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Fresno Covenant Foundation 2006 Annual Report

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Fresno Covenant Foundation 2006 Annual Report

Table of Contents Message from the Executive Director Board of Directors 2006 Programs Best of 2006 Tree of Knowledge Book Drive Back to the Fifties Donald G. Larson Award for Community Excellence Best Non-Profit of 2006 Race to Read Tribute to a Dear Friend 2006 Volunteers 2006 Contributions Administrative Staff Financial Summary

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Artwork by Isabel Gaxiola 2

Fresno Covenant Foundation 2006 Annual Report

Looking back on last year, I’m humbled to see what was accomplished at FCF in one year’s time. In 2006, we reaffirmed our mission and began our first strategic planning process. It was last year, that we had the highest funding and personnel resources, enabling us to offer more services to empower our children and their families. It was last year that we had a chance to assist other small organizations to grow so we can all better serve our community. No matter what accomplishments have been made, our Board, volunteers and staff remain dedicated to honoring our record of effectiveness while maintaining our history of integrity and exceptional services for the people we serve. In 2007, we move forward with a well defined mission - to empower children and families to achieve productive self-reliant lives. We move toward the unforeseen challenges and opportunities that await us. I’m looking forward to another successful year for the Fresno Covenant Foundation, but the true measure of that success will come as more parents have a chance to see their children realize their own . In 2007, I invite you to continue with us on this journey of developing potential and hope for the children in our community.


Fresno Covenant Foundation 2006 Annual Report

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AT&T External Affairs


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Fresno Covenant Foundation 2006 Annual Report

2006 P r o g r a m H i g h l i g h t s

Tutoring Program

Parent Involvement

Early Childhood Education

Health Health Education

College Prep

Empowering Children and Families to Achieve Productive, H i g h l i gSelf-Reliant h t Lives s 5

Fresno Covenant Foundation 2006 Annual Report

T u t o r i n g P r o g r a m The Fresno Covenant Foundation’s first program was our literacy tutoring program. The program started in 1999 with 30 students and has grown to over 500 students daily. It is common for children to enroll in the program who are 1-5 grade levels behind. The goal of the tutoring program is for a child who is enrolled in the program for 6 months or longer, to improve by at least 1 grade level in reading and comprehension. To monitor their progress, each child's reading level is assessed every nine weeks. People from all adult generations come to one of our tutoring sites to read with children. The goal is to give children the individual and small group help they need to improve and be able to read at grade level. Volunteers can work with a child 1-4 times per week, for 1-2 hours (based on the volunteer’s availability). FCF operates five tutoring sites throughout Fresno, five days per week, for three hours per day. Based on FCF’s experience working with struggling readers, FCF (with the guidance and support of teachers and reading specialists) created a curriculum that is available for use by the tutors.


• In 2006, over 700 children were enrolled in FCF’s tutoring program. • 70% of the children who were enrolled for 6 months or longer improved by at least 1 grade level in reading.

Fresno Covenant Foundation 2006 Annual Report

P a r e n t I n v o l v e m e n t Child success is the goal of all of FCF programs and the Parent Involvement Program was designed based on research which shows greater parental involvement correlates with student achievement and success. The Parent Involvement Program works with parents on practical educational issues that they encounter when their child is struggling in school. Parents learn how to navigate the school system, how to work with their child’s teacher, and how to create a home environment that will help their child learn. We work with parents through classes, workshops, one-on-one meetings, and in-home visits. The centerpiece of The Parent Involvement Program is an RV (recreational vehicle) that was transformed into a mobile classroom. This classroom on wheels allows us to provide training in locations convenient for parents, such as apartment complexes, churches, supermarkets, and other non-profit organizations. Our parent trainers are also sent to a variety of locations throughout Fresno and provide workshops in parents’ native languages. Since 2003 The Parent Involvement Program has been funded by a federal grant. 2007 will be the final year of federal funding for this program. FCF plans to continue the needed program through other streams of funding from both grants and community support.


• In 2006, The Parent Involvement Program, was evaluated by CREAD (a research firm of California State University, Fresno). Children of the 13,000 parents who have participated in the program (from 2003-2006) on average scored significantly better on their English Language Arts and Mathematics standardized test scores than those children of parents who have not attended our training.

