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FILM FESTIVAL AT A GLANCE Friday, March 9 3:30pm – THE LAST LAUGH Saturday, March 10 7:00 pm – OPENING NIGHT: HARMONIA Sunday, March 11 1:00pm – RAISE THE ROOF 3:30pm – FEVER AT DAWN 6:00pm – HOW TO RIDE AN ELEVATOR ON SHABBAT/MENASHE



Our Festival is successful because of supporters like you! Your donation is tax deductible and will be acknowledged on the Buffalo International Jewish Film Festival website and in Center Connections through the JCC. Thank you for your continued generosity!

8:00pm – A TALE OF LOVE AND DARKNESS Monday, March 12 1:00pm – SHALOM BOLLYWOOD

JCC of Greater Buffalo

Buffalo International Jewish Film Festival

3:30pm – ROSENWALD 6:00pm – MY HERO BROTHER 8:00pm – ACROSS THE WATERS Tuesday, March 13 1:00pm – RAISE THE ROOF 3:30





8:00pm – FEVER AT DAWN Wednesday, March 14

LEVELS OF SUPPORT 500+ Executive Producer 225 - $­499 Director $ 125 - $224 Movie Star $ 18 - $124 Festival Friend

One of the most important elements of Judaism celebrated in film by the Buffalo International Jewish Film Festival, now in its 33rd season, is diversity. In the coming edition, the Festival endeavors to take viewers to a place not visited before - India. And not once, but twice! Additionally, the Festival features films produced in Denmark and Hungary, with others partially-produced in Sweden, Poland, and Austria. One of the Israeli feature films marks the directorial debut of Natalie Portman, in which she also stars, while a film from the United States is made entirely in Yiddish! As always, the Festival promises high-quality, seldom seen, but universally acclaimed films. Join us at the Amherst Dipson Theatre and see for yourself this cornucopia of entertainment.


1:00pm – ROSENWALD

March 9-15, 2018

Michael Silverman Chair, BIJFF


TICKETS & PASSES Tickets and Passes are available in advance at either JCC Member Services Desk, by mail, at or at the theatre door ½ hour prior to film. Seating limited to 130. Please arrive early!

General Tickets $10 May use for any film except kick-off party screening of Shalom Bollywood on March 3.

Flex Pass $50 6 films for the price of 5! Passes may be shared. Flex pass holders are not guaranteed a seat in the theatre if capacity is reached. Pre-purchased tickets and flex passes will be held under your name at the Amherst Dipson Theatre for pick-up prior to the show. Tickets and Flex Passes will not be mailed. Arrive 30 minutes prior to secure seating. 18 & under FREE with an adult to all films between March 9-15.

KICKOFF PARTY & FUNDRAISER Saturday, March 3 7:00-10:00pm Taste of India 3192 Sheridan Dr. Amherst, NY 14226

THANK YOU TO OUR SPONSORS Thank you to the sponsors of our 33rd Buffalo International Jewish Film Festival. Your support helps our community see award winning films that might not otherwise be seen on the big screen in WNY! Your support also helps filmmakers continue to tell important stories!

Amherst Dipson Theatre 3500 Main Street, Buffalo

Presale Tickets: $45/person Join us for a screening At the door: $50/per person of SHALOM BOLLYWOOD: The Untold Story of Indian Cinema. Enjoy a full buffet dinner (with vegetarian options), henna tattoos, basket raffle, cash bar and more! Sponsored by Israel Bonds

This event includes one free ticket to any other film screening during the Film Festival at the Amherst Dipson Theatre, March 9-15.




