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Halloween 2017

National Bullying Prevention Month Lauren Hall Reporter

Homecoming Court 2017: Class of 2021 Prince & Princess

Nick Condrasky & Tatum Hart

Class of 2020 ​Prince & Princess

Ethan Hart & Julianna Zeller

Class of 2019 Prince & Princess

Garrett Reese & Lily Weaver

Class of 2018 King's Court

Devin Barge, Jake Booth, Patrick Coggins, Jack DuBro, Tommy Moyer, & Josh Watson

Class of 2018 Queen's Court

Grace Brooks, Hannah Lemen, Lily McCoy, Anna Smarrelli, Shea Stewart, & Olivia Weinel

Before the school year began, the SGA determined their theme “Be Kind.” SGA president, Jack Dubro, said, “A community survey concluded that many think that Linganore could be a more tolerant place, so that’s where the theme came from.” This theme was shared with the faculty and staff and has been embraced in the School Culture Committee. PREP groups have already seen the John Cena video and created tolerance posters in, but much more is to come. On October 20th, going along with the “Be Kind” theme, Linganore has installed kindness sayings on the main stairwells. Several projects are underway, but in honor of October being National Bullying Prevention Month, student activities are being planned for the week of October 23, according to Mr. Andrew McWilliams. October 23: Students created a display in the cafeteria of “Words that Encourage.” October 24: Students had the opportunity to share inspirational quotes and pictures in sidewalk chalk at lunch. October 25: All students and staff were encouraged to wear orange. October 26: Students engaged

in a round-table discussion at lunch to share ideas of how to address the problems of bullying and exclusion. October 27: Students had the opportunity to sign a pledge to be an up-stander, not a bystander. This

means that instead of standing by bullying, students will stand up and speak out. According to PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center, wearing orange on October 25 represents “Unity Day: Together against bullying. United for kindness, acceptance and inclusion.” The purpose of the School Culture Committee, according to coorganizer McWilliams, is to develop an atmosphere of kindness and compassion among students and staff. Mrs. Leslie Byrd, a member of the School Culture Committee, came up with the idea to make videos that would reach the student body. The next project to come from the School Culture Committee is going to be featuring the staff.

The video will show the diversity of the staff’s backgrounds and what makes them all different from one another. Members of the staff will come forward and say “I am Mr/Ms ____, I am ____ and I am Linganore.” Then, students will have the opportunity to come forward about their own diverse qualities that make them different from others. Mr. Darren Hornbeck, member of the School Culture Committee said, “I would like these videos to help students understand the beauty of diversity and the joy someone can receive from being around people whom are different than them.” Mr. Pat Greene, member of the School Culture Committee, said, “I’d like the student body and staff to think outside of their groups and realize that we live in a community of all different backgrounds.” McWilliams would like Linganore to “continue its strong tradition of enthusiasm and positivity, but work on being more inclusive of all students.” McWilliams also said his personal goals for these lessons; “I would love for our students to recognize two things. First, not everyone is the same, or has the same interests [or] background.."

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To the U.S. Military, thank you

Bridget Murphy Opinions Editor

Human instinct, for many, is to run away from danger. Every day, police officers, military personnel and firefighters run towards danger, for us. They risk their lives for strangers every day. The duty of every military personnel is to protect and preserve the freedom of fellow Americans. They are “on the job 24/7” and have to “be professional every hour and day” of their lives. People in our community and throughout America devote their lives to keeping our country safe. Even as seniors in high school, some already know their calling to service in the military. Class of 2018 members at LHS, Tyler Soper and Zac Lindung, are officially enlisted in the Marines. Lindung is most looking forward to being deployed and “earning [his] title as a United States Marine.” Thank you Lindung and Soper for your commitment to our country and accepting this potentially dangerous future. By graduation in May 2018, many more Lancers will take on a military future as well. Over the years, many students from LHS have joined the military. Class of 2013 graduate, Andrew Schiller, is now Second Lieutenant in the army. He attended McDaniel College and earned a Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science. He de-

