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Building Upon Our Mission

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To extend the healing ministry of Jesus Christ, the Incarnate Word

Incarnational Spirituality ◦ Compassion, and Respect


◦ Diversity and Dignity


◦ Relationship/Collaboration, Community Focus, Responsiveness


◦ Holistic, Systemic Change, Stewardship

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Relationships are at the forefront Emphasis on empowerment of and respect for the poor and marginalized Promote self-sufficiency and sustainability among agencies, not dependence Create a learning environment Provide access to other resources and opportunities for agencies

Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word, San Antonio

Sale of Incarnate Word Hospital

Creation of the Incarnate Word Foundation






St. Louis City and surrounding Missouri counties

Outstate Missouri

East St. Louis

Given limited resources, what is our response to rural Missouri?

Funded in such areas as domestic violence, children, immigration, ex-offenders, outstate Missouri

Disbursed more than $13 million in grants over 12 years.

Conducted numerous educational programs

Led collaborative efforts with other funders

Served as conduit for federal funds and formed relationships with both Bush and Obama administrations Facilitated investments in St. Louis by national funders, e.g. Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Sphere of Synergy


Sunset Areas of Focus

o o

How do IWF grantees interrelate? How can grantees be strategically aligned: o To carry out the mission o To foster sustainability

o To allow for shared learning o To gain momentum

o To encourage collaboration

o To achieve synergy that improves and enhances services to those in need

Senior Services



North St. Louis

East St. Louis

Domestic Violence



Benton Park West

How does the foundation add value? How do we balance limited financial resources and potential?

Are there new partnerships we need to develop?

What new resources should we be exploring?

Foundation does provide funding to new/innovative projects that may be outside the spheres of synergy but have the potential to strengthen communities and empower the poor Collaborative grantmaking also falls into this category

Specialized tools and technical assistance ◦ to support the spheres of synergy ◦ To assist sunset and maintenance agencies to remain sustainable through: o o o o o o

Grant Programs Board Enhancement Program Micro-Lending Linkages between agencies and other funders Equipment Purchases Specialized Programs

Promotion of the Charism ◦ CCVI Leadership Dialogues ◦ Social Justice Issues

Development of Learning Partnerships ◦ Grantee-driven education  Agencies share expertise

Support for external programming related to technical expertise

◦ Support educational programs provided by Gateway Center for Giving, Nonprofit Services Consortium, etc. rather than devote IWF staff to organizing that programming

Increased use of social media ◦ Build support for mission ◦ Develop constituency interested in IWF grantees and social justice ◦ Promote involvement ◦ Communicate the CCVI charism

Relate Advocacy Grants and support for advocacy initiatives to the spheres of synergy

Work toward systemic change

Avoid involvement on issues that are tangential

Develop a Social Justice sub-group to consider

requests for sponsorship of social justice advocacy or educational programming

Application Process  

Submit letter of inquiry After a preliminary review, additional information may be requested Applications reviewed by grant review committee in August and October Funds awarded in December 2010

Calendar 

July 15 Deadline for applications for Youth, Senior, Education applications September 15 Deadline for East St. Louis and North St. Louis applications September 30 Notification on Youth, Senior, and Education applications December 20 Notification on East St. Louis and North St. Louis applications December 20 Disbursement of grant funds

2010 Grant Application Presentation  

presentation used in June 3rd Meeting at St. Vincent's Church

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