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The Curious Incident of the Dog and the Horse By Tyler and Jimmy

Once upon a time, there was a farmer who wanted a dog, so he drove to the pound in search of one. Franky, the horse waited excitedly for the arrival of his new friend.

He drove through the mountains to reach the pound, only to find that there was only one dog left.

Although it was the only dog left, the farmer felt his heart go out to the dog as soon as he saw it. The dog, white with brown spots, was the most adorable dog he had ever seen. Immediately, he signed the papers and took the dog home. He called the dog Bone.

Hi! I’m Franky!

As soon as he arrived, Franky eagerly ran up to Bone and introduced himself.

As he ran to meet his new friend, Frank sent up a spray of dust. Bone, angrily ran away, leaving Franky alone.

Get away from my food!

Having failed to become friends with Bone, Franky went to eat his food. Franky accidentally started eating Bone’s food, and Bone angrily barked at him to go away.

Later in the afternoon, Franky was talking to Porkchops, the pig, about the new roosters. Bone overheard and thought they were talking about him. Hey, did you see how they walk around with their tails high up? Look at them!

I’ll save you Bone.

So far, Franky has not even become close to being Bone’s friend. Bone became even more upset when Franky, thinking the person was a kidnapper, attacked his old owner.

Why did you attack him? He was my owner!

Bone yelled at Franky angrily for attacking his old owner. Franky looked away sadly, giving up on any of his hopes to become Bone’s friend.

Soon after that, a real kidnapper came and he crept up on Bone. Franky jumped up into the air and kicked him in the chest before he could run off with Bone. I’ll save you Bone.

It was nothing and I’m sorry for the things I did earlier.

Thank you for saving me! It’s ok.

Bone woke up to the sound of Franky kicking the kidnapper. After Bone saw that Franky saved him, he was extremely grateful.

After that, they became the closest of friends. Bone never left Franky’s side and they lived happily ever after.

The End

The Curious Incident of the Dog and the Horse  

A lonely farmer searches for a dog and finally finds on at the pound. Franky, the horse, attempts to become Bone's friend, and several amusi...

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