and it has brought a “new sense of pride” to his life. "As of now I have no orders for any deployments, I relish the courtesy of Andrew Schiller opportunity to some day be deployed with a group of solcided to go into the army because he diers.” He is currently a student at felt that it is his “duty to serve the the Army Logistics University in Ft. country and protect the American Lee, Virginia, learning the concepts people.” Schiller also wanted to folfor becoming an Army Logistician. low in his parents’ footsteps, as they Retired Colonel Lee Schiller, are retired military officers and role was deployed four times during his models to him and his siblings. army career. The most recent deployMr. Lee Schiller, is a retired ment he had was from 2011 to 2012 Colonel and Mrs. Chris Schiller, is where he served in Iraq for a year. a retired Lieutenant Colonel. AnHe said, “time away from my famdrew has two younger brothers and ily was always a challenge. I missed a younger sister. The family of six an entire year of their lives. That is has lived in six different states over something you can never get back.” the years, which is not uncommon During his time away, his four chilfor military families. dren and wife kept in touch as much “It was tough moving every as they could and made sure he was three to five years, but good things doing alright. came out of each move. I met great While retired Lieutenant Colofriends along exploring new places nel Chris Schiller wasn’t deployed and I will always consider New Maron combat tour, she served overket my ‘home’ because of the time seas in Korea and Honduras (where spent here,” said Second Lieutenant she met Colonel Lee Schiller.) For Andrew Schiller. over 20 years, Schiller was an army Although he grew up in a milinurse helping wounded soldiers and tary household, having the job himother persons. self has changed his lifestyle, the In 2004, less than year after a way he “thinks, speaks and acts”

deployment, Mrs. Schiller was diagnosed with breast cancer. The family took on the battle with her and helped her beat the cancer, she has been in remission since her last treatment in 2005. Second Lieutenant Andrew Schiller said he is thanked at least twice a day. Being thanked brings him great pride because it lets him know that he is “doing his duty everyday.” Every military personnel should get this feeling, this sense of pride and accomplishment. As of January 2017, 1.4 million people serve in the United States armed forces. That is roughly five percent of America’s families that go through the process of changing homes and towns, the heartwrenching feeling of stress and anxiety while waiting for their loved ones to come home and in unfortunate cases, the agony of losing loved ones overseas. Whether the individual is on the front lines in battle, administering medicine to the wounded, or photographing the action, they deserve recognition. To all U.S. Military personnel and the Schiller family, thank you for everything you do and have sacrificed for our country and freedom. We appreciate you. May all of the fallen heroes rest in peace.

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Give us a break! Seniors beg for a weekend off from homework Bridget Murphy

Is the application process stressing you out? FAQs:

Opinions Editor

This is my open letter to the Board of Education. I’ll send it as soon as I finish my college applications. In mid-October, I read in The Washington Post that senior students in the Washington, D.C. region have been granted one weekend homeworkfree, so they can work on their college applications. Would FCPS consider adopting this policy to give seniors one homework free weekend in September or October? Many colleges have early action deadlines and priority deadlines of November 1. Six out of eight of my colleges had that same deadline. A Lancer Media poll for LHS seniors has revealed that 97% of students struggle with meeting college application deadlines due to their homework on weekends. This should and needs to change. According to a study at the National Center of Education Statistics, it takes approximately 90 minutes to complete a college application. The Common Application helps lessen the number of separate applications; however, only 680 colleges across the U.S. accept The Common Application. September and October are critical months for our future — one weekend of free time is a reasonable break. I recognize that time management is an important skill and it is difficult for teachers to stop all activity for a whole weekend, but there are ways to work around that. If teachers are given a notice at the beginning of the school year, saying exactly what weekend will be designated as homework free, they will be able to properly prepare. Each high school administration should be able to decide a specific weekend that would work for their students. Different dates for school dances and celebrations would prevent every school from having the same weekend chosen. In this chosen weekend, students and their families would also have the opportunity to attend extended college visits. While there are some drawbacks of doing this, for teachers and their classes, the amount of benefits for senior students is much greater. I know that in college the work won’t slow down for us, even if we ask nicely, but we need to get there first. This is our time to prepare, to apply to colleges and to decide where we will start the next chapter of our lives. Sincerely, Bridget Murphy (a hard-working Linganore senior, who is struggling with juggling college applications, extracurricular work and homework on the weekends) Read more at:

