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FBLA Interview Questions President How do you plan to keep members active and engaged in FBLA, at meetings and in activities?

Vice President of Writ ten Competitions How do you plan on making all competitive event processesless confusing and more understandable for members and other officers? Be specific.

Vice President of Oral Competitions Describe your plan for conducting screening tests in an efficient manner as well as how you will provide oral and team competitors with the resourcesto prepare for their competitive events.

Vice President of Conferences Create a presentation promoting the Leadership Development Institute. Make sure you highlight the various aspects of this conference and appeal to new and old members to encourage them to participate.

Vice President of Special Events How do you plan on bringing more businessinvolvement to Lynbrook FBLA?What ideas for Special events do you have?

Secretary How do you plan on keeping track of all of members’ records, from meeting attendance to cord requirements? If someoneaccused you of inaccuracies, what would you do?

Treasurer What was one of the biggest flaws in the way fundraisers were run this year, and how do you proposeto solve it?

Public Relations Officer Explain how you plan to publicize for this year's Membership Rush.

Parliamentarian Explain in detail how you plan on attracting prospective members to join the Parliamentary Procedure team and motivating these members to study regularly.