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Saint Francis School Carolina, PR Social Studies Course Description Text: Navegantes Grade: Third Grade Teacher: Luz Garced Course Description The purpose of this course is to develop children with good self-esteem, who know and appreciate their physical and social surroundings as well as their role within society so they will contribute to improving and enriching our quality of life and democratic inheritance in Puerto Rico. The central theme of this course is exploring Puerto Rico, our country. Through their studies, the children will have a formal encounter with the systematic study of Puerto Rican society. This will lead them to develop a high degree of cultural identity and the responsibility for preserving and enriching our cultural heritage. The course as a whole will be an exploration of what it means to be Puerto Rican.

General objectives: Cognitive 1. Identify the basic components of the concept of country. 2. State the importance of patriotic symbols for the Puerto Rican people. 3. Infer how the fusion of Taino, Spanish and African elements created the Puerto Rican nature. 4. Identify the basic elements in the formation and development of the Puerto Rican history and culture. 5. Find places in maps and globes. 6. Put events in chronological order. 7. Name the diverse ways in which some Puerto Ricans bring prestige to Puerto Rico.

Attitude 1. Recognize that even though each one of us is unique and different, we have in common the fact that we are Puerto Ricans. 2. Express various ways of showing love for Puerto Rico. 3. Appreciate our Puerto Rican cultural heritage. 4. Recognize the importance of solidarity among human beings to attaining healthy coexistence. 5. Demonstrate respect for people who come from other countries. 6. Be conscious of the value of our natural resources. 7. Demonstrate interest in continuing to study the history and culture of our country, Puerto Rico. Contents: Being Puerto Rican My Country’s Geography Puerto Rico in the Americas My Homeland This is what we are like in Puerto Rico The First Settlers The Archaic people of Puerto Rico The Igneris The Tainos The Dicovery of Puerto Rico The Colonization of Puerto Rico Creating Colonies The Founding of Caparra A Colonial Society San Juan: A New Capital

The Government of Puerto Rico The Spanish Colonial Government The Change of Sovereignty The Government and the Economy The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico The Citizens of Puerto Rico Rights and Duties Citizen Action Living in Puerto Rico Puerto Rico in the world

Evaluations: Tests Quizzes Projects Daily Work Conduct Participation Homework Oral Presentations Edline excercises

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Brief description of Social Studies course, including the objectives and different themes that will be evaluated in class.

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