Halloween 2017

Tommy Moyer Reporter How many and what type of schools should I apply to? For those worried about getting into college, Student Service chairperson Ms. Paula Larson recommends applying to 3-5 schools, with at least one safe school. What is the difference between public and private schools? Public schools offer a lower tuition to those who live in-state, because the schools are funded by state taxes. University of Maryland’s total cost of attendance (tuition, room and board, books and supplies, and other expenses) comes in at $25,744. Private schools don’t get help from state governments, and are more expensive. Loyola University, in Baltimore, MD, estimates at a total cost of attendance of $62,750. How can I lower the cost of college? Scholarships and financial aid can help students lower the cost of attending a college. To determine if you are eligible for financial aid, fill out the FAFSA, or the Free Application for Student Aid. Merit scholarships are awarded based on academic performance. Athletic scholarships are only awarded at Division 1 or 2 schools. They are given to athletes who have been recruited to play sports. What are some other factors influencing where students go? The final decision for students may be driven by sports or what

they are looking to study. Senior Cailyn Barthlow said, “I didn’t want to play Division 1 (sports) because they wouldn’t let me major in premedicine, so I decided to play Division 3 instead… and I didn’t want to go far from home”. How do teachers write letters of recommendation? First, seniors must fill out the Senior Profile Survey in Naviance. Students should request for teachers to write letters of recommendation in Naviance, and they should also personally ask the teachers they wish to receive a letter from. They should give the teachers at least two weeks notice, and be sure to write a note of thanks. Remember, teachers don’t love writing recommendation letters! What are the different classifications of applications? Regular decision is the most common form of application. All letters of acceptance are sent out on the same date. Rolling application is the only type of application without a set deadline. Early action has an early deadline, but you will be notified of your acceptance into college earlier. Early decision is the only binding application. If the you get accepted, you go there. Priority application has an early deadline like early action and it increases the student’s chances. Read more at:

How mighty is the SAT? Choose test-optional policy Emily Reed Co-Editor-in-Chief A few years ago, whether students liked it or not, the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) was a huge part of their future. Now, some seniors are choosing not to take the SAT because the schools they are applying to are part of the almost 1,000 colleges and universities who have adopted a test optional policy. A test optional policy deems a student’s grades, rigor of schedule,

Skipping the SAT is not a 'get out of jail free card.' and accomplishments more important than a few hours spent filling in bubbles. Test scores don’t show the full spectrum of intelligence. For example, students strong in musical, visual, and kinesthetic intelligence may be at a disadvan-

tage because the SAT does not directly showcase their skills. Other groups that are at a distinct disadvantage are low income students.There is evidence to support that students coming from higher income family score 250 points higher than those coming from lower income families. Another inequity is that students have different levels of preparation. Khan Academy offers free SAT Prep online with 8 full practice tests that include the essay section. Even though Khan Academy is free online, the internet and computer required to access it are not. If a low-income student doesn’t have regular access to either of these, they would be less prepared than students who have access to these materials. Poor test takers that are otherwise strong students are also at a disadvantage because the SAT is the epitome of stressful tests that misrepresent student’s level of intelligence. For these students, nixing the SATs would strengthen their applications and it would be worthwhile to apply to a test optional school. In the state of Maryland, the schools

that have become test optional are Goucher College, Hood College, Loyola University, McDaniel College, Notre Dame of Maryland University, Salisbury University, St. John’s College, and University of Maryland. Goucher, Hood, Loyola, Notre Dame of Maryland, and St. John’s allow all students to omit test scores from their applications. However, Salisbury, McDaniel, and University of Maryland require that students have a 3.5 GPA or higher to utilize this policy. If a student wishes to apply to one of the schools with a limited test-optional policy, but that student doesn’t meet the GPA requirements, don’t worry too much about your lower test scores. Admissions counselors don’t see SATs as the most important measure of intelligence. At University of Maryland, they have adopted a holistic review process of each application based on 26 factors and SAT/ACT scores are just one small part of the 26. Goucher advertises that, “If your scores fall within the middle 50% or above, your scores would likely not have an adverse impact during the review of your application.” To those disadvantaged students who have

their hearts set on applying to a university or college that is not test optional, this fact can cause panic if their scores are in the lower 25% because their acceptance hinges on a statistic that is not representative of the student as a whole. While non-test-optional schools do have a point that the skills tested for on the SAT are needed in a college classroom, the test optional policy accounts for extenuating circumstances. Skipping the SAT is not a “get out of jail free card.” It is best to study and take the SAT–make the decision to apply with or without the score depending on the college and its policies. You should be choosing a college based on your love for that school and its programs, not on its admissions policies. The SAT score also reduces students to a statistic… which isn’t necessarily the best way to determine acceptance.

