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The student newspaper of Linganore High School Volume LIII, Issue 5

Andrew Nash is portraying Luke Skywalker. His escort and dance partner is Carolyn Payne. “I wanted to be Luke Skywalker because I like Star Wars. He is adventurous and seeks to bring goodness to the galaxy,” said Nash. Nash is excited to compete his talent because he thinks that it will be funny and a crowd pleaser. He will be dancing with his friends, Josh Watson, Lars Eklund, PJ Hinch and Joey Hall. “I decided to do Mr. Linganore because a bunch of my friends were doing it, so I thought ‘why not?’” said Nash. Think that I will win Mr. Linganore because of my superior dancing capabilities, my good looks and my ability to rock a tuxedo,” said Nash.

12013 Old Annapolis Road Frederick, MD 21701

Devin Barge is portraying The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. His dance partner and escort is Sophia Posada. His manager is Hannah Lemen. “I wanted to be The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air because Will Smith is my favorite actor of all time and The Fresh Prince is my favorite of his on-screen performances,” said Barge. Barge is most excited for the show so he can showcase all of the hard work that went into the performance. “I wanted to be Mr. Linganore because last year’s contestant Spencer Young suggested it,” said Barge. “I think that I will win Mr. Linganore because of my determination to stand out,” said Barge.

Month 2018 2017 February

Josh Watson will be portraying The Fonz from Happy Days. “I wanted to be The Fonz because we have a lot of things in common. We are both often found wearing a white t-shirt and are impeccable with the ladies,” said Watson. “I wanted to do Mr. Linganore because I have been the scorekeeper for the last three years," said Watson. In 2016, Watson’s older brother, Matt, placed second in the competition. Watson said that now he wants win first to beat his brother. “I think that I will win this competition because I am a talented, good looking guy and I embody the spirit of Linganore,” said Watson.

20th Annual Mr. Linganore XXL Erick Stutz will be portraying Robin Williams’ famous larger-than-life character, Mrs. Doubtfire. His escort and dance partner is Emily Sedgwick. “I wanted to be Mrs. Doubtfire because I admire Robin Williams’ ability to make everyone happy, even at the expense of his own happiness. Even the people that look the happiest can show pain, too. His suicide shined a light on this issue and showed that is is a lot bigger epidemic,” said Stutz. Stutz is excited for the talent part and to represent Linganore as part of this competition. Featured in his talent is Will Coletti, Luke Freeman, Jon Wheat, Mike Mauro and Jordan Swoyer. “I think that I will win Mr. Linganore because of my outgoing personality. I like to make people laugh and I am talkative and good at conversations,” said Stutz.

One of the eight contestants, Garrett Johnson will be portraying a Musketeer. His dance partner, escort and manager is Jacqueline Ryan. “I want to be a Musketeer because they are always fighting for their people. They are loyal and courageous,” said Johnson. Johnson is excited to have a good time, make people laugh, represent the school with his friends, and raise money for a good cause. . “I wanted to do Mr. Linganore because it is one of the last big things I can do with my friends as a senior. It will be a good memory to look back on,” said Johnson. “I think that I will win Mr. Linganore because I am always trying to make people laugh and have a good time. I am confident in myself and my skills,” said Johnson.

March 10, 2018 7:00 P.M.

One of the eight contestants, Joel Tate will be portraying Walt Disney. His escort and dance partner is Allison King. “I think Walt Disney portrays a sense of imagination that we should all have an opportunity to portray,” said Tate. Tate thinks it is interesting that group of boys have been brought together that usually wouldn’t have interacted very much. “I decided to do Mr. Linganore to fulfill a prophecy that was said when I was in eighth grade by a former Linganore teacher, Mrs. Estep,” said Tate. “I think that I will win because I really want the audience to know who I am, and I want them to laugh. I love Linganore and the community, and I don’t want to leave at the end of the year,” said Tate.

Lars Eklund will be portraying Leif Erikson, the explorer who was the first European to reach North America. His dance partner is Sarah Hall, and his escort is Alyse Montgomery. His manager is Clay Buckman. “I wanted to be Leif Erikson because I really admire his Scandinavian heritage. I like his sense of adventure and fearlessness,”said Eklund. Eklund is excited to watch everyone else’s talents and is ready to embarrass himself in front of the audience. “It was an impulse decision to do Mr. Linganore. I have several friends doing it and I always had a good time watching the previous shows,” said Eklund. “I think that I will win Mr. Linganore because I’m the best looking contestant and the tallest contestant,” said Eklund.

