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020 8408 4455 . enquiries@lgfl.net . www.ngfl.net LGfL is a registered charity; we don’t profit from schools – we reinvest surpluses back into education.

Welcome to LGfL Table of Contents 1. It’s Time to Get Digital.

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2. Why LGfL. Page 4 3. Why LGfL is good for MATs and Local Authorities. Page 5 4. Save More Than You Spend with LGfL.

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5. Claim your Pupil Premium Funding.

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6. Get More from LGfL with Boost!!!

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7. Coming soon to Your LGfL Service in 2020/21.

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It’s Time to Get

Digital Cuts, initiatives, accountability, workload; cuts, initiatives, accountability, workload… and repeat! It’s no easy task running a school, so why on earth would you want to take the time to get digital, and why should you do it with us? LGfL isn’t your average school technology provider – as a charity, we reinvest surpluses back into schools, so we have no reason to push services that you don’t really need. With ever increasing pressures placed on schools and staff – from budget cuts and increasing workloads to curriculum changes, revised regulations and of course GDPR – now is the time to get on board with us, since we believe we can support you to reduce the impact of these! Why? Because you haven’t got time for a cyberattack to take down your school network and impact on operation in the classroom, but don’t have the expertise in school. Because you haven’t got time to explain to the Information Commissioner why your data got lost. Because you haven’t got the time or the money… but you do have to boost attainment, drive teaching & learning and keep children safe.

Against that background, when you implement new technology or approaches, it’s got to work first time, and you need to know who to turn to for support – before, during and after the change. Does your existing broadband provider deliver technical and curriculum services at no extra cost, with teachers to talk to, and centres of excellence to seek advice from? LGfL DOES. So, we would love to talk to you about how partnering with LGfL can help you with all the aforementioned challenges and achieve more for less with digital platforms. We know education; we know technology; we are LGfL!


Why LGfL? LGfL provides peace of mind delivering an unrivalled range of protections and safeguards that keep children safe and schools secure – all on top of superfast fibre and a lot more. This is how:-

n LGfL safeguards over 1.2M children every day with one of the biggest implementations of educational filtering in the world – more at safeguarding.lgfl.net.

n LGfL is a charity. We don’t profit from schools’; we reinvest back into Education constantly innovating and improving our service.

n You don’t have to tender. Schools can award contracts with confidence to LGfL, achieve VfM and be procurement compliant – more at procurement.lgfl.net.

n A secondary school can save more than £17,000 per annum and a primary school more than £7,000 by making use of LGfL’s value added bundle - more at savings.lgfl.net. n LGfL now services more than 3500 sites across the UK – we are now the National Grid for Learning. n LGfL’s Free School Meal Checker has identified £50M of potential funding to schools since 2014 – more at fsm.lgfl.net. n LGfL connects your school to one of the world’s fastest school networks for cloud – more at pledge2020.lgfl.net.

n 98% of our customers stay with us for longer than their contract term, so we must be doing something right - more at testimonials.lgfl.net. n Schools say wonderful things about the LGfL service at testimonials.lgfl.net. n There are brilliant examples of how schools are harnessing LGfL at casestudies.lgfl.net. n LGfL has led some of the world’s biggest EdTech projects for Cloud, security and content. n LGfL has won multiple industry awards for the services it provides - more at awards.lgfl.net.

n LGfL safely and reliably connects many of the top teachers and schools in the world to the internet. n LGfL provides an unrivalled 12 layers of digital defence against security threats including ransomware, DDoS & virus – more at cybersecurity.lgfl.net.

So, what are you waiting for! 4

Why LGfL is Good for MATs and Local Authorities LGfL’s subscription comes into its own when you purchase on behalf of multiple schools and this is why LGfL underpins many of the largest and most successful Multi Academy Trusts in the country. Economies of Scale - If you’re purchasing from LGfL on behalf of many schools then you will enjoy economies of scale and save more money.

Single Point of Management - Many of LGfL’s bundled products can be managed in a central portal. This means that your MAT or Local Authority can allocate licences more flexibly across your school estate from a single control point – driving down your support costs.

