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November 2013

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Government shutdown affects many, from field trips to families Ryan Stark Reporter

Throughout September, the House of Representatives and the Senate could not agree on legislation to continue funding the government, due to disagreements on whether to strip funding for the Affordable Care Act. The 800,000 shutdown federal continued employees w h i l e were Congress furloughed toiled over indefinitely the debt ceiling. Due to this, the federal government shut down all nonessential operations on October 1 until funding was restored. The shutdown lasted 16 calendar days, reopening October 17. Anything that wasn’t vital to the existence of the United States ceased operating, including national parks,

Smithsonian museums, the Department of Motor Vehicles, NASA, most government websites, and military bases such as Fort Detrick in Frederick. Although schools themselves were not directly affected, various events in school were cancelled. One of the most visible effects was the cancellation of field trips. “We were supposed to go to the Holocaust Memorial Museum,” said Mrs. Joanne Freimuth, ninth grade English and German teacher. “My kids were upset because several of them had never been there and really wanted to go.” The museum is among the most visited in Washington, and all the group visits had already been booked. Read the full story at

Redskins: Should the name be changed? Kobi Azoulay Reporter

Equal to Ravens purple or Steelers gold and black, on most Mondays, students sport Redskins jerseys, hats and other Redskinsrelated clothing. Despite the team’s dedicated fan base, there are many people who believe the Redskins name is offensive to Native Americans. This issue has had recent press, ranging form Native American Tribe statements to the White House. “How can you spout Phillip Butler shows his honor on one hand...... Redskins tattoo while belittling with the other,” said Natalie American tribe offended Standingontherock, a by the Redskins name. The Tribal Chairwoman for Oneida Indian Nation has the local Cedarville Band been actively working with of Piscataway Indians. the NFL in an attempt to “This runs deeper than change the team’s name. any non-Indian could ever Read the full story at understand.” The Piscataway Indians are not the only Native

photo courtesy of Emily Rieland Sophomores Abby Ryan, Courtney Casper, and Emily Rieland dress up conservatively as rabbits for Halloween 2012.

Halloween: How much skin is too much skin?

Oliva DuBro Reporter

In the real world, Halloween is when kids dress up and beg for candy. But in girl world, Halloween is the one time of year a girl can dress like a total slut and no other girl can say anything about it. ~Cady Heron; Mean Girls

When did Halloween go from being a candy– gathering adventure to a universal night for teen girls to show off their stomachs and cleavage? Why is dressing like this universally expected nowadays? The pressure to show more skin and look what society considers ‘sexy’ has undeniably increased. Not only are women expected to show more skin and less costume, they also have to have the right skin to show. T h e M i s s Representation website is against the stereotype that, due to advertising, the only people who should be included in the provocative Halloween ‘fun’ are thin, white, young women.

According to the Council on Size & Weight Discrimination, 7 in 10 girls believe they are not good enough or do not measure up in some way (including their looks, performance in school and relationships); 80% of 10-year-old girls have dieted; 90% of high school junior and senior women diet regularly. The most shocking statistic of all is that young girls are more afraid of becoming fat than they are of nuclear war, cancer, or losing their parents. Why do women dress this way if it has such damaging results? High school girls will be judged “mercilessly” if they still dress like they did in middle or elementary school. “Once you get past age 15, you’re expected to push up your boobs so far they hurt and look like you have a pillow in your butt. It’s girl code,” sophomore Harper Lindsay said. “It’s all a competition to show the most skin,” sophomore Maggie Hall said. “The more skin you show, the more attention you get from guys, and no one wants to be left out.” Teen boys agree with girls’ self-assessment. Read the full story at

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News Marching Band, colorguard present fall show, The Traveler Noah Ismael and Hugh Norko Reporters