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#Lancer Of The Week

The Lance

Halloween 2017

Khelsa Connolly leads cross country ladies

Beau Cameron Co-Editor-in-chief Khelsa Connolly is a star member of the varsity girls cross country and track and field teams. She has been a varsity runner throughout her entire high school career and will continue throughout her senior year. Connolly specializes in the 3 mile (record: 20:38), 800 meter (record: 2:45), and 5,000 meter (record: 21:13) runs. However, she has excelled in all track based competitions. Coach David Bly said, “Khelsa is very driven. She leads by example and doesn’t take any shortcuts no matter what. She’s one of the most hardworking individuals I’ve ever coached. Her desire to do great in every aspect of her life is why she’s having and will have so much success.” Out of over 6,500 athletes, Connolly is ranked 66th in the state of Maryland. She is also ranked 16th in Frederick County. In the team’s recent competition at the CMC Championships on October 20th, Connolly placed 6th in the varsity

3-mile and set a new personal record of 20:38. Connolly has competed in a total of six events this season, and placed in the top 50 for each. Class of 2018 and teammate Emily Webb said, “Khelsa holds the team together. We wouldn’t be here without her.” She has decided to study to become a midwife. “I just see so many cases of mothers not receiving the proper pre-natal care,” said Connolly. Meghan Martin, long-time friend of Connolly, said, “Khelsa would be perfect as a midwife. She’s definitely competitive in track, but she’s always helping others and encouraging them to do their best.” The most important thing in Connolly’s life is her family. Her siblings, Linganore graduates Kylan and Cassia Connolly, are both accomplished members of the arts communities. Kylan is studying architecture at Pratt Institute, while Cassia studies at theatre at UMBC. Cassia said, “Khelsa is the kind of person who is so

McFadden wins CMC title Jacob Bolger Editor A member of the Class of 2019, Ryan McFadden, is an exceptional student athlete. He is one of the best golfers at Linganore and among the best in the state of Maryland. McFadden has been playing golf since 2011 and was introduced to the sport by his two older brothers, Kyle and Austin. He says both of his brothers enjoyed the sport of golf and helped get him to where he is today, along with teaching him lessons necessary to succeed in day to day life. McFadden says his brothers are always there for him when he needs them. McFadden recently won the CMC title for men’s golf, and last year won the district championship. He is hoping to continue his winning streak. In the CMC match, McFadden won by shooting under 70. Throughout the entire 2017 season, McFadden has been consistently leading in matches and outperforming his competition. He says his idol in the world of golf is Jordan Spieth, as he is an incredibly talented player and a great role model. McFadden says that the best coach he has ever had was coach Chris Wolfe, who died on May 28th, 2016 from an aggressive form of cancer. When Wolfe died, the entire Linganore community was distraught. “Coach Wolfe was just a regular wood shop teacher who happened to know a thing or two about golf when he began coaching, but he ended up being the greatest coach I have ever had,” says McFadden. He also said that Wolfe

photo courtesy of Natalie Smith

intensely focused on what makes her happy that she always finds success. Even in her failures, she finds motivation to do better. She’s also very attentive and has a natural ability to offer care to people in need.” Outside of track, Connolly focuses mostly on caring for her animals. Her family lives on a farm, and she personally cares for four goats, one pig, two dogs and a cat. Her greatest concern at the moment is how she’ll smuggle them into college with her.

Ladies First: Payton Smith first Lancer Lady golfer to win counties

Emily Webb Reporter

photo courtesy of Ryan McFadden

inspired him to practice harder and push himself to higher achievements. Junior Maggie McCrossin said, “Ryan is outgoing, funny, and a very loud kid.” In five years, McFadden hopes to be playing golf at Towson University. For anybody looking to get into the sport, McFadden says, “Practice is key, and breaking clubs is pointless.” Nominate a staff member or student for Lancer of the Week on a form at •Who are you nominating? •Student grduation year? •Why do you think they should be the Lancer of the Week? •Name of nominator •Your contact information If your nominee is chosen, you will be contacted for an interview.

