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The student newspaper of Linganore High School

Special Edition

June 2015

People you need to know to W E L C O M E stay on the right side and LHS Class of bright side of learning


High school can be a little nervewracking-- new school, new teachers, new faces, and new expectations. Luckily, Lancer Media has provided you with a hub of information and facts everyone should know about your high school, the people in charge, and a few tips we wish we had known when we were freshmen.

LINGANORE FUN FACTS LHS has been open for 54 years. This building was built in 2011, making it the newest in the county. We have won 33 different state championships. We are joining the Dual Enrollment program (Students can take Frederick Community College courses within the Linganore building.) We have opportunities in engineering through the Project Lead the Way program. Students produce our video morning announcements every day (If you are interested in learning about how, look into a Digital Communications class.) Lancer Media is a national award-winning newspaper. We have Unified Sports teams including Unified Tennis, Unified Bocce Ball, and Unified Track where students play sports alongside special needs students. We are a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) school. As of Fall 2014, we have 42 different student involvement clubs.

DAVID KEHNE, PRINCIPAL Mr. Kehne is in charge of the cooperation of the entire school. He is the face of Linganore High School and keeps things running smoothly. He is the commander in chief, and He also handles some disciplinary actions. You can find him socializing with students in the hall, in the cafeteria, or in his office.

ILANA BLUM, CLASS OF 2019 COUNSELOR Mrs. Blum is the student services counselor for the freshman class. She can help with schedule changes, but also can serve as an emotional counselor or mediator. If you need someone to talk to, her door in the Student Services office (between the staircases) is always open. It is best to make an appointment with her during lunch.


Mr. Brown is the Student Service Learning coordinator, and the leader of both the Student Government Association and the Key Club, and the Assistant Director of Band. He encourages all freshmen to get involved in school. See him if you are interested in leadership. You can find him in his room (C101), in his office, or doing something important around the school.

JENNIFER TWIFORD, ATTENDANCE Mrs. Twiford is one of the two attendance secretaries. She works alongside Ms. Hardister. If you are leaving early, arriving late, turning in a note excusing a sudden absence, giving a doctor’s note, or explaining an upcoming vacation, see one of these ladies. They can be found at the attendance window located next to the AP office.


Ms. Tatiana is the school nurse. Working alongside Ms. Earley, she can handle minor medical issues, like supplying band-aids and ice packs, along with more serious health problems, like administering medicine. If you have a medicine you take during the day, or need Advil every so often, supply one of the nurses with the medicine and a doctor’s note to have permission to take the medicine while on school property. Her room is C109.


Special Edition

Welcome Class of ‘19

June 2015

Oh, the places you can go. . .

LHS First Floor LHS Second Floor

Our secret of success: Advice from upperclassmen DO

… organize binders for classes efficiently because you will probably carry your backpack around. … keep all of your papers, because you never know when you’ll need them. … always study. … try to get most of your required credits in your freshman year. … your homework. … join a club or team. … try an elective. … carry around snacks just in case. … ask questions. … make the best of high school. It’s only four years.


… be afraid to try new things. … overwhelm yourself with too many advanced classes. … be afraid to ask for help. … be afraid to talk to new people and make new friends. … forget to check your grades often. … worry about what other people think of you. … be afraid to be yourself. You’re bound to find people who will love you for it. … stress too much over little things. … worry about having the “perfect high school experience.”

Special Edition

Welcome Class of ‘19

June 2015

Lance-tionary: Words you should know

I Believe (Chant): One of the many chants the student section performs that is spoken in the hallways on game days, at pep rallies, and during sports events; led by the Chief who starts by yelling “I” and progresses to chanting “I believe that we will win!” All chants are yelled three times by the student section. I-70 (Football title-- competition with our rival, Urbana): Title, trophy, and bragging rights given to the school who wins the annual varsity football game against Urbana; the title name derives from Interstate 70, which both schools share. Main Street (Hallway): Main hallway that runs from the main entrance to the back door; its center holds the two main staircases that

carry students upstairs to the 2nd The Chief (Leader): Official leader floor. of the Tribe who starts chants and leads the student section; usually can be seen wearing a headdress during games and spirit events; next year’s Lancer (Mascot): Official school chief is soon-to-be senior Joe Calder. mascot represented by the spear or lance used by local Native American tribes. (Community member): Every student, faculty, and community The Lance (Newspaper-- to inform member representing our school. and entertain): Established in 1963, the student-run newspaper publishes profiles, daily announcments, photos, sports scores and more. If you had One Tribe (We are ALL one) The your photo taken today, chances are students, faculty, and community; a you are featurered in The Lance! family that sticks together and works Follow us on Twitter/Instagram @ hard to represent our school using a LHSJournalism, on Facebook, and variety of gifts and talents (Feeling) on our website at The spirit of connectedness that flows through the school and its community; feeling of unconditional support from our fellow Lancers. The Tribe (School spirit-- to lead our students): Male members of the senior class who paint their chests for sports events, according to the Student Section (Designated student section theme; lead students seating-- students only): Assigned in chants during games, pep rallies, seating at sports events where current and in the hallways. Follow them on students are expected to gather; the Twitter for announcments on games, Tribe occupies the front row; seniors student section themes, and more @ occupy the next; juniors stand behind TheLHSTribe. them, and so on, with the freshmen in the back.