Build & Customise Your Own Wide Area Network (WAN) - LGfL’s Ignite Network can help your MAT and Local Authority avoid the prohibitive costs of building a private network with expensive WAN technology and point to point connections. You can build your own Datacentres and go to the Cloud harnessing features such as VRF’s, MPLS and traffic engineering.

Support for your IT Strategy - For MATs and Local Authorities, LGfL provides targeted training and support to develop your IT Strategy to maximise the impact of technology in your schools.

Service Support & Management - For MATs and Local Authorities, we provide a Service Manager who has responsibility for ensuring that we are performing well and delivering a high-quality service to you.

Contact us enquiries@lgfl.net or phone 020 8408 4455 5

Save More Than You Spend with LGfL LGfL’s bundle delivers unrivalled value for money because we can source the products we provide at a very low cost due to our aggregated buying power. Even when using only a small proportion of what’s included with the LGfL service, schools save significant sums of money or achieve considerable benefit. For example, Sophos ransomware protection would cost thousands of pounds for a large secondary school if purchased in isolation. With LGfL, the school is covered by a licence for the whole school at no additional cost.

Schools making use of the LGfL bundle stand to benefit greatly. For example, a secondary school could potentially save more than £17,000 per annum by making use of all the products on offer. A primary and special school could potentially save more than £7,000 per annum. And that is before we count in the additional funds identified by the Free Schools Meal Eligibility Checker! It is because LGfL offers such brilliant value for money that we now distribute over 1.2M licences to schools worth in excess of £10M in a typical academic year!

More at savings.lgfl.net or phone 020 8408 4455 6

Claim Your Pupil Premium Funding

As part of the service LGfL supports over 1,000 schools to find additional funding to meet their budget challenges. Our bundled Free School Meals Eligibility Checker enables schools to identify children that may be able to claim a Pupil Premium. Depending upon local circumstances the level of funding identified for each school could amount to many thousands of pounds - a welcome support for the school during challenging times. Given the above, it is no surprise that LGfL’s Free School Meals Eligibility Checker is very popular and now is in use in over 100 Local Authorities across the UK.

Over £50M of potential additional funding for schools has been identified by LGfL’s checker since the service started in 2014 and since September 2019 over £18M of potential Pupil Premium claims have been identified for LGfL schools.

A Free School Meals Eligibility Checker is often provided as a separately chargeable service for schools costing a substantial amount of money. In the case of LGfL Schools - it is free.

Find out more at fsm.lgfl.net or phone 020 8408 4455 7

Get More from LGfL with Boost!!! The LGfL subscription provides brilliant value overall by including a bundle of products that can generate savings or additional value that exceeds the cost of the broadband connection. From 2020, schools that are renewing their contract with LGfL will also benefit from LGfL Boost!!! What is LGfL Boost!!!? LGfL Boost is a new way of managing your LGfL service which gives the school, MAT and Local Authority further options to secure even greater value from its subscription to LGfL. How does LGfL Boost!!! work for your school? LGfL will review with your school, as part of your renewal, the use of LGfL’s products and services. We will then work with you to find ways to gain greater value from the bundle of services that are on offer so we can help you save more money. So, when you’re renewing, not only is LGfL delivering great value through innovation and savings you can now fine tune your subscription and licences through LGfL Boost!!! to create even more added value for your school.

What are you waiting for! Please get in touch with our Customer Services Team to see how we can help you save more money and Boost!!! the use of IT in your school.

Contact us enquiries@lgfl.net or phone 020 8408 4455 8

Coming Soon to Your LGfL Service in 2020/21 The massive economies of scale enable LGfL to continuously drive down our costs and deliver huge savings in the education market. As a not for profit charity we invest those savings back into schools to advance education. This enables LGfL to constantly innovate. Since 2016 over 100 product innovations and improvements have been made to the LGfL subscription at no additional cost to the school. In 2019 LGfL added new products such as Adobe Creative Cloud - introduced enhanced security protections as well as boosting the internet speed across thousands of schools, and at no extra cost, as part of the Pledge 2020 initiative. In 2020/21 a number of innovations and changes will be made to the LGfL service including:n Offering a second and resilient fibre connection for schools. n Offering a safeguarding monitoring solution to complement the filtering and protections already in place. n Offering a Simplified Sign On solution for schools to make it easier and simpler to access your cloud and local systems with a single username and password. n Improving Support for Cloud and Remote Learning. LGfL will set-up a new service called CloudSquad to support the transition to Cloud platforms and remote learning including Google and Office 365 to avoid schools incurring unnecessary costs. n Delivering free backup and recovery service for primary and special schools. 50Gb of GDPR, encrypted GridStore storage will be available to all primary and special schools to comply with its Ofsted requirements. n Continuing to expand the curriculum portfolio with groundbreaking technologies with a focus on the expansion of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Contact us enquiries@lgfl.net or phone 020 8408 4455 9