female from Linganore to win it. “Winning the champs was so Sophomore Payton Smith has humbling. It really makes you apprejust made history as the first fe- ciate everyone who gets you to where male golfer from Linganore to win you are. It was one of the best feelings the female title for the Frederick I’ve had so far in my life,” said Smith. Teammate Ryan McFadden County Golf Championships alongside the men’s champion, Sam said, ”I was so proud of her for Driscoll of Walkersville High School. accomplishing what she did.” Although golf is an individual Smith has golfing in her blood, as her brother, father and grand- sport, Smith says that team bondparents are golfers. She started ing is important to her success. Before a playing competimatch, the teamtively last year. mates hype each Her family lives other up by lisnear the Holly tening to Van Hills golf course, Halen and other so she grew up rock music to setaround the sport. tle their nerves. “Starting It’s this and golf competiother fun rituals tively in high that Smith say school was a litmade this season tle scary because a memorable one. I had never done photo courtesy of Natalie Smith ”It’s reit before, but I had my older brother, Cam Smith, ally cool having one of my best on the team with me so that eased friends on the team. We are almy nerves a bit. I was also the ways making jokes and just tryonly girl on the team last year, ing to keep it fun. It has been a so it was a different dynamic great season,” said McFadden. For anyone who wants to try than I had expected,” said Smith. That’s exactly what she did at golf, Smith says, “Go for it! It’s the the 2017 Frederick County Golf sport that everyone regrets not playChampionships. Scoring a 78, only ing. You can play it your whole life 6 over par for the 18 hole course, because it’s a business sport. It’s she took home not only the cham- honestly one of the best sports, it’s so pionship, but the title of the first much fun and it has taught me a lot.”

Belmaggio ranks third in Maryland cross country Bailey Davis running in event races Editor ranging from the 800 A top runner since freshmeter to the 5,000 meman year and ranked #3 in ter run, as well as the the entire state, Class of 2019 4×800 and 4×1600 relays. member Michael Belmaggio Belmaggio’s coach, has proven to be a strong asset Mr. Andres Wright, said to Linganore’s team. He has “Michael has a great been on the varsity track and character and an incredfield team since 9th grade and ible work ethic. He’s very has given an exceptional perforeasygoing, relentless, mance in every event he’s run in. and humble. Although Belmaggio first got inhe is very quiet, he has volved in running as an 8th photo courtesy of Mark Askine shown to have phenomgrader at his old private school, Michael Belmaggio running the Cross Country enal leadership skills Mt. Airy Christian Academy, Race at South Hagerstown High School and leads by example.” and has been very passionate In the 2016 indoor about the sport ever since. track and field season, “The running track has always been my Belmaggio earned a time of 2:18.22 in the 800 meter second home, and nothing can top the feeling I run at the Dwight Scott Invitational. In the 2017 inhave whenever I run free on the field. I’m glad door season at the Smithsburg Invitational, he beat that I not only enjoy the sport, but have been his original time by 7.77 seconds in the same event. very successful in the sport,” Belmaggio said. At the Southeast Quad Meet,where LinBelmaggio has participated in the Indoor and ganore faced off against their rival schools, Outdoor track & field seasons in 2016 and 2017, Belmaggio managed to get a personal record

time of 2:08.45 in the 2017 outdoor track & field season, his best time for the 800 meter run. Belmaggio earned season records in the 3,000 meter runs of two outdoor seasons, getting a time of 9:19.16 in 2016 and 9:14.94 in 2017. Belmaggio has 2 wins in the 5,000 meter run, with his personal record time of 15:55.09. He also won the 2 mile run at the County Championship. In the 2017 Cross Country season, Belmaggio won the 3 mile run in the CMC Championships on October 20. He got a personal record time of 15:31.3, beating his previous time by 50.6 seconds. If you would like to see more of Belmaggio’s records and stats during the track & field season, click here. Although Belmaggio has shown outstanding achievement in running, he has his eyes set on an entirely different career path. He dreams of one day being a computer coder who writes the codes for website development. His plan after graduating is to go to college and major in computer science to learn how to develop websites. “No matter how much I love running, coding has always been what I really want to do with my life, and I cannot see myself in any other profession,” Belmaggio said.


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Halloween 2017

Cuphead: A 1930s game - Timeless fun for today Nicholas Stephan Reporter

The run and gun indy game Cuphead developed and published by StudioMDHR Entertainment hit Xbox and PC consoles late 2017. The game stars the titular character Cuphead as he traverses strange worlds, acquire new weapons, learn powerful super moves, and discover hidden secrets. Cuphead began development back in 2010, and was previewed during the Xbox press event of Electronic Entertainment Expo 2014 gaining immediate audience approval. Inspired by the cartoons of the 1930s, the visuals and audio of Cuphead are created with the same techniques of the era, including original jazz recordings, stunning watercolor backgrounds and, most impressively, traditional cel animation (a cel, short for celluloid, is a transparent sheet where drawing are painted on for traditional, hand-drawn animation). This thumb-busting side scroller isn’t just critically acclaimed for its looks, as its gameplay has prompted controversy for being extremely

difficult and unforgiving. There are no checkpoints, so if you lose during a level you must start said level from the beginning, again and again. As a casual gamer, I can

