha Theta has during the event tried to increase participation in Tommy Moyer their events by rewardReporter ing those who particiOur school’s SGA pated enough with a has been wildly successtrip to Hershey Park. ful. In 2015-2016, the However, a reward like SGA raised $12,171. In a trip to Hershey Park the area of community wouldn’t help the SGA service, the SGA holds increase participation blood drives, toy drives, because the current and raises awareness problem comes from a for cancer. school-wide apathy. However, the SGA’s Other clubs, like largest weakness is the honor societies, have lack of participation in tried to increase parits events. ticipation by requiring It is very hard for members to complete a the SGA to spread the certain number of hours/ word about events, esevents. This idea works pecially new ones, that great for honor societit creates. It’s not hard ies, but it would be difto find the root of this ficult to require SGA problem. The only inmembers to log more centive to participate hours. This would cut in most SGA events is down on the already to be a “good person” small SGA participaby volunteering time to tion because members help others. Although would not want to comthat sounds like a great mit to a requirement. reason to participate, The best way to insadly, it only gathers crease SGA participaa few people, typically tion is make a schoolthe officers of SGA and their friends. “Unfortunately, it seems like the same few

wide executive board made up of representatives from each club. Each club would report their planned meetings and progress at the SGA meetings. By communicating what events they plan to do, clubs could be aware of the other events going on in the school and could band together to make sure every club has adequate participation in their events. This would help events like the Egg Nog Jog enjoy the success Lancer Candy Lane has. Read more at: m47mi

U.S. holiday law: keep church out of state Beau Cameron Co-editor-in-chief

In December, it’s easy to take in the lights and trees with wide, child-like eyes. It’s easy to overlook the flood of Christmas-themed decorations in our area. So when Fort Detrick in Frederick, MD, placed a light string on their fence to spell out “Merry Christmas,” it’s just another pretty decorat i o n , right? Except, it’s not that simple. Christmas tradition is rooted in Christianity. America has used religion as a way of bringing people together under a common flag: during the Cold War, Christianity spread throughout the country and was even supported by Congress when “one nation, under God,” was added to the Pledge of Allegiance. However, during the winter holiday season, the White House is Christmas-centric. The Obama and Bush administration both said “Happy Holidays” on the White

House cards, but they both also wished the nation a “Merry Christmas." Trump has decided to take a less politically correct approach, by boldly proclaiming “Merry Christmas” on the official cards. In no way am I trying to argue that people cannot put up Christmas decorations. If it’s in your front yard, on your door, or inside your home, you have the right. to promote whichever holidays you wish. It’s your property, and you have a right to control how it is decorated. Fort Detrick is not a home. It is a government office and military base. It is also not an individual; while President Trump is allowed to wish the nation a “Merry Christmas,” Fort Detrick cannot. We cannot treat the government as an individual. Individuals have the right to freedom of religion, the right to promote one religion over another, but the United States government is a secular institution. If the government would like to wish the American people as a whole a “Happy Holidays,” then it can say so. However, “Merry Christmas” fails to abide by First Amendment regulations. Read more at:

Star Wars: The Last Jedi drives a lightsaber through the same old cliches Emily Reed Co-editor-in-chief

*SPOILERS AHEAD* Once the familiar opening crawl and grandiose Star Wars theme played, everyone clapped and cheered! We were prepared for another solid installment of the new Star Wars trilogy and ready to watch the comfortably predictable plot unfold. Five minutes into the film, the plot picks up right where it left off in The Force Awakens. Our beloved heroes, Luke Skywalker and Rey, were once again on a destructive, isolated island with Rey’s outstretched hand offering Luke a lightsaber. We held o u r

breath and anticipated Luke taking the lightsaber, teaching Rey the ways of The Force and agreeing to lead the Resistance. Luke takes the lightsaber, looks at it for a second, and throws the sacred relic representing the Jedi order behind him off of the island and storms away from Rey. We sat in stunned silence. We were thinking, “Did that really just happen?” T h i s shocking scene set the tone for the entirety of the movie. Rian Johnson as director of Episode VIII sets out to crush typical Star Wars cliches and destroy the repetitive framework that J.J. Abrams set up with The Force Awakens. Johnson ushers in a new era of Star Wars films that still have the same galactic feeling of the originals but with a more complex and compelling plot, creating twists we haven’t seen before. Once Johnson signed on as director, he requested to scrap Lawerence Kasdan’s script for Episode VIII and write his own script from