Test your Lancer knowledge

Answers 1. Attendance 2. Tribe 3. Chief 4. Mr. Kehne 5. Front office 6. Nurse 7. AP Office 8. Student Services 9. Late 10. Main Street 11. Lancer 12. Coach Conner 13. Locked Across 2. A group of Lancers that bring school spirit to our events (All Lancers are members of this group) 4. Our principal 7. Where pink passes tell you to go. 8. The office for schedule changes, and general help. (2 words: leave space blank)

9. If you aren’t in your seat by 7:30, you’re considered ____. 12. Hall of fame football coach. 13. All bathrooms (except in the cafeteria) during third period are ____. Down 1. Where you turn in absent or late notes.

3. The leader of The Tribe 5. Where you receive bus notes 6. Where you go if you’re not feeling well 10. Where the two main staircases meet and home of Louie the Lancer 11. Someone who attends Linganore High School

Special Edition

Welcome Class of ‘19

June 2015

Getting to know Sports Advice: omecoming What to do at tryouts H Ally Graziano and cheer perform together Grace Weaver Reporter

To participate in an interscholastic sport, students must maintain a grade point average of a 2.0 and not have any “F’s.” Good news: All freshmen start with a clean slate and don’t have to worry about last year’s grades for the fall season. The student courtesy of Stu McCaull will have to pay Elizabeth Coletti dribbles past a $90 athletic fee a South Hagerstown defender. for each team on which she or he participates. Fees are collected to help pay for equipment, uniforms, and coaches. During Summer 2015, almost all teams hold optional trainings that athletes can attend. ATTEND THESE TRAININGS! This allows for the athletes to show off their skills without the pressures of tryouts weighing on their shoulders. They also have the opportunity to create great bonds with other athletes who could potentially be their teammates. Throughout the summer, athletes should be preparing for the tryouts. This can include many different approaches such as running and practicing with friends. This will help make sure athletes are prepared to show off their skills at tryouts. Two days before, drink plenty of water. This will help make sure that you are hydrated during the tryouts and don’t end up feeling ill. The night before tryouts, get a good night’s rest and eat a big dinner. You don’t want to be tired during tryouts! The earlier the tryout, the earlier you need to go to bed. Even if the tryout is at 3 p.m., go to bed around 9 p.m. The dinner that you eat is going to be a big part of the energy that will be needed for tryouts. What to do at tryouts: Try your best no matter what-- No matter what is going on, always give it 100%! The coaches are looking for not only the players with the best skills but also the ones who try the hardest. Don’t try to be perfect-- During tryouts mistakes are bound to happen. Don’t worry about them! Pick your head up and fix it the next time around. Don’t listen to the nonsense-- Coaches and other players may say things that may bring you down. Don’t pay attention to it! Use those words as fuel for your fire and play even harder.

Get involved: Club Day

On Club Day, students attend all the clubs they have chosen. Club day is once a month during the second half of each class. There is a sign-up day in September. We recommend choosing more than one club, but no more than four. Here is a small sample of clubs you will be able to choose from: • • • • •

Academic Team Animals 101 Book Club Class Councils Creative Writing Club

• Drama Club • Engineering/Robotics Club • Fellowship of Christian Athletes • FFA (Future Farmers of America) • Future Educators of America (FEA) • GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) • Hackey Sack Club • Harry Potter Alliance • Key Club (Service) • Lady Lancers • Men’s Society • Student Government Association (SGA)

Chloe Cline Reporters

Spirit Week

Homecoming week is a great way to start off the year. The homecoming dance takes place on October 17, 2015. Spirit days are held each day during the week leading up to the dance. Some of the previous spirit days have included wacky tacky, pajama, class color, and Maryland day. The Friday before homecoming, there is a pep rally where all of the fall sports teams are recognized. The pep rally includes performances by the Pom and Dance team, band, and both JV and Varsity cheer.

and the Homecoming court walks onto the field.

Hill Painting

Another event held Sunday of Homecoming week is the painting of the hill. Each class is invited to come to the school and help decorate for their class. The hill between the middle and bottom parking lots is divided into four sections and students use spray paint to decorate.

The Court

One boy and one girl from each grade elected to be a prince, princess, king, or queen in the Homecoming Court. Students can nominate their friends at lunch to be in the running and then vote online for who they want to win. The Homecoming court also participates in the Homecoming parade on Main Street in New Market, which takes place on October 10.


Brianna Scott paints her class section of the hill. Students from each grade can volunteer themselves to participate in games to get points to help win their class the spirit stick. The spirit stick is given to the class with the most points, and most school spirit. Watch out for the seniors. They always have an awesome cheer! Also held that Friday night is the Homecoming football game. JV and Varsity

The dance is held in the cafeteria from 8:00pm11:00pm and tickets are sold for $20 two weeks before the dance, during all lunch shifts. You are allowed to purchase a ticket for a student who goes to another school, but you and that student have to fill out a form and turn it into Mr. Brown.

The Dance

Almost everyone goes to the dance. Students usually wear a suit and tie or semi-formal dresses. Don’t worry about getting a date. Get a group of friends together and go!

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The Lance: Special Issue (Class of 2019)  

The Lance is the student-run newspaper of Linganore High School. 2014-2015 school year- read individual stories online:

The Lance: Special Issue (Class of 2019)  

The Lance is the student-run newspaper of Linganore High School. 2014-2015 school year- read individual stories online: