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Tanki Online World Cup

ιмαgιиє fιgнтιиg ιи тαикι σиℓιиє, иσт ‫נ‬υѕт fσя уσυяѕєℓf, вυт fσя тнє тєαм. иσт ‫נ‬υѕт тσ gαιи мσяє ¢яуѕтαℓѕ fσя уσυяѕєℓf, вυт αℓѕσ тσ gαιи ρяι∂є αи∂ gℓσяу fσя уσυя тєαм. ωєℓℓ, тнαт ¢αи нαρρєи ιи ¢ℓαи ωαяѕ ιf уσυ αяє ιи α ¢ℓαи. But imagine being able to go one better. Imagine not only fighting for a team, but for your country as well! Surely that would be amazing - and now, there is a chance to do that! Coming up is the Tanki Online World Cup, a contest between countries all over the world. At the time of writing, there are still places available to fight – but they'll have been taken up by the time of publication. You all should have heard of the World Cup, though. And in this article, I’m going to talk to you guys about the World Cup and what it's going to consist of. I'll also do brief summaries of each week in the World Cup regularly posted in this thread. So who is taking part? First of all, there are 22 teams which are taking part. These come from all around the world. There are three from the Americas – USA, Jamaica, and Canada – and nineteen from the Eastern hemisphere. The ones in the Eastern Hemisphere contain none from Africa, and thus are divided between Europe and Asia/Australia. Saudi Arabia, India, Malaysia, Vietnam and Japan make the five Asian nations, to add to Australia and New Zealand from Oceania. The remaining twelve nations are all from Europe. In order of West to East, they are: Portugal, Great Britain, Holland, Italy, Germany, Poland, Estonia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Moldova, and Russia.

Alright, you said teams have closed applications. So why the fuss to me? Admittedly, some of you might notice how the World Cup has started and how the teams have stopped accepting players. If you are not in a team now, you cannot play in the World Cup. However, you should treat this as sport! Most of the battles will be streamed live on the Tanki Online World Cup stream, and you can follow the progress of your country's team as they go on! Support your team! Follow the results and laugh at the supporters of the teams that drop out early in the contest! What will happen in the World Cup? The World Cup, as you already should know, will be a battle between many different countries to gain supremacy for their nation in Tanki Online. Most World cups, in sports and the like, normally use knockout rounds. However, this World Cup is different. The Tanki World Cup will be done on a “last team standing” basis: that is, the last team to exit the competition wins. Let me explain further. What is going to happen is this: each country will all start with five so-called "factories", that apparently produce supplies for their team. At the start of each week, teams will receive extra supplies in the garage dependant upon the amount of factories that they have. Teams will then fight each other to try to take factories off one other, fighting each other in set battles where they “gamble” factories. The winning team will take the amount of factories that were gambled before the match from the other team. Once a team has no more factories that remain, they are out of the World Cup. The last team to survive, with factories remaining when all the others have none, will be the World Cup winners!

What are the exact rules for these battles? These battles must be battles between five participants on both teams. Supplies must be permitted, and each match will consist of 2 games each 35 minutes long. The team which captures more flags in both of the games combined are the winners. Protection paints will be allowed, as will every weapon. The battles will be in any of a certain pool of maps and can be at any time that the two team leaders for the teams involved agree upon. How can I follow the results of my country's team? Most teams will publish the times of their battles and their results on their thread in the Clans/Teams section of the forum. Follow each team's thread carefully if you want to watch out for your country. And what's for stake? Other than pride? 100,000 crystals and 2,000 supplies on offer – but the winner takes all! There is, according to the forum thread that announced the thread, no prizes for second position – nothing at all. It'll be winner takes all – the crystals, the supplies, and the pride. Just like in real war. So, that's all I have to introduce you to the World Cup for now, check in on this column for regular updates during the Cup itself! God bless, ~skitee~ *One of the countries which has a flag in the picture is not actually participating in the World Cup. There is also a fake paint which is not the same as any country's flag. Try to find the "fake" paints!

Interview with Clan leaders - PART ONE ιη тнє ℓαѕт ιѕѕυє, ι ωєηт тняσυgн ѕσмє ѕιмρℓє вαѕι¢ѕ αвσυт ωнαт ¢ℓαηѕ αяє αη∂ αηѕωєяє∂ ѕσмє ¢σммση qυєѕтισηѕ αвσυт тнєм. ιη тнιѕ ιѕѕυє αη∂ тнє ηєχт ƒєω, ι ωιℓℓ αттємρт тσ ιηтєяνιєω тнє ¢ℓαη ℓєα∂єяѕ σƒ ѕσмє σƒ тнє ¢ℓαηѕ αвσυт тнєιя ¢ℓαηѕ, ѕσ тнαт тнє ¢σммυηιту ¢αη ƒιη∂ συт мσяє αвσυт тнє ¢ℓαηѕ αη∂ ωнι¢н ¢ℓαη ιѕ ωнι¢н! In this article, I am going to interview the leaders of four/five of the most active English clans - Shadow Strikers, Dare Devils, Try To Stop, Domination Clan, and The IronClads. These clans have all existed for at least three months each, and are well entrenched into the English community. They are also the first stop for most English people who want to join a clan - so maybe you can find out a lot about a potential clan from this series of interviews! God bless, ~skitee~ Note: The interview with the DC leader was cut short abruptly.

First of all, I managed to interview ZMH00, the Leader of Clan Dare Devils, one of the stalwart clans of the English community. Here is what he had to say about his clan. skitee: Good day. Thank you for being able to take the time out to talk with me today. What is your callsign? ZMH00: ZMH00 S: And what is the Clan that you represent? Z: Dare Devils S: All right. So, about Dare Devils: What is your history? Were you the founder of Dare Devils, or was it someone else? Z: We have four founders for this clan. One of the founders created the Clan and the other three founders made Clan to improve. Thus, we have four founders to be strong clan. S: And who were the four founders?

Z: Molina, Kozayya, Afghani, phituankiet S: Ok. And why did you guys create your clan? What was the aim of the Clan when it was created? Z: When we created our clan, there was not many strong clans in english community. There was only one strong good Clan at that time (Shadow Strikers). We dreamed to make another strong Clan like SS. And we hoped to get stronger english clan. That was our dream for making our clan. S: So about SS: When DD was created, there was only one Clan - Shadow Strikers, which was by far and away the strongest Clan around. What would you say to help all the tankmen planning to create new clans but are put off by the strength of the clans at the moment? Z: I want to say that no one can help or no one can put off. Creating Clan is good for English Clan community. But it is not easy to create clan. As all know, many clans were created and closed just in one or two months. Just very few clans were survive and still stand for long time. So, I want to say that creating Clan is not that much easy and you have to rely yourself. No one can help you or no one can force you to die unless yourself. S: So what do you think was it that made your Clan succeed when other clans had failed? I remember those times, and I remember all of the other clans which were created to rival SS - none of them managed to succeed and all died fast. What was it, you think, about yourselves that managed you guys to succeed and still be around up till today? Z: We value loyalty more than any other aspect in a player. We prefer to get loyal member since we recruit new members. We got a lot of loyal members. That made our Clan improve and stand strong for a long time. We prefer to recruit new players rather than members of other clans. We recruited new players who had not much experience about clans. We took them to our clan. We taught them about Clan things and other. So we got their loyalty. For most members, DD was their first and last clan. S: So you say that loyalty is the most important thing about a Clan and what gave you success? That's certainly a very good virtue to have in a clan. Would you say that if you had to say one thing that set your Clan apart from all the others, that thing would be loyalty, or another aspect of your Clan life? If there was one thing different about DD from the other clans - from your perspective - what would it be? Z: Yeah. Loyalty gave us success. Another aspect thing is activity. We prefer active players who play a lot. If we saw strong active players who has loyal to our clan, we took them to clan. If they are really active, we can help them improve. They play and earn crystals to improve their garage. We also help them to earn. So they improve fast and we get strong, loyal members. S: Do you think that clans can survive with disloyal members? Z: Of course not. You need loyal members. The important thing to survive your Clan is having loyal members. Your Clan can't survive with disloyal members. They may leave your Clan one day, and your Clan may die that day. When one Clan is falling down, a lot of members leave this clan. We already saw some Clan members leaving same time. So