scratch. The producers allowed this…but I’m not sure they could even imagine the changes Johnson would make. Even Mark Hamill, who plays Luke Skywalker, told Rian Johnson, “I pretty much fundamentally disagree with every choice you’ve made for this character. Now, having said that, I have gotten it off my

chest, and my job now is to take what you’ve created and do my best to realize your vision.” Personally, I loved Luke’s transition into a grumpy, old hermit who is embittered by his own failure to raise Kylo Ren. It’s more realistic that Luke, someone who has lived alone on a deserted island for YEARS, wouldn’t be warm and welcoming to visitors. It’ll take time and lots of convincing for Luke to want to train Rey, let alone help the Resistance. Johnson shows the audience a raw, unflinching glimpse of reality with Luke, which makes Luke the most complicated character and my favorite of the film.



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Jake Bolger's top hip hop artists Jake Bolger Editor

The Weekend

The past 17 years have brought about plenty of incredible music, especially in the genre of hip hop. According to studies, hip hop is the second most popular genre of music, right behind rock. These artists have released some of the best hip hop music of the 21st century.

Childish Gambino

D o n a l d Glover, better known as Childish Gambino, is an American actor, writer, producer, director, comedian, rapper, DJ, singer, and songwriter. However, he is best known for his music and acting careers. He gained massive amounts of attention through his acting skills, and then later amazed fans of his acting with his musical talent. He has been featured in films such as Spider Man: Homecoming and the NBC sitcom Community. His music is extremely artistic, and is fundamentally rap with a large pop influence. He has released three albums, seven mixtapes, and two EP’s since his debut mixtape in 2008.


Migos is a hip hop trio from Atlanta who have blown up over the past year following the release of their second studio album, titled Culture. They were formed in 2009 by Quavo, Offset, and Takeoff, and the three aspired to reach stardom from the beginning of their careers. They have been prevalent on the Billboard Hot 100 and other music similar music charts since 2013.


The actor turned rapper Drake is one of the most popular artists right now. In 2007, he left his acting career to pursue music, and later released his first mixtape Room for Improvement. Since then, he has released five mixtapes and four studio albums. These projects have featured songs which solidified him as a icon, such as his song “One Dance”, which received over one billion plays on the music streaming platform Spotify. Drake's most recent album, More Life, has been highly praised by critics and fans alike. Drake has truly become one of the best hip hop artists of this decade.

The Weeknd is a Canadian singer and songwriter who has risen in popularity in recent years. His 2015 album The Beauty Behind the Madness attracted tons of attention, while his most recent album Starboy is his most popular work to date. He says his music is inspired by the likes of Michael Jackson.

Chance the Rapper

Chance the Rapper is a Chicago rapper, actor, philanthropist, and producer, who has had wildly successful careers in many of those occupations. He has released several mixtapes, but no studio albums. However, his most recent mixtape Coloring Book had incredible production quality and could have very well been an album. In 2016 it earned him three Grammy Awards, including best rap album. Chance the Rapper is an incredibly talented artist.


Logic is a Baltimore rapper who has become an icon over the past three years. Although all of his music prior to this release was incredible, his second studio album The Incredible True Story, released in November 2015, helped him achieve his current level of popularity. He has been writing songs and releasing mixtapes since early 2009. and has since released four studio albums. However, J. Cole began his career as a studio producer, producing instrumentals which he says he later used as a backdrop for his own music. As a child, he was inspired by the likes of Tupac, Nas, and Eminem, giving him a more fluid and narrative style of rap-

Kanye West

Kanye West is among the most famous rappers and personalities of this decade. He has managed to create a streetwear fashion empire through his Yeezy line, along with being one of the most respected rappers of all time.

