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2009 - 2010 Annual Report Bristol Lesbian, Gay & Bisexual Forum Funded by :

The Equalities and Inclusion Team at Bristol City Council Equality and Human Rights Commission

We would like to thank all those who donate their time, money and gifts in kind to the Bristol Lesbian Gay and Bisexual Forum.

The Objects of the Bristol Lesbian Gay & Bisexual Forum

We aim :

“To advance the education of the public in all aspects of discrimination suffered by reason of sexual orientation and in particular to relieve lesbian, gay and bisexual people who are in need in such ways that are charitable in law.�

Chair's Report 2009 - 2010 Overview This past year has been a very busy year for the Forum, our Under One Sky project – the Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) Lesbian Gay and Bisexual EHRC funded research for Bristol - finished in July and a comprehensive report is now available. A monthly support group - Rhapsody - was started for BME LGBT people by the steering group that oversaw the Under One Sky project. Thank you to all of the steering group for their hard work and continuing commitment to work to address the needs and issues of BME LGBT people in Bristol. On 30th September 2009 we held a large meeting at Council House to further our work campaigning to reduce homophobia in schools. This meeting was so well attended by both the public, council staff and councillors that we had to move from a large room to the much larger Councillors Chambers. There we recorded a pledge by Gary Hopkins to sign up to Stonewall Education Champions programme. The work on the programme started in January this year and the Forum is participating in the working group set up by the Children and Young People and Skills department at Council to develop their action plan to promote their LGBT Strategy in Schools. It should be noted that Stonewall (and the Education Champions programme) is an LGB organisation and following requests by the Forum and Council Equalities Officers the Council has pledged to work to an LGBT inclusive agenda. In October we held a meeting to encourage people to be governors and several people have now joined as openly LGBT governors. We also worked alongside the Council in setting up a support group for people working or supporting the education system in Bristol. For LGBT History Month in February 2010 the Forum held two events in partnership with others. The first was a film showing of Topher Campell’s film “In This Our Lives” at the Watershed held in partnership with Rhapsody, the support group for BME LGBT people in Bristol that was set up following the Under One Sky project. The second event was a talk on Edward Carpenter by Sheila Rowbotham in partnership with Bristol Libraries. An extremely informative evening on the life of this sexual and feminist pioneer, it was so well attended that there was standing room only. The AGM in October 2009 saw the election of a younger Management Committee and change of chairs. A successful Development Day in January at Windmill City Farm led to a number of new ideas and a raft of work for 2010-11 including an

event for IDAHO – International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia. The Forum will also have a presence at Pride 2010 in Bristol and was enthused to see so much activity and creativity put forward to creating a Pride for Bristol. Despite the downturn in the economy the Forum has managed to add to it's reserves and is increasingly using full cost recovery. We now have 4 months worth of reserves and are continuing to strive towards the target of 6 months reserves plus exit costs. Much work has been achieved behind the scenes with work towards a volunteer strategy, PQASSO (recognised standard of excellence for charities) for which our Fundraising Officer Laura Welti has applied for £2,000 worth of funding from Quartet, and office procedures, by the time this is published the Forum will also have a formal Reserves Policy and up-to-date Exit Strategy to be agreed at our next Committee Meeting. Work has continued towards officially becoming inclusive of Transgender and at the AGM in 2009 Forum members proposed that the name and constitution be changed to formally acknowledge the inclusion of Transgender members. That vote will happen on 12th January 2011 at the 2010 AGM. Our Development Worker, Sarah attended training with Gendered Intelligence in preparation for this vote and work. It should be noted that both the staff and Trustees of the Forum have been committed to working inclusively towards the Transgender agenda - at the next AGM it is planned that the training Sarah attended be extended to all Trustees and members, by holding an event with Gendered Intelligence beforehand. Next year, including our funding targets, the Forum plans to continue : its work in challenging homophobia in education; to work to have events for IDAHOT, Pride Week and LGBT History Month; to work closer with the Pride Committee for 2011; to work to challenge the discrimination faced by LGBT people through monitoring - especially the 2011 Census; supporting and working with both the NHS and the Fire Service (and others) to improve LGBT equality within their organisations by continuing to attend and input to stakeholder meetings and associated work; to provide infrastructure support to small and start up LGBT organisations (where funding and resources allow); to challenge both social and institutional homophobia and transphobia, heterosexism and discrimination.

