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Bundle up and rustle through the leaves on a guided lantern-lit hike in the cool night forest. Fun-filled and fright-free, these walks are a great alternative to the usual haunted happenings. Audubon's woodland characters are friendly and fun, perfect for young children and the whole family.

OCT 26th



MATTERS 12 Sanderson Road, Smithfield, RI 02917 401-949-5454

WILDLIFE REFUGES Seekonk, Massachusetts Caratunk Wildlife Refuge Davis Memorial Wildlife Refuge North Kingstown Emilie Ruecker Wildlife Refuge Tiverton Fisherville Brook Wildlife Refuge Exeter Richard K. Fort Nature Refuge North Smithfield George B. Parker Wildlife Refuge Coventry Claire D. McIntosh Wildlife Refuge Bristol Kimball Wildlife Sanctuary Charlestown Lathrop Wildlife Refuge Westerly Lewis-Dickens Farm Block Island Long Pond Woods Hopkinton Powder Mill Ledges Smithfield Touisset Marsh Wildlife Refuge Warren Waterman Pond Coventry

at the Audubon Caratunk Wildlife Refuge in Seekonk, Massachusetts

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 26 5:30pm register at or call 401-949-5454 sponsored by RI PBS Kid’s Club

For this project I was given the task to rebrand a company that operates for a good cause. I chose the Audubon Society of Rhode Island, which is dedicated to promoting environmental education, conservation, and advocacy. I redesigned their logo and created material including a graphic to be displayed on t-shirts, a billboard to be displayed by a highway, a poster for an upcoming Halloween event, and a postcard that displays all of the wildlife refuges the ASRI oversees.

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Stadium Theatre

During my internship, I used provided photos and information to create this poster, with some imput from my boss.

Stadium Theatre photo


During my internship, I primarily designed posters for upcoming events at the Stadium Theatre Performing Arts Centre. This poster was for a winter show featuring some original member of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. I was given an array of photos of the orchestra to choose from, as well as the related text and the Stadium’s logo.

This piece was done for my internship. I started with the previous year’s poster for the event, then updated it with new photos and updated information.

ENDGAME LOBBY gamer’s blog and bar

End Game Lobby

niklas “antibody” riendeau

ENDGAME LOBBY gamer’s blog and bar

Daniel "Drekke" Dalton

A friend of mine was starting a new business. He had a website created but no business cards, so I offered to design some for him. I used the black and blue color scheme from the website along with its minimalist design. The EG LOBBY logo was created by another designer but my friend wanted it used on his card. He also wanted the logo on a clicky pen.


Brendon Rice

Brendon D. Rice, M.B.A.

(401) 651-8812


My brother needed a new business card, so I made one for him. His old card was cluttered and incohesive, and the colors he chose made it illegible. I created a simple logo for him, only included relevant information, and chose an unobtrusive color for the background.

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B R YA NT PLAYE R S When I was a member of the Bryant University theater group, they had a contest to create a new logo. I drew this logo by hand and later (after they had printed it on merchandiss) redrew it in Illustrator.

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