Fresno Covenant Foundation 2006 Annual Report

E a r l y C h i l d h o o d “A parent is a child’s first teacher” is the philosophy of FCF’s Early Childhood Education program. FCF uses PAT (Parents As Teachers) for the Early Childhood Education Program. PAT is a nationally-recognized, research-based program, deemed an effective program for children aged zero to five years and their parents. This program was started when it was recognized that the children in the tutoring program wouldn’t be as far behind if they had started learning before they started school. This Early Childhood Education program includes home visits, group meetings, and health screenings, with curriculum that focuses on educating parents about their children’s development. This program focuses mainly on nurturing young children and educating their parents.


• In 2006, 200 children ages 0-5 were enrolled in the Fresno Covenant Foundation early childhood education program. • FCF’s staff conducted 2,139 home visits for families with children 0-5 years old, to mentor the parents on how to help their child’s development and prepare the children to start school.

Fresno Covenant Foundation 2006 Annual Report

H e a l t h E d u c a t i o n A n d R e s e a r c h FCF’s Health Program was expanded in 2006 with funds from California Endowment. FCF conducted a Community Health Assessment with the parents we work with, in the Fresno and Firebaugh communities. The purpose was to identify areas of health concern most prevalent within these households, for the purpose of raising awareness and promoting health advocacy within their own families and communities. FCF is also conducting research on adolescent overweight/obesity in an attempt to reduce ineffective parenting strategies, thus increasing practical knowledge about how to prevent unhealthy eating habits. Poor health can easily harm a child’s education, but is often overlooked as a cause of drain on a child’s energy, attention span and brain function. From this program and future research, FCF plans to build our capacity to more effectively respond to community health concerns by addressing the identified needs and becoming a leader in changing unhealthy behaviors among the children and families in our community.


• In 2006, FCF completed a comprehensive, Community Needs Health Assessment. • FCF was highlighted in the study as an organization that is actively providing health education to promote healthy lifestyles among families in Fresno.

Fresno Covenant Foundation 2006 Annual Report

C o l l e g e

P r e p

The College Preparation Program is one of Fresno Covenant Foundation’s newest programs. Through this program we provide high school freshmen at Firebaugh High School with practical, hands-on workshops and activities in preparing for college. The students named their club - The Eagles College Club. Activities include career planning, guest speakers, and field trips to colleges and universities. The goal of the College Preparation Program is to increase the number of students who go on to attend college. In September, FCF brought motivational speakers Richard Santana and Guillermo Lopez from “Homeboy Goes to Harvard Productions” to Firebaugh High School to speak to the students about the importance of college. Using personal stories and struggles, Richard, a former gang member who changed his life around and went on to get his Masters Degree from Harvard, encouraged the students to stay in school and attend college.


• 60 High School Freshmen signed up to participate in the College Prep Program. • In 2006, the Fresno Covenant Foundation took students to tour Fresno Pacific College, California State University, Fresno, University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), and Stanford University.

Fresno Covenant Foundation 2006 Annual Report

H i g h l i g h t s

Parents of the children in the tutoring program pulled together to raise money for the tutoring program.

FCF was recognized at the White House Conference for Faith Based and Community Initiatives.

B e s t

FCF offices got a much needed makeover. Thank you to the volunteers who helped paint and clean.

o f

Fresno Covenant Foundation was honored by Union Bank’s Salute to Small Business Award as the Best Non-Profit for 2006.

2 0 0 6 11

Thank you to everyone who donated and helped us reach our goal of raising $50,000 in honor of Executive Director Luis Santana’s 50th Birthday.

Morgan Brown, Assistant Secretary of the US Department of Education visited Fresno to host a statewide Educational Summit in partnership with FCF.

FCF was highlighted in Healthy Fresno Study as an organization who is actively providing health education to answer the health needs of Fresno.