Director: Nicolo Donato | 2016 Documentary | Denmark | Danish PG-13 | 95 Min Monday, March 12 8:00pm Thursday, March 15 6:00pm

Director: Ori Sivan | 2016 Drama | Israel | Hebrew, Arabic PG-13 | 97 Min Saturday, March 10 7:00pm

Director: Yonatan Nir | 2016 Documentary | Israel, India | Hebrew PG | 78 Min Monday, March 12 6:00pm Wednesday, March 14 6:00pm

A Jewish musician and his family escape from Nazi-occupied Denmark. Enjoying the nightlife of 1943 Copenhagen, Arne Itkin is immune to the hardships of war. He is skeptical when his wife Miriam hears rumors of the round-up and deportation of Danish Jews. An overnight raid forces the couple to flee with five-year-old son Jakob. Aided by a church pastor and underground resistance, the family sets out for the fishing village of Gilleleje, where they put their fate in the hands of strangers. Sponsored by Holocaust Resource Center & Hadassah

A TALE OF LOVE AND DARKNESS Director: Natalie Portman | 2016 Drama | Israel | Hebrew PG-13 | 95 Min Sunday, March 11 8:00pm Tuesday, March 13 3:30pm Based on the memories of Amos Oz, growing up in Jerusalem in the years before Israeli statehood with Arieh, his academic father and Fania, his imaginative mother. They were one of many Jewish families who moved to Palestine from Europe to escape persecution. Unhappy in her marriage, Fania would make up stories to entertain her 10-year-old son Amos which would influence his life’s writings. Nominated for Golden Camera Award at Cannes Film Festival Sponsored by Amherst Memorial Chapel

FEVER AT DAWN Director: Peter Gardos | 2015 Drama | Hungary, Sweden | Hungarian PG-13 | 114 Min Sunday, March 11 3:30pm Tuesday, March 13 8:00pm In 1945, having been freed from a concentration camp, a 25-year-old Hungarian man, Miklós, is being treated at a Swedish hospital in a displaced persons center. Diagnosed with a severe lung disease he refuses to give up, and wants to find a wife and start a new life. He sends letters to 117 Hungarian girls also being treated in Sweden. One of the girls, 19-yearold Lili, likes Miklós’s letter, and they start corresponding. Based on the novel. Winner of Best Feature at Cinequest San Jose Film Festival and Golden Violet award at the Parma International Music Film Festival. Sponsored by Congregation Havurah

An Israeli musical couple seeks to form a family in HARMONIA, an adaptation of the biblical tale of Abraham and Sarah set in the inner sanctum of a symphony hall. The beautiful harpist Sarah is married to Abraham, the charismatic conductor of the Jerusalem Philharmonic Orchestra. Their life revolves around their music until Hagar, a young horn player of French-Arab descent joins the orchestra, forms a close relationship and offers to carry the couple’s baby. Two rival prodigies are born– one Jewish, one Arab–leading to a metaphoric and multigenerational clash of cultures that can be reconciled only through music. Nominated for five Israeli Academy Awards, and winner of the Best Cinematography and Lia Van Leer Jewish Heritage awards at the Jerusalem Film Festival. Sponsored by Amherst Memorial Chapel


Director: Sal Natale | 2017 Documentary Short/Culture United States | English | PG | 10 Min Sunday, March 11 6:00pm Wednesday, March 14 8:00pm Buffalo filmmaker Salvatore Natale who participated in the 2017 Jerusalem Film Workshop, produced this short about the conflicted life of a gay Hassidic Jewish man. Natale graduated in Spring 2017 with a BA in media study from UB. He created Film Lyfe to help people learn filmmaking through an online YouTube community. Sponsored by The Foundation for Jewish Philanthropies

MENASHE Director: Joshua Z. Weinstein | 2017 Drama | United States | Yiddish, English PG | 82 Min Sunday, March 11 6:00pm Wednesday, March 14 8:00pm Menashe, a widower, lives and works in the Hasidic community of Borough Park, Brooklyn. Since his wife passed away a year before, he has been trying to regain custody of his nineyear-old son, Rieven. The rabbi will not hear of this unless he remarries, which Menashe does not want. A tender drama performed entirely in Yiddish, the film intimately explores the nature of faith and the price of parenthood.

