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Pride Recap AND … relax! Bunting is down, sore heads are soothed and those of us who managed not to be sick down our best frocks are basking in a smug afterglow. Especially for those of you with slightly fuzzy memories of the weekend, this issue is devoted to reflecting on Pride 2013. We’ll be sharing your best Pride pics and hearing about your personal highlights. So many of you volunteered over the weekend without whom Pride would not be possible, so we’ll be finding out what volunteering means to you. Pride is undoubtedly a party, but it’s also an event that gives us time to reflect. The campaigning message wanes as the event increasingly become part of the mainstream, but it is important to remember that at its inception, the possibility of Pride’s incorporation into the mainstream seemed impossible. In the year that saw the landmark decision to legalise same-sex marriage, it is an event that continues to mark the distance travelled by the unapologetic celebration of LGBT issues and culture. The weekend itself and the arts and culture promoted by the Pride Fringe all appears under one banner, but the meaning of the event to attendees is deeply personal.


Manchester Pride: The High

Village Bakers

photos from To see all the visit The , d n e k e e w ig the b ge: LGF’s Flickr pa m/photos/lgf o c r. k ic .fl w w w

hlight Of Our Summer Over the years, Pride has evolved to be more than just a weekend event. Throughout August there have been over forty Pride Fringe events happening too. There were live theatre events, such as Identity Parade, bringing together Manchester’s community of LGBT performers. There have also been plenty of things to get involved in, such as the Pink Dog Show and The Great Village Bake Off, plus fun and games with It’s a Gay Knockout as a warm up to the weekend. Friday kicks off Pride with a fanfare show, followed by the Saturday walking parade, which is the hub of what Pride means to me. It showcases all our skills and talents and demonstrates that we are valuable members of society. It proves to me that every year we are accepted more and more by the nation, and it shows we love and want to be loved back too. Taking part in the Parade is exhilarating and so much fun. You can hear people clapping you onwards as you walk along . There is so much love there, it’s fantastic. After the walk it’s a good time to visit the Village LGBT groups to get involved the community and reconnect with people. Saturday evening was a big celebration, leaving us with lots of wonderful memories. Finally, Pride closed with a moving candle-lit vigil and fireworks to commemorate the lives of people living with HIV and those who lost theirs to AIDS & HIV; we remember you.


! u o Y k n a Th Everyone here at Foundation would sincere like to say a hu ly ge thank you to our family of volunteers fo r your dedicat ion and help throughout Pri de week. A th ank you strong echoed by The ly LGF staff team , where withou your support w t e couldn’t part ake in such eve nts. Whether you co ntributed days or a few hours your time, you of r effort was gre atly appreciate it made a real d and difference to p eoples lives. It a fantastic Prid ’s been e this year and it was great to so many peop see le taking part in the parade, m LGBT people m a king ore visible and further accepte It’s not just ab d. out raising mo ney but also sh knowledge an a ri ng d winning hea rts and minds; something that money cannot buy. A lasting legacy is the sp irit of Pride.

Thank you ev e



Breaking New s! LGF Shortlisted for a Spirit of Manchester Award! The Spirit of Manchester Awards are a series of awards for Manchester’s voluntary and community sector, supported by the Voluntary Sector Assembly and managed by Macc (Manchester Community Central). The awards will celebrate and highlight the excellent work being carried out in Manchester’s voluntary and community sector (VCS). The awards aim to provide recognition for the sector in these hard times, raise the profile of the VCS amongst the general public and encourage local giving and active citizenship. The Lesbian & Gay Foundation have been short listed for the ‘Most Successful Campaign’ award, for their work fighting for same-sex marriage equality and their innovative and far-reaching campaign ‘Love Equal Marriage’. Sarah McNally, Press & Social Media Officer, comments: “We are thrilled to be nominated for a Spirit of Manchester Award for our Love Equal Marriage campaign. There are so many fantastic organisations working hard throughout Greater Manchester fighting for positive change, so it’s great to be recognised in this way.” The LGF’s Love Equal Marriage campaign was launched in December 2012. At the end of July, the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill passed through the House of Lords and gained Royal Assent, and became the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013. Are you planning to get married? Drop the Foundation team a message!

