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…from the Editor Hello, and welcome to our August issue. The Bristol Pride Fringe Festival is only days away! In the same vein as last year, an eclectic week of events, running from Monday 13th to Sunday 19th August, harnesses the creative energies of members of Bristol’s LGBT communities, showcasing talent, challenging stereotypes and breaking down barriers between people. Supported by the London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival on tour at the Watershed and Arnolfini, Fringe week ends in true summer style with a day on the brand new Bristol Urban Beach at Redcliffe, featuring London’s very own Bootylicious! This issue features a report on the recent Forum meeting on homophobic hate crime, and in the spirit of Fringe Festival creativity, some poetry from one of Bristol’s finest. There’s also info about Bristol first gay brass band, and an interesting project being run by the Birmingham Pride Community Trust. Need I mention the news, listings and all the other useful tidbits? ☺

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… 3-4 News

8 - Frenchay Brass - Planning the Future of Bristol’s Parks & Green Spaces - Avon & Somerset Fire & Rescue conference

5-6 - Homophobic Hate Crime: event summary - Cull (After Hitchcock)

9 - Birmingham Pride Community Trust

7 - Bristol Pride Fringe Festival - CycleOut West: Cycle with Pride - Citywide Assisted Purchase Scheme

10 - Listings 2

NEWS… Celebrating its 21st anniversary, the London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival on tour (LLGFF), in association with Bristol Pride Fringe Week, decamps to Bristol from August 10 with a diverse selection of international full-length features. Highlights include Beyond Hatred, Olivier Meyrou’s sensitive documentary about François Chenu, beaten to death for admitting his homosexuality, and Roystan Tan’s latest 4.30, the follow up to his highly-rated debut 15. Continuing the international theme is Taiwanese director Leste Chen’s beautifully shot drama Eternal Summer, which Variety called “a must-have for gay fests seeking international quality”. Inspired by real events, Amnesia - the James Brighton Enigma, tells the story of a young, gay American found naked, beaten and confused in an empty car park in Montreal. When a media campaign is launched to help him recover his identity, jarring details of his past slowly come to light. There’s a strong bias towards films for the girls. LLGFF favourite Lisa Gornick returns with Tick Tock Lullaby, a humorous look at the trails of a careeravoidant lesbian who wants to get pregnant. Featuring much of the same cast that appeared in her debut feature Do I Love You, this witty and honest movie will delight fans of her earlier work. Sonja, from German first-time filmmaker Kirsi Marie Liimatainen, is a tender coming-of-age story about a teenage girl who has outgrown everything, including her family, boyfriend and home, but soon begins to recognise where her true desire lies. Georgia Lee’s multi-award winning Red Doors tells the story of a troubled Chinese-American family; as the depressed father plots to abandon his family, his plans are derailed by middle daughter Julie, who falls for a sultry actress, and teenage Katie who embarks on a dangerous flirtation with her school nemesis. “Hilariously funny and unbelievably revealing,” according to the Wall Street Journal. Finally Puccini for Beginners, from the director of The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love, is a classy romantic comedy about an opera-loving lesbian who begins to wonder if she wants a girlfriend after all.

Bristol Pride Fringe Week, the city-wide festival bringing together LGBT and other communities to inspire creativity and make a stand against segregation and discrimination. Top Bristol law firm Burroughs Day Solicitors announced in July that they had set up a team of solicitors to provide a complete range of specialist services to meet the legal needs of LGB people in the South West. Burroughs Day has been involved in a string of highprofile cases in recent months. They represented Tony Gaman, the bar steward who was forced to go to court after he was dismissed by his employers, Bristol County Sports Club. They have also acted in civil partnership dissolutions and have used the Civil Partnership Act to acquire rights of parental responsibility for a local lesbian couple. Members of the Family, Employment, and Wills and Tax Planning teams have joined forces to promote the services that the firm can offer its gay clients. These include pre-registration or living together agreements, civil partnership dissolution, employment law and drawing up wills. Listed as gay friendly by Stonewall, Pride Direct and Pride West, the firm has set up a designated section on its website to address the issues. CEO of Individual Client Services John Baden Daintree says: “Burroughs Day Solicitors has an unrivalled track record in this specialist area of law. We acted in the first gay divorce in the South West and have succeeded in bringing high profile cases against employers who have discriminated against their employees due to their sexuality. The Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual community faces a number of distinct legal challenges and need the support of lawyers who are experienced and able to offer unbiased advice on a wide range of matters to help ensure that they and their families are protected and their futures secured.” Contact Julia Beasley, Associate Solicitor in the Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Law Team on 0117 929 0333 or visit the website