A group of remarkable young people with Down syndrome embark on a trek through the India Himalayas, with their ‘typical’ brothers and sisters. Unresolved conflicts and the complexities of growing up with a sibling with Down syndrome surface, while a special closeness develops. The difficult trials and poignant relationships, set against the richly colorful backdrop of India, open new horizons and deepen our understanding of special needs people and their families. Winner of Audience Award at Philadelphia Jewish Film Festival, as well as Jury Award at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. Sponsored by 21_Connect

RAISE THE ROOF Director: Yari & Cary Wolinsky | 2015 Documentary/History United States, Poland | English, Polish G | 85 Min Sunday, March 11 1:00pm Tuesday, March 13 1:00pm Inspired by images of the magnificent wooden synagogues of 18th century Poland, artists Rick and Laura Brown reconstruct a replica of the stunning, mural-covered Gwozdziec Synagogue. With a team of 300 artisans and students from around the world, the Browns finally realized their dream.Beautifully photographed, Raise The Roof tells the story of this remarkable 10-year project against the backdrop of the 1000 year history of Jews in Poland. Winner of the Audience Choice Award at the Seattle Jewish Film Festival Sponsored by Permanent Chair of Polish Culture at Canisius College

ROSENWALD Director: Aviva Kempner | 2015 Documentary/History | United States English | G | 95 Min Monday, March 12 3:30pm Wednesday, March 14 1:00pm Aviva Kempner’s Rosenwald is the incredible story of Julius Rosenwald, who never finished high school, but rose to become the President of Sears, Roebuck & Company. Influenced by the writings of Booker T. Washington, this Jewish philanthropist joined forces with African American communities during the Jim Crow South to build more than 5,300 schools. Inspired by the Jewish ideals of tzedakah and tikkun olam and a concern over racial inequality, Julius Rosenwald donated $62 million in his lifetime. Sponsored by Louis S. & Molly B. Wolk Foundation


The Untold Story of Indian Cinema

Director: Danny Ben-Moshe | 2017 Documentary/History/Entertainment Australia, India | Hebrew, English, German, Yiddish | PG | 76 Min Saturday, March 3 7:00pm (Kick-Off Gala) Monday, March 12 1:00pm Wednesday, March 14 3:30pm When Australian filmmaker Danny Ben-Moshe reads an obituary of renowned Hindi film actress Nadira, he discovered her real name was Florence Ezekiel. Research revealed Nadira was part of a tradition of Jewish women and men who changed their names after entering the movie trade in Bombay, India, later to be celebrated as Bollywood. Many actors were Baghdadi Jews, who traced their origins to Iraq. These women were the first to act in Indian films, at a great risk to their reputation. Sponsored by Israel Bonds

THE LAST LAUGH Director: Ferne Perlstein | 2016 Documentary/Comedy | United States English | PG | 90 Min Friday, March 9 3:30pm Thursday, March 15 3:30pm Humor is tragedy plus time. - Mark Twain Using the scope of the Holocaust, filmmaker Ferne Pearlstein examines what subjects are “off-limits” in comedy. Includes famous comics Mel Brooks, Rob Reiner, Carl Reiner, David Steinberg, Sarah Silverman, Judy Gold, and Gilbert Gottfried. The Last Laugh takes a fresh – and unexpectedly funny – approach to sensitive subject matter. Sponsored by William Lunney, CLU, AXA Advisors, LLC

THE TESTAMENT Director: Amichai Greenberg | 2017 Drama | Israel, Austria | Hebrew, English, German, Yiddish PG-13 | 88 Min Tuesday, March 13 6:00pm Thursday, March 15 8:00pm Yoel, a Holocaust researcher, is in the midst of a widely publicized legal battle in Austria concerning a brutal massacre of Jews that took place toward the end of WWII. An influential family of industrialists on whose land the murder took place plan to build a real estate project on the land. Yoel suspects their aim is to bury the affair for good. During his investigation, he hears classified testimonies of Holocaust survivors, and to his shock and surprise, his mother is among them. Winner of Full Length Feature Film Award at the Haifa International Film Festival

Jcc buffalo jewish film festival 2018  

Join us for the oldest film festival of its kind! March 9 - 15, 2018.

Jcc buffalo jewish film festival 2018  

Join us for the oldest film festival of its kind! March 9 - 15, 2018.