Many thanks to all the Management Committee who have worked so hard this year and to the staff – particularly Toni Massari who has worked tirelessly on improving the website and James Whale our magazine editor who stepped down in March. I would like to remind all members that they are eligible to stand for the Management Committee as Trustees and can join through out the year, not just at the AGM. If you have a particular passion, interest or cause do join us and explore what you can do towards it through the Forum. Thank you to Bristol City Council for their continuing support and funding - let’s hope that the cuts they propose will not affect our work. Finally, I would like to thank everyone - Management Committee, staff, members and our supporters for their commitment and input to all that the Forum does. Thank you for your support and we hope to see you at future events including Idaho Day and Pride 2011! Details of all groups and meetings mentioned in this report can be found on the Forum website at You can also find copies of our policies, constitution and newsletters under documents.

Co-Chair Alan Palmer October 2010

Development Worker Post Script Many thanks to Alan, Logan, Laura and all our hardworking Trustees who have contributed so much to both the work of the Forum and the future of LGBT life in Bristol. Our events continue to attract more support and attendees proving that many in Bristol are still interested in campaigning and improving life for LGBT people. I would like to thank our administrator and web-mistress Toni, for continuing to improve the website, creating a valuable and informative resource for all who access it. The number of people accessing the site has been steadily growing and we are even getting interest from abroad. Thank you also to James Whale our Editor and his successor Leighton Deburca for changing our public face and tirelessly promoting the Forum.

Statement of Financial Activities for the year ended 31 March 2010 Incoming Resources Grants Received Miscellaneous income Total Income Resources Expended Cost of Activities to further the Charity’s Objects Support Costs Management and Admin Total Expended

Total Funds 2010 33,950 1,890 35,840

Total Funds 2009 61,500 2,197 63,697

33,933 7,611 2,586 44,130

35,092 9,564 4,605 49,261

Net Incoming Resources Total Funds at 31/03/09 Total Funds at 31/03/10

26,791 18,501

31/03/08 31/03/09

12,355 26,791

Charity Balance as at 31st March 2010 2010

Fixed Assets Tangible Assets Current Assets Current Account Cash in Hand Debtors Current Liabilities Creditors and Accruals Amounts falling due within 1 year

18,781 74 115 18,970


Total Assets less current Liabilities Funds Unrestricted Restricted


11,607 6,894 18,501

174 26,497 155 615 27,267

18,501 18,501


26,617 26,791

9,082 17,709 26,791

These are summarised accounts. A copy of the final accounts is available on application to the office.

Bristol Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Forum Details The Bristol Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Forum is a registered charity governed by its memorandum and articles of association. Charity No : 1098085 TRUSTEES The following served as members of the management committee:Robin Corser Langford Laura Welti Alan Palmer Emily Moreton Helen Webster Lesley Welch Alan Wilkins Nicolette Jones Simon Nelson Logan Blackburn

Co-Chair Co-Chair Vice Co-Chair Vice Co-Chair Treasurer Until March 2009 Co-Opted expert Co-Optee

The following were voted in at the AGM in November 2009 Alan Palmer Co-Chair Logan Blackburn Co-Chair Laura Welti Vice Co-Chair Robin Corser Langford Vice Co-Chair Lucas Abedecian Treasurer Simon Nelson Until March 2010 Matt Wallis Daniel Smart Emily Moreton Until Dec 2009 Registered Office and Contact Details : Create Centre, Smeaton Road, BS1 6XN 0117 353 4621

Bankers : Unity Trust Bank PLC, 9 Brindleyplace, 4 Oozells Square, Birmingham, B1 2HB Independent Examiner : Bristol Community Accountancy Project (BCAP), The Park, Daventry Road, Knowle, Bristol, BS4 1QD

Alan Palmer Co-Chair on 16/10/10

Annual report 2010  

Bristol LGB Forum's 2010 Annual Report

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