you need at least some loyal members. Everybody want to stay in strong clan. All want to stay in better place. What thing make them to stick in weak new clan? These things are loyalty, friendship, familiarity. We loved our clan, whether our Clan was strong or not. We wanted to make our Clan strong when we saw others were stronger than us. We didn't leave this Clan and didn't join to better clan. We just tried to make our Clan strong like them. If you get some members with this soul, you will surely get strong Clan one day. S: Mhmm. Earlier, you said that activity was important as well. How active do you consider "active" members to be? Z: We like active players who usually play four or five hours everyday, who come to chat everyday and play together with others. So we consider active. We got many active players who rank fast and who can earn many crystals in few months. S: Ok - that's certainly a long time for some people, and it's clear that you are a very ambitious clan. Having now been able to have caught up with SS and been equal with them in strength - according to most people in the community, it seems - do you have any further ambitions? Z: I have further ambition to be strong Clan in the whole tanki community. Our Clan is strong enough for english Clan community. But I want more. I want our Clan to be strong Clan for the whole Tanki community (Both russian and english clans). I want good Clan rating in Tanki official league and championship. We even hope to be champions one day. :D S: Ok, those are very big ambitions, and I wish you all luck in fulfilling them. It will certainly be a great thing for the English community if one of "our" clans manages to win a championship! For the short-time, however, do you have any clans which you have a strong rivalry with? Z: Yeah, we have strong rivalry with two clans. One is our good component Clan SS and one is our friend Clan TTS. They are also strong and they have good experience, skill, and other things like our Clan has. So we get them as our good competitors. There are other clans that will surely imrpove in future. They will also be our competitors. But for current situation, we like to compare with those two clans that have same strength with us. S: Uhuh, and I've noticed that when you have fights with TTS or SS, they are always close fights. I wish you all luck in defeating them in the future, and in defeating the Russian clans as well! As a final word, would you like to give any thanks to anybody who has benefitted your Clan greatly over the months? Z: I like to give thanks to all my members .Especially my friends Molina, Afghani, phituankiet, New_dude007 and BlackBoomb. We can't get strong Clan and we can't surive longer without these guys. We love each other like real family and we stick together for our clan. And thanks to all members who are loyal to our Clan and stick together with us long time. S: Thanks a lot for telling us a bit about your clan, and I wish you all luck for the future! Z: Thanks to you too. :)

Skitee: First of all, who are you? PhantomMeat: PhantomMeat S: And which clan are you from? P: ShadowStrikers S: Can you tell us a few sentences about your clan - your age, who you are, etc? P: Well we don't care who you like or who you don't like, if they are good and want to join the clan, we will approve majority of the time(ex: klerik). I personally am 16 years old been playing since 2009, my real name is Dwayne I am from Florida, USA. S: And what about your clan? How old is your clan? P: We are a fun bunch, screaming, threatening to slap each other time and time. ShadowStrikers was opened in 2009 it was named PhantomClan at first, it's been temp closed due to problems, if you subtract the times we've been temp closed it would be around 2yrs and a few months. S: Alright. What has caused you in that time to "temp close"? P: Mostly being inactive, I'm not a big fan of recruiting random people S: Ok. You mentioned earlier that your clan was created in 2009. Were there any English clans before your clan? P: nope, we were the first english clan :) S: Nice! And what is it about your clan which has kept you going over these two and a half years now? P: the members S: What is it about the members? Their loyalty, their friendliness, or what? P: Loyalty and friendliness, yeah, I would say that

S: Uhuh. So, going back to your foundation: What was the aim of "PhantomClan" when it was created? Can you still remember? P: well I first created PhantomClan to bring all the english players together. There was very few of us back then. I didn't make it any requirements it was like a home for the english players, I guess you could say. We were a very friendly bunch. S: Ok, and has that aim changed over the months or is it still the same? P: Well, I would say ShadowStrikers is still a home but with requirements because we are very competitive now. S: What has brought on that competitiveness? Do you think being so competitive is what all clans should be like? P: Well being better than the russians was always a goal, and I do believe all clans should have their own little war somewhere going on. S: All right, so in that regard - are there any clans you have a particular rivalry with? P: Yes, with DD good rivals. S: And why is that in particular? Any good reason? P: Well they been open for a while and have good players. Molina was in SS before he created DD and right there and then some rivalry started. But DD was weak at first and then they got stronger, at first I wouldn't have considered them as rivals because to me a rival would be someone who is strong and could put a fight. Back then, they weren't able to. But now they can. S: Ahah, I see what you mean. As a final thing, are there any tips of advice that you'd give to potential clan leaders that you have learned from being a clan leader for so long? P: Communication, motivation: some members must be willing to give there free time for your victory(GT,taught me that) S: Can you explain what you mean by "Communication" and "Motivation"? P: Well if you don't have communication how do you expect to win, how are you going to know what is wrong and needs to be fixed? At the same time motivation to play and win. It's more of a thing that cant be explained but that is how I could explain it. S: Alright, anyway, that's all I've got time for right now... is there anybody over the course of the months who you'd like to thank for their help in SS? P: Well without Koolwalky and cablaz I think I would have a real tough time. So koolwalky and cablaz :D S: Haha, ok. I wish you all luck for the future of SS, and hope you last many more years as a clan! Thanks for the interview! P: (handshake)

Skitee: Ok. Good evening. Contaminated: Hola mi amigo S: Hi, lol. What's your callsign in tanki, and which clan are you leader of? C: I find it hard to remember... but let me try. I think it was something along the lines of... con- cont- oh Contaminated that's it! And I co-lead "Domination Clan" along with af6an4life and Alklines S: Alright. So who are you guys? What is your clan? Can you explain a few things about who you are, and who your clan is for us? C: My clan is a group of friends that originaly came together on facebook. The four of us; Me, A_N_F_O, af6an4life, Alklines were the first ones in it. It started off as a small clan "soldaty", which aparently was 're-opened' according to Alklines. Soon me and af6an4life left and started Domination, later Alklines and a few members from Soldaty joined in. That is a bit about our history. As normally, we are a normal clan that is mostly balanced with m3/m3 users and some m2/m2 users. We participate in most clan competitions and wars as most clans do. S: Alright. So why was it that you four created the clan? C: It was an old idea I had. I planned to create a clan with A_N_F_O as the second leader so we can play together, but later Alklines invited us to Soldaty. The four of us became close friends but me and af6an4life didn't quite like Soldaty so we decided to start are own. Alklines, which was the leader of Soldaty eventually became a leader in Domination Clan. Essencially you can say that Domination clan is Soldaty with a different name and new members... but we don't like to think of it that way. I don't really know the history of Soldaty because apparently the one I was in was 'Soldaty 2.0' technically speaking. S: Ok. And what was the aim of the clan when you created it? C: Simple. To have fun, and of course to DOMINATE !!! S: What do you mean by dominating?

C: Winning battles, destroying other teams. One can't simply win a battle with a team full of randoms. S: Agreed about that. Organisation and planning are neccessary. Anyway, what is it about DC that you think is special from the other clans? C: It's definitely our community. No group of people can be the same. Most of us live in the USA and Canada and are below the age of 18... we joke around often. We love to have fun but sometimes get lazy. Our tanks are just as any normal clan, though we have a destinctive hate for Isida's. I noticed we also have many railgun users in the clan, so you can say a lot of the clan are fans of long range combat... if you include the shafts and thunders. S: Alright - I personally count shafts and thunders in long range combat, I don't know about you - but I do think most people agree with me. Anyway, about DC: You're a relatively new clan, yet you've already become quite high up in the clan charts. What's been the secret to your success? C: Organization! Most people could agree that I am over-organized within the Clan. I always talk to members and give advice to everyone. We also have a lot of members. Primarily because when we started most of my friends and ex-soldaty members joined instantly. We were soon up to 40 members in a few weeks. After we re-opened DC, we had some trouble getting everyone to join back, but now we're at 37 members and stronger than we have ever been in the past. Also, because we started at a time when there were not many clans (Before the clan dance competition) we had a bit of a head start over the much newer 2-3 month old clans. S: Uhuh, but you guys are still a lot younger than the other clans I've interviewed - SS, DD, IC, and TTS - yet you're right up there! I have to congratulate you guys on that. Anyway, what are your ambitions for DC in the future? What is the foundation that DC is built on and what do you want to build up in the future? C: We eventually hope to be as strong as some of the other clans you mentioned, but we have lots of work getting 10 or so members earn their m3/m3 gear. We will soon start organizing clan wars and trainings. Hopefully we will be able to maintain being in the top five or six english clans for the rest of the time we are active. As always, we are playing to have fun, and as long as we have fun we will continue improving this clan and it's members. S: Alright. Anyway, if there was one thing you think is important about a clan, what would it be? C: It's friendship for sure. Without friendship there is no fun, there is no teamwork. You need teamwork to win battles, and if everyone constantly disagrees with others then we cannot work as a team effectively. S: Well, that's all I've got time for today. Thanks for the interview and very sorry it could not have been longer. :(

Skitee: So, thanks for taking time out to talk today. First of all, who are you? Chriswu: My real name is Christopher Wu, I'm 15. S: What is your callsign in Tanki Online? C: chriswu :P S: And what clan do you represent? C: I proudly represent The Ironclads of Tanki Online. S: All right, and about your clan: When did the history start? Were you the founder of The Ironclads, or have you inherited it from someone else? C: IC came into existence about a year ago in May. It started when I became friends with Superkid33. We had a mutual interest in creating a clan, though previous attempts had failed due to various reasons. I was the founder of IC, due to the fact that it was my idea. S: Ok. And why exactly was it that you guys had a "mutual interest in creating a clan"? What caused this interest? C: Well, for one thing, we had been in SS previously, and had enjoyed having companions to play with. However, SS was a little above our level at the time, so we wanted to start small with some friends we knew in Tanki. Another factor is as we all know, ambition and a little attention seeking. While these may not be great attributes to be emulated, they can cause you to become wiser. Ambition also made us jump into the art of clan creation, as amateur and inexperienced as we may have been at the time. While our clans we dreamed of failed, I would never have gained the valuable experience I have now without mistakes. S: Ok. So do you think you have learnt from being a clan leader? To what extent? C: Yes most certainly. And about your question "To what extent?": I have to say that it's hard to quantify my experience, but I will say I have learned a lot about leadership, friendships over the internet, and about other people.

