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INTRODUCTION OF STEKLARNA HRASTNIK d.d. Steklarna Hrastnik d.d. – Production of different lines of glass products. Established in 1860, as a joined stock company since 1996. Organization structure of Steklarna Hrastnik d.d. - Business unit Vitrum (production of tableware; ) - Business unit Special (production of container glass; ) - Business unit Opal (production of hollow and pressed glass; )

INTRODUCTION OF STEKLARNA HRASTNIK – OPAL d.o.o. Types of production: - Hand production:

- Semi-automatic production:

- Press production:

Products up to: - Diameter 690 mm - Length 1.700 mm Maximum gross weight: - 14 kg Moulds - Rotated - Firmly blown

Products up to: - Diameter 370 mm Maximum gross weight: - 2 kg Moulds - Series of moulds is needed

Products up to: - Diameter 250 mm (oval, rounded or squared) - Height 110 mm Moulds - Series of moulds is needed

EU requirements fulfilled: - REACH Regulation 1907/2006/EC (our products and packaging do not contain any of the SVHC substances) - RoHS Dirtective 2002/95/EC (our products do not contain any with the ROHS directive prohibited substances) Quality: - Is monitored by our independent department for control and quality in all steps in production - ISO Standard 9001:2008 - Certified with ISO standard certificate since 2003 - Standard quality criteria set since 2004 Ecology: - We are environmentally conscious company - Recycling is a part of our production process - Separate collection of waste since 2004 - Ozone depleting chemicals are not used - Environmental working permit - Cleaning facility for waste waters - Cleaning facility for air emissions Main strategic points: - Exclusivity based products - Quality assurance - Partnership


Our opal glass is the best in the world! Its properties are special: never losing its brightness means that our glass is the best glass for lighting purposes. Its appeal lasts for more than 150 years and it will continue to hold its primate and fulfil the needs of new upcoming technologies. Our glass is free of prohibited substances, there is more, we even exceed EU Eco standards such as ROHS and REACH.

Our brand is known worldwide as one of the best. Our glass quality defies every manufacturer in existence today. Buying our products not only means you get the best, it also carries a sense of prestige with it. The design of our glass products is always perfect.


Expand your business, reach for the stars, buy Opal.


Our home is a peaceful and tranquil environment; it is an oasis in which we relax. Ecology is also an issue which surrounds us every day. Surround your home with premium quality products and exceptional design. Surround yourself with our Opal ambient program and experience harmonious perfection.

Cesta 1. maja 14/ 1430 Hrastnik/ Slovenia/ T: +386 3 5654 600/ F: +386 3 5644 418 E:

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Opal brochure  

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