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THE RADIO & MOVIES The radio is becoming the cats meow here in America! With so many new developments, we can promise you that you will be stuck on this one for a long time coming. So many new inventions are targeted at only one customer, but the radio is meant for all! Once you buy a new radio from KOLSTER RADIO COMPANY, you will become the bee’s knees around all of your friends. The radio is a great way to make yourself look and feel elegant as you’re relaxing with your family on a Saturday evening, having a gathering at your house, or trying to listen to the morning news as you hustle and bustle out the door. The radio will make all of your peers view you as the big cheese because you have the newest and most well valued invention of this time! Radios are also available for store credit; if you cant afford to pay for the whole thing now, no worries! Give us a down payment and this copacetic piece of equipment will be all yours within a matter of seconds! Movies are becoming popular to the people of this era and creating advertisements for the movies is a great way to get the word out! The radio and the movies are changing the way our society lives. By attending the movies you have the chance to escape your everyday reality and embark on an adventure through the actors on the big screen! Come to the movies today!

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