S: Ok. Going back to your original answer to which clan you represented, you mentioned that you were "proud" to lead the Ironclads. Why is this? Is there anything about the Ironclads that is particularly unique? C: Through my time in IC, my assistants and I have sought to reform and improve the clan. Initially starting with the idea of growing in "firepower", we soon learned that it is difficult, if not impossible, for a clan of our type to dominate Tanki's clan arena. Therefore we've tried to excel in all other aspects of integrity, friendship, consistency, and respect. One can see that we have a Bible verse in our clan OP. While not all of our members are Christian or religious per se, we still believe that the bible verse is one of many ways IC has shown its merit and goals. Because of the friends I have come to know in IC, I can say that I am proud to lead it. S: In terms of your history: Your clan has an interesting history. You spent quite a while as an "unofficial" clan? What do you have to say about that? C: Personally I experienced both positive and negative things when IC was unofficial. We had negative experiences as an unofficial clan in that we had little respect and success against the official clans and their members. As a result it was hard to promote the clan and recruit good players, so we were treated like "second class citizens". However, we also had positive experiences. As we progressed and grew towards becoming official, we got to know each other very well and now have a strong mutual respect for each other and lots of funny stories to talk about. S: And did you ever feel like giving up because of nobody knowing of you as a clan? C: In some respects. It was frustrating to get slaughtered in over ambitious clan wars. When IC was unofficial, we had zero success in clan wars, and this was immensely frustrating. It's very painful to see your friends join dominating clans and become pros while you are working very hard to accomplish what little you can. S: So in that regard, what could you say to encourage leaders of unofficial clans today? C: For one thing, leading an unofficial clan and learning from mistakes is far better than trying to start an unofficial clan but rapidly falling apart. If one is planning to become a clan leader, it's best to begin with an unofficial clan. Ignore all the negative comments and rude remarks from others, because they don't do more than add pages to your topic. Make sure you don't judge by garage, but by maturity and personality. Pick good members to help with administrative responsibilities, and always remember that an m3 garage is merely a decoration. While it certainly helps on the battlefield, there are far more things involved in "clanning" than an expensive tank. Choose members wisely, remember to keep things interesting, be persistent and robust, and you will be on the path to success. S: Going back to what you mentioned earlier about the Bible verse, what do you feel about it - do you think that it is a positive thing or a negative thing? How do you think you would respond to people getting agressive about your clan because you have it there? C: I think it's a positive thing. Initially I was hesitant to put it up there, but my trusted HC assistant named sk*tee convinced me to put it up none the less. I had my doubts, but over time, I've gotten a couple very encouraging comments and pms concerning it. I

realized it truly has been a good representation of our clan, if only in spirit. If people were to get aggressive because of a bible verse on my clan's thread, I'd respect their opinions, but their opinions don't override what is A: right, and B: what is on MY clan's OP. I haven't gotten any negatives from anyone in IC, so if there's aggression, it's from outside. S: All right - it certainly is an advantage not to listen to people's opinions outside the clan, as often they do more harm than good. However, going back to a point you made earlier: you said that growing in "firepower" was secondary to "integrity and friendship". Does this mean that "firepower" is of little concern to you? C: Not really, it still is a concern when it comes to clan wars and other competitive events. However, it isn't a primary concern, as we still have lots of time and room to grow. It will come eventually I am sure, but I'd rather have a group of really nice and friendly people than a bunch of fireblasting trolls. :P S: Aha, I think I understand your point. So is growing in "firepower" one of the aims of your clan? What would, you say, be the aims of your clan for the future? What would you like to see happen to you? C: Some firepower is always a nice thing. I'd like to see more of it in the clan as time runs its course. I'd also like to see, most importantly, the maintaining of our current ideals. Personally, though I don't speak for all my clan when I say this, I don't really care if we end up winning a TOF or something in the future. It's something we should strive for, but not be obsessed about. We entered this year in the TOF warm up organized by meat and koolwalky. Entering, there was a lot of tension and fear about how our reputation would be affected if we were to have a really big defeat. However, even though we did suffer a big loss to SS, we realized that for the most part our status remained unchanged. Our members didn't complain or quit, and we didn't get trolled by other clans. Competiton therefore isn't the whole point of having a clan. TOF showed us we can survive anything. S: Now I see good reason why you have your stance on clan wars, and I agree that many clans put too much priority upon them. Are there any more specific ambitions that you have or not? C: I gotta win that clan logo contest!!! Nah, just kidding, not really any strong ambitions. S: Haha, well, when this is published, the results will have already come out. Anyway, thanks for the interview, it's been great talking to you and I wish IC all the best - not least because I'm part of it! Finally, is there anybody who's contributed massively to IC that you'd like to thank? C: um... uh... skitee, lhamster, hogree, neo9xt, tzen, guh, and all of the old ICer's! S: Alright, thanks a lot for the interview! C: No problem!

Skitee: So, let's get started. First of all, who are you and what is your callsign in tanki? RoyJonesJR: Hello. My name is Eimantas, and in tanki my callsign is RoyJonesJR S: And which clan are you leader of? R: clan TTS (Try To Stop) S: And are you the only leader of that clan? R: No, I'm not the only one leader. We are 2 leaders of this clan, it's me, and Veni.Vidi.Vici-AFG, the guy which I know for long, and I trust him like my brother. S: Can you tell us a few sentences about your clan? When were you created? Who are your members? What language do you speak? etc R: Ok my clan was created in the end of Autumn of 2011, so it's still young clan. The clan lineup is based by friendship. Most of my main players I know long time, we playing together more than a year. And one day we just decided to make it official and try to compete with all other clans. We're speaking English language mostly, but let's say 1/3 of TTS can speak Russian also. We did it to get a chance communicate in Russian clans section and tournaments and in English section also. S: Ok, and how successful have you been in your clan wars and tournaments since then? R: We haven't played any official clan wars, and we haven't taken part in official tournaments also. We're playing just practising matches between each other and against friends who also want to train. We are always waiting for other clans challenges to play official matches. Now, as we all know, quickly will start TOF (Dream Team) tournament. At this time we're trying to train a lot to get better shape for that tournament. S: All right, well, good luck in that tournament! Now, about your clan: When you were created, what was your aim in creating a clan? R: As I said, the clan was created at 2011 November. clan motivation was to be official, and play official matches, because until that, we were same players, but playing just for fun and unofficial, so we decided to try it in official tournaments and battles. And the

aim for sure is to win most clan wars as possible and to get best place in tournaments as possible also (same like all clans I guess) S: Your clan has a unique name. Why did you call your clan "Try to Stop"? R: It's pretty long story, it's came because of one player who are one of my closiest friends in tanki which name is "Zee_Hero". Long time he was known as "stratomedia" but he changed the nickname. The story is: One day I wrote to friends that I'm going to eat, and I was back just after 2 hours, then when I always said I'm going to eat, Zee_Hero said, someone Try To Stop him because he gonna eat again 2 hours. And because of this joke, I decided to make the clan name like this. That's simple and funny story. Anyway, name of the clan don't give you benefits to get better results. S: And what's your logo all about? R: About the clan logo, the bear is just associated with power, anger, so we are trying to be like bears and fight hard in every minute of our battles - Hah. S: Aha. What, would you say, is the most important thing to you about your clan? R: Most important thing, is that we all are friends. No unknown players, everyone know each other good. This help us avoid problems in clan, because everyone respect each other, and ready to do everything for each other. This is the strong side of our clan. S: Ok, so you don't accept new members at all? R: We do. The requirements is to be experienced, respected in Tanki Online community, well spoken in English language. And of course, powerful garage. S: Alright. So why do you think that it is so important, as you mentioned earlier, that knowing everybody in the clan is? Do you think that it should be a priority in all clans? R: This is just help us avoid problems between each other inside the clan. It helps all members feel free and feel respected in the clan. And of course, it's much easier to play in the games when you know each other moves, style of playing, and other things, but I can't say it should be a priority to all clans. S: What do you think, from your experience, should be a priority to all clans? What do you think new clan leaders should prioritize when creating clans? R: In my opinion, most important thing is control of your clan, and control of your teammates. All members in battles must understand what they need to do, and leader must say them what to do, and why they need to do it. If your clan members are friends, it's much easier. But the priority is - motivation to make good clan and win most clan wars as possible S: Ok. Do you think that it's possible to be a good [not strong] clan without doing well in clan wars? R: Depends on what we call good clan. If we call good clan by the lineup, and by the rankings on players, then yes, but if we sort good clans by results, then no.