One of the eight contestants for Mr. Linganore, Nathan Lippy is portraying Robin Hood. His escort and dance partner is Elizabeth Jakab from Tuscarora. His manager is James Jones. “I wanted to be Robin Hood because he helped the poor by robbing from the rich. He helped to equalize society,” said Lippy. Lippy is most excited to perform the “It’s Raining Men” dance because he thinks that it will be interesting. “I wanted to do Mr. Linganore because it helps benefit a lot of stuff for the seniors. It is a fun performance that I am excited to participate in.” He won “Most Spirited” for the senior class superlatives. “I think I will win because I am well liked, and I am very enthusiastic about this school,” said Lippy.


The Lance

February 2018


The finish line is near, but the battle isn’t over -What’s up next for Lily Weaver and her family Bridget Murphy Co-Editor-in-Chief On February 19, Lily Weaver was pronounced NED (No Evidence of Disease). Weaver has been battling Ewings Sarcoma cancer since she relapsed in the end of July 2017. Weaver celebrated her 5 year cancer-free anniversary in February 2017. When she went in a few months later for her checkup, two tumors were found on her spine and ribs; they were determined to cancerous. After 8 rounds of chemotherapy and 30 days of radiation, she now has clear scans. Next, Lily will have a bone marrow transplant. It is very lucky that Frankie fits the match. The Institute for Justice , which won a case for people to be compensated for donating bone marrow, reported, “Only 30 percent of patients who need a bone marrow transplant have a matching donor in their families.” A bone marrow transplant is a tough procedure. The damaged or destroyed tissue within the bones is taken out and replaced with the donor’s healthy bone marrow. However, it is not a rare procedure. The Health Resources and Services Administration report that about 20,000 people per year receive bone marrow or umbilical cord blood transfusions. Following the procedure, Lily has 100 days of

recovery within and near the hospital. Up to eight weeks will be spent in Johns Hopkins Hospital, all depending on how her body reacts to the new bone marrow. The remainder of the 100 days, she will live in an apartment in Baltimore with her family. “Although I have relapsed and have gone through all of this, I am super thankful for treatment options, great medical teams (both at Sinai Hospital and Johns Hopkins), and for the continuous support throughout the community. I am proud to be able to be a voice for other kids and teens with cancer,” said Lily. The Truth 365 is an organization that spreads awareness for childhood cancer. Since 2016, Lily has been a national spokesperson for the foundation. Throughout her journey, she has stayed positive and has consistently been trying to help others through their battles. While Weaver’s fight has been long, tiring and painful, the finish line is in sight. There have been good and bad days, but Lily has continued to push through. Her strength is inspriational. Please keep Lily and her family in your thoughts and prayers throughout these next few months. Cards for Lily and her family can be dropped off at room C203.

Video game addiction: It's a normal part of many teenager's lives but an increasing danger for some Sean Alvarado Reporter Video games are a normal part of many teenagers’ lives. But how do you know if you have a hobby or an addiction? Video game addiction is very real, and the consequences are similar to drug or alcohol addiction. Everyone starts by casually playing video games; then, eventually, people neglect everything else around them and focus the majority of their time playing on their video games. Although the American Medical Association (AMA) doesn’t recognize it as an official disorder; however they have announced the warning signs, the results of internet overuse, and more information. This doesn’t only occur on gaming consoles or computers. The American Addiction Center (AAC) proved that gaming addiction can occur on a handheld device, and smartphones are just another way to get addicted. Anyone can get addicted to any game, on any device. This isn’t just small issue affecting a few. People of all ages, from all over the world, are suffering from the effects of addiction every day. This addiction can be compared to other addictions. Peter Gray Ph.D. compared video game addiction to gambling addiction. The only difference is gambling may result in losing more money; the fact that there is a chance you could win or improve your current state, triggers the addiction. Some consider video game addiction as an impulse-control disorder (ICD), the failure to resist an urge or impulse; so it’s similar to a drug or alcohol addiction. According to the AMA, some factors that increase the chances of video game addiction are low self-esteem, poor social skills, staying home doing nothing, no parental supervision when home, and no responsibility. Some gaming addicts drop out of school just for the extra gaming time. Additional symptoms include: Declining grades Making video games a priority anxiety Lying Depression

Weight Gain Insomnia (sleep deprivation) Video games aren’t always negative.. In moderation, they can actually reduce stress and depression symptoms. Some people even make money by recording their gameplay and uploading on websites like Youtube or Twitch. Some studies even prove that video games can help overcome dyslexia. But everyone should understand the difference between a hobby and an out of hand addiction. How to avoid gaming disaster It’s important to do more research more about this if you are concerned. To avoid video gaming addiction you can: set a timer on how long you’re gaming, leave the house more often, find other activities you enjoy that don’t include technology, and seek help from family or a doctor if you are concerned about your gaming habits. Don’t ignore your symptoms; repressing the facts won’t help anyone. According to a Oxford University article, an average teenager should spend no more than 60-90 minutes per day playing video games, including games on smartphones, computers, consoles, and any other gaming device out there. Don’t make video games your life. Enjoy life before you become an adult and realized you’ve dedicated your high school life to pixels.

