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Here are my design layouts for my magazine. I have taken influence from Armin Hofmann and Josef – Muller Brockman because these are the two artists that stood out to me when researching modernism. I like the relationship between the shapes and how the design is always very simple and minimal which backs up the fact less is more.

These are the masthead designs I came up with when experimenting for the magazine. All taking influence from Hofmann and Brockman, they are all simple in their design and I have concentrated on the clean lines and legibility of the type itself.

Here I have digitalised some of my favourite mastheads. They are simple and effective the bottom masthead is my favourite one because it reflects Hofmann’s style perfectly, it is also versatile and would fit into any magazine design even with different colours.

Magazine Research

I first started to look at Vogue magazine which is obviously a worldwide fashion magazine. I wanted to take a look at the mastheads and see how versatile they are. Vogue is also very simplistic with it’s masthead so it could be used throughout every design. They change the colours depending on what season it is, and how the model is styled, also depending on the image and how much it stands out it is either placed over the masthead or underneath it.

i-D Magazine

I have researched also into i-D magazine. The masthead intrigued me on this magazine because they constantly change the colour of it and change it to either vertical or horizontal depending on the image and the composition of the text and image together. This informs me that my masthead can be versatile and I could change the colour and position and it would still have the same effect on the audience.

Layout of Magazines

These are just random layouts from different magazines. I wanted to explore different layouts and how images were placed in conjunction with the images, the majority of the text is justified and the images are well spaced out.

Masthead Experimentation

I have picked some existing magazine designs that are designed by Josef Muller Brockmann. I have taken some ideas from the previous magazine research and have changed the colour of the masthead to fit in with the design cover and you can see it is versatile, I have also changed the orientation of the masthead as well depending on the image.

Final Design

I have used this for my final design, I have swayed towards the more modernist approach for the magazine as I believe design should look clean, minimal, legible and straight to the point. This designed is again influenced by Josef Muller Brockmann who I greatly enjoyed researching in this project. I have overlapped the masthead and sub heading using contrasting colours however it is still legible and then used a darker more subtle colour for the less important parts of the cover.

Research into Modernism/Postmodernism  

Hudgraphic, Modernism, 2014, Lauren Hebb