S: Well, different clans have different opinions on clan politics. Chriswu mentioned in the interview that I did with him that he thinks that new clan leaders should remember that m3 weapons and tanks are "merely a decoration", it is "friendship and personality" that is more important. What do you think about that? R: I would like to disagree with him, because if you make clan for victories, your members must have m3 weapons. If you make clan just to be with friends in one place, then yes, but in this case better to be just group or "gang" like other players called. If you make clan, it means you want victories, if you want victories, you must have best possible garage and weapons. S: Okay. So what will be your ambitions for your clan in the future? What would you like to see happen to you guys? R: The ambitions is high. To get very good shape in clan wars, to work well like a team, not like seperate players, and of course - to win tournaments and get respect for everyone like a good clan. S: Ok. I wish you all luck in achieving those aims in the future, and I hope that you guys can go on to get stronger! Good luck in the Dream team as well! R: Thank you very much for these wishes. Thanks everyone who supporting us. And good luck to everyone who will read this interview.

Battle Etiquette

It is too often that one finds players of all types swearing, flooding, multing, scamming, cheating, and taking advantages of unfair circumstances in games. The material provided in this article is intended to help reduce the frequency of these problems in the game. I will go through each of the above mentioned offences, providing a definition, reasons why one should not do it, and how to fix these problems if you encounter them in a game.

Swearing, Vulgarity and Profanity Definition: n ; Abusive, vulgar, or irreverent language, generally intended to degrade another being. Why not? Swearing, being the most common offence in the game, is apt to get any player an hour-long ban or longer. Once banned, a player cannot post any messages to the main chat lobby or any battle chats for the duration of the ban. The ban is automatically recorded into one’s permanent record. Having a bad ban history will make it very difficult to work for Tanki. (Reporters, moderators, consultants, and testers must have amazingly good records.) Solution: If you happen to come across a player who shows no respect in the chat, just take a screenshot and send it to a moderator who speaks your language through a PM. Hopefully, he or she will respond to your message within a few days, and ban the offender. Once you send the screenshot, I would recommend to politely inform the ‘swearer’ that he has been reported, and go to a different battle to avoid his whining.

Flooding Definition: v ; The act of sending a pointless, repetitive message to the chat box any number of times. Why not? Though it may be tempting to put a nice, long “Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!!,” into the chat a couple of times, just for the fun of it, be warned that this can result in a ban ranging anywhere from five minutes to a week. Again, this will be put onto the offender’s record immediately and irreversibly. Flooding will also give you a bad reputation around the community, if you do it often enough. Solution: Again, one should take a screen shot and send it to a moderator through the PM system on the forums. Since the moderators will not be able to respond to your problem immediately, I would recommend blocking the flooder for the time being. To block a user, one must enter the code “ /block xxxxxx “ into the main chat lobby, with the x’s being the flooder’s name. Once blocked, you will no longer receive messages from the person. To view how many people are on your blocklist, simply type in the code “ /blocklist “ into the chat. Lastly, to unblock a user, use “ /unblock xxxxx “.

Multing Definition: v ; The putting of one or more accounts onto an enemy team to hinder their success in battle. Why not? Multing is a terrible thing to do, regardless of the circumstances. Having a reputation as a mult-user will often keep you out of clans and away from most sane people. Multing, if even for a clanmate, can result in either a week, month, or permanent ban / blocking of your account. Solution: If you are in a battle where there are one or more completely inactive tanks on your team, then you have a serious mult infestation. (Also, mults may move around your side of the map, but not doing anything to help the team.) This problem cannot be properly punished unless you create a video of the mult tanks and upload it to a video hosting sight, such as YouTube. Once that is done, embed the video into the forum in a topic in the Complaints section. Your problem should be resolved the next time a moderator checks the Complaints section. I would recommend leaving the battle where the mults are, seeing as your problem will not be solved soon enough.

Scams and Phishing Definition: n ; The attempt of a person or persons to gain access to another person’s account through the pretext of profit (crystals, points, weapons, and hulls) or by hacking. Why not? The rules of the internet abide here, as they do everywhere. Henceforth, scamming is wrong. If you are caught asking for accounts or offering “free crystal,” services, the ban can range anywhere from a few days to a full month. If it is determined that you have used many people’s accounts, all the accounts, including your own, will be blocked, regardless of the real world money spent on it.

Solution: If you see someone asking for passwords, or offering “free crystals,” and a link to another website, take a screenshot immediately and send it to a moderator. Even if you are only curious about the site whose link has been posted, I would recommend to NOT click on it; there may be a virus that can do a lot more damage than just steal your Tanki account.

Hacking and Cheating Definition: v ; The exploitation of a programming loophole to gain an unfair advantage within a game, usually by the means of specially designed software. Why not? How would you like it if you were working hard on the battlefield for ten hours, when suddenly, a hacker comes and completely ruins your game, taking your crystals within minutes? Assuming that most people would not be pleased with this occurrence, I highly recommend not doing it. Your account will be permanently blocked if you are found guilty of cheating. Solution: Since it is difficult to capture a cheater in only a few screenshots, it is recommended to take a YouTube video of the cheater and his actions and post it as a topic in the Complaints forum. Once there, I moderator will watch the video, checking your charge’s accuracy, and block the player for a month. Once tech support receives a messages about the cheater, the account will be blocked.

Unfair Battles These are not as much as offenses in the game, as it is just some common courtesy that all tankers should keep in mind while on the battlefield. Following these guidelines will give you respect in the community. Definitions: A situation in which one team or player has no hopes of winning due to an unfair advantage obtained by the opposing team or players. [This mainly applies to CTF matches.] There are many variances over which an “Unfair Battle,” can be justly titled. 1. One team has five or more members than the enemy team. 2. One team is using all in-game supplies (also known as ‘drugs’) all the time, while the opposing team has none to use. 3. Shortly after a long, hard battle finishes, members of one team go and capture eight of the ten flags needed to win, leaving very little time for an actual battle to take place, thus ruining the game for most of its players. 4. You post a link in the chat lobby for a friend to click on, so he can play with you in a battle. Once you join the Battle, you realize that somebody else clicked the link first and took your friend’s place in the battle. Solutions: 1. The more populated team should wait for more players to join the opposing team, as to ensure a fair, good battle. If you are trying to convey this to a team full of Russians, just say “ Подождите несколько игроков. ” (Wait for more players.)

2. Though there is nothing illegal in drugging all the time, it can be very annoying for the losing side of the battle. Your best hope in this scenario is to kindly say that you have no supplies to use, and that you want them to stop, as well. In Russian: “ У меня нет наркотиков. Пожалуйста, никаких наркотиков! .” 3. Again, there is nothing ban-worthy in doing this, but it can certainly ruin the fun battle you are looking for. If the flag capturers are Russian, copy and pasta “ Не захват флага! Подождите, для борьбы с чего начать! ” (Do not capture flags! Wait for the fight to start!) 4. Once in the Battle, kindly address the spot-taker in the battle chat with “XXXXX (Name) , пожалуйста, оставьте так что мой друг может присоединиться. .” (Please leave so my friend can join.) Tommy60

Smoky XT Chronicles: Domination KRA-KOW! The explosion marks my twentieth kill in a row, without any injury being inflicted upon myself. This new weapon, this <<Smoky XT>>, is unlike anything I have ever seen! The time between rounds is almost nonexistent, and the damage dealt out with each shot is incredibly high for one of its caliber. Thinking this, I destroy another helpless enemy. Twenty-one. With each kill, my breath quickens, and the anxiety grows. Getting friendly with another is not an option; he may turn his back on me. Speaking is, as always, unnecessary. Any of those amateur mistakes could lead to an unexpected death. I have advanced through the rankings quickly, from what I have gathered from my adversaries who have made the error to speak. I now am aware of the various ranks in this world, and the names designated to them. When I first came into existence, I was a puny, insignificant recruit. I am now a <<Sergeant>>, symbolized by three flattened yellow Vâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s on top of each other. Another seven kills have come and gone, but the worry of erring on my part never ceases to exit my brain. Dying seems like the end of everything to me, despite having the knowledge that a respawn will automatically resurrect my chassis to another location. Thinking so, my only thoughts are of the next enemyâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;what weapon he will bear, what supplies he will have activated, and most importantly, the amount of energy he has left. I swiftly stalk around a corner, and the house from where my <<toy>> was found appears before me. No longer is the door opened, no longer is there a secret, omnipotent weapon inside. Feeling uneasy, I decide to return to my garage, in the hope of finding a more challenging battle. The hallway outside of my private room is long and wide, lined with an infinite amount of doors stretching on for kilometers. Above each door lies a small, digital screen. Each has two rows of text in green, glowing font. The topmost lists the name of the field in which the battle takes place. Some others refer to the battlefields as <cards>>, for reasons I do not know. The lower line displays the name of the battle that its creator had selected for it, and the number of players currently warring. I decide to venture out into other fields of battle, selecting a field called <<Wolfenstain>>. The customized name is a pattern of two repeating characters <<WWII>>, and the number of players is a decent size of fifteen. Without giving it much thought, I drive through the doorway. I spawn in what appears to be a long tunnel. I check for enemies around the corners, and find myself to be alone. Annoyed, I drive forward, cautiously rounding every corner in anticipation of hostiles. After another turn, an upward-leading ramp appears before me. I slowly drive up. I emerge in a yet another hallway with a new ramp at the end of it. Annoyed by the redundancy, I go up the ramp, and find myself underneath a bridge. There, lying atop the bridge, lies a tank of enormous proportions. It has a massive chassis with a long, menacing turret with red power cells glowing all over the length of the barrel.The paint job, it is a beautiful combination of red and yellow flames. I look over to the opposite side of the map, where a medium-sized tank speeds along an alleyway between two houses. The tank above me releases a dark red spark of energy that instantaneously hits and destroys the fleeing tank, sending it soaring many meters into the air. After observing the mammoth of a tank for some time, I discover that it can not shoot high-energy shots while it is moving. I add the conclusion to my mental database, and wait for the guy to be destroyed by another tank of the same turret. This weapon is impressive, but I would choose my Smoky XT over it any day. No other tanks present within viewing range, I head towards the elevated central building of the map. I

climb a steep slope and reach a small, top area with very little obstacles. “A great sniping spot,” I happily think to myself. Examining my surroundings, I find that I can see virtually everywhere on the battlefield, so no enemies will be able to sneak up on me. As I turn back to the ramp which I had just climbed, I see a multitude of tanks waiting around on the ramp. Without a moment’s thought, I race for cover in my new <<room>>, and wait for the assault to begin. Five seconds, ten seconds—nothing is happening! I peer around the corner, and see that they are just waiting there. The swarm of various tanks seems to be waiting for something. Curious of their desire to fight, I lean forward, and give the closest enemy a quick two shots of my weapon. He hurriedly pushes away some other tanks behind him, and situates himself under my range of fire, but still on the ramp. “That’s strange,” I pondered within myself. “What could they possibly be waiting for? Supplies falls all over this map!” I see a sparkle in the sky. The crowd begins to get more fidgety. As the object nears, I begin to hear the sounds of battle beneath me. As the object gets closer, I can make out the typical, cubic shape of a supplies box. But this one is different. It is—golden! A golden box that proudly displays the number <<100>>, with a blue crystal above it. Being overcome by an instinctive drive, I begin to shoot down the peons beneath me. One by one, they cry out with agony as their corpses are exploded to pieces. As the glittering box reaches the ground, I quickly collect it. The feeling of the golden box feels as if it is radiating an amazing feeling of joy. Alas, my moment of ecstasy is ended when I see a few <<mammoths>> with full supplies come my way. I decide it would be in my best interests to leave. But making a decision is a far different thing from committing to a course of action. I do not find myself being wisked away by the teleporter that has always carried me home before. I am stuck, with an army of behemoths rushing straight towards me. One begins to charge his weapon. An orange sphere of light appears on the tip of his barrel… Tommy60

Editorials Due to the low number of entries that I have received, I have published all that I have received, regardless of their length. Enjoy and Discuss! ____________________________________________________________________________ The best way to get crystals: DM vs TDM vs CTF Tankionline is a game that is waiting for people to win crystals. You can too. First, I will go over the different battle modes: CTF: The most popular, a mode in which people get points for capping flags and killing opponents. TDM: A more popular form of warfare in the lower ranks, a rather classical game. This is basically an extended version of DM, but with teams included. DM: The simplest, but less played, like TDM, it is a free-for-all match Statistics: Chance for loosing your crystals in CTF: 50% chance that the enemy team is stronger, includes more buyers, ect. There is also a chance that an isida will join your team, risking the fact that he could take the fund away from you. Also, there could be a new buyer that joins your team and gets more points for killing enemy tanks than you do. Plus, unless you capture the flag, you are probably not going to win. This is almost impossible for shaft players, and campers. In TDM: again, there is about a 50% chance the enemy team being stronger than you, and isidas get points for healing your team, and buyers still have a chance, but this form of combat is much better for campers because campers naturally accumulate kills, while faster tanks have a lesser chance. This is unlike CTF, when fast tanks have a better chance of winning. In DM: Unlike CTF and TDM, in this mode, both fast tanks and campers have a chance, because fast tanks have more targets, and there are no teams. Campers have lots of choices of camping places, and unlike in team battles, because you can choose any in the map that you can reach. Again, this mode is totally different from Team matches, so isidas will not take your fund. Overall, this is the safest way to get crystals. DM also does not have the same point system as CTF and TDM, making it a more fun and easy, and there are no teams, so you have a even higher chance of getting crystals, because with teams, the looser gets almost none. Choose the best mode for you: While DM is probably the best for most people, there are some exceptions: Low-ranked buyers, you would be best not to do DMs, but CTFs. Lower ranks, the new rank law has helped you tons. Since the mode doesn't have points, I'd play with you being one of the highest ranked in the DM you pick. CTFs are great if you pick the winning team, but picking the loosing team is risky. If you can get a good CTF, they are always great, and a fun way to win crystals. Team players, (Such as isida and shaft) are best in either TDM or

CTF, but the other guns, like the guns that played in DMs when tanki began, I would play DMs. Overview: Thunder: Best at TDMs and DMs, this gun can kill multiple targets, making it one of the best guns for these modes Rico: Awesome at capping flags with a fast hull, this gun is one of the best at CTFs, which have much close combat to get to the flag, but can also be good at any of the other forms, as long as you have a good hull Freeze: This one can dominate all of the matches with a skilled player, I would use this for CTF matches though. Fast, when having a fast hull on, this gun is a wonder at capping flags, but still can camp when needed. Can also take down many targets in a small DM match, but is almost useless at TDMs. Shaft: A good thing to have on hand in a low number, with CTFs, but this gun will not win you crystals in this form of match. I would use this gun in either DMs (Having no teammates to defend can be a problem, but there are several camping spots for this gun, nevertheless. Overall, these guns all can be used at DMs, and I think that the most classical combat form in tanki is the best for earning crystals, as it is one of the safest. (Your drugging wont be wasted) Summery: In essence, I think that DM is probably the best way to earn crystals, but if you are a low-ranked buyer, go for a Team match, because you should use your advantage while you can :wink: Ranger ____________________________________________________________________________ Music! Its something everyone can enjoy. Something to be expressed, and performed. Everyone should show expression in the music they play, or listen to. If you have musical talent, show it off! If people enjoy you, it will pay off. If you donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have a talent for music, but enjoy it, let people know. Music can be a great way to meet new people and make new friends. And if you prefer listening to music while playing Tanki, listen in to the World Cup Radio/TV. Recommend your favourite songs, and make new friends! ____________________________________________________________________________ A friend of mine, AK45gun, has come up with an idea in the forum that many people have liked. He wanted me to help him bring it to the admin and game builders. He says, "To further enhance the security of Tanki Online, why not add a button to the interface?,which allows taking a screenshot or a video at the time in which it is some hacker or cheater in the game, and send directly to any moderator or the forum."AK45gun on historic. This would be cool to be inserted in game because many players playing tanki do not know how to take a screenshot and post it on the forum. Many hackers are getting off clean because of it. With the new anti-cheat systems, hacking is not as much of a problem, but, This would help pick off the last couple of stray hackers. From me reading about it, the button would be up around where the hall of fame used to be. This button would be pressed when a hacker is on the screen, it would automaticly take a screenshot of the tanki battle and, after approval of the user, send

the screenshot to an/all online mods pm box and/or the complaints section. The button would say "Hacker catcher" or "emergency screenshot" or something. If the button is clicked by accident, after the button is pressed, a conformation of sending will appear. It would say, "screenshot taken. Send to moderator (or wherever it sends it.)?". On this screen it will also so a mini of the screenshot. If it was not an accident, they would click yes. If it was an accident, they would click no. If the button is abused and people click it just to be annoying, they will be banned. Fjelstad1678 ____________________________________________________________________________ The Tanki Online World Cup Radio! I would like to publicly publish this topic, as this is interesting, enjoyable, nice and everyone is welcome to join! The topic is about the Official Tanki Online World Cup Radio, where Snyper22 will film all the world cup matches LIVE on the radio. There is a great staff team settled up, the radio works perfect and we are very organized as the World Cup Radio team. Why I want this to be heard? Well, I really love the radio, and I can assume anyone that you will love it how it is, but of course, tips are always welcome. You can listen to the radio, chat, make new friends, battle other tankmen on the Radio Chat, almost anything is possible! Also there are some activities around the Radio and the Chat, an example of them is so well named 'Contests', where you can of course win 100% real crystals for your own Tanki Online Account. Snyper22 organises a contest where you can win 15 crystals up to 1000 crystals! Those are amazing prizes which are pretty easy to win! I hope you will enjoy the radio, stick to the rules, and never forgettable fun! Sincerely, nuclearbom ____________________________________________________________________________ Tommy60

Staff Interview - Radio DJ's By now, most English tankmen know what the Tankionline TV & Radio is: A live streaming of music, news, and excitement, all of which is interactive with the users listening in! But who is the planner behind these great daily broadcasts? This interview will tell you everything you want to know about Tankionline's latest and greatest feature! Interview subjects (in order): 1. Snyper22, 2. shadybig ____________________________________________________________________________ XXXXXX = Interview question XXXXXX = Response Snyper22 1. What is your real job? I owned a home and remodelling business for years, now I am semi-retired. 2. Briefly, how did you find Tankionline? My son started playing before me and told me about it. 3. In the past few weeks, you have obtained the position of "Radio Chief." How did you achieve that? What did you have to do? It's funny because I wrote Bruce one day again complaining about how I wanted to get my 10,000 crystals back that a hacker spent at Christmas time, within a few minutes I got them all back!! I was amazed and told Bruce that if there was anything I could do to help him and the Tanki community to let me know, I told him I was a professional audio engineer at one time, he wrote back and told me how he wanted to get a Tanki Radio show and possible TV show going... 4. How do you think that your job as a 'radio man' will benefit the Tanki community as a whole? I think it gives everyone something new and refreshing to do, also it can be very informative for those that don't use forum, it will provide news along with the news paper, and also provides the players favorite music through song requests that they can listen to while they play. 5. What sort of work is included in each broadcast? Well, right now it is early so I am trying to develop a system, but generally it will go like this: the show is from 10 A.M. - 2 P.M. EST. I have to make playlists of everyone's favorite songs, also I have to prepare to deliver any news that Bruce would like me to distribute like contests, events, e.t.c... I monitor everything to make sure it is all running smoothly, and while doing the radio part, I frequently download songs that are

requested that I don't already have, (and all of this while talking in the TV chat and taking requests at the same time!!) 6. Are you enjoying your work in Tanki, so far? Yes for sure!! I know in these early stages of development it is going to be more work and research than anything else, but even though Bruce told me that I have control over the TV and Radio aspects, he doesn't just leave me on my own to figure everything out by myself. We have spent several nights up till 3 and 4 A.M. (in both timezones!) to test everything and work out problems that would arise from all of this. He is a great guy to work with and I am so glad that I have gotten to know him a bit. 7. Any other things that you would like our readers to know? Remember! Tanki TV and Radio is for you guys. We want you to like it and to keep coming and watch and participating in the music shows and TV broadcasts, so make sure to tell us what you want, (we aren't mind readers! :mrgreen: ), just let us know how we can make things better for all of you!! :) Thanks for interviewing me Tommy and good luck with your work in the paper... :D And good luck to you as well! We will all be looking forward to your future broadcasts! ____________________________________________________________________________ Shadybig 1. What are some of your hobbies in the real world? In real life my hobbies are to sometimes skateboard with my friends but I mostly like to work on vehicles with my dad. I also build stuff out of wood like sheds, steps, and other items. And I like to hang out with my friends both inside and outside of JROTC (Junior Reserve Officer Training). 2. What brought you to Tankionline? (For sanity's sake, keep it brief.) One day I was in class I spotted some kids playing a tank game. I asked them what it was and they wouldn't tell me. So finally one day I snuck up behind them and got the link and started an account here the next day. I got my dad started and it went on from there. 3. You have made a few broadcasts for the Tanki Radio; how did you first start doing this work? (A quick story, please.) When Bruce posted the link to Spreaker radio I looked into it and made a broadcast. It was a terrible one but I submitted it to see what everyone thought. After that Bruce hired me for a DJ and I have made more from there. 4. What do you enjoy most about working for the Radio? I enjoy the fact that I can show everyone the type of music that I listen to. Every broadcast that I do I try to change it up a little bit so that nobody feels that they are stuck listening to one genre. I also listen to all music so it is not difficult for me to find

good songs. 5. Do you feel that working for the Radio will improve your skills in other aspects? If so, what are they? Maybe a little bit. But I can't exactly be sure until I find out. 6. Is there anything else that you would like to add? Be safe. Have fun. AND DON'T DO DRUGS!!! It always ruins the game, even if you didn't start it. Thanks for all your time, shady! Tommy60

Legend Of Sparky:

I was waiting patiently in the car hidden behind bushes beside the road...waiting. My concentration was suddenly interrupted as my handheld transceiver or walkie-talkie barked out information. "Subject on the loose, heading towards sector D7." Just as that sentence finished, a big black car raced right in front of me and was out of sight as quick as it had appeared, the car was followed by a police car. I immediately turned on my siren and drove onto the road and floored the accelerator to catch up with the criminals. My adrenalin was pumping through my veins as I grew more anxious. I eventually caught up with the criminal's car, but I wasn't completely able to go faster than them. Seeing that I had closed in the distance between me and the criminal I pulled out my megaphone while still trying to drive the car and shouted "Pull over immediately!" I really didn't know what the point of that was actually. I know that there not going to just pull over all of a sudden, but I guess it's a tradition for police to shout that or something. the black car kept on racing forward down the road as if hadn't heard us. Now I was beginning to realize a loud noise beginning to grow, helicopter backup I immediately realized, somebody must have called them, a good thing too. the helicopter soon came into our windshield view and was racing toward the black car which can now be identified to be an SUV. The radio suddenly spoke, "Road block in place. Just further down the highway." I smiled, my team had specialized cars, more powerful engines for the chasers and reinforced steel and plating on the sides for the cars made for road blocking. As my chasing partner and I continued to chase the SUV the road block was getting nearer ahead and I was getting more anxious to see what would happen next. the SUV saw the road block and slowed down to a stop realizing that they can't penetrate that road block. the SUV was quickly surrounded by reinforcements. I pulled out my pistol as I got out of the car, leaving the car door open as my cover. I aimed my pistol at the car waiting for something to happen. Somebody got out a megaphone and shouted "Come out with your hands up! Your under arrest!" As if they didn't know that. A few seconds passed, then the driver seat of the car door opened, a foot came out. then both the back door of the car opened one head came out on one side and a hand on the other. This was the tense part, the climax of this mission, it could go all calm from here or heat up more. they could have guns prepared to shoot us, nothing I haven't been through before but bullets are not exactly the things you want to

be heading towards you. I was predicting they would give up easily, they were out gunned and out numbered, they have no chance. As usual, I was wrong. the driver of the SUV had a shotgun in hand and shot the road block, I saw the police yelp in surprise as holes appeared in the cars. the two people who came from the back had pistols and Uzi's. they scanned the area and shot towards my area, I could see anger, desperation and despair in their eyes. I quickly ducked behind my door, the window was bullet proof and absorbed a few shots while the rest flew over my head. I went behind my car to avoid any more bullets toward me. I've been through these situations before gunfights and all, it was no problem, but bullets are exactly the thing you want heading towards you. From behind the car I admired the road behind me for a second, a long straight stretch of pavement, trees and plants on the side of it. I'm surprised that there's currently no traffic, as it is a high way after all. then I realized that all entrances to this high was blocked during the chase. I zoned back into reality and made up a plan. the guy with the Uzi was still looking for me, the guy with the pistol went off shooting somewhere else. I came up with a plan, going it through in my head, satisfied I executed it. I made a move to the opposite side of the car, faking that I was going to come out there, showing half of my body out of cover, this got his attention and he directed his bullets to my side. I then jumped back behind the car and ran back to the other side where my car door was open, he still hasn't noticed me yet on the other side. I was hoping he wouldn't, I took aim at him, satisfied with my aim, I squeezed the trigger. The bullet raced of the barrel and hit dead center at his gun, it flew into a nearby bush. I glared at him daring him to move to retrieve it. It was probably broken anyway with a bullet in its system. the criminal knew it was hopeless and raised his hands, surrendering himself. He was immediately arrested and dragged into a police car. I searched for the guy with the pistol, I didn't find him. I'm assuming for now that he was already arrested. I glanced around, all the remaining criminals were now behind their black SUV shooting at the road block. I suddenly had a crazy suicidal idea. I ran from my cover ignoring shouts from my teammates. I ran and jumped on top of the black SUV, making my way towards the bad guys. I was soon standing right on top of them and they hadn't noticed me yet. they were still busy shooting some cars. I aimed my pistol at the drivers shotgun, fired and it fell to the ground right in front of his eyes. the other guy however I did not see before, I assume that he was in the navigators seat and didn't come out till later when the battle first happened. He had a rifle and was aiming it like he was a sniper. the driver got up and tried to punch me, I easily took him out with a kick in the face. the guys with the rifle had still not noticed that his partner was on the floor so I took aim and put an end to the life of his rifle. I then jumped down and tackled him, hitting him many times with the butt of my gun. I eventually got the handcuffs on him and he was dragged away. I smiled at my victory. Another job done I thought, I glanced at the area around me, so much destruction. I then looked at my car, wrecked. Either its me getting a new one or making a lot of repairs, and me... I can't do repairs. the glass is almost to shattering point, bullet holes on the windshields, the windshield wiper is about to fall off, bullet holes on the side of my car, my siren is shattered and of course, a busted wheel. Its going to have to do for now I thought and drove back to my station. Back at the station I was showered with compliments about my bravery and skill, although most joked about me being a homicidal maniac. My boss had filed a report on it and he said that I was going to make it big some day. I doubted that, I mean just one mission is going to help me make it big? I didn't think that was going to happen, but you know, as usual, I was wrong again.