Volunteer Profile: Lee Mackinto s


Lee works in a secondary sch ool and he’s b volunteering een at The LGF for two years. • He’s a Village Angel, helps o ut with condo and also volu m packing nteers for Iceb reakers. • He’s represen ted Parade and Pri The LGF at the Manchester Day de celebration s across the co Lee Says: untry.

“The most mem orable volunte ering experien Angels shift at ce I’ve had was about 1.30 AM on a Village . A guy was lyin backstreet afte g on the paveme r taking drugs nt in a he’d reacted bad his head on th ly to. He was b e pavement an an ging d he’d bitten h try to prevent is tongue. I kne him from gettin lt d o wn to g any more head volunteer conta injuries while th cted the emerg e other ency services. arrived and the Eventually the paramedic than am b ulance ked the Angels wonder if he w for helping. I o as OK though, ften as he was in a p retty bad state .

I’m pleased to be part of the V illage Angels te Volunteer Team am that won T of the Year Aw he LGF’s ard 2013, and I’m chuffe d that I won an Extra Mile award for going the extra mile as a volunteer. Vo Want to know lunteering has m g iven me the ability to ta about the Villag ore lk to people of e Angels? all ages about emotive Call Stefanie issues and taug H artley on ht me that Manchester’s G ay Village isn’t 0845 3 30 30 al l ab 30 or email socialising on a out Saturday night. stefanie.hartle I would recommend vo lunteering to an or ybody.” .uk/a



Volunteer Profile: ner Elizabeth Tur s for the

• •

Elizabeth workution Service • Crown Prosec efriender. B a s a rs e te n and volu genres - from ll a f o ic s u m ning to She loves listeuse. . d horror films classical to ho n a s o o tt ta t, DIY, keep fi She likes cats,

ctor. s: y in the LGBT se rl la Elizabeth Say cu ti ar p , e me tim teering volunteer for so ful in my volun lp e h is is th I’ve k “I’ve wanted to out their issues. erson and I thin p ab c ti lk is ta m ti to p d o e e I’m an and I’m se who n out being gay to listen to tho ab y p le ap ab h rt fo I’m . m sed le co ro tions, but I’ve u tely open and ac le p re e m iv co at n g e e e n b f always can help a couple o ood when you g at I’ve only had l e th fe in u e at yo n s u e ps rt ak fo hich LGBT grou ay. It always m w w le p ve o ti e si p o g p in a or show these in hich gs like listening ig difference, w in b a th le ch p su im e S . ak rs m othe good ble can ough to have a / bars are availa n e e at n u rt fo / social events ey’re ople forget if th I think some pe rk in place. support netwo ir exist within the n e ft o le p o e P . anyone ut there volunteering to and work life, b d s n d e n m ie fr m f o co p re ot u I’d lated and are n ave a good gro o h is y e e b h T ay s. m le , b rt b own bu eed suppo ut there who n o s al u id iv d in are uld services that co aware of all the find out more to ing t lp n e h a d W an g n ri help. Voluntee efriending? b t nriching and u e , o ss b e a lfl se e b others can d. It y on r those involve Call Kate Hard life-changing fo 30 or email 0 erence.” 3 iff 0 d 3 a 3 e 5 ak 4 m 8 s 0 e do .uk or

Sali kate.hardy@lg k/

r a d n e l Ca

The . 1070904 Reg. Charity No

The following groups meet regularly at The LGF, Number 5, Richmond Street, Manchester, M1 3HF. • ART CLASS meets on the 2nd & 4th Monday of the month 7-9pm. • BiPhoria meets 1st Tuesday of the month 7.30-9pm. • Bloomers meets 1st & 3rd Tuesday of the month 1-3pm. • CAROUSEL meets on the 1st & 3rd Tuesday of the month 7:30-9pm. • ICEBREAKERS meets every Wednesday from 8pm. • IMAAN (LGBT Muslim Group) meets 1st Thursday of the month 7:30-9:30pm. • OLDER & BOLDER meets 2nd & 4th Thursday of the month 7-9pm. • STEPPING STONES meets 2nd & 4th Tuesday of the month 7:30-9pm. • Trec (Trans Resource and Empowerment Centre ) meets 3rd Friday of the month 7-9pm.

The following services are available at The LGF, Number 5, Richmond Street, Manchester, M1 3HF.