Holiday Edition

VINE: Top 10 funniest videos Grace Corbitt Reporter

Ever since Vine was officially taken off of all app stores on January 17th, 2016, many people have mourned its tragic ¨death.¨ For these people who desperately want Vine back, their wish may be coming true. People on social media have been going crazy over rumors of a ¨Vine 2¨ that Dom Hofmann (the Vine originator) started on Twitter. Vine started to hit a low point in popularity once the funny videos on the app got lost in the mix of stupid videos of people trying too hard to be funny. The vines that everyone knows and loved are ones that show real people doing actual funny things. However, these hilarious videos are not gone forever, as you can find them on other apps like YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. Most people would rather have the app back so new content can be created. This is why Vine 2 is becoming the talk of the town in the social media world. The talk of Vine 2 started when there was a simple tweet shared by the co-founder of vine, Dom Hoffman. His tweet said,¨Vine 2¨ accompanied with a picture of the green vine logo. If you are as excited about this possibility as I am, here are my top 10 favorite vines. I guarantee you will be laughing hysterically longer than the 7 seconds it takes to watch each one. 10.WHY are you running???? This Vine is a clip from a soap opera in Nigeria. It has 1.3 million views on Youtube. This vine is so funny because of the endless scenarios you can make up while watching. 9.I could have dropped my croissant!! This Vine was created in 2015 and has 618K views on Youtube as of this year. This vine features a normal person who decides to scare his friend. I love this Vine because it wasn’t meant to be funny at first but it turned out that way.

8.Zach stop. No one has ever figured out what was actually happening in this Vine. This is what makes people laugh so hard. The Vine was created a year ago and has millions of views on twitter. The creators of this Vine blended to separate videos together of a guy kicking and a different guy getting arrested. This made it look like Zach was getting arrested for kicking. 7.Omg they were roommates. This is one of my all time favorites because it is so simple. Also the tone of voice and the way that the guy says it makes it hilarious. 6.Mr. Postman….yeahhhhhh This video is one that will go down in history as one of the most watched Vines of all time. It has over 4 million views on YouTube and too many to count on Twitter. There is no way to describe it, You just have to watch. 5.I wanna be a cowboy babyy At number 5 I have one that never fails to bring a smile to my face. What is better than an old man that wants to be a cowboy? 4.Merry Chrysler Perfect for this season, this Vine features a lady saying ¨Merry Christmas¨ in weird voices to strangers. What is not funny about that? 3.THERES A BEEEE? This Vine is one that is very popular on Twitter. It has thousands of retweets and over 1 million views. 2. Ninki Minjaj This Vine has 13.5k likes on Twitter. It is very strange but I guarantee you will laugh. 1.HI my name is Tre and I have basketball game tomorrowww In my number one spot for the funniest Vine ever. Is a video that is all over the internet. It has countless views on many different apps. There are parts of this Vine used in thousands of different videos. Once you see it, you will see why.

Lindsey Russo's top 5 songs

Lindsey Russo Reporter

1. “Despacito Remix” by Luis Fonzi and Daddy Yankee ft Justin Bieber “Despacito” was loved by a lot of people because it made a song in Spanish really popular in America and raised awareness for

Latin music. Even though this has happened with many different Latin songs already, this is one of the most recent ones that have had huge success. The video for “Despacito” topped YouTube’s year-end of rankings of the most popular music videos of 2017. The collaboration between Luis Fonzi and Daddy Yankee had gotten 4.5 billion views and its the only video to surpass 4 billion thresholds. 2. “Sign of the Times” by Harry Styles “Sign of the Times” was the most listened to song from his solo debut album. Billboard and on Twitter it was trending 140 charts. It had sold 62,900 copies in its first week and was listened to a lot. I like this song because it is very calm.