GayWest – the longest-serving gay social group in the region – celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. For the second year running, the programme has The group – which is run entirely by volunteers been split between the Arnolfini and the Watershed. organises a string of social events throughout the Both venues are promoting films in conjunction with year, including barbecues, film nights, an annual

picnic, a Christmas party, produces a regular newsletter for members and holds monthly meetings every second Wednesday at Bristol’s Old Market Tavern. When they set up their weekly coffee shop (the Rainbow Café) back in January 1983 – originally in Abbey Green but since 1991 held at the St Michael’s day centre next to the Little Theatre - the group could not have known that it would still be going strong almost a quarter of a century later. Yet the Rainbow Café is still GayWest’s flagship event. A real alternative to the typical gay scene, it’s now one of the longest-running weekly social gatherings for the LGBT community in the UK.

With the Bath Tap the only other ‘proper’ gay venue in the city, the LGBT community cannot afford to lose Mandalyn’s. Lyn and partner Claire Bear are much loved and their decision to move on will be a sad loss: as well as the pub’s regular karaoke and cabaret evenings, it is home to several gay and lesbian social groups.

Luckily, it appears that the agents are looking to attract buyers who would wish to do exactly that. The venue has been placed on the market with the Bristol office of Christie and Co, and Director Nicholas Calfe comments: “The sale of Mandalyn’s presents a superb opportunity for a new owner to Paul Green, who has been chair of the group for the build on the success of the best known gay-friendly last three years, tells me: “We’re the only group for bar and entertainment venue in the South West.” gay people from their mid-30s and older who want to make genuine friends but who may not want to The current lease runs until November 2011, and is hang around the bar scene. It’s also worth up fro grabs at £125,000. Rent is £16,000 per year. remembering that not all LGBT people have loads of Anyone with deep pockets should contact Christie money, and running the café means that people can and Co. on 0117 946 8500. come along, meet their friends and not have to spend a fortune. Although GayWest is a A brand new, three-day event is to be held in Bristol membership-based organisation, we run the from August 17: Village Pride. Rainbow Café as a community service; it is open to The owners of Old Market’s gay businesses have everyone.” joined hands to provide a weekend’s worth of They’re marking their anniversary by hosting several entertainment in the heart of what is rapidly events including a get together at the Pavilion Café becoming Bristol’s gay village. Stuart Hayles, coin Bath’s Victoria Park on September 15 and, owner of Flamingo’s, tells me: “The Old Castle according Paul: “Any current and ex-members are Green, Starbooks, Cottage Sauna, Prague, Flamingos welcome. We’d love for them to come along and and the Old Market Tavern are all involved. We’ve take part in the celebrations. It would be a great got the Alleycat Dogs lined up to play on the chance for all of us to catch up with old friends.” If Saturday night; they were a big hit at Birmingham you’ve been a member in the past, or have been Pride, and I’m sure they’ll go down well here too, thinking about becoming one, now is the perfect and special passes will be issued allowing people time to get in touch. discounted entry to Flamingos if they visit any of the other venues.” Membership to GayWest is £15 per year (£10 cons, £20 for couples). Ffi: email: Business partner Russell Coglan adds: “Corona is sponsoring the whole Mexican-themed weekend, The recently-announced news that Mandalyn’s is up and look out for your chance to win a trip on their for sale could signal the end of an era for Bath’s double-decker bus. There’s a big prize raffle lined LGBT community. Proprietor Carolyn ‘Lyn’ Seward is up, a ‘60s and ‘70s fancy dress night and prize retiring after six years at the pub, during which time karaoke too.” The businesses involved have already it was awarded Best Pub in Bath 2005 by Venue set their sights on next year. “We want this to be the Magazine and Lyn was nominated for the Woman start of something much bigger,” Stuart adds. “We’d Who Made a Difference award for her work within like to use the park at the back of Gloucester Lane to the gay community and commended for her work put on an open air show and see how it grows. One for the UK’s leading HIV/AIDS charity THT. In 2006 thing is for sure, any money we make will be put Mandalyn’s was voted Best Pub and Bar in the South back into making sure that the event happens again in 2008, bigger and better than this year. West 2006 by the Pink Paper.