SmartBuy Save yourself time and effort on procurement as we’ve done all the hard work for you! Is purchasing from your existing broadband supplier compliant with Procurement Law? Do they buy on behalf of thousands of schools for the advancement of education? LGfL qualifies in Procurement Law to act as a “Central Purchasing Body”, on behalf of schools and local authorities. Consequently, the services and products schools purchase directly from LGfL have already been sourced in compliance with EU Procurement Law, meaning that you can buy from us with confidence. Schools also benefit from Best Value because we’re tendering, and subsequently buying, on behalf of thousands of schools and public sector customers, saving schools millions of pounds every year. Therefore, with our help you can avoid expensive, time-consuming tendering processes and access the great services provided to over one million children and thousands of schools across the UK. LGfL can boast both procurement compliancy and buying on behalf of thousands of schools, so why not join them and us?

Find out more at procurement.lgfl.net or phone 020 8408 4455


Service Specifications

LGfL Bundled Services More at services.lgfl.net DigiSafe Keep Children Safe DigiSafe is LGfL’s safeguarding service and embodies our passion for keeping children safe as well as helping schools meet their Prevent duties. This includes a filtering system capable of reviewing and assessing over 1 billion websites every day and constantly updating our safeguarding systems to keep pace with rapidly evolving threats. LGfL investments in technology to ensure compliance with statutory duties but also goes far beyond this as part of our safeguarding centre of excellence that is embedded within the DigiSafe service. As part of the LGfL service we include encryption technology that makes it possible to share sensitive and confidential information securely that is fully integrated and compliant with government and law enforcement systems. Find out more at safeguarding.lgfl.net, including our one-stop resource portal at saferesources.lgfl.net.

CyberCloud Keep Schools Secure LGfL connects your school to a very secure network providing 12 layers of defence. LGfL’s security starts before the internet even leaves the starting gate, with the Janet feed from Jisc providing resilience and daily mitigations against DDoS attacks and other malware. This helps to ensure the all too common headline ‘Student pays for DDoS attack on school to avoid exam’ isn’t one that LGfL schools need to worry about. Double firewalling with Cisco Firepower at the core and edge of the network provides unprecedented visibility and threat protection for our state-of-the-art resilient ISO-270001 data centres, which host the LGfL security operations centre for constant network monitoring and alerting. LGfL security doesn’t stop at the school gate though; all schools are allocated Anti-Virus for workstations, servers and even home use, helping to protect users and devices even when they aren’t on site. This is further bolstered by Sophos Intercept X for workstations and servers, as well as Malwarebytes enterprise scanning and remediation. But it doesn’t end there! LGfL secure schools have Meraki MDM licences to centrally manage installs and avoid the unauthorised software that often leads to malware, Egress licences to encrypt sensitive emails, as well as managed web and email filtering. We filter 1 million emails daily, using the expertise of global security specialists at Cloudmark to ensure safety and security are always priority number one. LGfL holds Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation which means we’re trusted to provide secure services by the Government. For more information about LGfL’s cyber defences please go to cybersecurity.lgfl.net