"The game is almost surreal in its slickness style." confirm that Cuphead was a hell of a good time to play, and was definitely worth the wait. That could depend on how hyped you were to play it in the first place, but I, being a fan of golden age cartoons, was very excited to play this game. MDHR aimed for a theme centered around 1930’s cartoons and undoubtedly hit their target to the point the game is an almost surreal

in its slickness style. It’s no wonder they won the IGN Best Xbox One game award at E3 in 2015. Cuphead delivers from start to finish. It’s interesting that something so important as personality doesn’t hit its mark for a lot of games, but with this title it does, and this is a game

"The magic of Cuphead exists is in its delivery." about two dudes with cups for heads. While Cuphead is for one or two players, I had to play alone because no one wanted to try such a difficult game. Despite being a boss rush title, there are run-and-gun levels, though they come every once and awhile. Now each boss can have two to three to five or more phases and will take the player whittling down an invisible health bar for them to activate. Each boss p h a s e gets harder and harder before all the blood, sweat, and tears that went into defeating them causes the boss to blow up in a turmoil of white puff clouds and lightning bolts. Take, for instance, the candy cane house and its creepy owner, Baroness von Bonbon. She can send flying waffles after you or a gumball machine man, or that nasty jumping cupcake, but make no mistake: the moment you think, (“I got this. I’ve played this level 105 times. I’ve memorized the huge candycorn’s pattern,”) all of a sudden the game is going to trip you up with little jellybean soldiers. In conclusion, the magic of Cuphead exists is in its delivery, and despite being punishing, it isn’t unfair. It’s one of those ‘Just one more time’, kind of games. The game is difficult, providing a different type of fun that’s not for everyone. With two different difficulty levels, the higher of the two being the one to actually open later battles, Cuphead is difficult but it’s absolutely wonderful. Cuphead will make you want to return to it time and time again.

Tyler Roman Cartoonist

Binge recommendation: Grey's Anatomy returns for 14th season Allyson Duda Reporter

Grey’s Anatomy, a show about a group of doctors at a hospital in Seattle, is now back and in its 14th season. You may even need to take your blood pressure after just almost every episode. So far this season, viewers have been shocked by the most talented neurosurgeon having a brain tumor. We are trying to figure out if Alex Karev and Jo Wilson are finally getting back together for good. Also, with Megan Hunt returned to Seattle after being missing from the military and presumed dead for ten years, Meredith Grey and Nathan Riggs’ relationship is questionable. This season is definitely one that fans might hyperventilate.Recently, the creator of Grey’s, Shonda Rhimes has announced that she has been hooked into a new multiyear contract with Netflix to create some of the Netflix Original Series, but she will continue to stay with Grey’s Anatomy. According to an article on “Her shingle, Shondaland, will begin producing new series for Netflix while she continues to stay involved in her current broadcast series.” So what is the anatomy of this great show? Why watch it? The Gray matter – Grey’s Anatomy makes you think. Each time a new patient comes into the hospital, somehow the doctors of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital find a way to come up with the most creative and unique approach to any type of disease, tumor, or trauma. Imagining that they are real doctors, how is it possible to come up with a so-

lution so quickly? Other than thinking of what will happen inside of the hospital, this show gets into the personal lives and relationships of the most talented doctors. Episode 2 of Season 14 makes viewers think about what did Andrew DeLuca’s sister have to do with the plot of the new season, but then she discovers a brain tumor in a vital character of the series. When Megan Hunt comes back to America from being in combat with an abdomen wound that never healed properly, Meredith Grey was able to give Hunt an abdominal wall transplant. Viewers become much more aware of medicine and medical terms. The mouth and vocal cords – Characters have great dialogue and witty comebacks The dialogue of the show is all medical terms which seem to be confusing at first, but after a few episodes viewers get the hang of all of the new language. Especially when the actors get more intense with their lines, it doesn’t seem to matter if some of the words are unfamiliar: the actors take the conversation and make it more dramatic. Alex Karev is definitely the most vocal character of the show because he is truly not afraid to speak his mind and doesn’t hold back his opinion. For example in Sea-