addressing hate crime and how their response is now victim-focused. The police will not take action if Homophobic Hate Crime: The Process and the victim does not want to proceed. Knowing about incidents of hate crime allows for more resources the Law and development of the Hate Crime Unit. If a crime is not seen to be happening, it cannot be addressed. On 15th March 2007, the Bristol LGB Forum held an open meeting on Homophobic Hate Crime at the Last year there were 1000 hate crime incidents Council House, College Green. The aim of the reported, 97 were homophobic, 3 faith, 4 disability meeting was to raise awareness about the processes and the rest race. An important point to note, as involved in reporting, investigating and prosecuting recent events have shown, is that the victim does homophobic hate crime, how seriously such crime is not have to be LGB to be a victim of homophobic taken by the law and the agents of the law, and how hate crime. Recently a grandfather lost the sight in low the current reporting statistics are. one of his eyes after a vicious attack in which his

Jonathan Charlesworth, Director of Projects with EACH (Education Action Challenging Homophobia) spoke about their reporting service. Those who are worried about any form of homophobic abuse, bullying or crime can contact a helpline for advice or advocacy (EACH will act as a go-between between the victim and the police). Jonathan emphasised that there seems to be a lack of confidence in the police by members of the LGB public which contributes to the under-reporting of homophobic hate crime. EACH provides feedback for the police to improve their systems and service. Hopefully this will encourage more victims of homophobic hate crime to come forward directly to the police. Tim Hill, Detective Sergeant in the Avon and Somerset Constabulary from Bristol Hate Crime Unit at Trinity Road Police Station, spoke about the service that his unit offered. Bristol Hate Crime Unit is one of the few dedicated investigative units in the country. They investigate all hate crime relating to sexuality, race, disability and faith.

attackers perceived him to be gay. Thus anyone can be a victim of homophobic hate crime – it is based on the crime and not the sexuality of the victim. The police are not interested in the sexuality of the victim and the victim does not have to disclose anything about their personal life. If the victim would like help in reporting the crime, then both EACH (see above) and THT (Terance Higgins Trust) will act as a reporting agency and help the victim. Following a successful investigation the Police refer the case to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS). Brian Pixton, Area Co-Ordinator for Hate Crime and Senior Prosecution Barrister at Bristol Crown Court Spoke on behalf of the CPS (Crown Prosecution Service). He wanted to emphasise how seriously the CPS regarded crimes of an homophobic nature and introduced the CPS internal group the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Network. The LGBT Network was formed in January 2002 in order to act as a support network and to reduce the isolation of LGBT staff. The Network works with the CPS on various policies that affect the LGBT community such as the Prosecution Policy on Homophobic Crime.

The police define a hate crime as “any incident, which constitutes a criminal offence, which is perceived by the victim or any other person as being Brian made it clear that “The CPS regards motivated by prejudice or hate.” homophobic crimes as particularly serious because they undermine people’s right to feel safe about and More importantly, “the perception of the victim or be safe in their sexual orientation, whether they are any other person (including the police) is the lesbian, gay, bisexual or heterosexual, and also in defining factor in determining a hate crime”. This their gender identity, whether they are female, male means that a third party could report a hate crime or transgendered. for a victim or determine that a hate crime has been committed, even if the victim does not think it is a “Such crimes are based on prejudice, discrimination hate crime. and hate, and they have no place in an open and He emphasised the importance the police place on

democratic society.