Key Features & Products n Appropriate web filtering ✔ n Appropriate user-based filtering including ✔ integration with Active Directory n HTTPS filtering ✔ n Egress secure & encrypted email for sharing ✔ sensitive information n One-stop Safeguarding Resource Portal ✔ n Safeguarding newsletter and blog ✔ n Policy templates and Acceptable Use Policies (AUPs) ✔ n Resources for classroom and home use to keep ✔ children safe n Posters to support key messages in school ✔ n Themed resources for all key stages and stakeholders ✔ n Online and face-to-face CPD ✔ n Formal Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) training ✔ n Web filtering training ✔ n Annual Safeguarding Conference ✔ n Research, partnerships and training in specialist areas, ✔ e.g. county lines, CSE and more n CISCO Meraki Device Management to manage your IT ✔ assets and apply security policies such as the remote deletion of information on lost devices n Sophos Server Advance Protection provides very high levels ✔ of security to keep your servers protected n Sophos Endpoint Protection (Inc. Ransomware) ✔ n Sophos Anti-Virus which can be installed on machines to ✔ protect against viruses n Sophos Phish which helps train staff to recognise emails ✔ that carry security threats n DDoS Protection, daily network scanning, and malware ✔ mitigation to keep your network from being compromised or brought to a halt from an attacker n Malware Protection on all iPads, Chromebooks and Windows ✔ devices to keep them safe from rootkits and malware. n Email Scanning and Spam Protection (MailProtect) to strip ✔ out viruses and spam n Encryption by default, where possible, for emails ✔ n Cisco Industrial-strength firewalls are used in schools and ✔ LGfL’s core network to provide maximum protection for the schools network and LGfL’s ISO 270001 compliant data centres n All LGfL connections are monitored 24/7 for up-time and ✔ security related threats n Freedom2Firewall allows you to view the LGfL firewall rules ✔ and implement considered changes to them n Unified Sign On to provide secure and authenticated access ✔ to the LGfL network and your school n 2 Factor Authentication to provide an added level of ✔ security when accessing information remotely n Network vulnerability scanning service to identify potential ✔ vulnerabilities in the school network (available on request) n Cybersecurity newsletter, access to research and advice ✔ n Annual Technical Conference covering security ✔ products and best practices Home Use n LGfL’s provides a version of Sophos Anti-Virus that can be used by governors, parents and teachers at home

Additional Services – Price on Application n Sophos Encryption Services are now available to purchase ✔ n Additional licences for Sophos Server Advance, Meraki ✔ Device Manager and Sophos Phish can all be purchased from LGfL n Layer 7 Firewall Service to provide more granular ✔ protection including controlling which applications can access the internet

LGfL Bundled Services More at services.lgfl.net SuperCharge Superfast Connectivity SuperCharge is LGfL’s broadband service. LGfL’s supercharged broadband connection links the school to one of the world’s fastest school networks. LGfL’s high speed connection is needed to harness cloud technologies and support increased levels of remote access and distance learning. LGfL’s commitment to advancing education means that we connect nearly all schools to the internet using fibre as opposed to copper services. Fibre is much faster and scalable than a corresponding copper based connection. It is therefore better suited to support your school move to the Cloud and deliver effective Remote Learning. LGfL is currently boosting bandwidth across all schools for FREE delivering between 100Mbps and 1Gbps of connectivity as part of an initiative called Pledge 2020. The majority of LGfL schools are generally provided on a 1Gbps circuit by default and serviced by high quality equipment enabling simple and effective upgrades to be implemented remotely. Find out more about our commitment to build a brilliant and world beating network at pledge2020.lgfl.net

Ignite A Next Generation National Education Network Ignite is LGfL’s own network that hosts over 3,000 customers across the UK. This helps us to ensure that LGfL can deliver a high quality of service to schools and other customers. LGfL schools are routed to the internet safely and securely via LGfL’s core Ignite Network. This is secure and engineered for high performance and resilience. This means there is redundant power supplies at aggregation points in the Ignite Network and diverse routes in our core network reducing the risk of unplanned outages and downtime. We also provide “peering” points with major companies with cloud services which means that in many cases you have the fastest possible connection to services in the cloud. Our national coverage means that LGfL can provide a consistent level of service across your MAT or cluster. We can also help you build your own private networks at very low cost. capabilities.