Name a group of students at Linganore High School that starts school in late July, goes in to school at 8:00 in the morning and leaves at 6:00 in the evening in early August. Name a group that regularly practices every Tuesday and Thursday for three hours in addition to meeting every day during school for one and a half hours. The 2013 Lancer Marching Band is that group. The band has been learning and practicing their 2013 show, The Traveler, since the end of the last school year. The Traveler is about a young person who embarks on a journey, described junior clarinet player Becca Matthews. The person travels from place to place until she reaches her final destination. “The things she sees and experiences,” says Matthews, “are more important than the destination itself.” This year’s show features three movements. “In the first movement, we are at the train station. We are getting ready to board the train, and we’re starting the journey--everybody’s excited,” said junior

What MORE can we do for the homeLESS?

photo courtesy of Interfaith Works

Interfaith Works in Montgomery County provided backpacks filled with new school supplies for the first day of school. Kate Mannarino Reporter

The average student worries about what he will wear to school the next day, how he is going to do on an exam or what to do on the weekend. Most likely, he is not think about the problem of homelessness. Most think that homeless people live in big cities far away from the farmland of Frederick

County. In fact, these same students may be surprised to learn that some of their classmates, even some of their friends, have a terrible secret. They don’t have a place to live. “We can help with any number of issues from tutoring to providing clothing, food, and hygiene products, “said Mrs. Ilana Blum, counselor.

Every school has a homeless coordinator and that is to meet the needs of that specific population of students. Blum said, “Homelessness doesn’t necessarily mean living on your streets, or in your car, it could just be someone who’s lost their job that needs to live with family.” It’s important that as a community and school to be sensitive of needs of others during any time of the year, especially during holidays. In Frederick County the rate of homelessness is about 275 individuals per night. According to The National Alliance to End Homelessness, there are 633,782 people experiencing homelessness on any given night in the US. Nearly one quarter of them are children. Read the full story at mFL6X//l

Little Lancers learn and teach photo courtesy of John Morin, BHS

Breanna Wade, Keith Kurtz, and Becca Yates participate in the Frederick County Marching Festival on October 21st. mellophone player Alison DeBlois. “In the second movement, we are looking at the landscape of the area, looking at everything and relaxing on the train… and in the third movement, we are arriving in the cities and arriving at our destination.” Mr. Lloyd, the band’s director, chose the show for two reasons in addition to the difficulty of the music. “I’ve always loved rail travel,” he said. “The use of the imagery of steam trains and the 1930’s/40’s time period attracted me.” The second reason is because of the show’s connection to a theme Mr. Lloyd always teaches his students--the journey through life. “The theme of The Traveler is a metaphor for the fact that part of life is taking a risk, and starting out on a journey.” he said. “Although you are not 100 percent sure where it is going to lead you, you are willing to try new things and take risks.” The second and third movements feature a mellophone solo by Danielle Franc. She said that playing in front of hundreds of people is not difficult. “I’m kind of used to it ... I got experience soloing.” Read the full story at

Kaycee Oland Reporter

Everybody look out because it’s Little Lancers time! The preschool opened on September 30 and meets four days a week. Little Lancers has been in business for three years. “We have become more organized and kind of know what to expect, but there are still surprises every day,” said Kate Lane, child development teacher. This year 17 children are enrolled and those children are full of excitement and energy. “The high school students get a real world experience planning lessons, teaching preschoolers, reflecting and dealing with variables that are beyond your control,” said Lane. Taking the child

development class Development 1, 2, may sound easy at and 3 and passes each first, but there is a class with an ‘A’ or a lot of work behind the ‘B’ then the student scenes. Dealing with the 3- and 4-year-olds is challenging. Children whine, don’t want to share but in the end, they are all really good kids and are all willing to learn. “Working with the Little Lancers is fun and a good learning experience,” says sophomore photo by Kate Lane A l y s s a Flora, Tim Scifres’ daughter, Mattison, who plays at the vet center. is taking Child Development can earn the 90-hour 1. Taking this certificate needed to class now can save obtain a preschool time and money if a teaching job. student is planning to be a preschool teacher Read the full story at in the future. If a student takes Child

Opinions Miley Cyrus sheds good girl image in her newest album Theresa Bentz Reporter

photo by Erin Formulak Indie band Small Pools opened for Two Door Cinema Club at Constitution Hall in Washington, D.C. on October 4.

