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BRIDGE BUILDING EXERCISE In our tutorial this week, we went down to the workshop, and built some small bridges from two pieces of pine and two pieces of plywood. I was in a group with Gabby, and our original idea was to use the two pieces of pine as beams, with 4 off cuts approximately 50mm long as support beams through the middle. We were then going to attach the plywood pieces on the top and bottom, to help negate the compressive forces (See Picture A and B).



To connect the off cuts to the pine beams, we used screws (as can be seen in Picture C), and the drill (which was kinda fun), as can be seen in Picture D. To connect the plywood to the pine, we used nails and the hammer (which was also kinda fun), as can be seen in Picture E. As can also been seen in this picture, however, was that at first we used a nail with a smaller head, a mistake which we learnt from and Bigger overcame by just head hammering in a nail with a bigger head Smaller head right beside it. C



In the end, our bridge ended up looking quite nice, as can be seen in Picture F. When put to the test it held 350 kilograms of weight before it snapped (Picture G), which was second out of all the bridges built. In the future, I would probably space the supporting (offcut) beams evenly, as this would probably help deflect even more of the force which the load placed on the bridge. G


QUEENS COLLEGE MODEL As a part of this tutorials exercise, we also built a scale model of Queens College. As this consisted largely of prefabricated walls, we decided to use some thick cardboard.

The photos below show the model at different stages through its production, with the photo on the right showing a cutout area. Across the page are two other photos of the end result; the coloured in area is a courtyard in the middle of the building.

GLOSSARY My term for the week was ‘render.’ According to The Free Online Dictionary (2009), “rendering is a coat of plaster or cement applied to a masonry surface.”

BIBLIOGRAPHY •  The Free Online Dictionary 2009, Farlex, viewed 9 September 2013,

Journal Week 6  

Lachlan Hine #640990 Constructing Environments University of Melbourne

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