I was drinking coffee early in the morning one day at the station, it was 4 days after my big show off. I was sitting back in my chair admiring my office, I had a desk placed by the back of the room a book shelf in the right corner and a computer on the desk with tons of files placed next to it, a name tag was stuck at the front of the desk with "Sparky" on it. Above Sparky was my real name, it's crossed out and scribbled all over however as I prefer sparky better and had adopted that nickname few years ago. My boss gave it to me saying that I am a spark, it holds great potential but can also lead to great disasters, comes unexpected and quickly vanishes if its not cared for. I liked that name ever since it had been given to me. "Sparky, please meet Mr. Gills in his office." I suddenly sat up straight with attention, did I do something wrong? I waited to see if there was something more, there was none. So I headed out of my office thinking what could this be about. On my way heading toward Mr. Gills office I met my friend Darren. When he saw me he winked and said "Don't get fired man, your going to have no friends without me." He patted my shoulder and headed on his way from the coffee station back to his office. Mr. Gills office was a big office with 2 windows on each side, and a leather sofa beside the door. A desk was placed in front of the door a meter away. A computer on it and a ton of files just like mine. When I entered, Mr. Gills was talking to two strangers. When I entered he motioned me to sit down with his hand. "These people here are -" Mr. Gills started to say. "We'll introduce ourselves sir, if you will." Interrupted one of the strangers, he was wearing a t-shirt with a tank exploding on it, kind of cheesy in my opinion. "We are part of a new special ops corps, trained with the military we are the main tank battalion of the military, we have superior technology over most branches of the military. We only recruit people who we think have potential in them, only the best of the best." He paused and took a sip of water and continued. "We recently heard of your outbreak of strategic and courage, although I must agree that it was a bit suicidal." He glanced uneasily at Mr. Gills and said "We would like to recruit you." Cablaz

Origination of Smoky Remember that gun you first played with? Ya that gun called smoky, after you got better M3 guns you didn't think much of it did you? Today it's probably that poor gun, the first gun you see as you scroll across your garage. Ever wondered where it came from?

In 2005, a new company by the name of Tanki Weapon Production was formed. Tanki Weapon Production was a brand new company, made solely to produce weapons and guns for the Russian Tanks. And they have two sister companies, Tanki Tank Productions and Tanki Paint jobs. However TWP (Tanki Weapon Productions) was brand new, they hired many people but it was the first few days, nobody had any ideas of where to begin. The first few weeks were a disaster, trashed blueprints on the floor, broken prototypes, glitches and bugs, hot dogs all over the desks. It was a mess. However a clever engineer was hired, one of the last to be hired as TWP had no employees that had ideas, and by hiring a few new people they hope that some of the new hired people had some great ideas. He was a creative and imaginative one and was destined to prove his worth.. On his first day of being hired, he already had an idea in mind. "Something that can fire shells with quick reloading..." He began expanding this idea. By the end of his fifth day on the job, he already had a blueprint of this new gun. Two weeks later, he had a working prototype built and ready to be presented to the administration. His prototype contained the new gun, a thin steel plating and a few small pistol bullet as demonstrating the power of this new gun. While introducing his new gun that has no name yet, he prepared the prototype, loaded the barrel and positioned the thin piece of steel. After his introduction was done, he was all ready and began. The first shot had a large BANG. The bullet was fired, it hit the steel plating, denting it but not penetrating, unwilling to give up he continually fired rounds as the plating was pierced. Seven rounds were fired withing ten seconds. The eighth round finally penetrating the steel plating. He was told by the administration that it was a good idea, but needed improvement. But he already had ideas in mind, as soon as he returned to his office he set back to work, scribbling notes and calculating physics. Another week passed and he was done and ready to present to the administration again. This time many things were improved. After introducing the gun once more he fired. As the first one hit it produced a miniature explosion as soon as it made contact, denting the thicker metal more but also producing a surprisingly large amount of smoke for a small engineered bullet, the second round was fired and the thick steel turned into thin steel, third shot was fired the the thin steel had a crater in it, finally the fourth shot penetrated the steel plating leaving a big hole in the middle of it. By this time there was a huge amount of smoke in the air. Thus the name "Smoky" was adopted. Despise the large of amount of smoke in the air,

the administration was highly impressed by this new idea. He was told to turn this into a real model life scale. He had the pleasure of doing this however the problem was making a life scale working model, this included so much more mechanisms. So he requested that some more artists, engineers and scientists were hired to assist him in building this. The administration did whatever they could to help with this new gun. Many artists, engineers and scientists were hired and they set off to work on the first TWP weapon made. The first step was to build a large clay model, this was done easily by the artists, then they fitted the small prototype into the clay model and gave it an outer coating, testing it, the mechanism was not affected, next stop was to build a life scale model. The engineers and scientists did their best to build it. Five weeks passed and a life scale model was made. However it was not able to shoot. Another week passed as it was finally built and working. However during testing the the shell would travel three meters from the barrel and drop to the floor like a stone. Days passed as they fixed the firing mechanism for it to travel much longest distances. Another test began, this time the shell traveled 25 meters and exploded in midair. Still not satisfied they continued to tweak the mechanism until it worked. Took them two weeks to make it actually work. The testing began once more. As it fired the round traveled at amazing speed and gracefully landed half a kilometer away exploding and creating a crater in the ground. They took this gun, mounted it on a normal tank and drove it to Tanki Test server grounds. The administration throwing many tests at it, some including steel penetration, smoke test, reloading speed, explosion radius and how many hot dogs can it fry. Smoky aced all of these tests and was able to fry 2814 hot dogs while burning 1462 of them. Next it was put against real tanks, Smoky took them all out with ease. (Good thing it was robot controlled!) Everybody celebrated this event with Free Hot Dogs! Somehow... many employee's found steel shards in their hot dogs and this has remained a mystery to the company even to this day! Soon Smoky was on the assembly line produced everywhere with one problem. Smoky's firing mechanism is extremely complicated and many of the producers were not able to connect the red wires to the red holes and some of the barrels of the gun snuffed out the explosion making it deal less damage to steel plating. The administration ordered an immediate stop to all production and brainstormed on this problem, they realized that with many of these different modifications of the "Smoky" gun, some are less powerful and selling every gun at full price would rip costumers off. An idea came to the creator of Smoky. Since there are already many modification of Smoky out, he wanted to continue the different modification production, the administration was confused at first, but gradually caught on as he explained that they would make different modifications for this gun and be produced in four levels. The worse modification could be produced cheaply and can be sold to the countries that don't have enough money to buy the best one. Each four levels were labeled M0, M1, M2, and M3. Smoky was a great success, it was widely produced and highly recommended. On the Market however... since all the modification had the same coating, the sellers were not able to tell which modification was which, many costumers complained that they got the wrong modification and that they ordered the better version, however many also thanked the company for giving them the better modification then they had ordered. Another great idea strikes once again. Each modification would have a different design

on it, the higher the modification the higher the detail of the design. This was also a great success as artists were hired to comply with this job, helping the economy and the military. M0 Smoky was in fact the cheapest to produce and many were given away for free to the military. Smoky came a long way from the beginning. Appreciate, Harness, and Exploit its power, good luck. Cablaz

Jade Review

Unlocked At: Warrant Officer 5 Costs: 15000 While Jade is one of the most expensive paints, it is questioned to be the most cost effective. 45% Shaft - Currently the most protection against shafts. 25% Railgun Jade, having a translucent particle make up, reduces the damage of laser-based make up weapons. As laser is considered light, Jade allows part of the damage to be passed through the particle make up and reducing the output of damage of any laser based weapons. Since shaft is not completely 100% laser, as it has solid compound make-up in its shots. Jade is dusted with metal coating to absorb impact from the solidity and then the translucent material does its work.

Jade, as we know, specializes in protection against shaft. As a result, Jade allows M3 Hornets to survive a fully charged M3 shaft with 1 hp left, Also has a small chance of allowing M3 hornets to survive 2 railgun shots. Therefore, Jade isn't recommended for hornet players unless you have an isida by you 24/7 since you would be running around on very low HP. Also with this paint, M3 mammoths are able to survive 2 complete shots of M3 shaft. Nothing too specific for viking although it does allow M3 vikings to take a full hit while still having enough for the viking to counter attack, unless of course your getting attacked multiple ways. The 25% railgun, however, may come in useful, as it almost has as much prodigi does. Prodigi with 30% against rails famous for having the current highest protection against it. Railguns one of most annoying guns to go up against if you have no protection, as its high damage per shot really takes a lot of health off of you, and then most go into hiding while waiting for cool down. However, there being only two weapons that this paint has protections from, some players may question whether this paint is actually worth the 15,000 crystals at all. So is Jade really worth it? It may be for you if you can't deal with shafts easily with a close range weapon and railguns can really get on your nerves. Shafts only fear other shafts, and railguns can really throw your aim off with it's high impact, if you use shaft a lot, this may be the paint for you. If you can take on railguns and shafts easy, this paint may not be your best choice. Jade's color includes light dusty brown color on the edges, the dusty brown color gets darker as it moves into the center of the paint, with splotches of dark brown near the light color of the brown. Also added white water like bubbles, making it look it look like it just came out of water.