Mauro and Liu introduce the Asian Culture Club Jacob Bolger Reporter The new Asian Culture Club was created to address issues including stereotypes and racism. The club meets in Mrs. Michelle Richardson’s room on ‘C days’. It was founded by Class of 2019 member Michael Mauro and Class of 2020 member Lawrence Liu. They see racial stereotyping as a large issue in this community. They thought that by creating this club they can help solve the problem. Their main goals are to help their classmates have a greater understanding of Asian culture, so students can be more tolerant and understanding of not only Asian cultures, but also of all cultures, and to incorporate the culture and spark discussion through the activities during meetings. Part of the problem is that there are few Asian students at LHS (2.2%) so these kinds of misconceptions are frequent. “We saw a need to incorporate and recognize Asian culture in our school and provide students with an outlet to learn more about Asian culture,” said Mauro. This club is open for all students to join, and the club is trying to gain a larger following. “Because the two kids who asked are great students and this is something I believe we need to share with people at Linganore, I believed it was something I should sponsor,” said Richardson. In an average meeting, the leaders plan to start with a short PowerPoint slideshow, which will include an Asian cultural aspect, like teaching a new Mandarin word. Afterward, there will be an Asian movie or game or we’ll eat Asian cuisine.” During the meeting on March 23rd, 2018, Mauro and Liu will be giving out red envelopes traditionally known as hongbao. These are normally filled with money, but during the club they will be filled with chocolate. “A lot of people will talk about how smart you are and assume you have to be the best student in your class because you’re Asian, and this is one of the things we’re trying to address,” said Liu.

“The club is a great place for students to share ideas." --Xhixing Ni Liu Liu and Mauro intend to keep the club a lasting tradition at Linganore and need the help of the students to make that possible. Since the club is only in its first year, they are currently trying to build a larger audience and from there will move onto things such as having guest speakers and incorporating field trips. There are many other clubs that are in need of members. For example; the African-American Culture Club, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, The Harry Potter Alliance Club, the Drama Club, the Book Club, The Gender-Sexuality Alliance, The Bass Fishing Club, and The Student Government Association. If you want more information on the club or are interested in joining, speak to Mauro, Liu, or Mrs. Richardson. The next ‘C’ club meeting is February 23, but there will be another meeting in March.


The Lance


February 2018

Superbowl LII, the best and worst commercials Elizabeth Anderson Editor Statistics say that 103 million people across the United States watched the 52nd NFL Super Bowl on February 4th. But how many of us were just there for the commercials? As someone who identifies with the latter (sorry, football fans), stellar commercials are a must for those nearly four hours of game time. David Harbour and Tide Rating: Super Whether you’re a fan of Stranger Things or not, after this set of commercials from star David Harbour, you won’t be forgetting his face any time soon. From hijacking Old Spice and Mr. Clean to breaking something of a fourth wall, Harbour made all thoughts of Tide Pod challenges and stereotypical laundry commercials vanish from viewers’ heads. This was one of the purely funny commercials of the Super Bowl this year, and it wasn’t overdone or cheesy like some of the others. Big-name companies, take notes- you have a lot to learn from this genius ad. Pringles Stacks FlavorsRating: Not so super.I’m sorry, but this commercial just wasn’t thought out well. At first, it wasn’t awful–I mean, it is an interesting concept to put different chip flavors together to get something totally

different, but what was with the few seconds of filming at the beginning? Was that really necessary? And how about the excessive “wows” at the end? At some point in there, the whole thing just got a little to weird to be comfortable with. Doritos Blaze vs. Mountain Dew Ice Rating: A little strange, but still super.I

would be a better place. Dodge Ram: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Rating: SO not super. I was so excited when the first clips for this campaign came on, the words appearing slowly on a black screen,. The company may have tried to make their pitch appealing by being sensitive, but they overshot big time.

Fortnite takes the world by storm Bridget Murphy Co-Editor-in-Chief

wasn’t quite sure what to expect from this commercial when it started, probably because I wasn’t totally prepared for Peter Dinklage to start lip-syncing Busta Rhymes while the rapping sensation watched from a portrait on the wall, but after accepting that fact and seeing Morgan Freeman channel Missy Elliott, I have to admit I couldn’t pull my eyes away from the screen. If every company teamed up like this, the world

The best of the U.S Olympics. Lindsey Vonn I guess it’s not really a commercial commercial, seeing as it’s for the 2018 Winter Olympics, but it should defnitely still be included. in this list for the sheer cinematography of it. It was definitely one to pull on the heart strings, and did its job perfectly.