Serious music fans chase the concert-going lifestyle Caitlin Denny and Erin Formulak Reporters

Teens crowd the sidewalks leading up to the venue, anxiously waiting to be let inside for the concert. With only a few minutes left until the doors open, the level of excitement is high, and everybody is ready to rush inside to find the perfect spot. For some people this is a special occasion, but for others, it’s an amazing yet regular experience. There’s a core group of students at Linganore who make attending concerts a priority. Junior Megan Hamlet has seen great bands live such as Of Mice & Men, You Me At Six, and Pierce The Veil, but her favorite concert was All Time Low. “I’ve been to 13 concerts total. I go to one at least once every three months,” says Hamlet. “They’re fun and I feel more at home than anywhere else.” Tyler Graham, senior, hasn’t been to quite as many concerts as Hamlet, but he’s just as passionate for live music. Read the full story at:

Disney channel’s “Hannah” has turned into a fearless “bad girl” releasing her new album Bangerz on October 8th; songs range from smooth R&B to electronica dance music to rap. The first song on the album “We Can’t Stop” defined as the theme song for most teenagers’ summer. Along with “wrecking ball” showing a heart break experience she went through. However I like the album Bangerz, given the rather run of the mill material it contains, it’s an achievement. Looking at the mix of different songs and emotional output there is an odd moment of genius found in Bangerz. Critics say her change is “just for the fame” or she’s not acting like herself, “trying to be someone she’s not” has been said in many times about the subject. Beneath the

auto tune on some songs, Miley does have a decent voice; moreover “Wrecking Ball” shows it off to its very best. While some songs like “on my own” feature too much auto tune in them. The song “Adore You” is the first song on the album, "I just started living," she sings on the starkly beautiful album opener. There's as much terror as power in that realization. Her other songs on the album like “23”, “SMS”, “love money party”, “FU”, “do my thang”, “hands in the air”, and “we can’t stop” feature more of a rap/ dance side to them. Read the full story at:

Parents question the safety of social site, Tumblr Caitlin Denny, Erin Formulak Reporters

Late into the night, many students around the globe are awake not studying, but “blogging” on the social media website, Tumblr. Tumblr is a site where anyone can run a blog, posting whatever they please. Users can post audio, pictures, text, video, and more. Tumblr was started in 2007 by David Karp. It now has 141.6 million users, and in May 2013 the website was sold to Yahoo, making 27-year-old Karp a billionaire. Junior, Elise Duda, is an avid Tumblr user. She says she enjoys using Tumblr because “a lot of the content on Tumblr is based on satire, humor, and

Rebecca Dubro, comedic relief whose daughter is which I find to be sophomore Olivia very refreshing Dubro. and enjoyable in a society where Susan Nolan, everyone is s o p h o m o r e obsessing over Brennan’s mother, the bad things in disagrees. the world.” “ T u m b l r Although is a way for plenty of teens teens to express find this blogging themselves.” site to be uplifting, Although she does many parents wish there was a have complaints. way that Tumblr Concerns include “could sensor pornographic and inappropriate violent images, p i c t u r e s , and strong information, language. comments, etc. at a moment’s notice,” “I think it’s photo by Erin Formulak she is aware dangerous to that that is not kids’ futures to Student blogger, Olivia Goldstein, possible. put too much scrolls through her Tumblr i n f o r m a t i o n dashboard on the mobile app. “People on a b o u t Tumblr are lack the maturity for themselves into usually very cyberspace. Kids tend this kind of subject easy going and very I don’t open- minded. I think to share too much, matter... which puts their want my child to be Tumblr is actually personal thoughts viewing inappropriate the only website out in online that really out there for many to material said has the friendliest judge. They usually cyberspace,”

users where people are normally very supportive and kind,” Duda says, referring to the fan community she joined. Tumblr has a minimum age restriction of 13, but Rebecca Dubro would like that changed to 18. However, much like Facebook, this age isn’t regulated. The age restriction rule is among many other policies that parents aren’t aware of, such as the content blocking policy. Under Settings, users can block pornographic tags from “dashboards” of users that are under 18, or anyone, for that matter. Read the full story at: knZqy

Sports Soccer team strikes back Brennan Nolan Reporter

photo courtesy of Delaney Wagner Delaney looks at the next fence.

