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Over the past three years WGME 13 has learned a lot about marketing health care services to consumers. It’s a different business that demands something other than a traditional approach.

Messages that focus on educating health care consumers, rather than selling, produce intentional procedural candidates rather than shoppers. Education also helps a health practice build its brand while remaining inside guidelines provided by governing boards or associations.

WGME 13 is a broadcast television station that reaches weekly audiences far in excess of local newspapers and radio stations. Programs on WGME 13 reach consumers that provide high potential for your practice.

Client results can exceed expectations when the planning, creative production and scheduling are executed using the partnership approach. The goal is to have our health care clients say, WOW!

Schedule a short informational consultation to learn if your practice could benefit from improved response. This will not be a sales call.

Sr. Client Solutions Consultant 207-228-7704


Improve Response  

Medical Marketing Promotional piece.

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