Key Features & Products n Fibre to the Premise (wherever possible) ✔ n UK wide connectivity provided in partnership with ✔ Virgin Media Business n Connection options now up to 100Gbps ✔ n Bundled bandwidth upgrades for Schools after initial ✔ contract term to ensure schools keep pace with their needs n High performance connection engineered for ✔ minimal contention, jitter or latency n Synchronous connectivity delivering identical upload and ✔ download speeds at your stated bandwidth n Up to 2 x the total internet capacity of your stated ✔ bandwidth speed. For example, for 100Mbps of capacity the school receives up to 200Mbps of internet capacity n Market leading CISCO equipment that has future capacity ✔ built in to support future growth and needs. n LGfL's next generation platform has capacity to enable ✔ most bandwidth upgrades to be delivered over the wire as opposed to disruptive on site equipment changes n Annual Technical Conference showcasing innovation and ✔ best practices for technically minded staff Additional Services – Price on Application

n LGfL Voice Services including Voice over IP ✔ n LGfL Wifi Service ✔ n Bronze resilience for fibre with a backup copper line ✔ n Silver resilience delivered via new fibre to the school ✔ terminating on the same equipment n Gold resilience delivered via new fibre to the school ✔ terminating on a separate firewall and router n Platinum resilience delivered via a diversely routed fibre ✔ terminating on a separate router and firewall n For resilient fibre connections there is an option to load ✔ balance connectivity to boost bandwidth and optimise use of the resilient line capacity

n National Network enabling safe, reliable and high speed ✔ connection across the UK n Interconnects with other Telco’s to support Cloud Services ✔ n Resilient Design ✔ n Peering to ensure fast access to content and resources ✔ n DNS Hosting ✔ n Quality of Service Support ✔ n MPLS Support ✔ n VRF Support ✔ n Support to build your own private Wide Area Network ✔ to support secure access to shared facilities including a private datacentre n Ignite is compatible with GovRoam to integrate your WiFi ✔ network with other public sector networks n Ignite is compatible with EduRoam to link your WiFi ✔ network to the wider education community Additional Services – Price on Application

n Advice on developing your own Wide Area Network (WAN) ✔ or configuring your network for top performance


LGfL Bundled Services More at services.lgfl.net SuperCloud Supporting Your School’s Journey to Cloud and Remote Learning SuperCloud is LGfL’s service that is about enabling the move from on-premise services to cloud services. LGfL is cloud agnostic and supports the use of private cloud, along with public cloud across multiple suppliers. A key part of that support is a secure Remote Access Service called Freedom2Roam which enables your teachers and staff to access school-based information securely. We also want to help schools improve access to cloud services by improving the ratio of computers to children. To enable the school to recycle old computers we provide a product called Neverware which enables the conversion of Windows laptops into Chromebooks. With our partners we will also support your schools transition to the Cloud avoiding excessive charges and costs for migrating to a new generation of technology. Finally, LGfL continues to provide cloud-based email (StaffMail) and secure backup for schools (GridStore) which is an Ofsted requirement.

TechSquad Support for Your School, MAT & Local Authority LGfL wants to make sure the school receives the support needed to take advantage of the extraordinary range of products and technologies that are included in your subscription to LGfL. Our support starts with our EasySwitch service which is about giving your school help to transition to LGfL as painlessly as possible. This includes the allocation of a Customer Success Manager to provide personalised support through this service. Once connected to LGfL our Service Management team will look after you to ensure your service runs smoothly. The support package for your school includes an online portal where you can track your schools technical and configuration information, log support calls, request information and find out about the latest developments. The school can also check things such as the speed of connection, how much bandwidth is being used and what the firewall configuration includes. LGfL’s connection includes around the clock monitoring of the network for faults and potential matters of concern through National Operational Centres. LGfL has also recently established a Digital Transformation Partnership with a number of IT companies who are collaborating and support LGfL to accelerate digital innovation into schools. LGfL receives fantastic support from its partners (VMB and Adept Education) along with a range of global and household names such as Sophos, Google, Adobe, Malwarebytes, Egress, Microsoft, Busythings and J2e. Find out more about who partners with LGfL at dtp.lgfl.net LGfL loves supporting schools and has twice been named the ERA Not for Profit Supplier of the Year to the Education Sector and is an EdTech Top 50 “Mover and Shaker”.