Fresno Covenant Foundation 2006 Annual Report

May 1-21, Fresno Covenant Foundation was blessed by the very generous effort of Scott and Liesl Garner, owners of Garner Tree Services, who launched the Tree of Knowledge Book Drive to collect books for the children of the FCF tutoring program. With support from the Women’s Chamber of Commerce, Citi Financial, Grandma’s All Natural Vegetable and Herb Nursery, an entire group of Mary Kay representatives, the school children of Mickey Cox Elementary in Clovis, the Fresno Falcons and countless others, 8,736 books were collected to give to the children in the tutoring program. Through this effort, we were able to provide 15 books for each of the 500 students we tutor, to take home and keep. Not only were we able to collect books for our children, the drive also brought some wonderful attention from our local media. FCF’s programs were highlighted on the radio, on television, and in Bill McEwen’s column in The Fresno Bee. This kind of positive media attention does amazing things for our organization, our fundraising efforts, and our ongoing drive to bring in new volunteers. Our most sincere appreciation goes out to the Garners and all those who participated to help support FCF.


Fresno Covenant Foundation 2006 Annual Report

Back to the Fifties, June 06 In June, the Fresno Covenant Foundation (FCF) celebrated a special occasion. Our Executive Director, Luis Santana, turned 50 and we celebrated in a big way. All donations made in honor of Luis were doubled by an anonymous donor. Luis’ birthday was celebrated with a dinner, dance, live and silent auction, all to benefit the FCF tutoring program. Despite the 108 degree heat, a great crowd turned out and over $50,000 was raised in honor of Luis’ birthday. Thank you to everyone who braved the heat and came out in support. Artwork by Steve Parra, The Fresno Bee

The most important part of the evening was having a chance to turn the spotlight on Luis and honor him for the tremendous contribution he’s made to our community. Luis has dedicated his life to empowering people. In the 7 ½ years that FCF has been in existence, Luis’ expertise and his vision has taken FCF from a small tutoring program with 30 children, to a well respected organization that has served over 3,000 children and over 10,000 parents in the greater Fresno area. Because of Luis’ emphasis on results, the Fresno Covenant Foundation has been recognized by the White House Initiative on Faith and Community Based Organizations, and the United States Department of Education. Chairman Eric Johnson and the Board of Directors surprised Luis by presenting him with Fresno Covenant Foundation’s first ever Donald G. Larson Award for Excellence.

Thank you to all who donated to help us reach our $50,0000 goal.


Fresno Covenant Foundation 2006 Annual Report

Donald G. Larson Award for Community Excellence


Donald G. Larson was one of 12 cofounders and one of the first persons who passionately supported the cause that Fresno Covenant Foundation embraced - to empower children and families to achieve productive, self-reliant lives, by, among other things, developing effective programs to ensure the academic achievement of Fresno's student population. The Fresno Covenant Foundation Community Excellence Award was established with the purpose of recognizing people who have made a unique, significant and long term contribution to the mission of FCF. In 2006 the award was renamed in honor of Donald G. Larson for his unmatched support of FCF. In June, Luis Santana was the first person to be awarded the Donald G. Larson Award for Community Excellence.

Donald G. Larson served as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Fresno Covenant Foundation for the first six years of the organization’s existence. Donald G. Larson has been a long term contributor of time and finances to help actualize the mission of the Fresno Covenant Foundation. H has believed in Fresno Covenant Foundation from the beginning and his support has been unwavering through all the usual struggles a blossoming organization encounters. Donald G. Larson has demonstrated lifelong commitment to education, not only through his service to Fresno Covenant Foundation but also through his 40 years of service to our community as a Professor at Fresno City College. Don has been a strong local voice for education and has demonstrated excellence in promoting the academic success of all students. for these and many other reasons the Fresno Covenant Foundation wants to formally and permanently recognize Donald G. Larson for his outstanding service and support of this organization. as of June 23, 2006, the Fresno Covenant Foundation Community Excellence Award has been renamed the


Fresno Covenant Foundation 2006 Annual Report


Best Non-Profit of 06 In September 2006, Fresno Covenant Foundation was honored to receive the Salute to Small Business award for Best Non-Profit by Union Bank of California. On September 28th a gala awards luncheon was held to honor the winners and feature a keynote speech by Fred Ruiz, co-founder and chairman of Ruiz Foods. Organized by Union Bank of California in partnership with educational, government and industry partners, Salute to Small Business recognized small businesses. Thank you to Union Bank for choosing Fresno Covenant Foundation as the Best Non-Profit for 2006. Salute to Small Business Award Winners