Read more at: jv3u3

With 99 opponents across the island, the objective of Fortnite Battle Royale is to survive the storm while foraging for supplies to become the Battle Royale champion. Fortnite has exploded in popularity, with users ranging from 8 to 30+, due to the game’s creative yet simple nature. It has very similar features of the PUBG videogame (PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds) which is only available on PC and Xbox One. The majority of users play the free 100 player PvP Battle Royale mode where users have the choice of solo, duo or squad setting. (I prefer solo.) The game can be downloaded on PC, Mac, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. There is another game mode besides Battle Royale, the “Save The World” PvE Campaign, that costs $39.99 for the Standard Founder’s Pack.

Instead of paying $30.00+, my brothers and I stick to Battle Royale mode on our Xbox One. I am no Battle Royale expert; mastering the game and learning every trick is not an easy task. Be prepared to dig in; the battle can last around 20 minutes, but once you lose, you try again. . . and again. . . While waiting for players to join the game, there is less than a minute of time allotted to practice your moves on Spawn Island. After all 100 players have joined, the Battle Bus takes everyone to a much larger island where they fight until there is one victor. A cowardly but smart approach is to disguise yourself as a bush with a new costume, to hide from their opponents and wait for others to be killed. When I tried to hide as a bush, I was sniped from a player on top of a building… It didn’t really work out as I had planned. After a player dies,

every item they collected becomes fair game to everyone else. If you are lucky, the loser will have had yellow level weapons. There are four levels of supplies that are available throughout the island. Grey is the lowest strength of weapon and yellow is the highest. Another good part of the game is that you can hear footsteps or shots fired (unless they have a silencer) from the players near you, so you have time to react. To defeat 99 opponents takes a lot of skill and time which is why I sit and play Fortnite for hours. “Being able to play with your friends on different devices in squad or duo setting is really fun,” said Brendan Massey, Class of 2014. The game is not overly violent for young users, yet it looks appealing. Read more at: g0qmy

“All the world’s a stage”: Consider making the Fredericktowne Players your stage Mackenzie Berry Reporter This line is from William Shakespeare’s play, As You Like It. Are you aware that there are many opportunities to get involved in theater outside of high school? Due to the increasing number of drama students throughout the county, it is important to look beyond–to the strong world of community theater in Frederick. Students may not have any idea that the stage extends beyond their school auditorium, and may be oblivious to the opportunities to be involved in productions with actors, directors, musicians and

“techies” of all ages. Other theater companies in the area include Other Voices Theater, Way Off Broadway Theater, and the Maryland Ensemble Theater, all of which present opportunities for creative individuals. The Fredericktowne Players was born in Frederick in 1969, when they produced their first show, Barefoot in the Park. Since then, the company has produced over 100 plays and musicals. What makes the Players unique is their abil-

sense of camaraderie and is a wonderful environment for those seeking positive relationships with others, revolving around a common interest: a love for theater. Vice President of the Frederphoto by or courtesy of Donald Plugge icktowne The cast of "All the worlds a stage" P l a y ers, Matt Kopp has simultaneously creating produced, directed a product that strikes and acted in a few nostalgia in the hearts of of their recent protheater veterans. Comductions. He said, munity theater grows a “We have all learned ity to take a show and make it their own while

together, grown together, danced, sung, and played together. We have created, explored, laughed, and cried. But most importantly, we did it together, as one, and we have formed bonds that will last a lifetime.” In addition, Charlotte Cooper, an active member of the Players whom you may have seen as Tracy’s swing (an actor who plays a part in a designated amount of performances, and shares a role with someone else) in Hairspray said, “My favorite part of working backstage is watching the actors get out their final nerves before getting onstage to do the opening number. It’s

so neat being on the other side of things.” What Cooper highlights is the fact that volunteers do not have to be actors to get involved. There are many aspects of a show that piece it all together, whether it be lighting, set design, costuming, directing, backstage work, props, makeup, even playing in a pit band or pit orchestra. For some, theater is a lifestyle, and for others its a hobby. The following season of shows has yet to be decided. Read more at:



Oscars 2018

The Lance

February 2018

These films were all nominated for the Best Picture Award, but Shape of Water took home the trophy Del Toro’s Shape of Water is a dark fairytale