-The Real JadeJade is an decorative stone. The term Jade is applied to two different metamorphic rocks that are made up of different silicate minerals - Nephrite and Jadeite. Nephrite usually the higher the iron content the greener the colour. Jadeite a sodium and aluminium-rich pyroxene. The gem form of the mineral is a microcrystaline interlocking crystal matrix. Jade usually found in various tints of green. Why the paint Jade is dull brown I will explain later on. Jadeite measures between 6.0 and 7.0 Mohs hardness, and Nephrite between 6.0 and 6.5.

Unusual varieties Nephrite can be found in a creamy white form as well as in a variety of green colors, whereas Jadeite shows more color variations, including blue, lavender-mauve, pink, and emerald-green colours. Of the two, Jadeite is rarer. But the translucent emerald-green Jadeite is the most prized variety of all. Enhancement Jade may be enhanced (sometimes called "stabilized"). Note that some merchants will refer to these as Grades, but it is important to bear in mind that degree of enhancement is different from colour and texture quality. In other words, Type A Jadeite is not enhanced but can have poor colour and texture. There are three main methods of enhancement, sometimes referred to as the ABC Treatment System: Type A - Jadeite has not been treated in any way except surface waxing. Type B - Treatment involves exposing a promising but stained piece of Jadeite to chemical bleaches and/or acids and impregnating it with a clear polymer resin. This results in a significant improvement of transparency and colour of the material. Type C - Jade has been artificially stained or dyed. The effects are somewhat uncontrollable and may result in a dull brown. In any case, translucency is usually lost. Type B+C - is a combination of B and C: it has been both artificially dyed AND impregnated. Type D - Jade refers to a composite stone such as a doublet comprising a Jade top with a plastic backing. Therefore, Type C enhancement of Jade may be the reason why Jade is colored brown on the paint.

Information from Wikipedia. Cablaz

Interview ~ Contaminated

Contaminated, known quite a lot around the forums, he has a unique sense of humor, loves the off-topic discussions and the leader of Domination clan. Veteran Tankman and has his opinions to express.

Hello Contaminated Hullo cab driver Tell us a little about yourself Okay, I'll start with Tanki: I am a marshal and I have been playing for one year and 5 months. I am a crazy buyer and I lead a clan. That kind of sums up my Tanki carreer, but I also like to fool around on the forums. I love to post funny picture and even play some jokes or make comics. You know they say a picture is worth a thousand words? That's why most of my posts will contain some sort of picture in them. I don't play Tanki as much as I did before, but I will come online occasionaly. I love to play both supplies and no supplies battles. I play a wide variety of maps but I normally

avoid sandbox and silence -Can't stand those. I play both DM and CTF, usually you'll see me defending the flag with my freeze or thunder. Unless I'm drugging of course. How did you get into the Tankionline project? In 2010 a friend of mine told me to join Tanki. At first I didn't believe him that this game even exsisted, I mean how could I believe that if my friend is Chinese saying that he found this cool new Russian game, and he knew I was Russian? It took him quite a while to convince me into playing it, few weeks actually, but I eventually joined it and here I am now. Funny how my friend didn't use the referral link to invite me, knowing that he would get 10% of all my purchased crystals. When I first joined, it took me a while to settle on a username I liked. I made a few accounts, such as TheGodOfNukes with weird names, but eventually I settled with Xam_maX. Sadly, a month later Xam_maX is hacked and I just start over, Contaminated is born! (Dun dun dun) Did you have an old game that you used to play before tanki? Not really, before Tanki I wasn't much into online gaming, I used to play some random PS2 or WII games. What made you stay in Tankionline? Probably the gameplay. I love to play as a team, the excitement of capturing that last flag and winning. Also the garage! When I first joined and saw all those weapons and tanks I couldn't help but think what it would be like to have them all. I knew it would take time, but I continued. After the loss of Xam_maX I found out that Tanki 2.0 would come out in January of 2011 (Obviously it didn't ) and I still had new years in the next few weeks (Usually this means a gift from my parents) So I quickly made a new account (Again forgetting the referal link for my friend) and tried my best to get the highest rank before new years. To my surprise, Tanki even introduced a 25% sale on January 1st. So I bought crystals and purchased the railgun m3, Isida m3 and hornet m2. In a month I had already caught up to the friend that referred me. We were playing together again. Soon enough, I got an invite from meatman_95 himself to join ShadowStrikers clan. After this it was almost impossible to quit. Whats your favorite combo in Tankionline? My shiny m3 viking m3 freeze and zues Do you still believe that Tanki 2.0 will still come? At this point I don't really care. I believe it will be a matter of 1-3 years before it comes out. I don't really like the graphics or the new tanks. I believe Tanki is wasting their time with 2.0, it would be much btter if they spent their time fixing the issues with 1.0 and include the handy features such as friend lists, challeneges, and Battle settings into 1.0. You are the leader of Domination Clan, do you and your clan participate in any clan activites? We usually have private clan practices but lately things have been going terribly wrong. Alklines, one of the leaders has been blocked unfairly by the anti-cheat and he's considering leaving tanki. af6an4life's laptop has been broken for weeks now. He cannot

play Tanki either. I am now leading the clan alone hoping one day the 2 of them will return. Without them our clan practices are usually small, and we find it dificult to even get a 3v3 match going. We haven't considered practice with other clans yet, but sooner or later it will be our best option. What do you usually write or post on the forums, seeing that you go on the forums often? I spend most of my time in the off-topic section. I love comedy and humour, and it seems that the off-topic section is where most of it happens. I post many things, I help some people or I make fun of people who seemed to have "Failed". But what I really enjoy are forum games. Forum games are fun little games that usually involve writting something. I myself recently started a forum game called "Caption this" where players put funny captions on funny pictures. Do you prefer to play with friends or unknowns? It really depends on my mood. I usually play with clan and friends because it is much fun when you can talk to someone you know and they actually listen in battle!!! But sometimes I like to head out into battle with complete strangers, with my full drugs, and release all my anger on them. It feels good, other druggers will know this feeling In general, do you think Tanki is going the right way to become a succesfull game? In the meantime it seems that Tanki is only becoming worse. Hackers are getting smarter, players are getting dumber. The new anti cheat is only doing worse by blocking inoccent players. My friend Alklines who has spent way more time into this game than me has been blocked FOREVER completely unfairly. The administrators don't help the playerbase as much anymore. I used to send emails to and recieve a reply in 5 minutes. These days it takes multiple weeks to recieve a reply that doesn't even help. (e.g. "Please specify your nickname" even though I already specified it) Not to mention their plans for 2.0, they are trying to reach for a dream that they cannot reach. Why not just implement the simple and useful features of 2.0 into the current version? Not to mention the playerbase; everyday I see more and more foolish players getting banned, trading their accounts, spamming and other foolishness. Just look at some players blocklists, I myself have over 150 people on my block list. Do you believe you can do anything to help? So far I know I just can't. Tanki is mostly a Russian community, and I have no experiance there even though I speak fluent Russian. The small part that is English is only getting worse for sure. The least I can do is educate new players and to let my voice and opinions be heard by the forum. I know I have no chance of being a moderator, but if I were... I would do my best to help players. For now I can do almost nothing... Do you have any final opinions on Tanki? Any suggestion on how TankiOnline project can improve? As I said before, fix the anti cheat program first. An anti cheat program should not "Block" players. It should be able to detect ANY sort of cheat and simply boot the player from the server for 5 minutes. I seen this method used in many other games and it has never had any problems. If someone is falsely accused of cheating by the porgram, he wont lose his account!!! Once that is all fixed, the only thing that needs to be done is to

include a better user interface in the garage and battles, friends list, in game clan chat and logos, challenges, ranks and any other useful things. This is a bit off topic but I think they should also make less servers and allow servers to be capable of holding more players. That way moderators can be apointed one to each server Any final words before we go? Yes I Really Like Bagels Thats nice to know. Cablaz Note: I do realize that Contaminated spelled "Hello" wrong, and I wish to keep it that way because this further supports my statement of his unique humor.

Clan Logo Contest â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Winners It was a really hard choice... so... Congrats the winners!

1st Place (12000) Domination Clan

2nd Place (9000) The Tactical Fighters (Picture missing on the forum) The Ironclads

3rd Place (6000) Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ( K.S.A )

Shadow Strikers

Runners Up (1500) Try To Stop

Cobras Poison

Soul Reavers

Contest: Spot the Differences Requirements: Send me a PM with only the names of what maps these pictures are found on and the lists of differences of this photoshop images from realty. Win crystals for it. No conversational comments--I will not respond to them.


Winners are: AnuBoi, joostcool, BigWar, oreo.slayer, Mister_G

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