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On this Thursday evening, I had the opportunity to watch “The Breakfast Club” with a bunch of friends (and when I say bunch of friends, I mean cool people with a rational mind). I was watching that John Hughes’ movie, and it was basically relating the journey of 5 different youngsters being trapped in an empty library for 8 complete hours detention. As any 80’s plot may convey, those 5 people are evidently going to get along and communicate. Well, what happened is even better; fours people fell in love even though the society norms and formalities wouldn’t have let them to be together.

Anyways, this is not what I was wanting to talk about. The main feature that I liked the most in this movie is how the story has been managing to make those characters get together. And it was weed. We can utterly split the movie into two main parts, the pre-weed part and the post-weed part. At the first half of the movie, the characters weren’t getting along, nobody was relying on the other and there was absolutely no trust involved in the atmosphere. However, once the characters have been merged into the very new weed world the bad/ cool guy introduced, everything has changed. It has changed so well that we can define that environment as Eutopic. Weed is first of all ALWAYS creating a circle sitting mode, and that brings everybody at an even scale. The second aspect of a weed gathering is the openness, enjoyment and enthusiasm that everyone brings. In all, all the five of them were straightforward and very sincere. They advocated their opinions in a very cool/non-stressy way, and they were actually talking about very deep props. This whole description that I gave was basically having the aim of communicating one of , I think, the very successful future ideas in our era. I believe that we have, as human beings, done so many bad things around the world. We got even meaner by creating a weapon that is able to destroy an entire place in few seconds. And I am always like: What the hell ? Well here is a solution:


weed needs is:

Imagine (seriously just imagine) two presidents of two nations in conflict getting together in a locked colorful room and have weed at their disposition. I can assure that the outcome is going to be amazing. First of all, a Committee of the “Weed Merciful Meeting” is going to set a meeting schedule, that would include talking about random subjects while the weed is doing the work, then warming up with a couple of jokes, and by that time Both of them would be so hyper and so relaxed. Then, the Weed Merciful Meeting Committee would project the two scenes in Spielberg’s E.T showing the farewell ‘s last scene . Why this scene exactly, because it is considered as the sweetest scene of all time, and it can bring you to tears whether you are from Mongolia, Thailand, or Libya. Everyone cries the shit out of this scene… well.. at least, most of us do, the ones with a heart. But everyone gets a heart when having weed. After watching that scene, I bet that one of these important country people would start complaining about his miserable life, in which way he is aiming to get rid of his feminism annoying wife and escape to an island with a young chick. Things will get pretty much easy once getting to this step, everyone will be so open and straightforward that they will be getting straight ahead to the point, discuss about the issue, and most importantly find a solution. You would wonder why involving weed? Well, weed makes you be merciful relaxed and understanding. Everything becomes a Joke, nothing important matters. Weed brings people

together and erases differences. That is what weed does. This Weed Merciful Meeting Committee will be so popular that it will get hired by the UN, countries’ parliaments and every other meeting that requires debate. That would be super cool.

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