Natalie Roth Reporter A ripple was made in the film industry last December. The Shape or Water was released to theaters in December of 2017, and has since been nominated for 13 Oscars, including Best Picture. But does the film really deserve all of this praise? The short answer is: Yes. Every aspect of this movie is utterly stunning, even the opening scene. The film starts out with a shot of the main character Elisa’s apartment completely sumberged in water. The lighting alone in

this scene makes it a sheer spectacle to observe. From there, Elisa wakes up, and the movie follows her to cleaning job at a large, high security government laboratory. In this lab is where she first meets Amphibian Man, and where the course of her whole life changes in the blink of an eye. Connected through their sprit and through their flaws, the two begin to form a deep bond… at least until Elisa hears that the new director, Mr.Strickland, plans to kill him for research. This is where everything hits the fan, so to speak, and where the plot begins to accelerate. Now, although this fishy romance may seem odd to the average moviegoer (and to the average sane person), somehow del Toro uses his cinematic magic to make this story not actually that strange. In fact, by the end of the movie I’d almost forgotten

that Amphibian Man, well, was an amphiban. The love between the two is so strong that it transcends physical bounds and almost seems more human than that of any other romance-type movie I’ve ever seen. Call me crazy but, according to Guillermo del Toro, that seems to be exactly the point. In an interview about the movie, del Toro said that the whole goal of the movie was “[not to] reduce a person to one word.” AKA, don’t judge a book by it’s cover. This theme is portrayed throughout the movie by Elisa and countless other characters rising above expections in the most spectacular and unexpected of ways. He spreads this message along with the similar moral, “The antidote to hate is understanding.” Not only does this movie look pretty, but it teaches a great lesson in the process.

Dunkirk goes to war with other nominees

Ethan Hart Editor The critically-acclaimed war thriller Dunkirk has been nominated for eight Oscar Awards, including Best Picture, Best Director (Christopher Nolan), Best Cinematography, and Best Sound Editing. The strongest part of this movie is the spectacular sound editing, which is an Oscar that Dunkirk

practically has in the bag. What’s interesting about Dunkirk is that it uses silence to its advantage, with long, eerie pauses to build up to the sound of an incoming German bomber, or the ear-splitting sound of bullets piercing through the stern of a boat. The lack of dialogue also contributes to the suspense in the film, giving the audience an anxious feeling for what’s next to come. Although Dunkirk may not walk away with the trophies for Best Picture or Best Director, I do however,believe Dunkirk will run away with the awards for Best Cinematography and Best Sound Editing: I would be surprised otherwise. The movie tells a story taking place during World War II of British and French

troops desperately attempting to flee the Germans, who have trapped them at the coastal town of Dunkirk. Outnumbered and surrounded, the two armies try to evacuate their men with warships and with civilian boats. Dunkirk is a masterpiece of its own in my opinion, but it is a movie that will not appeal to everyone. Its bold approach to segmented storytelling will throw a handful of viewers off, especially if you don’t pay attention to all 106 minutes. The lack of dialogue will leave you confused with the loose plot, and is considered a turnoff to some.

Read more at: x9u0t

March Contest Calling all writers, photographers, and artists!

The Watermark, Linganore’s digital magazine, is hosting a March contest! Theme: Why do you march? Deadline: Tuesday, April 3rd See contest rules Questions can be emailed to

Call Me by Your Name wins best adapted screenplay

graphic by Bridget Murphy

Lilly Player Editor

Call Me by Your Name is a cinematic masterpiece that has been nominated for Best Picture in the 2018 Oscars Awards. I think it should win Best Picture because Luca Guadagnino created a beautiful story about family, first love, and that painful first heartbreak. This film follows Elio Pearlman, a 17-year-old boy staying in his family’s villa in Italy 1983. A 24-year-old man named Oliver comes to stay for a few weeks, and Elio becomes infatuated with him. During the film they become acquaintances, friends, and lovers. Local fan Scott Patrick said, “As a gay man who grew up in the 80s, I wish there were more movies that featured [same sex] romance among men when I was a kid. Having a movie being nominated for an Oscar that revolves around a gay relationship is amazing.” The script is well written with a vocabulary that fits the persona of Elio, a 17-year-old scholar. Most of the script has conversations about the Greco-Roman art/ culture. Oliver and Elio spend a lot of time talking about pieces of art and statues while getting to know one another. Their relationship sparks when they realize their shared love for art. “Hence their ageless ambiguity. As if they’re daring you to desire them.” A line delivered by Mr.Pearlman (Michael Stuhlbarg) regarding a Roman statue. The soundtrack seemed to move with the film, with a pace that matched the length of the shots. For example, at the end of the film it shows Elio staring into a fireplace crying. In this scene the viewer feels the heartbreak that Elio feels, as Timothée Chalamet (Elio

Pearlman) acted beautifully, not only in this scene, but throughout the entirety of he movie.

