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Tutorial Week  10  –  Lachlan  Hine     Materiality:     There  is  a  large  amount  of  concrete  used  in   the  construction  of  the  Oval  pavilion,   however  timber  was  also  used  in  the   framing,  as  was  steel  beams.  The  steel   beams  were  also  encased  in  timber  in  some   instances,  mainly  when  the  steel  was  used   as  diagonal  bracing  in  the  walls.     There  was  also  a  large  wall  which  had   already  been  constructed  and  used  wood  as   an  aesthetic  choice;  it  had  been  coated  with   burnt  larch  to  create  a  striking  effect.       Function:     This  building  will  be  used  as  a  sports  club   of  sorts.  The  basement  down  the  bottom   will  be  used  to  house  the  home  and  away   sports  teams,  whilst  the  function  room/bar     upstairs  will  be  used  by  spectators  and  will   no  doubt  be  able  to  be  hired  out  by  various   clubs  or  people  who  wish  to  use  it.       Architectural  Elements:     There  was  a  large  section  of  the  structure   which  had  been  designed  as  an   architectural  vocal  point,  serving  little   point  except  to  work  as  a  sort  of   ventilation  shaft  (which  couldn’t  have   been  done  using  a  less  ostentatious   design).     Another  architectural  element  of  the   pavilion   was  the   decision  to  use   wood  as  a  way   of  ‘decorating’   the  exterior   concrete,  which  was  poured  in  situ.  This  allowed  the   exposed  concrete  to  have  a  different  texture  when   compared  to  polished  concrete.       Structural     Steel     Frame          

Structural Elements:     A  steel  frame  was  used   throughout  the  building   as  it  was  quick  to   construct  (took  only   approx.  3  days),  and  is   extremely  strong.  As   mentioned  previously  in   the  materiality,  timber   is  also  used  throughout   as  a  part  of  the  primary   structure,  and  was  used  significantly  in  the  roof  as  wooden  bracing.          

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