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#InItWithSalina - Go-to platform about LinkedIn, helps brands and individuals to: Optimise their personal and company profile to reach highest visibility Achieve content marketing and brand awareness success on LinkedIn Generate high quality leads for your business Trusted by:

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LinkedIn Overview


6 Questions you should ask before your Outreach Strategy


Higher Social Selling Score creates more Business Opportunities


InMail Best Practice


LinkedIn Lead Gen Form & Company Analytics





706M 33M 24M 68M Members


Open Jobs




Business Decision Makers Updates viewed

An intent-driven mindset

A professional audience

A higher quality environment

Becoming a daily news destination

10 pieces of content are consumed before a B2B decision is made


more engagement with content posts than jobs

9 Billion+

content impressions a week


B2B buyers are doing business research on LinkedIn during workday


of social media traffic coming to your company site are from LinkedIn


B2B leads are coming from LinkedIn


Our Members Engage With A Professional Mindset

Professional network users connect with brands that align with drive for success

Personal Networks

Professional Networks

“Spend Time”

“Invest Time”

Info on friends

Career info

Info on personal interests

Updates on brands

Entertainment updates

Current affairs

Source: The Mindset Divide research study, TNS, September 2019

Consumers approach platforms with distinct intents People come to LinkedIn to achieve their ambitions, not just to be entertained

LinkedIn Stay up to date with friends Be entertained

15 %

Improve my financial status Improve my career Search for new opportunities


77 %

8 %

Learn from leaders and experts Manage my life better


30 %

60 % 40 %

13 %

17 % 20 % 59 % 55 %

51 % 21 %

10 %

10 %

7 %

11 %

13 % 21 %

17 % 17 %

LinkedIn is the most trusted social media platform.

Which platform do you feel the safest participating in or posting on? Source: Business Insider Intelligence 'Digital Trust Report' 2020

Which platform is least likely to show you fake news, scams, or click bait?

Which platform shows you the most relevant ads/ sponsored content?

Lead Generation The process of collecting names and contact information about qualified prospects.


Questions you should ask before your Outreach Strategy

Source: Harvard Business Review 2020

Higher Social Selling Score creates more Business Opportunities

What’s Social Selling? leveraging your social network to find the right prospects, build trusted relationships, and ultimately, achieve your sales goals.

Intro to LinkedIn Social Selling Index

Create a professional brand

Who would you trust?

How does All-Star profile help you?

% 50

% 92

B2B buyers avoid reps with incomplete profiles

B2B buyers will engage with sellers known as industry thought leaders.

A Cheat Sheet to an All-Star Status 1. Profile Photo 2. Industry & Location 3. Summary 4. Experience 5. Pictures & Videos 6. Education 7. Skills & Endorsements 8. At least 50 Connections —> Share with your a link and I’ll send you a ONE-Pager Pro Tip: Add SEO keywords to your LI Profile

Focus on the right prospect

#1 Company Employees via Search bar

#2 Use all filters using keywords on Search bar

1. People 2. Jobs 3. Posts 4. Companies 5. Groups 6. Schools 7. Events

#3 Leverage “Who viewed your profile” feature

#3 Use Alumni Search


Scan QR Code

Engage with Insights


Follow Influencers and Companies #InItWithSalina


Update your Connection On your current status Pro Tip: Tag people + Company


Share your expertise Publish articles


Ask for / Give Advice


Like, Comment, & Share! #InItWithSalina

Build a Content Strategy

Design Content for all stages of the funnel




• Blog posts • Infographics

• Industry trends • Influencer content

• Client testimonials • Product webinars • E-books • Whitepaper • Case studies

• Free trials • Live demos

* LinkedIn ReThink the B2B Buyer’s Journey, Jul-Aug 2018 research. Global

• Product/service sign-ups • Set up a meeting

60% Suggested

30% Suggested

10% Suggested

Trending Topics & Hashtags

Insights to help inform our community 

Top Ten Trending #Hashtags September 2020 #Coronavirus #Covid19 #Marketing #Remoteworking #Leadership #Hiring #Business #Jobs #Recruitment

Top Ten Trending #Hashtags 1-10 October 2020 #COVID19 #Coronavirus #DigitalTransformation

Conversations on LinkedIn are shifting in relation to today’s environment

#Realestate #Jobs #DigitalMarketing #Leadership #Innovation #Recruitment Source: LinkedIn Platform Data, Sep-Oct 2020

% of Posts by trending topics

Culture and community • Virtual collaboration tools (1.4%) • Productivity (1.1%) • Learning new skills (2.5%)

Health and well-being • ProHealth (2.6%) • Employee health (0.4%)

Since February, engagement on coronavirusrelated topics continue to increase across regions and industries LinkedIn internal data, % of posts by key topics (Aug)

• Personal health (0.1%)

Business and productivity • Gig economy (4.9%) • Going digital (2.2%) • Connectivity and bandwidth (1.5%) • Supply chain (0.4%) • Travel plans and contingencies (0.04%)

Build trusted Relationship

5 Key Steps

Address Common Painpoints

Story Telling



Call to Action

InMail Best Practice What’s it?

A credible, private, and customized messaging tool helping you contact any LinkedIn user, including 2nd and 3rd degree connections.

Dos & Don’ts on LinkedIn InMails


Start with your LI Connection or Choose a Credible Sender


Write a catchy subject line


Personalise your message (Research their profile, look for common interests, connections/work experiences)


Avoid LONG message - Keep it short & sweet (150 words or less)


End with a CLEAR Call-To Action


Have a strong All-Star LinkedIn Profile

#1 Effective InMail Example

#2 Effective InMail Example

#3 Effective InMail Example

Leverage LinkedIn Company Page Analytics

Companies with completed and active pages are more successful at achieving growth objectives


5x Lift in page views

7x Average impressions per follower

Lift in clicks per follower

2x Higher Content Marketing Score

Know & grow your audience

Understand who’s visiting your Page and what content is driving the most engagement

At a glance, see performance over custom date ranges Get to know your followers, visitors and update analytics with demographic charts

Know & grow your audience

Understand who’s following your Page and your audience demographics data

Know & grow your audience

Discover trending content with your target audience Refine insights by job function, industry, seniority, and more.

See content and topics your followers/ audiences are engaging with, across LinkedIn.

Join the conversations that matter

Post and respond on the go

Manage your Page and post content through the LinkedIn mobile app.

Know & grow your audience

Guide visitor behaviors with a customizable call-to-action

Customize to say anything: o Contact us o Sign up Visit website

o Learn more o Register o Subscribe

** BONUS** LinkedIn-Pro Highlights

} n o i t a t i v n I e v

i s u l c x {E

Y L N O s t a

e s 100


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LinkedIn Lead Generation To Exceed Your Sales and Marketing Goals with Salina Mellen Yeung  

Do you know over 78% B2B leads are coming from LinkedIn? From branding awareness to nurturing to lead generation, LinkedIn is the B2B market...

LinkedIn Lead Generation To Exceed Your Sales and Marketing Goals with Salina Mellen Yeung  

Do you know over 78% B2B leads are coming from LinkedIn? From branding awareness to nurturing to lead generation, LinkedIn is the B2B market...

Profile for lhoft

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