Key Features & Products n Freedom2Roam – Secure Remote Access to access ✔ resources held on your school network n Neverware CloudReady to turn old laptops into fully ✔ functioning Chromebooks n Remote Backup and Disaster Recovery to store your ✔ data securely and in a GDPR compliant way n Website Hosting (WordPress sites) ✔ n StaffMail secure email including access via the Web ✔ n Help with Google and Office 365 transition to the Cloud ✔ n Email Archive to enable recovery of deleted emails ✔ n Google CPD ✔ n Office 365 CPD ✔ n Assurance that LGfL services are provided from ISO27001 ✔ Accredited Datacentres n Resilient Datacentre Design ensures that LGfL services ✔ such as StaffMail continue to operate with the maximum of availability Additional Services – Price on Application

n Additional GridStore backup capacity

n EasySwitch transition service to advise and support a transition to LGfL from your existing provider n UK based helpdesk providing 1st, 2nd and 3rd line support n National Operations Centre monitoring the LGfL network round the clock n Network monitoring includes device availability, bandwidth utilisation, jitter, packet loss, latency and many other things n Security Operations Centre monitoring the LGfL network for security threats n Security monitoring includes virus signatures, ransomware signatures, DDoS attacks, malware, rootkits and many attack vectors n National engineering support and cover n Replacement of faulty or broken router at no additional cost n Self-service portal providing full information about your LGfL service n An online case management system to track your service requests and incidents n Self-service access to network performance analytics and information n Text Alerting Service including major outages n A technical newsletter n Technical news bulletin featuring product and service improvements n A Customer Success Manager to help you make the most of your service n A comprehensive SLA covering installation, support and the management of performance for incidents and service requests

✔ ✔ ✔ ✔

✔ ✔

✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔

LGfL Bundled Services More at services.lgfl.net Inspire Helping Teachers & Schools Make the Most of Digital Innovation LGfL provides much more than just a connection. LGfL is passionate committed to helping teachers harness the power of online technologies to engage all learners and help them achieve their full potential, at all ages and across all parts of the curriculum. At LGfL it’s all about helping schools to harness and accelerate digital innovation in the classroom. LGfL has pioneered new technologies including the use of Augmented and Virtual Reality in the classroom as well as enabling the transition to Cloud. Many in-house productions feature experts in their field showing artefacts from sites and locations that children might never visit out of school time.

Key Features & Products n Adobe Creative Cloud included n Just2Easy site licence included n BusyThings site licence included n Professional Music database (Audio Networks) n Access to a large library of curriculum resources across all key stages and the majority of the National Curriculum n Immersive Augmented and Virtual Reality resources including Fossils and Dinosaurs n A bank of high-resolution images from the cultural sector including the Royal Collection n Annual Curriculum Conference n Access to a team of education professionals experienced in the products and services on offer n CPD offer to help schools make the most of LGfL’s resources

✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔

n Annual SEND, Inclusion and well-being Conference n Regular face to face training on topics most important to SENCOs and inclusion staff n Large Widgit Symbol library n Advice on use of technology within your school to support inclusion and accessibility n A portal of mental health and well-being resources available for use in your school or Multi Academy Trust

✔ ✔

✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔

This enables LGfL to provide a wide range of awardwinning online curriculum content learning resources and products. These can be used in the school at all key stages, for use anytime and anywhere. Find out more at content.lgfl.net There is also support for a comprehensive programme of harnessing technology with a range of CPD opportunities. Including in school training, centralised training events and conferences to help your teachers harness the power of online technology and get the most from the platform. Find out more at training. lgfl.net

IncludED Supporting SENCOs, support staff and a whole school approach to inclusion, mental health and well-being. LGfL provides access to a range of support for inclusion and well-being through regular CPD sessions on topics related to SEND and Inclusion as well as Mental Health Designated Lead Training and Mental Health First Aid at School training.

✔ ✔ ✔

Our expanding library of online staff training includes topics such as supporting learners with EAL, meeting sensory needs and a whole school approach to mental well-being. Our bank of specialist resources includes tools vital for inclusion such as a large Widgit symbol library. The IncludEd team can also provide advice about how to get the most out of cloud platforms and your existing technology to support accessibility and inclusion to your curriculum. Find out more at included.lgfl.net and for well-being resources at wbc.lgfl.net


LGfL Contacts and Support Phone us: 020 8408 4455

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LGfL Let's Get Digital  

Save more than you spend and keep children safe by subscribing to LGfL Let's Get Digital service.

LGfL Let's Get Digital  

Save more than you spend and keep children safe by subscribing to LGfL Let's Get Digital service.

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