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RIDE OR DIE The Best Tuned Cars EVER

Published by :Luis Grandez


This is a 1600 liters 16 valve Toyota engine, is one of the most famous engine, it came with the famous “Hachiroku” car, it’s from a 1986 Toyota corolla that appears in a Japanese series called Initial d and it has 140 horsespower and can get to a maximum of 6600 revolutions per minute. It is also famous because it is a small and cheap engine but with a lot of power and cars that have it are usually used for drifting 9- SR20DET

This is a 2000 liters 16 valve turbocharged engine and it is a very powerful engine, because of his turbo it has 245 horsespower and can get to a maximum of 6600 revolutions per minute, it’s one of the most popular engines in Nissan because it’s a big and powerful engine. It came with the Nissan silvia from 2000 to 2003 and the first prototype was launched with the Nissan 240sx from 1989.

There were many variants but the best one was the black top engine, it is very demanded in the market. 8- EJ257

This engine is very popular between car lovers and they call it the STI (Subaru tecnica international) and it is referred for the top line of Subaru (the race line).This engine was produced from 2005 until now and it is a 2500 liters 16 valve turbocharged engine. With 300 horsespower it is an excellent car for racing, and the Subaru technology can make it work until a maximum of 12000 revolutions per minute. The Subaru impreza wrx sti has been used in rallies, in street races and the main competition is the Mitsubishi lancer evolution X. 7- SJZ GTE

This is the best Toyota engine produced in all times; it’s not only extremely powerful, but is also really rare to find the engine for sale or the car. It is a 3000 litre 24 valve with two turbochargers and with 350 horsespower. It can get to a maximum of 6600 revolutions per second and it’s by far one of the best performance engine produced in history. The problem is that is a very big and

expensive engine so it needs lots of gasoline and care, because it’s very difficult to find spare parts. The Toyota supra, the car that initially came with this engine is one of the most beautiful car produced by Toyota and has a lot of followers around the world and got to fame because of the movie Fast and furious 1, where the dead Paul Walker drove it. 6- 6G74 (The cyclone)

This engine was the most powerful Mitsubishi engine in the early 90´s. it is a 3000 liters twin turbo engine, with 300 horses power (in the Japanese version), and it came with the Mitsubishi 3000gt, the top class of the Mitsubishi class in those times. The problem with this engine is that they produced only a few, and also the cars , so in these days is very difficult to find parts and to find it for sale. 5-4G63T

For me, is the best engine ever (maybe because this is my car and my engine), it was the best seller Mitsubishi engine in the history of the brand. It is still produced until now. This is a 2000 liters turbocharged engine, with 300 horsespower, the perfect balance between power and saving money, because the engine is not that big it doesn´t spend too much gasoline but it races like a

space ship. At first, it came with the mitsubishi eclipse (second generation), but now it comes with the lancer evolution x, experts think this is better than the Subaru engine because it has less litters, but almost the same power. 4- B16B

This is the most classic car and engine ever, for people that love speed and races, the Honda civic b16b red top engine is the pioneer of all races. This is because it is a very small engine 1600 liters non turbo, and with low horses power 165. But when it races it is extremely fast because of the Honda vtec tecnollogy, which means it can stand high revolutions and the engine will still respond. In Peru we see everywhere this type of cars but is really rare to see a vtec engine civic because now it can cost up to 16000 dollars a car from the 90´s with this engine. We just love the VTEC.

3- 13b-REW

This engine is unique, it is impossible to put it to a car that is not exclusively the mazda rx 7. It´s number 3 because there are only 2 engines that can compete with this one and the unique quality is that is only a 1300 liters bi turbo engine. Really small and cheap but it has 300 horsespower and the car is very light, this gives the necessary power to be one of the fastest in history. It is low littered and has lots of power because of the Mazda technology, that none of the other car enterprises has ever done. The rotative engine, they just can´t copy the technology because it’s almost impossible, and it’s also impossible to repair if the engine damages. This car has the looks and the engine.

2- F20 C

Another Honda engine in the list, it’s because the vtec technology is one of the best in the market, and the merit is that Honda engines are extremely powerful without having a turbocharger. It is a 2000 liters engine with 250 horses power and it can get to 7500 revolutions per minute easily. It is considered the best non turbo engine in the world, in a car that costs less than 100 thousand dollars. A master piece in engines around the world. The engine was produced until 2005 and the car appears in fast and furious one, being the fastest car in the drag race. It’s a good looking car with an excellent engine.


The king of engines, the number one of the list, also called the Gozzila. This is a mythical engine. It is one of the most popular and rare engines in the world. This is because it’s really powerful and easy to be modified, the top version comes with over 1300 horses power and with modifications it can get up to 1500 horses power. It is a 2500 liters twin turbo engine and it can get to 6800 revolutions per minute. This is car art, and the best engine ever produced. The car is also beautiful it has a very nice and aggressive style that’s the reason because it was paul walker´s favorite car he said it was “The best driving experience and pleasure in the planet”. It deserves number one of the list by far.




Nitrous oxide it’s an accelerator that makes that the horses powers accelerate in the combustion process, and enables more efficient fuel burning in the cylinder. Nitrous oxide is the most popular method to increase horses power because of the instant increase of power and the low cost compared to other modifications that could make your engine have the same power. You can use nitrous oxide infinite times without worrying about having engine problems, however, the misuse of nitrous oxide can melt the pistons faster than a blink of and eye, becoming liquid through the exhaust valve. They say if you try Nitrous once, you’ll never stop using it. Nitrous oxide can get an increase from 25 horsespower to 800 and more. If the life of the vehicle is the main concern in what would be desirable to use nitrous oxide without any adverse effect on the engine, this is how it is done and the only way. A nitrous oxide injection of 75 horsespower is safe for any car from a

Volkswagen to an Audi. If you are going to use nitrous oxide, the engine should have forged aluminum pistons to handle the higher temperatures and pressures. As the power level increases the pressure also increases dramatically in the cylinders. For example, parts for race car with 300 horsespower costs from U.S. $ 5,000 to U.S. $ 7,000, because you have to put stronger parts to resist high pressures and temperatures, this parts don´t increase horsespower without nitrous oxide.

Paul walker’s dead in November 2013 The star of “Fast and Furious”, Paul walker got killed in a car accident. He was in a Porsche Carrera gt4 at 150 kph when it went out of control on a road and crashed, killing the actor and his friend. According to a research made in November. The vehicle was driven by Roger Rhodes and hit a light pole that had a sing of speed limit (45 kph) and then caught fire. Both Paul and Roger died instantly. Researchers from the Los Angeles Police Department and the California Highway patrol concluded that there were no mechanical problems; the problem was that the car was going so fast that it was really unsafe. “The vehicle had no mechanical failures, and the damage that occurred to the vehicle was in collision,” said a specialist from the highway patrol.

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