The New York Times

wrote a review on the film, saying “There are moments

“Call me by your name and I’ll call you by mine” was a line written to invoke a passion within the viewer, creating an intense feeling of the love shared between Oliver and Elio." when Mr. Guadagnino’s visual choices seem unintentionally in competition with the quieter, intricate emotions that his actors put across so movingly.” Luca Guadagnino focused more on the plot of the film rather than on the characters. He did not let the characters’ story delve deeper or explain the past. There were opportunities for Guadagnino to have Oliver talk about his romantic past with Elio, or for Elio’s family to show their feelings about their son being romantically involved with a man seven years his senior. While filming, Guadagnino did not use a diverse range of shots. He seemed to primarily use one angle, and not many close ups or wide range shots, which would have helped further the emotions and empower certain symbols of the movie. One controversy surrounding the film is the age gap relationship between Elio and Oliver. The movie received backlash for having a relationship with a seven year age gap.

Read more at: umpmw


Signing Day

The Lance

Frostburg Signees Josh Taylor

by Matthew Gelhard and Ethan Hart

Luke Freeman Luke Freeman was one of the most dominant linebackers in Frederick County and constantly terrorized opposing offenses. He was selected as one of four linebackers to the Central Maryland Conference All-County 1st team (CMC). He had 101 tackles, the highest total for the entire football team. He also collected three sacks and added nine tackles for loss. To add to his impressive resumé, he also caught an interception and recovered two fumbles. Deciding where to bring his talents to was tough. According to his parents, Tom and Julie Freeman, he had offers from Randolph-Macon College, Wheeling Jesuit University, and Shippensburg University. After many college visits, they let Luke make the final decision. Luke said, “I’m a little nervous to play at the college level because there is a shift in speed and strength, but I’ll will learn to adapt.”

Zach Willett Zach Willett, who made the transition from quarterback to cornerback this season, flourished in his role and blossomed into a top defensive back in the county. Coach Rick Conner said, “He has the rare ability to play many different positions.” Willett totaled a teamhigh six interceptions and four batted passes also he had 61 tackles. To top that, he was also a Central Maryland Conference AllCounty Honorable Mention. Having a chance to go to Frostburg was something he had been anticipating, and his parents approve. Scott Willett, a Frostburg alumni who was also the running back coach for the Lancers. “It’s somewhere he’s been wanting to go his whole life, and now he gets to play football there.” Willett, who also plays basketball and baseball, has had success in all of his sports, especially football. He said, “A lot of the credit goes to my coaches, especially Coach Conner, who has helped me so much throughout the years. I also credit my parents, who have never stopped pushing me.”

Josh Taylor played pivotal roles on offense and defense to create the high caliber team. As a defensive lineman, he had 36 tackles and 4 sacks. With his efforts he was an CMC Honorable Mention. Head football coach Rick Conner said, “He is one of the most athletic lineman to ever come through Linganore.” Josh spent an exceptional amount of time in the weight room to create the strength and agility he possesses on the football field. Since he started high school, he has been in the weight room two to three times a day. “Frostburg reminds me of my hometown, with its community and the way it is spaced out,” said Josh. While he is playing football at school he wants to study in business, eventually earning a degree to either choose the path of a real estate broker or a sports agent. “I’m proud of him with how much work he put in to reach his goals,” said his father Tim Taylor, He emphasized the support that his family has given him on his journey. He explained how they never fail to be in the stands cheering him on at with props like signs and even large fathead of Josh himself that said “Go Smoshua” on the back. “They pushed me to keep working hard on and off the field, and without a doubt there was no bigger supporter than my family,” Josh said with pride.

Haley Barge by Devin Barge Co-Editor-In-Chief

Maddie Cunningham

by Devin Barge Co-Editor-In-Chief

Haley Barge, a forward, signed her National Letter of Intent to play soccer at Franklin and Marshall College in the fall of 2018. Barge led her Varsity soccer team to its first 3A State Championship win in November of 2017. She led the county in goals, tieing the Maddie Cunningham was county scoring record with the star senior goalkeeper 23 goals. that has committed to Gettysburg College. She had been a huge asset to soccer in her high school career. She played a huge role in the girls’ 3A State Championship win in November. When the game came down to penalty kicks, she kept her composure as she made crucial saves to secure the Haley has played soccer trophy. for 12 years and is supported Maddie has been playing by her family and friends. soccer for 12 years and is ex“We are very proud to cited to play at the collegiate send Haley off to F&M. She’s level. a strong player and we can’t “I’m definitely a little wait to come out and watch nervous to play at a higher her compete at the collegiate level, so I’ll have to step up level,” said William Barge. my game in order to keep up Barge isn’t worried at all with the competition,” said about playing in college and Cunningham. is ecstatic to begin playing Maddie's addition to the for the Franklin & Marshall- Bullets will create a stronger Diplomats. lineup. Read more at:

Read more at:

Jack Watsic

Olivia Weinel

by Jacob Bolger Editor

by Alison King Reporter

Cody Redden Cody Redden is an offensive lineman. Cody was named to the CMC 2nd Team as an offensive lineman. Rick Conner said, “He is a hard worker, and in crucial situations we are comfortable running plays with him leading the way,” Conner said. When the seasons started, you could tell right out of the gate that Redden had spent his off season perfecting his craft with strength and conditioning. With a frame of over six feet tall, Cody loves to compete against bigger and stronger competition. He plans to study law enforcement and pursue his dream job as a game warden. “I’ve been playing foortball this since I’ve been able to walk. I’m going to continue playing until I can’t play anymore,” Cody said. Josh Taylor and Cody Redden were played on the offensive line and allowed the offensive play makers do their job.