3.“Bodak Yellow” by Cardi B “Bodak Yellow” is performed by a female rapper. She’s also Latina. Her song topped the #1 spot on R&B/Hip-Hop single sales after having to sit at #2 for two weeks. 55,492 units moved and helped her dethrone Post Malone and 21 Savage’s “Rockstar.” 4. “Rockstar” by Post Malone “Rockstar” reached number 1 onbillboards top 100. It was also number one on the Streaming Songs chart with 54.3 million us streams in October according to Nielsen Music. It rose 3-2 on Digital Songs Sale up to 14 percent with 54,000 downloads sold in the week of October 19th (the end of the week) and surges 38-26 on Radio Songs with 48 million. 5. Just Like This” by The Chainsmokers Nominated for a Grammy for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance. at the 60th annual Grammy awards.


The Lance

Holiday Edition


Ally Duda's top gifts to buy your girlfriend Greyston Harding's top Allyson Duda Reporter

Shopping for a girlfriend can be difficult, no matter her personality, but with any one of these gifts she is guaranteed to love what you get her. Fuzzy Blankets Girls dragging their blankets instead of a coat to school is more likely than not these days. If it’s home-

made or purchased from a store, it doesn’t matter. She is guaranteed to love a new one. Great blankets are available at Walmart for around $10. Customized Jewelry To most girls, there is at least one piece of their jewelry that means a lot to her and she never takes it off. One way to show your girlfriend how much she means to you is by choosing something that she will make sure never gets lost. The best places to make personalized jewelry are online. Sweatshirts Girls love being comfy cozy 24/7. Sweatshirts can provide that lazy day feel with

a cute look at the same time. The perfect sweatshirts are found at H&M because their sweatshirts can be dressed up or down and still look amazing for around $25. Homemade Gifts Homemade gifts say the most no matter what they are. They prove that your girlfriend is someone who is worth taking time. Ideas could be a framed picture of the two of you, “open when…” cards for various occasions, etc. All of these show her what kind of effort you are willing to put into something. Read more at:

Lexie Fowler's top gifts to buy your guy Alexis Fowler Reporter

It can be overwhelming finding a perfect gift for the ones you love. Finding inexpensive gifts can also be hard. Watch A watch is a gift that can be used for a long time. There a many different styles to fit each personality. For a more function over fashion type of guy, a Casio Men’s Dive Watch is perfect. This watch can be found at Dicks Sporting Goods for $24.99. If the guy in your life is a stylish person then the Men’s Timex Easy Reader for $25 is the right fit. Sweatshirts These are perfect be-

cause boys are always looking to be comfortable, and they can be found anywhere. If your boyfriend or friend is a fan of sports you can customize a sweatshirt to their favorite team. A popular brand is Under Armour which can be found at many malls, with their most popular style being the UA Storm Armour® Fleece Graphic. Their prices range from $30 and up. Water Bottles This gift is not specific to just a boy. It is a good idea for any sporty or adventurous person. There are more expensive ones that can keep hot or cold drinks, like Yeti. They are priced at $35. Although Yetis are popular, Walmart has a knock off brand for only $9.

Gift cards If you’re still having trouble finding a gift, a gift card can be an easy fix. Although getting a gift card is not personal, it is still a generous gift. Gift cards are perfect for any type of person. Just pick a store or restaurant they will love. Candy It might seem like a simple gift, but it can be a very good stocking stuffer or an inexpensive treat.

homemade gifts of 2017 Greyston Harding Reporter

‘Tis the season of giving, It’s also the season of not knowing what to give! Here are the top ten ways you can make a thoughtful gift within the comfort of your home, and without spending a ton of cash!

Coffee mug mixers

For this gift you will need a set of spoons, melting chocolate chips, melting white chocolate chips, candy canes, sprinkles, and really any kind of topping you’d like! Melt the chocolates in two separate bowls. Once the chocolate is completely melted, dip the spoon into the chocolate until completely covered. Keep dipping the spoon until a thick layer of chocolate covers the spoon. Next, while the chocolate is still melted, add toppings! For example you could add crushed candy canes, caramel, sprinkles, anything your heart desires! Once the spoons are to your liking, place them in the freezer until completely solid. Once solid, cover the spoon in cling wrap, and tie it off with a ribbon! To use this sweet treat, just make some coffee or hot chocolate and stir the beverage using the spoon!

