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3rd annual Quentin Ingram Egg Nog Jog raises money for leukemia research

Race results: 50+: Paul Eklund and Susan Hood 40-49: Brad Montgomery and Dawn Montgomery 30-39: Becca Clark 20-29: Braden Bruning and Leah Hallfors 15-19: Micah Hewitson and Olivia Dayaert 14 and under: Tristen Drenner and Hannah Ratchford


The student newspaper of Linganore High School

Happy Holidays!

Nice Sydney Gertrude Emily Brennan

Desiree Hirschy and Andrea Poffinberger supervise the finish line at the Egg Nog Jog, December 22nd.

Contestants stand ready at the starting line. Photo courtesy of Janet Ingram.

Merry Stress-mas: holiday season drives many to theone’s dark side income vanishes spending also comes

Izzy Peterson Editor

Weight gain, hair loss, sleepless nights: This is the real Christmas season– the gift of stress and anxiety over giftgiving and fun. Most people think of the holiday season as being a joyous, carefree time. With all of the gift-giving and family gatherings, this isn’t necessarily the case. According to the American

Psychological Association, 81% of people experience an increase in stress around the holidays, including strained wallets and relationships. Even before the Thanksgiving turkey is cold, family members rush out to stores to purchase presents and holiday decorations. This increase in spending can cause more harm than good. A sizable amount of

during the November and December months. According to Business Insider, in the United States, the average working person spends about $704.18 on gifts. The gifts aren’t the only expense. The average amount spent on candy and food alone is $96.75. With these expenses, it’s not only the gift that keeps on giving, but people’s wallets as well. The stress of

into play with family parties and outings. Some families have a hard time coming together due to the distances between them and varying views on politics, etc. This leads to frustration bred by dinners and parties at which they are forced together. Read the full story at http://lhslance. org/0MzJY

Charlie Megan Erin Erik Jake Rick Julia Kyle Amanda Alicia Magena

What is the capital of Missouri?

I just got an an email there’s a holiday sale at Kohl’s tonight!

Olivia Matty Healy

I should instagram our meal, #yum


Let me take a selfie with my baby bro!

Madeline Andrea

Now let us pray.

Noah Read the full story at http://lhslance. org/LkRlg



Holiday Horoscopes for the New Year Andrea Huston Astrological Mysticist Sagittarius 11/25-12/21 Always optimistic and full of life, you will spend this holiday season on a wild adventure that will lead to new opportunities in 2015. Capricorn 12/22-1/19 Capricorns love their friends and family connections. The gifts you give this season will change someone’s life for the better. Aquarius 1/20-2/18 Always a leader, with stress of the holiday season, you take charge, Aquarius, and make sure your loved ones, family and friends, have a perfect New Year celebration. Pisces 2/12-3/20 You are imaginative and caring. As you dream of a perfect holiday, remember to stay grounded in reality. Count your blessings!

Aries 3/21-4/19 A traditionally warlike sign, Aries takes a 180º turn and finds peace in the season. This holiday season you will be a social butterfly, surrounded by friends and family spreading the holiday joy. Taurus 4/20-5/20 On the outside you are calm and collected about the holiday season, but inside you are freaking out about what to get that special someone. Gemini 5/21-6/20 You are aching to be ahead of the crowd, but the post-holiday crowd is not where you want to be. Find time to be alone and appreciate your own marvelous you. Cancer 6/21-7/22 You are always worried about how other people view you, but this holiday season make sure to eat those rolls and wear your ugliest holiday sweater proudly!

Leo 7/23-8/22 You have always been surrounded by friends and family that love you, but this holiday season it might be the right time to fall in love. Be open-minded to possibilities. Virgo 8/23-9/22 Creative and nonconformist, the gifts that you will give this holiday season will be “just right” because they are heartfelt. Libra 9/23-10/23 Always a hardworker, this holiday season you should plan to kick up your feet and watch others stress out around you. Scorpio 10/23-11/21 You will have been planning for the holiday season for longer than anyone else. Once it’s over you can make your next successful plan for the new year― look for an exciting new development in January 2015.

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No, it’s not Trivia Crack: It’s just Trivia Julia Peigh Master of the Trivial 1 - Why country has a tradition of a witch dropping gifts for children throughthe chimney at Christmas? Spain England France Italy 2- When is Santa Claus’ birthday? December 25 March 15 February 19 June 4 3 - What is a key ingredient in the food eaten during Hanukkah? Yeast Milk Eggs Oil 4 - Which company made Santa Claus popular? Apple Nabisco Coca-Cola Pepsi-Cola 5 - Which country was the first to use the tradition of Christmas trees? Germany Denmark England Spain

Answers: Italy, March 15, Oil, Cocal-Cola, Germany

December 2014

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December 2014 Holiday Issue  

December 2014 Holiday Issue