February 2018

Jack Watsic is a twosport varsity athlete and has signed to play both soccer and lacrosse at St. Mary’s College of Maryland. Jack is a stand-out student athlete, both in the classroom and on the field. Watsic, for soccer, led the county in a assists, and for lacrosse, had the most goals in the postseason: 33 in just four games. Jack has been playing lacrosse for 10 years and has been playing soccer for 14 years. “I decided to attend St. Mary’s because this was the only school that I could play both lacrosse and soccer. I had one D1 offer to play soccer, and I had nine others for lacrosse from schools like Penn State University, Rutgers University, etc." Jack is ecstatic to play at the collegiate level. Read more at:

Olivia Weinel, a versatile forward on the girls basketball team, signed her National Letter of Intent to play Division III basketball at Shenandoah University. Weinel has played basketball throughout her four years at Linganore, two on varsity. During those four years, she has scored 255

points and has had 144 rebounds. “She is one of the most dominant post players in the county,” said Girls Varsity Basketball coach, Rachel Easterday. Weinel and her team hold a 16-3 record and are ranked second in the CMC-Spires county standings. Weinel has been playing basketball for over a decade. Read more at:

Zamarre Snowden by Matthew Gelhard and Devin Barge Snowden will continue his football career at Salisbury University as he signs his National Letter of Intent to play the fall of 2018. Playing running back and cornerback, he was one of the driving forces that led Lancers to the 3A State Championship. Snowden put up 476 yards on 57 carries in the backfield, averaging more than 8 yards

a carry and even found the end zone 6 times. Head football coach Rick Conner said, “He is the pure example of what a football player should be, and he shows nothing but class. The way that he gives 100 percent every single day and can match up to any competition is the reason why I loved to watch him play the game of football.”

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Ashley Yurich

by Jacob Bolger Editor

Ashley Yurich, a captain of the state championship winning girls’ soccer team signed to Saint Mary’s College. Diane Yurich, Ashley’s mother, said, “I am sad that she is leaving but excited for her. The hardest part about her leaving home is going to be not having her smile and laugh in the house.” Yurich is a center midfielder who has been on the varsity squad for three years. She finally achieved the state championship title she’s been striving for this 2017-2018 season. Coach Howie Putterman said,“Ashley is the heart and soul of our team, we will miss her." Putterman also said, “I can’t pick one thing about Ashley that I’ll miss because I’ll miss every aspect of her.".

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February 2018

Almond milk: Dairy milk's plant-based impersonator Allison King Reporter Most of us grew up including a glass of milk (or two or three) in our daily diets, but, recently, almond milk and other milk alternatives, including soy, coconut, rice and cashew milk, have become increasingly popular. What’s up with that? Less than 2g of protein, made mostly of water and sugar, and fortified nutrient are not qualities of a beverage that someone should want to drink. If this is the case, then why has the sale of almond milk increased by an astonishing 250% in the last five years? For those, among many other reasons, almond milk isn’t a smart or healthy beverage choice for anyone. The problem is that dairy milk isn’t amazing for you either. This predicament spreads a veil of milky confusion over the general public and their decision of which beverage to choose. Let’s dive in and explore the truths and misconceptions about milk and its new adversary, almond milk. Cow Milk Miracles: Dairy milk has been the beverage of choice for children and teens, but has become a less attractive option in recent years. According to the U. S. Department of Agriculture, the average person drinks 18 gallons of milk a year. In the 1970’s, that number was over 30 gallons. A 2018 Lancer Media Twitter poll asked the question: Which type of milk do you prefer? The results revealed that an astonishing 82% of the 115 poll participants preferred dairy

milk over almond milk. Sophomores Dustin Keith and Francesca Martinazzi have grown up including milk in their daily diets. They both drink 2-3 glasses of milk per day. Martinazzi says she “drinks a glass of milk once in the morning, once at night and sometimes when she gets home from school.” She drinks it because “it’s good for you and it tastes good.” Keith, who is on the football team, said he drinks milk because “it has lots of protein and calcium and it just tastes good.” Although many teens, like Keith and Martinazzi, have been enthusiastic milk drinkers since childhood, the overall percentage of milk consumption has plummeted, varying by age group. The most recent USDA ‘Dairy Data’ survey reveals that the per capita consumption of milk in the US, measured in pounds consumed per person, has decreased by 62.3% from 1975 to 2016. Continuing this trend, the per capita consumption will have decreased by around 70% in 2018. But why? Just because the size