son 13 Episode 4, Karev was to have an appointment that he couldn’t miss at his attorney’s office and when his temporary supervisor at the Denny Duquette Memorial Clinic would not let him leave, Karev came back with a few choice words about hating the clinic and how it was only a temporary job for him. Heart – Characters we love the most Meredith Grey, Alex Karev, Amelia Shepherd, and Jo Wilson. These characters are all very different, but when they are paired with each other, they manage to get the best outcomes. While Grey is trying to figure out if her relationship with Riggs is still happening, Wilson and Karev are together again making millions of viewers happy to see their favorite couple. Then, Shepard may have her own problems with Hunt, but they seemed to be pretty happy together after Episode 4 of season 14, so only time will tell to see what happens with their marriage. For those who haven’t seen Grey’s Anatomy, my prescription is to catch up with seasons 1-13. With 19 episodes still left in Season 14, don’t forget to watch it on ABC Network every Thursday night at 8:00 p.m.

5 The Lance Happy Death Day – emphasis on happy not scary Lindsey Russo Reporter

Happy Death Day (PG-13) is a mystery/thriller movie that came out Friday, October 13th. A girl named Tree, played by Jessica Rothe, has a normal day, with a twist. Tree wakes up in a dorm room of a young man named Carter who is confused when she wakes up and is curious as to why she’s in his room. What the audience realizes is that the character gets killed every day. Viewers see her wake up in Carter’s room every morning, over and over, and Tree needs to stop the madness – stop her own death. She experiences the events of the same day, only to get killed again. This movie is a lot like Groundhog Day. The day keeps repeating, and Tree is confused as to why she keeps waking up in the same place. For the viewer, the main premise is Tree’s confusion. She tries to make sense of her own murder. Tree arrives back at her sorority house and the queen bee of the sorority, Danielle, played by Rachel Matthews, and Tree’s roommate Lori. Lori has baked Tree a single cupcake for her birthday with a candle on the top, and she tells Tree to make a wish. Each time, the cupcake scene changes and even becomes part of the murder.

Get up. Live Your Day. Get Killed. Again.

The murderer every time is a person in a mask that looks like a large baby face with only one front tooth. That sounds kind of funny, but it’s really creepy. The viewers always see him sneak up on her and raise a large knife. Because we can see him coming, the only one who is scared is the actress herself. An important detail is that Tree is a mean girl who has a lot of enemies, which means it takes a long time to discover her murderer because a lot of people could want to kill her. Tree has to learn a lesson about herself–how to be a decent human being. This movie is a lot like Groundhog Day because both movies involve reliving one day. Groundhog Day is a comedy, and Happy Death Day also has some comedy. On Rotten Tomatoes the average rating is a 6/10 which is a 66% on the site, but the audience score is an average rating of 3.7/5 which is 72%. I think the movie is falsely advertised because all of the trailers and reviews made it seem as if it was a horror movie, but it isn’t scary. I would recommend this movie to anybody who wants to watch a horror movie that isn’t heavy on horror. It’s also great for someone who enjoys comedy movies with a twist. This movie was released in the perfect time for the Halloween season as many people like to watch a horror movie during this time. Friday the 13th was a great release day for this movie because people wanted to do something scary on this “spooky” day.


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8 Reasons To Watch The 8th Season Of TWD Jacob Blue Reporter