Peppermint sugar scrub

This gift needs 2 cups granulated sugar, (divided) about ¼ cup of almond oil, (divided) 2 drops of red food coloring (or raspberry juice) and 8-10 drops of peppermint oil. Get two separate bowls and fill each bowl with one cup of sugar. Distribute the almond oil to each bowl evenly and stir well. Take one bowl and set it aside, then take the other bowl of sugar and add two drops of red food coloring and mix it together to make a light pink color. Add 8-10 drops of peppermint oil to the pink sugar and mix it well. Take a clean container and add a layer of pink sugar using a large funnel. A paper funnel works well so the sugar can easily slide into the jar. Follow with a layer of white sugar. Continue until the layers until the jar is full.

Spa in a jar

For this relaxing gift you will need nail clippers, a nail file, travel size lotion, travel size shampoo and conditioner, travel size face cleanser, a small candy of your choosing, chapstick, and a disposable razor. Place all of these items into a clear mason jar and tie it off with a ribbon!

Lilly Player's Top 10 books wish list for the holidays

Lilly Player Reporter The winter break is the perfect time to get cozy, put on slippers and read a great book. Here are 10 books on my wish list this year. 10) A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J. Maas This book is the third in a brilliant fantasy series. Following Feyre’s return to the Spring Court, she learns more about Tamlin’s plans. I want to read this book because I have read the first two, and I’d like to continue my journey to the Night Court with Feyre and Rhysand, and see where their romance takes them. Full of magic, cursed love, and thrilling adventure, this series will leave you wanting more. If you like fantasy and magic, check out Maas’ other series Throne of Glass! 9) The Dark Artifacts: Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare This is the second novel in the fantasy series The Dark Artifices, which is a spin-off from The Mortal Instruments series. This book is about shadowhunters, angel-human hybrids, that hunt demons. There are all sorts of magical beings included: vampires, werewolves, f a i r i e s , and witches. I’d like to read this book because I loved the first one, and I’d like to see what

happens next for Emma and Julian, parabatai in love, and the Shadowhunter universe. 8) Turtles All the Way Down by John Green Green’s new novel is about a teenage girl who suffers from OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and I’d like to read his book because, while being fictional, Green has stated that it is also personal due to his struggles with OCD. This book is a mystery, similar to Paper Towns, and the story feels real as it is told from a unique perspective. If you like John Green’s work, this book is a must read. 7) King’s Cage by Victoria Aveyard The release of the third book in the Red Queen series excited fans everywhere, including me. Red Queen, the first book, is about Mare and how she finds out about her rare powers..especially since she’s a red blood, and only silver blooded people have powers. This series is a thrilling romantic fantasy genre. Since I enjoyed

the first two books so much, I’m looking forward to continuing in Mare’s journey with loss and finding about about Maven’s betrayal. 6) They Both Die at the End by Adam Silvera Silvera writes about the way life is so short and unpredictable, and nothing lasts forever… especially love. It is realistic fiction, which is intriguing to read from the point of view of a young, troubled girl. I am

looking forward to reading this book to experience the power of friendship and love. 5) Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth After Roth’s wild success for the Divergent trilogy, fans around the world sat on the edge of their seats for a new series to fall in love with, and we finally got it. Taking place among nine different planets, each with different rules, governments, and people, it follows how nine people connect with each other. I am excited to read this because I loved her Divergent series, and I love science fiction. 4) We Are Okay by Nina LaCour This novel is about friendship and grieving, and it follows Marin as she copes with a distant grandfather. She navigates through life and finds herself and new friends while she grieves the parents she never had. I am excited to read this because it is a “poetic masterpiece” of love, loss and betrayal.

