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“Classroom of the 21st Century”


Pilot project – 8 classroom addition at Rio Vista Elementary School

Technology and Audio/Visual Enhancement Systems Each classroom has 2 data outlets at the teachers desk, 8 data  outlets at the built in student workstations and two data outlets  in the ceiling for wireless and future technologies. Audio enhancement:  Sound­wave amplification technology  with a wireless microphone for instructor and 4 ceiling speakers  enable teacher to be heard clearly by all students at all times,  regardless of location in classroom. Surround Sound – Amplified speaker system that delivers  sound via ceiling speakers for cable TV, streaming internet  content, DVD or VCR as well as the teachers voice. LCD Projector – Mounted on the ceiling, plays cable TV  signal, DVD, TV, computer and Document Camera signals. Document Camera/Scanner – Allows for display of documents  or objects from the teachers desk area onto the screen through  the projector. Inter­write Pad – Mobile laptop like notepad that interacts with  the teacher’s computer and is displayed through the LCD  projector. 6 Foot TV replacement Screen ­  Retractable projection screen  at teaching wall, now students will be able to see a 72” viewing  screen rather than the traditional 32” TV screens.

Cable TV with wireless tuner/channel selector – Allows  transmitting of the cable signal through the LCD projector and  the audio through the surround system. DVD/VCR player – Hybrid media player integrated into the  surround system and LCD projection system. State of the art control panel:  Located at the teacher’s desk, a  push button control panel allows the teacher to connect any of  the above inputs to facilitate projection of computer, LCD/VCR,  Cable Television and Document Camera through the LCD  projector onto the screen. Also allows for volume control and  the power on/off of the LCD projector.  Teacher Computer – A Dell 755 business model computer  with dual video connections will always be connected to the  video presentation system as well as the desk monitor.  This will  ensure ease of use and frequency of use due to no needed setup  and disconnect. D.A.E.L.E. 2.1 (Pronounced like Daily 2.1, the “2.1” meaning 21st century and D.A.E.L.E. is an acronym for Digital Advanced Educational Learning Environment(A few of my favorite words)). So… what is D.A.E.L.E. 2.1? D.A.E.L.E. 2.1 is a place where teachers can instruct, collaborate and grow our children with cutting edge technologies in an environment that aligns with PSUSD standards and the inevitable changes that continue in education. The short definition is: a smart classroom with all the bells and whistles that will give every opportunity to create a fun, creative learning environment that children of today will flourish in. What is “All the bells and whistles”…? Each room will be enhanced with the following:

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Smart LCD projector – 600.00 Amplified surround sound – 500.00 Sound-Wave voice enhancement technologies – 1,200 Document Camera - 500 Inter-write Tablet - 500 DVD/VCR player - 200 Cable TV Tuner that will display the digital TV signal through the LCD projector - 500 6 foot pull down screen - 200 802.11 G wireless network connectivity - 500 Laser printer - 300 Smart control panel -200 Teacher’s computer – 1,000 Some type of handheld input/assessment devices either by Inter-Write or Promethean (Frank is researching the Pros and Cons of each) - 500 Teachers MacBook laptop -1,000 And an accessible Laptop Cart with 20 MacBooks containing digital creation peripherals and software applications. – 30,000

Costs, which are grouped into four main categories; • Hardware – 37,700 • Software - 600 • Installation – 2,500 • Professional Development – 2,500



Classroom 21st  

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