The Walking Dead First aired on AMC October 31, 2010. Seven years later the show is growing more popular every day. Season 8 premiered, October 22, 2017, her’s why you need to watch. Modern-Day horror Story We follow the story of Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) as he wakes up from a coma as a result of a police shootout. Rick wakes up to find himself in a post-apocalyptic world where Walkers (zombies) roam the Earth. Rick is reunited with his wife Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies) and Jacob and Leland Blue meeting Josh McDermitt (Eugene) at Walker Stalker 2015. his son Carl (Chandler Riggs). Along are finding new ways to add a new the way, they meet more people, some spin to an old trope. Hilarious Walking Dead Talk friendly, and some not so much. Rick Show and the gang have faced a suicidal Multiple Fun Walking Dead scientist, cannibals, a tyrannical GovRelated Properties Talking Dead is a lesser known ernor, and much more. Their newest part about TWD. Chris Hardwick threat, The Saviors, have shown that TWD is a franchise that spans happily hosts this post-apocalyptic it will take everyone coming together many different platforms. It first after-show which features creators, to defeat the baseball bat-wielding started as a comic book. The show cast, and crew talking about how the leader Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), and comic are very similar with some episode was made. Hardwick adds a as all the communities go to All Out changes with characters, settings, playful tone and his hilarious perWar. and relationships. The comic has had sonality giving the show a scene of 172 issues since first being published humor. If an episode was a little too Man-Eating Monsters And in 2003. graphic or intense, Talking Dead is a Survivors TWD also has a video game deal perfect thing to pull us back to realwith Telltale. Telltale mainly focuses ity and clam you down. It also gives The average Fan of TWD would on storytelling instead of game play. the viewers a sneak peek at the next tell you NOT to get to attached to a Telltale’s The Walking Dead has had week’s episode. Talking Dead offers particular character, but if only it 3 seasons (games) in its series. The Fans the opportunity to ask questions were that easy. The writers of TWD story revolves around a whole new through social media and audience are fantastic at making characters cast of characters who depend on the participation. From all the great that people can build connections. choices you make. You play as Lee things about TWD, Talking Dead is Whether you’re brave like Glenn (Ste(Season 1), Clementine (Season 2), like the cherry on top. ven Yeun), wise like Hershel (Scott and Javier (Season 3) and you watch Wilson), or loyal like Daryl (Norman how their stories affect each other Gives More Than It Takes Reedus), there’s someone you can and who they will become. Both, the relate to. comics and video games have received TWD has participated many charJust as viewers start to hope many awards such as, the VGX Award itable events in the past seven years. the characters make it to the end in 2012 for best game of the year and Some of these charities include TWD of the series, they get killed off in VGX Best Studio of the Year. TWD Project 100 in Stores; creator Robert a spectacular fashion. If you’re an also has a number of small mobile Kirkman drew a 100-page book filled important character, you die in one games which include Road To Sur- with concept art and panels from of two ways: the first is full-on gore, vival and No Man’s Land. TWD gives TWD comics. All proceeds from the like being torn apart by vicious fans many things to look forward too comic go to the Hero Initiative which man-eating creatures. The second for TWD products. provides funding for small comic creis making everyone’s eyes turn into ators to put their ideas on the page. waterfalls from the emotional trauma Loyal Fan Base Norman Reedus put the shirt that of the scene. Through all of that, we he wore on the cover of Entertainment continue to watch, hoping our favorite TWD’s fan base is one of the most magazine up for auction online. The character will make it. devoted fan bases. On October 12, current bid for the shirt is more than Dale was one of my favorite char2014, TWD was the most watched $4,000 and growing. All proceeds acters, until while on a walk in a field show on television in the world for from the auction go to charity. Cast, at night, a walker tackled him and the premiere of Season Five, beating creators, and crew are always giving ripped his guts out. Sunday night football. James Frazier back to the world in whatever way and Eric Nordhoff were two huge fans they can. The Best Makeup On Modern of TWD who ended up devolving the Television first and only mainstream Walking Milestone Of 100 Episodes Dead convention in the world. Walker TWD has made many milestones Stalker, has cast from the show and Season Eight’s first episode was in cinematic history, but none is other favorite shows and movies come the 100th episode of TWD! Many of better than its make-up and special to sign and take pictures with fans, the cast and crew say that this season effects. Since the show’s premiere, TWD virtual reality experiences, and is going to be the best that they’ve TWD’s make-up design has been top zombie survival air-soft. From theo- ever done. It’ll be full of references notch. As the show has been going on, ries to fan art, TWD fans are some of to past characters, locations, and the walker makeup has gotten more the best in the world. plot points. New characters will be decayed, to show the passage of time. Urban sophomore Jared Burbette introduced, and old characters will Greg Nicotero is the head makeup desaid, “Well I like the show because it be missed. signer for TWD and has also directed develops characters really well and For the long-time Fans who have many of the episodes for the show. He really makes you connect with the been here since the beginning, this has also been involved in Kill Bill, characters, and you grow love for is a happy thing to see. These past Django Unchained, and Inglorious them and when they die or some- years I’ve grown to love this show. Bastards. In 2012 Nicotero won an one close to them dies you hurt for It’s brought me closer to my family Emmy for Outstanding Prosthetic them.” and started friendships with people Makeup for a Series, Limited Series, Urban sophomore Bela Ayala that I would’ve never had the guts Movie, or Special. said, “I like the show because I’ve to talk to. In TWD they have made many always stuck with it since it came out All seven seasons are on Netflix memorable walkers like the well and I enjoy the constant disappoint- if you’d like to get started. You won’t walker, the bicycle walker, the spiked ment of my favorite character dying regret it. walker, etc. These make-up wizards in cruel ways.”


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