CO Stepping Stones Carousel

• LEGAL ADVICE SURGERY every 2nd & 4th Tuesday of the month 6-8pm. • OUTREACH CLINIC Every Tuesday for more details. visit or call 0845 3 30 30 30. • POLICE SURGERY every Thursday 6-8pm. • RAPID HIV TESTING every Wednesday 12-2pm.

ALBERT KENNEDY TRUST 0161 228 3308 GEORGE HOUSE TRUST 0161 274 4499 Survivors Manchester 07919 246 2671 For more listings please see outnorthwest

Art Class

Older & Bolder

September & October

The following volunteering opportunities take place regularly at The LGF. If you’re interested in any of the below, just ask Charlotte for more information! • BEFRIENDING various flexible opportunities available (training required). • CUSTOMER SERVICE SUPPORT flexible opportunities (training required). • GROUPWORK PROGRAMME dependent on group times (training required). • HPE (HIV Prevention England) various shifts available (training required).


• LIBRARY AND ARCHIVE group meets every Wednesday 5 – 8pm. • OFFICE SUPPORT flexible opportunities that can be arranged with the Volunteer Manager. • RAMPTON GROUP FACILITATOR every month, application and relevant skills & experience required. • VILLAGE ANGELS various shifts available (training required).

Diary Dates 25th September: Groupwork Supervision (6-8pm) 25th September: Bi-Visibility Day Film Night (6:30-8pm)



30th September: Let’s Get Political! - Womens Event - discussion on how women can effect change through politics (6:30-8:30pm) 2nd October:

Counselling Supervision (6-8pm)

7th October:

Community Engagement Volunteer Meeting (6-9pm)

16th October:

Befriender Supervision (6-7:30pm)

21st October:

Clare Summerskill presents ‘Gateway to Heaven’ – A celebration of lesbian and gay lives and histories - contact for more info (7-9pm) Remember, if you’re not sure what group support sessions you should be attending, contact

w o n k u o y o d h How muc exuality? about bis You can spot homophobia a mile away, but what about biphobia? As a bi volunteer, I was very excited to hear that The LGF is having its first training day about bisexuality. Bisexuality is often the ‘invisible sexuality’ within lesbian and gay communities. We experience homophobia too, but biphobia is an additional concern. Biphobia includes stereotypes of greed, confusion and promiscuity; insistence that we should identify as either gay or straight; and even lack of acknowledgement of our existence. How often do you hear people say you can’t be bi if you’re in a relationship, bisexuals have to be equally attracted to men and women, or bisexuality is just a phase? This training will give you the skills to challenge misconceptions and create a positive environment for bi service users. The training will be delivered by Meg Barker. Meg is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the Open University and a counsellor at The LGF. She is the founder of BiUK (, the national organisation for bisexual research and activism. She is in the process of establishing BiUK as the UK’s first bi charity. The training will take place at The LGF on Saturday 28th September, 11-4 PM. To book a place, email If you think you might be bisexual or you’d like to learn more about bisexuality, The Bisexual Index ( is a great place to start.


Bility Day


September 23rd marks the 14th year of Bi Visibility Day. Jen Yockney, who runs Bi Visibility Day web hub said: “In 1999, Manchester was the only place in the UK where any bi group marked the date. Last year there were about 12 events around the UK, from fêtes and pub meets to Brighton’s huge event at the central library with speakers from the council and so much cake that over 80 attendees still didn’t eat it all. Bi Visibility Day grows bigger and is marked in more countries every year. It’s heartening to see that change over time.” Here are some dates for your diary: Film Night 25th September, The LGF, 5 Richmond Street, Manchester, 6.30 PM. Everyone is welcome, whatever your sexuality or gender. A safe, open space to talk about representations of bisexuality over a good film and some popcorn. For more info email BiFest Wales 5th October, Swansea YMCA. Workshops, social spaces and community stalls. 12 - 6 PM. Evening event from 7 - 10 PM. £3 entry. To find out more emai or text 07982 308 812. BiPhoria 1st October, The LGF, 5 Richmond Street, Manchester. BiPhoria Manchester’s bisexual social support group. They meet on the first Tuesday of every month from 7.30-9 PM. Join them at Taurus on Canal Street if you miss the main get-together. Check out for more events.