“The CPS defines a homophobic or transphobic based on homophobia and, where we cannot, to incident as “any incident which is perceived o be arrest and to prosecute the perpetrators of such homophobic or transphobic by the victim or by any crimes firmly and effectively.” other person”. Many thanks to Tim Hill and Brian Pixton who Following receipt of a case, the CPS prosecutors provided the Forum with notes to help with the must be satisfied there is sufficient evidence to writing up of this meeting. provide a “realistic prospect of conviction” – The Evidential Test. They also need to look at the public interest in a case – the Public Interest Test. The CPS regards an homophobic or transphobic element in a Cull (After Hitchcock) case as an aggravating feature and therefore extremely serious. Cutting our name in half (you'll see) We left the coast, the skin, The public interest in such cases will therefore And permeated in almost always favour prosecution. When there is Towards the organs that were larger, newer – sufficient evidence to proceed the decision as to Where different sirens' screams skewer whether to prosecute in the public interest is The aerial din. influenced by a number of factors, including the serious of the offence, the chances of the defendant Picking at your cities' tooth-decay, offending again and if the defendant planned the We roost your rooves and preen your places, attack. The more serious the offence or the greater Are crowns of twigs, your secret toupée the risk of further crimes, the more likely the CPS On the bald-patch on your square-grey faces. are to prosecute in the public interest, provided the Our source is your surfeit. CPS have sufficient evidence. Our feast is your waste. Aloft in your consumption, For vulnerable or intimidated witnesses, there are Your after-taste. special measures to help in court – such as the wearing of wigs, screens to separate victim and Then the men with blue-billed caps came To bless our unborn chicks, we rained cross examination via video link. Anonymity is Around them in the abortive sky: possible but unlikely but unless it is required for A bawling, feathered weather-system's eye. evidential purposes, the address of a witness or victim should not be disclosed in open court. Brian And so we wail at your windows at nightassured the audience that where victims may be Ape the way your babies cry. reluctant to go to the police for fear that they will be Still hatching our shrill designs, investigated for their own behaviour i.e. “cruising” Our piercing one-note nursery rhymes. or “cottaging”, the minor offence will in no way invalidate the seriousness of the major offence. He Below, the bus-brakes mournfully moan. also mentioned the CPS Witness Care Unit, who The pigeons pray. The ducks atone. support and inform the witnesses all the way Our red-tipped beaks shriek furious love: through a case. The lightness of feathers; The swift justice above. Although the CPS do not decide sentences, they can appeal if it is considered that the sentence is too lenient. Caleb Parkin “The CPS is determined to play our part in reducing crimes with an homophobic element by bringing offenders to Justice. If we are to build an open, tolerant and inclusive society in which all its members fel safe in the way in which criminal law operates, it must be a prioity for us to stop crimes

Bristol PRIDE FRINGE Festival MONDAY 13th - SUNDAY 19th AUGUST 2007

cyclists. You can push your bike up the few hills on this route. We'll have plenty stops for you to take in the lovely views. Experienced cyclists are, of course, welcome too.

The week-long Bristol Pride Fringe Festival brings For further information, e-mail together lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and or text 07802 422 091. other communities to inspire creativity, promote great talent and make a stand against segregation and discrimination. Events begin on Saturday 11th August at the Watershed with the launch of this year’s London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival on tour, and screenings continue both there and at the the gay cycling club Arnolfini for the whole week.


Complementing the excellent range of films on offer, other Fringe events begin on Monday 13th with an evening of open-mic music, poetry and performance at Halo on Gloucester Road, featuring the superb Benita Johnson alongside other sparkling vocal talent. On Wednesday 15th we welcome back The Fast and the Spurious, whose quick-fire wit sees them improvising entire plays and musicals from audience suggestion! Outstanding at last year’s Fringe, we are thrilled to have them back this year at Oppo} on Park Street. On Saturday, CycleOut West presents Cycle with Pride (see right) and in the evening, Club GU, Bristol’s only gay girls’ club night, brings the Hatchet alive with dance and chart hits from resident DJ Alex R. We end the week in true Caribbean style at the new Urban Beach in Redcliffe. Our Sunday 19th beach party features none other than London’s own Bootylicious, one of London’s hottest nightspots who bring the latest in hiphop, RnB, dancehall, soca and reggaeton to Bristol’s Urban Beach, from 1pm – 6pm.