Sheehy, Toccalino & Tansey prepare with Twisters for cheer World Championship

courtesy of Rory M Mccarty

Catie Jo Tansey Reporter The Large Senior curse is said to affect competitive cheerleading teams competing in the Large Senior Level 5 division. The theory is that this curse prevents any of the the Large Senior level 5 teams from winning both NCA and the World Championships in the same year. Season after season, the team that takes first place in this division at NCA, has had tragic luck at the World Championships, causing their placement to suffer. The last team to win both NCA and Worlds in the same season was The Maryland Twisters F5 in 2005. Since then, no team has been able win both competitions. Three Linganore Cheerleaders, Sofia Toccalino, Kendall Sheehy, and Catie Jo Tansey, were in reach of breaking this curse. These cheerleaders are athletes on one of the most elite cheerleading teams in the country, The Maryland Twisters F5, con-

sisting of 38, talented, driven, young women whose end goal is winning both NCA, a competition at the end of February in Dallas, Texas, and the World Championships at the ESPN Zone in Orlando, Florida in May. The world of competitive cheerleading is relatively unknown to outsiders. However, there are over 100,000 registered competitive cheerleaders in the United States. Winning the World Championships is like a gold medal at the Olympics. Only the highest level, level 5, is given the opportunity to compete at the World Championships. These level 5 teams must receive an invitation to the World Championships to compete. Every cheerleader's next biggest dream is winning NCA. NCA is the most competitive competition in the country allowing teams of all levels to compete. Unfortunately,at NCA, on February 24th and 25th, errors in F5's routine caused them to take 3rd. These girls are still hopeful that they can win the World Championships in May. They will be practing harder then ever to prepare. These practices consists of running their routine countless times, adding more challenging skills, and making sure every aspect of their routine is perfect. Performing a perfect routine is what this team needs to do to win.


of dairy milk’s consumer pool has decreased doesn’t mean milk’s benefits have diminished as well. Milk is an excellent source of calcium, protein, and essential vitamins and minerals such as vitamin D, vitamin A, magnesium, potassium and zinc. These nutrients are particularly important for the healthy development of children and teens during adolescent years. “I think young people should absolutely drink milk. Milk is extremely nutrient rich, especially for growing bodies; the calcium in it is particularly important,” said biology teacher Beth Ericsson. During developmental years, the nutrients from the fat in milk are extremely beneficial to growing strong and healthy bones. For adults, the body still needs calcium, just not as much milk fat. Ericsson says that if someone chooses to drink milk during their adult years, they should decrease the percentage of fat in the milk they consume. Although Ericsson believes that milk provides many nutritional benefits, she does not believe that milk should be consumed during adulthood. She says that the reason that people develop a lactose intolerance is because the lactase enzyme (the enzyme responsible for breaking down lactose) is programmed to stop functioning in humans after the weaning period. In all other mammals, other than domesticated cats, milk is not consumed after the weaning period, so why is this any different for humans? Also, cow milk provides three times more calcium than the human body can handle and process at once. The body won’t absorb more calcium than it needs; therefore, the high level of calcium in milk doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best option to reach optimal recommended calcium levels. Foods like broccoli, spinach, oranges and seafood are all great

sources of calcium and, in combination with sun exposure, is a great way for the body to reach its daily levels of calcium and vitamin D. Along with its high levels of calcium, dairy milk tends to be high in calories and saturated fat as well. This can be a turn off for people who try to limit their fat intake and calorie consumption. One cup of 2% milk contains 4.9 grams of fat (three of which are saturated fats), 12g of carbohydrates and around 120 calories. Compared to one cup of the leading almond milk brand that contains less than 3g of fat and only 30 calories, those numbers seem pretty high.

Contrary to popular belief, almond milk is only made of 2% almonds.

Dairy Cow Issues: One of the biggest concerns with cow’s milk is that the antibiotics, growth hormones and other chemicals given to the cows negatively affects their milk. Many worry that these chemicals will somehow contaminate the milk and harm the person drinking it. Adults don’t need as much calcium as children do, so drinking milk for its calcium benefit isn’t necessary. Adults are more likely to experience the negative effects of consuming milk, such as weight gain from the high levels of fat and calories. Class of 2018 student Lucas Arrington, regularly milks the cows on his family’s dairy farm. His family’s farm has received awards for the highest quality milk in the state. Read more at

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The Lance: February 2018 Issue  
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