Union Bank, Salute to Small Business By


Fresno Covenant Foundation 2006 Annual Report

Race to Read at New Covenant Church In October, New Covenant Church held their first ever to benefit Fresno Covenant Foundation (FCF). Members of the church pulled together to collect and raise money for FCF’s programs. New Covenant Church organized a 2-mile non-competitive walk/run, for adults and a children’s race. Two-time Olympic Medallist Mark Crear came out to encourage the racers and kick off the event. Complete with entertainment, healthy snacks for the participants, vendor booths, and bounce houses, the was a great success. A huge to Pastor Jan VanOosten, Marilyn Wilburn and the New Covenant Community Church staff and congregation for organizing this fun event to help children and families at the Fresno Covenant Foundation.

Thank you for Collecting 1 Mile of Books for FCF 16

Fresno Covenant Foundation 2006 Annual Report


Tr i b u t e to a

D e a r Fr i e n d The word hero is a term that is used very loosely in our day. The media portrays many kinds of heroes, from the person who rescues a kitty from a tree, to a solder killed in service in Iraq. A hero’s definition can vary from generation to generation and person to person. Sometimes, politicians, soldiers, firefighters, police officers, doctors, nurses and teachers make up a hero’s list for a middle age or senior person. A famous sports player, a rap singer and sometimes a gang leader tend to make the hero’s list of most of our younger generations. Parents are mentioned less and less as heroes. The definition of a true hero is getting blurred as time goes on. For me, a hero is someone who I can look up to as model of a person I want to emulate. In 2006, I lost a hero in my life, my dear friend Eleanor Swenson. I met Eleanor when she was just 77 years young. Most of us consider this a good age to begin slowing down, but not Eleanor. In the last 15 years she taught me more about how to live than I had learned in my previous 35 years. This past February, one month short of her 92nd birthday, was when she was called to meet her Maker. Eleanor was an amazing person, up to the very end. Eleanor’s memory seemed to get even better with age. At age 89, she decided that a typewriter wasn’t for her any more, and she went out and bought a

In Loving Memory of Eleanor Swenson


computer and learned how to use it! Eleanor drove her own car and lived in her house by herself until the end of her life. In hindsight, I wish I had told her more how much I appreciated all I learned from her and with her. She wasn’t rich but she believed in the work of Fresno Covenant Foundation (FCF) and is the person who made the largest financial donation, although I never asked her for any donation. Eleanor was a teacher who loved teaching but decided to take early retirement to take care of her elderly mother until the end. At age 85 she became a tutor at FCF. Math was her favorite subject. After a few years tutoring FCF’s children, she needed to have a second hip surgery, making it impossible for her to drive to FCF. I told her that it was probably time to stop tutoring her 6th grade student, but giving up was not in Eleanor’s vocabulary. She decided to continue tutoring this girl at her home. Within six months Eleanor had brought the girl to her grade level in math. Later on, I learned from the girl’s mother that Eleanor provided much more than math skills to her daughter. In the last two years, Eleanor took the role of my advisor. She had a soft voice forcing me to listen attentively for her wisdom. I already miss our long conversations over a cup of coffee and a plate of delicious Swedish cookies she made. Farewell my friend and hero, I will see you again when my Maker calls me as well. By Luis Santana

Fresno Covenant Foundation 2006 Annual Report

Thank you to our volunteers for your wealth of

CARING Adams, Patricia Agao Lisa Aguilar, Janet Alarcon, Reyna Alves, Manoella Amodei, Juli Arambula, Blanca Arambula, Daisy Arvizu, Annette Aquino-Sanchez, Jose Barker, Debbie Bautista, Nereida Belken, Steven Benito, Lucina Berumen,Guillermo Blevens, Ken Blevens, Peggy Boling, Brad

Boling, Jan Bowman, Judy Brar, Harinder Brietigam, Lynnette Brietigam, Pat Brietigam, Susan Brotnov, Mariette Buttici, Adua Cadena, Jose Calderon, Maria Calderon, Rafael Camp, Katie Carolan, Becky Carolan, Scott Castillo, Monica Castro, Pricilla Cerna, Mayra Chaidez, Cynthia