3) Always and Forever, Lara Jean by Jenny Han Being a major fangirl for literally every one of Han’s books, I’m beyond thrilled to read this final book in the To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before trilogy. After the much awaited release of the novel, I’ve been looking forward to seeing what is in store for Lara Jean and her romantic involvement with the charming Peter Kavinsky, and what will happen to them when they leave for college. This young adult series had me on the edge of my seat and in tears, especially after finding out they’re making it into a movie in 2018. 2) The Becoming of Noah Shaw by Michelle Hodkin Due to the fact that I’m a little obsessed with the Mara Dyer trilogy, I was practically jumping for joy at Hodkin’s announcement of her release of the spin-off series. Coming from Noah Shaw’s point of view, the love interest of Mara Dyer, they try to navigate their way through saving the world while trying to stay together. Mara has the power to destroy while Noah heals people. This psychological thriller series will have you eagerly turning the page and staying up all night to finish it. To find out my number one book choice, visit


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Movies Emily's worst lines Top movies opening in 2018 from good movies Emily Reed Co-Editor-In-Chief

A movie’s job is to create the illusion of another world within the screen but, sometimes, the screen crumbles and the outside world comes in. Breaking the fourth wall can occur in the form of misplaced objects in period pieces, poor film editing, and lines that are so out-of-place or worded so poorly that they make us laugh, cringe, or become disappointed in our favorite movies. I have assembled a list of lines that are so noticeably awful that they ruin their respective scenes, and in the case of my #1 pick, the entire ending of the movie. Additionally, all movies are from the 2010's. Hidden Figures (2016) Rating- 9 How bad was this line really?-9 “I sound like a supervisor, don’t I?” “A mean, ole salty one.” Hidden Figures is a charming, historical biography of three African-Americans mathematicians who worked at NASA– Katherine Johnson (Taraji P. Henson), Dorothy Vaughan (Octavia Spencer), and Mary Jackson (Janelle Monáe). They were instrumental in bringing a man to the moon in 1969. However, a bulk of the story takes place in 19601961 so there really is no play for the 2015-2017 slang term “salty.” This film goes to great lengths to make sure every costume, set, and even cars are accurate to the period and it’s such a shame that this line breaks the magic spell of the 1960’s. Wonder Woman (2017) Rating- 10 How bad was this line really?- 8 “Keeps our tummies in..” “Why must you keep them in?” “Any woman with a tummy would ask that question” This scene takes place in the tailor’s shop when Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) is getting fitted for clothes to blend in with society. The shopkeeper uses the childish word “tummy” and is overly concerned with Diana’s appearance in baggy clothes. This further muddies the waters in Wonder Woman’s supposed quasi-feminist anthem. Despite Diana being a strong, female character, her “armor” is a skimpy one piece that leaves people (even characters in the movie!) talking about how gorgeous Wonder Woman looks rather than her being the only one worthy and able to defend the world against Ares, god of corruption and war. This line doesn’t address her armor but it still brings the movie back to focusing on appearances which detracts from what could have been an empowering movie for women. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 (2011) Rating- 8 How bad is this line really?- 9 “I should not be more prudent to call off this attack.” What does this line even mean? What makes the line bad is that Voldemort (Ralph Fiennes), of all people, is saying this nonsensical line. Besides not making sense, he also uses the word “prudent” which is so stuffy and out-of-place for him to use when he’s on the precipice of magical world domination. At this point in the movie, his army is winning the battle at Hogwarts and Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) should be on his way to his eager clutches. Voldemort should be rubbing his hands together in evil glee instead of contemplating calling off the attack while sounding like an old British woman. Read more at:

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This year was one to remember for its great movies. We enjoyed successful movies such as Beauty and the Beast, Dunkirk, or Wonder Woman and many more. However, there are also lots of new movies coming to get excited for in 2018. Here are my top 10 new movies to look forward to in 2018:

Maze Runner: The Death Cure – January 26 This will be the third movie in the series. The first two movies The Maze Runner and Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials came out in 2014 and 2015. The series has been very successful so far. People have loved the movies, even if many say they were not as good as the books. The new movie is about Thomas leading the Gladers on their final and hardest mission yet. In order to save their friends, they have to break into the Last City, which might be the deadliest maze of all. Anyone who makes it out alive will get answers