CAPS - Citywide Assisted Purchase Scheme The opportunity to purchase shared ownership through the Council. This scheme will help address housing needs for those whom affordability within the normal open market place proves unachievable. If your eligible and affordability can be met then you can purchase a 75% share in the property with the ability to purchase further percentage shares after year 5 till you gain 100% ownership (the council will continue to retain the remaining share till 100% ownership has been achieved). Properties on the scheme are less than £150,000 and have repairs that need to be carried out from £10,000 - £ 40,000 capital works so you will purchase and repair. The scheme is designed to help you as individual achieve home ownership, and advice will be given to you in obtaining financial resources not only for mortgages but for home renewal/energy grants ensuring that you fulfil home ownership.

Cycle with Pride Saturday 18th August

For further information on eligibility or details of the of the Citywide Assisted Purchase Scheme please contact Claudette McDonald (Enabling Team) on Saturday, 18 August, 2pm to 4pm, at the Arnolfini, 0117 35 25297. off Prince Street. Got something to say? Would you like Setting off from Arnolfini at 2pm, this will be a Bristol to hear your voice? fifteen-mile round trip to Pill, Portbury and Failand, getting back for tea at the Riverside Garden Centre Write to Outburst and make a by 4pm. difference to your community. This ride is suitable for inexperienced/infrequent

Contact details are on the back cover.

Frenchay Brass: gay/gay friendly brass band

Planning the future of Bristol's parks and green spaces

Recently formed by Philip Turner, Colin Cunliffe and Are you passionate about parks? Then now is your Tizzi Freestone, Frenchay Brass is Bristol’s (and chance to let the city council know what you think possibly Britain’s) first gay / gay-friendly brass band. about its draft strategy for the future of Bristol's parks and green spaces. A ten-week consultation It intends to be a modern brass band, playing music period is underway and will end on September 28th. which will appeal to a wide audience and entertain Residents have the chance to read all about Bristol's people at local events, along with the usual charity ambitious draft plans and comment on what they events, old folks’ homes, and of course the think is the best way forward. traditional British Christmas carols. They also aim to build links with a local school and have had positive We want to provide up to 70 new children's feedback from the gay and lesbian committee at play areas. Do you think some play areas UWE (University of the West of England) who have should be more natural – less plastic, steel and welcomed the idea. rubber, and more water, sand and rocks? We want to see places for young people in Colin, the musical director, is an ex-military more of our parks. What's your view? bandsman. Although Colin is not gay, he readily Do you agree with our proposal to create dogadmits that many gay and lesbian people have a free areas? hidden talent for music, and a gay brass band might Do you think our wildlife areas need to be offer something unique to the listening audience. more welcoming? What are your priorities for change? The band welcomes all standards of player, from beginner to virtuoso, and are not asking for a The draft strategy consultation document is massive commitment from folk – they just want to available online at Paper provide an opportunity for gay people in the South copies are available for viewing at local libraries, West to come along and enjoy music with like- Brunel House, the Council House and at 33 Colston minded people. Street. There will also be a series of drop-in sessions for members of the public to ask questions and Practice sessions take place every Thursday at special meetings with key stakeholders, such as park Frenchay Village Hall from 7.30 – 9.30pm, and the user groups and community forums. Full details will band has instruments to loan, so people don’t have be on the Bristol Parks web pages or by contacting to go to the great expense of buying their own. us on 0117 922 3896. Ffi, please contact

Avon & Somerset Fire & Rescue conference Nick Lloyd Photography contemporary lifestyle photography whatever the event: weddings, civil partnerships, or any other occasion – what about a family portrait at home? for further information and to claim your 10% discount with this ad, call Nick on 07811 464 751.

Avon & Somerset Fire and Rescue are hosting a two day conference on 9th-10th October, specifically focusing on the needs of LGBT people. As part of a presentation on the day, Simon Nelson, a co-opted member of the LGB Forum, is looking for volunteers willing to share their thoughts on camera. It would mean being interviewed at your convenience, and the evidence will be used to contribute to improving the way in which the Fire Service responds to the needs of our communities. Simon can be contacted on 0117 955 1000, or email Go on – be a star for the day, and make a difference!

birminghampridecommunitytrust gaybirminghamremembered Birmingham Pride Community Trust has secured Heritage Lottery Funding for a "Gay Birmingham Remembered" project. This will collect memories, documentation and other artefacts preserving local gay history in and around Birmingham, from the mid twentieth century or perhaps earlier.