Cisneros, Vianney Cook, Karen Cook, Rocky Crabb, Tanya Crocker, Robert Crumpler, Sophia Darnell, Bernice Dewitt, Nora Dews, MaryAnn Dorado, Luis Douer, Caroline Duke, Mary Durley, Leif Durley, Madison Echeveste, Yvett Emrany,Amy Fathil, Fariza Fedele, Stephen Flores, Dalilah Forrest, Alan Forrest, Carol Framberger, Nicole Fridolfs, Linda Fridolfs, Ted Furnas, Linda Galant, Larry Gallegos, Jessica Gallegos, Vanessa Gandenberger, Emily Gandenberger, Sue Garcia, Michael Garcia, Tony Garner, Liesl

In 2006, The Fresno Covenant Foundation was truly blessed with community support. The number of volunteers increased 59% from the previous year and volunteers outnumbered our full-time staff 14 to 1. Volunteers are the heart of FCF and we appreciate and value the richness you bring to the children and families we serve. You continue to inspire and motivate our board and staff and our hats are off to our 203 volunteers for giving your time to help empower children and families to achieve productive, self-reliant lives in 2006.


Vo l u n t e e r s 18

Fresno Covenant Foundation 2006 Annual Report

. ~Amanda Sousa ~Kevin Mensees

~Elizabeth Olivera Garvin, Brett Garvin, Liz Gaxolia, Isabel Ghazarian, Dalita Gipson, Sue Gonzalez, Celia Gonzalez, Eugenia Gooddel, Marge Gulack, Susan Halstead, Dode Hammel, Beverly Harris, Arlene Hartsfield, Rebecca Hayes, Richard Hayes, Hazel Heisdorf, Joseph Hendrickson, Courtney Heth, Dave Hooghkirk, Shawn Hoover, Nadia Horn, Rhonda Hughes, Barbara Huston, Becky Ibarra, Guadalupe Jamison, Julie Jean-Pierre, Valerie Johal, Anita Johnson, Barb Johnson, Marj Jones, Jeff Judd, Floyd

Kalashian, Marissa King, Prince Kramer, Janice Kratzer, Debra Kratzer, Maya Layne, Allen Leah, Paulette Lima, Ashley Luna, Laura Magnuson, Bill Magnuson, Brenda Malkasian, Blossom Mann, David Mann, Jennifer Mares, Chris Marsh, Stephanie McBrien ,Laura McFarlin, Christopher Moua, Katie Murphy, Adair Navarro, Sonia Nickel, Rosalie Nielson, Janice Nolan, Terron Nunes, Laurel Nunes, Laure O'Neil, Dolores Osborne, Deborah Paredes, Veronica Parks, Roberta Parra, Alexandra Peaslee, Dee Pelcastre, Ruben

Penford, Randyl Perry, Adrianne Phimphila, Jesse Phet Phouvong, Tina Placencia, Tara Platas, Claudia Powers, Violet Rader, Monica Raines, Christina Ramirez, Esperanza Raso, Vanessa Relph, John Relph, Margie Riffel, Brent Rin, Sarah Rodriguez, Nelly Rosales, Kelly Saetern, Mai Sahota, Maninder Saldana, Karen Sanchez, Jason Sanchez, Jose Sawaske, Linda Scotfield, John Scott, Rachael Silberman, Ronna Siedentopf, Rachel Sieperta, Pete Silva-Potts, Margarita Silveira, Barbara Simmons, Ida Smith, Connie Smith-McClurg, Flo Smith Martha Smith, Wayne Sorensen, Dennis

Sorensen, Duane Sorensen, Linda Soria, Eric Soria, JoAnn Soria, Marie Spano, Darlene Stiltz, Susan Tanner, Susan Terry, Juanita Turner, Nick Turney, Stephanie Vang, Leah Vang, Mai N Vang, Mai Kao Bao Vang, Pao Vang, Xee Varaitch, Bhupinder Waggoner, Chanel Warnert, Carole Weber, Dave Weinberg, Helen Weldon, Miranda Wilson, Tiffany Witthoft, Chuck Witthoft, Sue Wray, Angela Xiong, Kee Xiong, Thao Van Buskirk, John VanBuskirk, Maria Vang, Jue Vu, Bhupinder Yang, Vongni Zamarripa, Urben Zall, Cheri


