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This is a student project by Liam Heneghan, not a real website.

Fed-Ex Cup The Fed-Ex Cup is a way of determining who had the best year on the PGA Tour. Each tournament has a certain amount of Fed-Ex points on the line. Most tournaments aren’t worth that many points, but the major tournaments are worth the most. Normally the winner of the Fed-Ex Cup wins at least one of the four majors. The Fed-Ex Cup isn’t won by just having the most points though. There is a tournament at the end of the year where they take the top 10 players and put them up against each other and who ever wins gets an incredible amount of points. 90% of the time whoever wins this finale tournament is the one who ends up having the most points. So even if you’re in tenth place at the beginning of this tournament you can still win adn even if you’re in first you may come in tenth.

This is a student project by Liam Heneghan, not a real website.

Fed-Ex Leaders 1. J. Walker 2. D. Johnson 3. P. Reed 4. B. Watson 5. H. English 6. C. Kirk 7. W. Simpson 8. Z. Johnson 9. R. Moore 10. K. Stadler 11. J. Spieth 12. G. DeLaet 13. J. Day 14. J. Senden 15. K. Na 16. B. Stuard 17. R. Palmer 18. G. Woodland 19. R. Henley

Majors There are 4 total Majors in the PGA. Each mean an incredible amount of points towards the Fed-Ex Cup. Majors are worth a lot more than just the points the players earn. It’s about pride and having your name going on the trophy. Who ever wins one of these majors will never be forgotten. The 4 Majors are called, The Masters, The PGA Championship, The British Open and The U.S. Open. There have been very few people to ever win all these tournaments at least once and that’s what makes these tournaments extremely difficult. Everybody in the field are doing their best to win and have either their name put on the trophy, jug or have the Green Jacket put on.

Unlike most sports there isn’t just one huge championship. There may be one end goal, but that championship is nothing compared to all of the Majors that they have to play first. Even though there is more on the line when the FedEx Cup is on people prefer watching the Majors over that. You can tell by just looking at how many viewers each tournament got that most people prefered things like The Masters, British Open, U.S. Open, and PGA Championship over the Fed-Ex Cup. If you look back in history not many people payed attention to who won the Fed-Ex Cup. It’s all about who won the Majors and how many times they won. The don’t call Jack Nicholaus the best golfer because he won a Fed-Ex Cup, but because how many Majors and tournaments he won.

This is a student project by Liam Heneghan, not a real website.

History of the PGA

The PGA originated in the early 1900’s when golf was just starting to become popular in the United States. Obviously golf was popular long before that but it never really explouded in popularity in the United startes until the 1917 PGA Championship which ended up being cancelled due to World War 1. After that people started craving golf and really wanted to not only play it, but watch the best in the world go up against each other. Golf became more and more popular and specific golfers started becoming celebrities and people thrived to be like them. This caused a boom for not only the

PGA but everything golf related. The first major celebrity in the PGA was Walter Hagen who pretty much refused to lose and had the attitude of a champion. In 1922, he went over to England and was the first American to win the British Open, which might not sound like a big deal, but this was a very proud moment in American history and made the British absolutely hate him. Being a born American and going to Britain and winning the British Open made the British feel like the got kicked in the teeth. They started protesting and started debating whether they should allow Americans into their tounament. This arguement was responsible for one of the most intresting tournaments to watch, the Ryder Cup. The Ryder Cup is a tournament where the United States goes up against the entire continent of Europe. America and Europe both pick their two captains and the captains choose their nations top players to go up against one of the opposing nation’s players.

This is a student project by Liam Heneghan, not a real website.

Golf... It’s the game of champions and the sport of gentlemen. The only way to be immortalized is to be remembered and having your name on the jug or having a green jacket will make you immortalized.

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