The project will trace this journey with its successes and setbacks, exploring the influence of local individuals and organisations in bringing about changes within the wider local and national political and social context, as well as gauging the impact of the changing laws, policies, culture and opportunities on the lives of lesbians and gay men over time. Materials will be preserved and presented to ensure this heritage is accessible by Birmingham's citizens whether straight or gay, by being lodged in Birmingham Libraries Archives, and by being linked directly into the national Proud Heritage Project.

Perhaps more than any other group, the cultural heritage of lesbians and gay men has gone largely unrecorded, and is particularly limited in Birmingham/ West Midlands. This project will ensure that the rich experiences of a diverse group of people with memories going back as far as gay life in the 1940s and 1950s are not lost. It will also document the political and social activities which led We are fully supported by Birmingham City Council's to the growth and development of the current gay Library Services, who were our partners in our Gay History event held in February 2006 and also community. produced the "Proud History" exhibition which was By ensuring that a diverse range of LGB individuals, launched at it. community groups and commercial ventures are enabled to contribute to the project, we hope to Our part-time staff and team of skilled and trained record the process of transition from a time when volunteers will be collecting histories through homosexual acts were illegal, and people met individual interviews, group reminiscence events behind unmarked doors in back streets, to the and structured research. Once we have collected, current vibrant and open gay community in sorted, catalogued and selected information we will Birmingham. From a time when gay men and be producing a range of resources including lesbians lived in fear of hostility and reprisals from exhibition materials, a publication, an educational the police, in the workplace and on the streets, to a resource pack and website, to be launched during city in which hundreds of residents have registered Gay History month in February 2008. their civil partnership and thousands take to the streets during the Gay Pride Festival. Where once, To contribute your memories or memorabilia, or to statutory and commercial agencies didn't even support the project in any way please email acknowledge the existence of lesbians and gay or ring service users or recognise that they might have 07979 473 559. particular needs, to a position where Birmingham Pride Community Trust and other LGB groups are Visit the Birmingham Pride Community Trust routinely asked to participate in consultations or website at contribute to strategic developments.


sessions once a year. Call 0117 971 6770. 107 Wells Road, Totterdown, BS4 2BS. Email:

BLAGS - Bristol Lesbian & Gay Switchboard Confidential support and information to gay men, lesbians and to all people with concerns about sexuality. Call us on 8-10pm Monday, Wednesday & Thursday. 0117 922 1328. Email: Web:

Broken Rainbow National helpline for LGBT victims of domestic violence, available Mon-Fri 9am-1pm, 2-5pm. Call 0208 539 9507.

BLiS - Bath Lesbians into Socialising We meet on the 3rd Wednesday of every month at 8:30 in Mandalyns, 1 Fountain Buildings, Lansdown Rd, Bath. Call 07891 563 127 for event details. Email:

EACH - Educational Action Challenging Homophobia A national charitable organisation set up to address homophobia through training and education. EACH runs a helpline for teachers, young people and parents, and for third-party reporting of homophobic incidents. Freephone helpline 0808 1000 143 (10am-5pm Mon-Fri and 10am-12noon Sat). General enquiries 0117 946 7606/7. Office 24, 14 Clifton Down Rd, Bristol BS8 4BF. Email: Web:

Brigstowe Project Housing project for people living with HIV, providing support, advice and advocacy. 176 Easton Rd, Easton, Bristol. Call 0117 941 5188. Freedom Youth Web: Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual youth organisation. Friendly social and support group for age 13 – Bristol Bisons RFC Bristol's first gay and gay-friendly rugby team is 25, meets Tuesdays from 7–9 pm. always looking for new members, players and Call Babs on 0117 377 3677. supporters. Everyone welcome regardless of experience or ability. Call 0783 145 4991. Web: Gay Glos Help, advice and social networks for LGBT people living in the rural areas of Gloucestershire. PO Box 171, Gloucester. MonBristol Drugs Project Support for users, families and friends. Call LGB Fri 7.30-10pm. Call 01452 306 800. rep Sarah Wilson on 0117 987 6010. 11 Web: Brunswick Square, BS2 8PE. The Harbour Email: Providing free, professional counselling and psychotherapy to people affected by HIV, AIDS Bristol Families and Friends BFF is a support group for families and friends and other life-threatening illnesses. 30 of LGB people. We meet on the third Frogmore St, Bristol. Ffi: 0117 925 9348 or Wednesday of every month at 7pm at the Terrence Higgins Trust. LGB Young People's Forum Call Sue Allen on 01454 852 418. 14 Brockley Close, Little Stoke Bristol BS34 Youth group for age 13 – 19 researching LGB issues. Meets Wednesdays 6:30 – 9pm. Call 6EZ. Email: Babs on 0117 377 3677. Bristol 3Ms Supper group for gay and bisexual men. We Out Loud hold regular social evenings in Bristol and Social group for lesbian and bisexual young Weston-super-Mare. Call Russell on 0117 973 women aged 13 – 19. Meets on Mondays 6:30 – 9pm. Call Babs on 0117 377 3677. 9855. Email: Bristol Young Women’s Centre YWCA We provide one-to-one counselling with a lesbian counsellor, and a lesbian and bisexual women’s support group which runs for 12

Friends on the Hill Group for people in Redfield, Lawrence Hill, Barton Hill and the Dings for people who are LGBT or unsure. Socials, activities, info and

support. Call Rowan on 0117 955 6971. Gay and Lesbian Alcohol Free Friends Social and support group for lesbian, gay and bisexual people with an alcohol issue. Call Paul Green on 0117 378 9439 GLAFF, PO Box 2012, Bristol, BS99 5WN. Email:

So Out in the South West A new social and support group for disabled gay men living and/or working in the South West. Call Robin on 0117 942 9336 (office) Email:

South West Walking Women For women interested in hiking in the Bath and GayWest A social and support group for gay people in the Bristol area at weekends. South West. Meets Sat mornings in the Email: Rainbow Cafe in Bath. For details and events call 0870 811 1990, Mon – Fri 8pm – 10pm. Terrence Higgins Trust West Information, care and support, and health GayWest, PO Box 586, Bath, BA1 2YQ. promotion for all people affected by HIV and Email: Web: AIDS. Counselling, buddying, complementary therapies, advocacy and advice. Call us on 0117 955 1000. 8 West Street, Old Market, BS2 Lesbian & Children Network We are a support network for lesbian and 0BH. Email: bisexual women and their children. Call Rachel Yarrow on 0117 942 6884. University of Bristol LGBT Society We organise regular social events for all LGBT Email: students at Bristol University. LGBT Society, University of Bristol Union, Queens Road, LGBT Society UWE Weekly meetings, consisting of alternate on Clifton, Bristol BS8 1LN. scene and off scene events, plus trips. Call Cari Email: on 07812 670 648 or Sean on 07904 382 719. Web: UWE Student Union Frenchay Campus, Coldharbour Lane, Bristol. BS16 1QY. USPCG A UK-based organisation that finds pen pals for gay US prisoners. PO Box 1714, Yate. BS37 Missing Lesbians Website listing events for women in Bristol and 4NS. Web: the surrounding areas. Email: Victim Support Avonvale Web: We provide emotional and practical support to all people affected by crime, including homophobic hate crime. Call 0117 963 1114, Pink Herrings Social network for lesbians, meets every other national helpline 0845 30 30 900. 36 Dean Thursday evening at 8:30. Also bowling, Lane, Bedminster, BS3 1BS. cinema, coffee bars, theatre, concerts, discos, Email: cycling, walks, meals out and more. For further Web: info call Dot on 0117 986 1529. Wild Walking Women A friendly walking group for lesbians, meets the Pink Parents UK Information, advice and support on all aspects second Sunday of the month with walks at of lesbian, gay and bisexual parenting. Write to various venues around Bristol, Bath and the Pink Parents UK, The D'Arcy Lainey south west. Call 07980 418 676. Foundation, PO BOX 417, Oldham. OL2 7WT. Email: Rainbow Group Bristol City Council employees group for campaigning, support and socialising. Call Equalities on 0117 922 3786 or email

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5-6 - Homophobic Hate Crime: event summary - Cull (After Hitchcock) 8 - Frenchay Brass - Planning the Future of Bristol’s Parks & Green...

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