Volunteers 19

Fresno Covenant Foundation 2006 Annual Report

Thank you

Saetern, Kao & Mai Spano, Stanley & Darlene Swahn, Suzanne

to all those who continue to


Don Larson Luis Santana Emily Cobb Carol Larson Eleanor Swenson

California Endowment US Dept. of Education Firebaugh- Las Deltas Unified School Dist Citi Financial United Way Of Fresno County

In 2006 community support increased by 57%. Our most sincere appreciation go to the donors listed here. Thank you for continuing to invest in our children.

GAP Foundation Hanratty, Linda L. Larson, Don


Dews, Mary Ann Eagles College ClubFirebaugh High school Gipson, Bob & Sue Lions Club- South Fresno New Covenant Community Church Soria, Matilda Sunnyside Raquet Club Balderama, Olga Bowman, Gordon & Judy Brietigam, George & Lynette Carlson, Erik & Janet Christensen, Rev. Richard & June Freeman, Charles & Kathleen Garner Tree Services Johanson Family Trust Johnson, Eric & Pam Johnson, Milt & Marj Marshall, Patty Moradian, Phil & Judie Nelson, Richard & Lola Parent Fundraiser Person, Lorraine

Airport Optimist Club AT&T Baker, Peterson & Franklin, CPA, LLP Blevens, Ken & Peggy Brengelman, Dr. Fred Bronze, Maria Butler, Shirley Caire, John & Eleanor East Financial CFC United Way Gajarian, Ron Grandma's All Natural Vegetable Market Halstead, Dora Hayes, Dick & Hazel Heth, Dave & Sue Huey, Ann E. Milevoj, Emil Mouanoutoua, Mouaber & Kristen Murphy, Adair Owen, Barbara Peaslee, Dee M. Peterson, Mark

Fresno Covenant Foundation 2006 Annual Report

Thank you to all those who continue to


Santana, Luis Smith-McClurg, Florence Suarez, Edwin & Cynthia Washington Mutual Bank

Allen, Ray & Alberta Alves, Gustavo & Manoella Bergstedt, Jeannette Best, Donald & Karin Boling Associates, Boling Jan & Brad Boyce, Dan & Teresa Brietigam, Susan Brown, H.B. Camp, Greg & Esther Carlson, Shirley M. Carolan, Scott & Rebecca Champion Chevrolet Coelho, Jim & Sue Diaz, Maria Elliott, Raymond & Donna First Covenant Church Flood, Elizabeth Flores, Rogelio & Flavia Forrest, Alan & Carol

Fridolfs, Ted & Linda Garabedian, Pete & Jean Gillroad Associates GMVV Enterprises, Inc. Hosford, Harlow & Barbara Hunt, Ron & Shirley Jack's Water Truck Service Jeffers, Wayne & Lynn Jimenez, Ofelia Jimmy's Sports World Johnson, Loretta & Raymond Kullberg, Bonnie League of Women Voters Lindstrom, Adalee Live 2 Build M G Construction Lund, James & Mary Magalhaes, Alvaro & Kristine Marks, Laura McCaffrey,Terry & Barbara McCaffrey, Chris & Lisa McReynolds, Lisa Mills, Pat & Nicole Morelock, JoAnne Nickel, Ted & Rosalie Ortiz, Christine Osborne, Deborah A.

Patino, Phillip & Shirley Peters, Ferd H. Pipes, Lloyd & Dorothy Powers, Violet Producers Dairy Foods Inc. Raymond, Galen Rice, Bill & Gina Satterberg, Ken Sawaske, Richard & Linda Scroggins, Carol Shouse, Marion G. Silveira, Robert & Barbara Smith, Wayne Spencer, Charles & Kay St. James's Episcopal Cathedral The Education Trust, Inc. The Fresno Bee Total Benefit Services, Inc. Vahlstrom, Lloyd & Eleanor Westersund, Karen Witthoft, Charles & Sue Wray, Tom & Angela Yagura, Hiroshi & Doris

