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ndard... occur, organizations must develop safeguards within the infrastructure to reduce the opportunity for intrusion. IIM adds an extra layer of security to mission critical communications networks by guarding the network from unauthorized connects, disconnects, moves and changes. Providing complete real-time control of all network physical components and their connections, AIM provides businesses with a more robust network infrastructure with increased productivity and service availability. Automatically documenting all network components and their connections results in a better-managed network with greater independence and intelligence. According to Gartner, intelligent infrastructure in the data centre can cut operational costs by 20-30 per cent, decrease downtime, optimise power and space utilization, accelerate service deployment and enhance security. This is why the AIM standard will be published later this year in the US (through TIA standard organisation) and later in Europe (through the ISO organization) and AIM platforms are advocated by industry leaders as a new best-practice for managing data centres.

About RiT Technologies

Founded 25 years ago, RiT Technologies is a unique provider of network infrastructure solutions for data centres and communication networks. RiT pioneered IIM (Intelligent Infrastructure Management) for companies and organizations wanting to achieve full control of their network infrastructure; a technology that has been adopted by all the leading cabling vendors and is currently in the process of standardization by ISO/IEC.* The RiT range of solutions comprises of IIM (Intelligent infrastructure Management), DCIM (Data Centre Infrastructure Management), structured cabling solutions, and an innovative indoor optical wireless technology solution for networks.


This issue of Netcomms Europe is dedicated to the memory of Steve Gold Jan 1956-Jan 2016 In this issue Data Centre World Preview DCIM UPS...

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