ibility Follow @BiVis on Twitter y Like BiVisibilit on Facebook

e t t o l r a h C Introducing

olunteer u to the new V yo ce u d o tr e. in e time out to maternity leav e m m so so ke s ta ke ts ta le e Now ilst Clair otte Cooke, wh rl a h C r e g a n a M nteer she was a Volu – r e te n lu vo a s selfed her career a she later ran a d n a I R Charlotte start M e th h Counsellor at a mental healt r fo s e su is Bereavement ty e xi in the people with an ed to working m o st u cc help group for a is e yment, chester – so sh to paid emplo d le ce n e ri e charity in Man le exp of or. This valuab a large group g in g a n a voluntary sect m g s a unity wellbein g, Charlotte w m n m lo co re f fo o e e b g , n d n a ng a ra a key role o were deliveri tte also played o volunteers wh rl a h C r. e st e elping Manch Manchester, h e tr n e services across C r e te n as ment of Volu nteers, as well lu vo in ta re in the develop d an es. to recruit, train organisations and programm s ve ti ia it in r e lunte developing vo taking the LGF before h it w r a ili m fa s e key us that she wa isation on som n a rg o Charlotte tells e th d e ression ing support lls us: “My imp te e h S . e tr n up the role, hav e C er a value gh the Volunte nisation, with a rg o t projects throu n ra ib ion v that it was a ndly organisat ie fr a ’s .It … n of the LGF was y ow ’s a aligned with m its goals. There ve ie ch a base I felt was to rd be part works really ha ry privileged to ve l e and everyone fe I so , e g igns: d knowled e LGF’s campa th f o y n a lot of talent an m h it rnal was familiar w erials and exte at m l a n of it.” Charlotte o ti o m ns – t of their pro their campaig f o e yl st e th “I had seen a lo d like h a great ns, and I really rganisation wit o le ib ss e communicatio cc a n essages and a really strong m ur!” sense of humo y and ed by the qualit ss re p im y rl to la been particu ing she hopes th e m so , e m Charlotte has m ra tinue to volunteer prog riority is to con p p to y breadth of the “M s: th coming mon isation and the e n a th rg in o p e lo th y ve b e t d s se develop high standard ding scope to n fi lly fu e p maintain those o h , e Claire has don excellent work

ts Charlotte wan ks e e w g in m e co my own.” In th e volunteers: th to meet all of f your e to know all o lik ld u o w I , tells lly “Idea bout you!” she a g in th e m so an names and not seem like ay m is h “T . n ut o ti Founda the face of it, b n o t n e m ve ie many enormous ach 50 volunteers, 1 n a th re o s m there are nt service area re e iff d ss o cr a of whom work of how it all fits se n se a t e g to and I’d like together.” nge e biggest challe th at th s u s rm She info ng herself ill be familiarisi w le ro e th t F and u abo aken at the LG rt e et a d n u g in th a, in order to g re a with every e ic rv se ch around ea work. the processes isation and its n a rg o e th f o holistic view ncing, ing singing, da d u cl in s, ie b b many ho travelling. She d n a s ig Charlotte has g to g d it g, Yoga, goin as a teacher an e cooking, readin m o R in g f in a year liv s that her list o u lls te e h recently spent S ! ce ging experien e day! was a life-chan ns grows by th io at in st e d e e must-s , me to the team o lc e w F: LG e forward veryone at th oard. We look b On behalf of e n o u yo e av reat to h Charlotte. It’s g pdate Your U e s ! a u le yo P h it w to working formation:

Contact In


Email: charlotte.coo Mobile: 4 07889 724 22

Village Census The LGF stands in the heart of the Village, so it’s crucial for us to be aware of the needs of the people who spend time here. The last census showed that over half of the people in the Village have used LGF services, including condom and lube packs, outnorthwest magazine, the helpline, the website, counselling and groups. Since everyone in the Village is a potential service user or volunteer here at LGF, the Village Census is a central part of making sure opportunities and services are relevant. At the Annual Feast, The LGF was described as a ‘safe haven’ where everyone feels welcome, and being part of the Census helps to ensure it stays that way. You may well have been approached by an LGF-er with a clipboard in the past asking you to take part. If you’ve ever thought that this is something you’d like to do, please contact and be a part of conducting the Village Census 2013. It’s a great opportunity for people with an interest in outreach or research, but also for anyone who is outgoing, sociable and enjoys a good gab.

For a large print version of this magazine, please contact us on 0845 3 30 30 30 or email:



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