Albertsons Anderson, D.M. Baker, Nelda Barr, Patricia Belton, Seasha Berg, Patricia & William Blue, Deborah Boling, Frances Brase, Alice Brown, G. Carpenter, Rachael Cavazos, Sally Cha, Shelly & Ser Chairez, Adriana Christiansen, Donna Marie Clemans, Elsie Cook, Jonathan Cook, Rev. Rocky & Karen Cotta, M. Dalton, Lila Darnell, Bill & Bernice Darnley, Rick & Beth Davenport, David Dealy, Virginia A Debenedetto, Hildegard Dias, Eileen Dorcas Guild of Pilgrim Armenian Church

Dougherty, Tom & Mara Dunn, Aleta Elm, Majorie E. Florentino, Michael & Heidi Galvins, Sally M Ganimian, Sammy & Paula Golden, Carolyn Gonley-Santoyo, Amanda Gregory, Dennis & Nice Griffiths, Julie K Grogg, Biana Haslip, Michael Herrera, Leslie Herrera, Maria Heyne, Peter & Cecilia Hightower, Linda Hogwood, Valarie & Daryl Hurst, Lynn & Diane Johnson, Philip & Evelyn Jolley, Amy Judd, Floyd & Sharon Juliana, Jane Anderson Katen, Greta Key Writing Concepts, Inc. King, Prince T Klees, Walt Kratzer, Debra Krebs, John & Hanna Kriegbaum, Richard & Peggi Ladd, Anthony & Yulia Larson, Evelyn


Donors 21

Fresno Covenant Foundation 2006 Annual Report

Thank you to all those who continue to


Board Chairman, Eric Johnson, speaking at the 2006 Fundraiser, in honor of Luis Santana’s 50th Birthday.

Larson, Jeff & Renee Lindstrom, Addie Loo, Larry & Sydney Lor, John Mann, Jerry & Jennifer Marshall, Ann Martin, Cleo Martinez, Veronica & Everardo Mayse, Ann D Mims, Gary & Margaret Miranda, Anthony Moens, Randy & Monica Moreno, Reggie & Manuel Moreno, Suzanne Nitschke, David & Faith Nunes, Geila M. Oceguera, Laura Oetken, Bob Ohare, Michael Padgett, Carla Raines, Rev. Carlos & Carol Richardson, Shane Riffel, Brent & Lorinda Rodriguez, Marisol Romo, Stella Ryle, Jackie

Salas, Kriztian Salvo, Noreen R Shaheen, Charles & Cynthia Sitthi, John & Num Skidmore, Dorothy Skoglund, Donald & Gloria Smith, Bobby & Linda Smith, George Soennichsen, Dennis Sorensen, Dennis & Linda Soria, Frank & Jo Ann Soria, Marie St. Louis, Timothy & Vivian Stith Living Trust Swahn, Vivian Swan, Divonna Terry, Juanita Thornton, Jon & Staci Tjerrild, Diane Vandenberg-Silva, Mary Villescas, Paul & Barbara Vitale, Joanna & Craig Vonflue, Marlene Walker, Myra Williams, Sharon & Warren Wolf, Yvonne Xiong, Nzong Yang, Gona Yescas, Maria


Donors 22

Fresno Covenant Foundation 2006 Annual Report

Luis Santana, MSW Executive Director

Jenny Brietigam, Community Connection Coordinator

Bob Gipson, Office Manager

Juan Ibarra, Health Research Coordinator

Shane Richardson, Program and Resource Development

Kao Saetern, Bookkeeper

Bob Silveira, Finance Manager

Matilda Soria, EdM Program Director


Mark Peterson, Program and Resource Development

Fresno Covenant Foundation 2006 Annual Report





Salaries & Wages

Net Assets


Payroll Taxes


Insurance Health Coverage


Workers Compensation




Evaluator Expense


Rent, Utilities, Phone




Training Expense/Travel


Government Grants


Contractual Funds


Foundation Grants


Individual Donations & Fundraising Revenue


Business Grants Misc Revenue

Total Revenue

9,083 32,284

Insurance - RV



Fundraising Expense




Other (Audit, Equipment, Printing, Postage)



Expense Summary

Program = 91.72% Administration = 8.28%

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Reading And Beyond AR2006  

Annual Report 2006