LHS fields equestrian team? Nicole Baye Reporter

Equestrians seem to appear every four years in the Olympic competitions, but participants in the sport are practicing daily and competing year round. For students who are accustomed to cheering the football, volleyball, or soccer teams, equestrianism as a sport is usually unfamiliar. Students at LHS compete on a local team with Oakdale and Urbana. Their next competition is on November 24th at Oatland Stables. An equestrian is , “I would say anyone involved with a horse

on some level,” said Christina Rizzutto, instructor at Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue. Over 4.6 million people in the U.S alone are involved with horses in some way. Most people say that it’s just “getting on a horse and riding it.” Participants know a “secret language.” The rider is simply communicating in a way that makes sense to a horse. The language is based on the way horses communicate within a herd. Read the full story at BeQFU

The soccer teams’ regular season ended. As of October 17th, the boys Varsity record is 7-7 and the boys JV record is 7-5. The girls Varsity record is 9-1-2, and the girls JV record is undefeated. The team beat Brunswick with a final score of 2-­1 on Thursday, October 17th, the last game before playoffs. Both teams put up a hard fight to win the game, but Linganore prevailed with a final record of 7-­7. Linganore didn’t let their guard down for a second; in the first half they were awarded a free kick from 50 yards. Junior Preston Windnagle, a defender, was able to put the ball in the back of the net and score the first goal. Linganore scored their second goal when sophomore Adam Needle, a striker, kicked off a cornerkick to sophomore Zack Yurich, a midfielder, who won the ball and passed it to junior Neal

Why do athletes have superstitions? Kyle Brodt Reporter

Many people believe that baseball Some of the most is one of the more important things to an s u p e r s t i t i o u s athlete include their work ethic, their talent, and even their equipment, but there is one thing that could overpower all of these assets: superstitions. These pre-game rituals can make or break a player’s performance that day. Whether it’s eating a stack of pancakes for breakfast, putting on the uniform in Senior Chris Stephey eats a specific order, Mini Wheats for luck. or just wearing sports. The most a lucky bracelet, of almost all athletes superstitious have something that baseball players are they make sure gets always the pitchers. pitcher done before every Senior Chris Stephey has game.

some rituals of his own. Stephey says, “For away games, I bring a bag of Mini Wheats.” He also always wears two pairs of socks for every game. He says that he doesn’t really believe that these superstitions work, but they are “traditions that I go through that I’ve just gotten used to.” There is a psychological factor when it comes to superstitions.

Read the full story at iQEvC

Roberts, a midfielder, who headed it into the goal. “The season is going well. The team is working hard every day to get better and we are having a lot of fun along the way,” said varsity coach Josh Gilmore.

single goal. “Our best game was against Thomas Jefferson,” said junior Andy Kirk, a center midfielder and one of three team captains for the team. “We came back with two hard earned goals and won the game 2-1.”

photo courtesy of Adam Needles Hunter Simpson approaches Middletown player with a lot of energy. Near the end of The October 15th the game, Brunswick game against the pushed harder and team’s rival power earned a free kick house, Urbana, was a that led to the goal nail biter with a final against Linganore. score of 1-0. Urbana’s field was cold, Linganore held the wet, and slippery. rest of the game up Linganore started and won with a score out strong in the first of 2-1. half and the match was kept scoreless. Linganore slipped in the second half and Urbana scored the

Read the full story at Read the full story at HUpWb

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