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the annual festival in the town of Mohacs at the end of winter. Every February, the people of Mohacs hold a carnival to expel the depression of winter and celebrate the coming of spring. They do it in an unusual way – by dressing up in traditional sheepskin costumes and wearing demonic horned masks. It may be unnerving, but the idea is to expel the evil spirits of winter and clear the way for a mild and fertile spring. The other thing that defines Mohacs is the mighty battle fought

fascinating towns and regions along the way. As well as the obvious showstoppers such as Vienna and Budapest, she can show you the highlights of lesser known destinations such as St Polten in Austria and Novy Sad in Serbia. The aim is to put together a unique itinerary to suit a small group of friends or family members, and create memories that will last a lifetime. And if there are any fans of fish soup in the group, Zsuzsanna knows the perfect place to go.

there in 1526 to halt the Turkish advance into Europe. The town’s castle serves as a permanent reminder of its heroic past, but the traditions of the region really come alive when you encounter the local people celebrating their culture. Zsuzsanna takes a concierge’s approach to organising her tours with a personal itinerary that’s tailored to the group’s interests. One tour might be structured around food and wine, another might focus on culture and history, while a third could be centred on nature and sightseeing. As Zsuzsanna says, “we go to places that are special for that particular group. If the group falls in love with a place and wants to stay for another day, that’s no problem. We have the flexibility to change itineraries and re-arrange the schedule.” The Danube is a mighty river, flowing through southern

About Tasteful Tours Tasteful Tours is a boutique tour operator that organises unique, tailored tours for very small groups (maximum six people). Flexible itineraries are structured around the group’s interests, with a focus on authentic cultural experiences and discovering the ‘hidden gems’ of each region. The Tasteful Tours experience includes fine dining, five-star accommodation in selected hotels, and a personal concierge-style guide. Tasteful Tours guides do not receive any commission from local service providers, which helps ensure an original and bespoke experience. Visit

Germany, Austria, Hungary, Serbia, Romania and Bulgaria on its way to the Black Sea. Zsuzsanna is an expert on the many

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