to the questions the Gladers have asked since they entered the maze. A Wrinkle in Time – March 9 This movie, based on the book, is about 2 siblings, whose father is a scientist. They have been without him for five years, ever since he discovered a new planet. The children want to travel to the planet as well, and eventually go there with a classmate and three other travelers. However, the planet possesses all the evil in the universe, so they have to figure out how to make it back out. Since the movie is based on a very popular book, most people who have read the book are eager to see the movie. Although the movie is often not as good as the book, many people still want to see how the book was remade into the upcoming movie. Midnight Sun – March 23 This romantic drama is about a girl who has a rare disease that prevents her from going out in the sun. After she goes outside in the nighttime to play her guitar, she meets Charlie, on whom she has had a crush for years. Throughout the summer, they go on nightly adventures and build a close relationship. However, every night she gets closer to seeing the sun and she has to figure out if she can keep living this way. This movie has been awaited for many months now. People are excited to see this new love story because it has a lot of emotional meaning. Read more at:

Worst of the worst movies of 2017 Hannah Haught Co-Editor-In-Chief

This was a year filled with wonderful and interesting films that left me feeling both happy and inspired. Some movies, though, left me feeling nothing but annoyed. Here are ten movies from this year that aren’t worth a watch. Smurfs: The Lost Village – Similar to Despicable Me 3, Smurfs: The Lost Village wasn’t horrible, it was just okay. I still don’t fully comprehend why we need so many smurfs movies, but The Lost Village does take a step in the right direction by being entirely animated rather than half live action. Overall, the plot is predictable and the film itself is boring, but there’s nothing awful, just lackluster. Everything, Everything – Going into this movie, I was already biased as I had not enjoyed the book at all. I gave the film the benefit of the doubt though, hoping it would fix the issues the novel had with its cliche protagonists and poor romance. The movie surprised me by turning both of these elements up by 100. Every single part of this film was cheesy, and not in a good way. The romance was not believ-

able, I had no sympathy towards the main character, and as with the book, the ending was lazy and frustrating. There was not a second that I found it plausible that the main character would risk her life to be with the male protagonist as there was no chemistry at all between them. If you’re watching this movie expecting a great romance or strong narrative, then get ready to be disappointed. Ghost in the Shell – Adapting an anime into a movie is already a bad idea, doing so with a white cast is a worse idea, and putting little to no effort into preserving what made the original so good is the worst idea. The Emoji Movie – With its unoriginal plot, forgettable characters, and overall lack of, well, emotion, the emoji movie is easily the worst movie of 2017. The entire film came off as more of an advertisement for outdated apps than a narrative causing it to be extremely weak. The jokes in this movie don’t work, the messages don’t stick, and throughout the whole duration of the film I found myself wanting to get up and leave. It’s not even bad in a humorous way, it’s just plain bad. If you’re planning on watching the movie only to poke fun at it, then don’t, it’s frankly just a waste of time. Read more at:


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Everyone has their own opinions of the holidays, but what are yours? Do you jump for joy like Buddy the Elf? Despise December 25th? Or maybe you are just somewhere in the middle like Cindy Lou Who. Find your holiday Personality now! 1. How many weeks before Christmas do you go shopping for presents? a. 5 b. 1 c. I'm supposed to get presents?

3. NOT including Rudolph, how many of Santa's original 8 reindeer can you name? a. 8 b. 5 c. 1 4. How many weeks before Christmas do you start decorating for the holidays? a. 5 b. 3 c. 1

Answers to the quiz: If you chose mostly (a): You are Buddy the Elf! Your soul is filled with holiday cheer. Everyone wants to meet you under the mistletoe. If you chose mostly (b): You are CindyLou Who. A little Christmas-y but in need of some more visions of sugarplums to dance in your head.

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2. How do you feel about Carolers? a. Let me join! b. I enjoy them c. Sorry, no one’s home

If you chose mostly (c): Beware. It will take some work to get your heart to grow 3 sizes.

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7. On "Miracle on 34th Street," what happens every time a bell rings? a. An angel got it’s wings b. An elf is born c. A present is delivered 8. According to Dr. Seuss, the Grinch's brain is full of what? a. Spiders b. Snakes c. Love

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The Lance: Holiday Issue  

The Lance is the student newspaper of Linganore High School. 2017-2018 School Year, Holiday Issue.

The Lance: Holiday Issue  

The Lance is the student newspaper of Linganore High School. 2017-2018 School Year, Holiday Issue.