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Light for the Lost provides evangelistic resources for missionaries and missionary partners through five platforms: print, audio, video, internet, and technologies.




FROM RICK hen the Ark of the Covenant was brought from Kiriath-Jearim to Jerusalem and finally placed in its tent, King David celebrated with a song of thanks to God. I love its final line in 1 Chronicles 16:34.


“Oh, give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; for His steadfast love endures forever!” (ESV) Before that, David suffered a lot. As a child, he fought lions and bears to save sheep. Then he risked his life daily in warfare. Next, he was exiled, hunted, slandered, and cursed by his king. His family lived in

caves. Finally, his best friend, Jonathan, was killed. David suffered much before he saw God’s plan for his life finally unfold. But when David took the throne of Israel, and the Ark came to Jerusalem, it was a time to celebrate God’s goodness. That’s what we’re celebrating now! Since early 2020, we’ve endured a pandemic, an economic crash, the loss of family and friends, and numerous social/ political crises. Through it all God has been good! It was hard to see God’s

purpose or plan. But now we begin to see! While the final numbers are not yet fully calculated, we believe that you have helped EXCEED our First Priority Miracle Challenge goal to raise $3 million in the final four months of 2021! Thank you for giving generously to help support our missionaries with evangelism resources they need to reach others for Christ. I believe that today, figuratively, the “Ark has come to the tent” for LFTL and we’re going to see an incredible evangelistic move of God worldwide. So let’s celebrate! Sunday, January 30, is National LFTL Day. On this day, you can show a Celebrate the Light video from our website and ask your church to pray and give this year so the mission may continue. Thank you once again for all you do in partnership with this ministry! Rick Allen National Director Men’s Ministries/LFTL


These children in Southern Asia were born in brothels to mothers who are being exploited. Their mothers gave them into the permanent care of our ministry partners who use tablets provided by LFTL funds to teach them about Jesus.

“Dozens of children in our care are learning their first lessons from the Bible on the tablets provided by LFTL! We are overwhelmed with joy to watch these children fall in love with the video Bible stories. Thank you LFTL for placing these amazing evangelism tool into our hands!” AG Missionary (name withheld due to sensitive location)

NG PROVIDE EVANGELISM UDIO, VIDEO, INTERNET PP PLATFORMS! THE GAMBIA LFTL funds sent to The Gambia are being used to print evangelism, children’s ministry, and training materials. (Left) LFTL funds printed “First Steps” materials, used to explain salvation to new believers and seekers. (Right) LFTL resources at the Bible school in The Gambia.

One of many girls learning Bible stories through LFTL resources. Your giving has enabled missionaries Scott and LaVonna Ennis to start the first national Girls Ministry in The Gambia. Thank you!

“We would like to express our thanks for the $10,000 you sent to help us get started printing materials for Girl’s Ministries in The Gambia! This is such a needed program… Thank you so much for your generosity in sending Light for the Lost!” Scott and LaVonna Ennis, missionaries to The Gambia

JAPAN This letter from a Japanese prisoner named Ichisaki asks for more Christian resources to be sent to his prison. Missionaries Nathan and Yuka Williams used LFTL funds to send him everything he asked for!

Because of your giving in 2021, missionaries Nathan and Yuka Williams can utilize LFTL funds to continue evangelizing Japanese people through the local church, and outreaches in Japanese prisons. Here, Nathan Williams and Japan Assemblies of God leaders display Global University evangelism resources they have thanks to LFTL funds.

“Your giving is an act of worship which God uses to produce tools that shine the light of life in Jesus Christ into the hearts of those who are bound by tradition and those who are literally bound in prison.” Nathan and Yuka Williams, missionaries to Japan

NETWORK 211 Your giving last year enabled us to partner with Network211, a ministry reaching literally millions each year through evangelistic videos on multiple websites. Here is a “screenshot” capturing the moment someone in Southern India downloaded and read the gospel message.



his year’s Men’s ministry theme is STRENGTH, and our theme verse is 1 Kings 2:2, “Be strong and show yourself a man.” (ESV)


In this verse, King David speaks to his son, King Solomon, about standing strong in how he lived before God so that he could experience God’s blessings over his reign. Strength is important to every man. Especially spiritual strength. 1 Kings 2:2 speaks to every man today. There are three observations from this very brief message which I think are great takeaways for any Christian man. One, a man should be strong and speak into his children’s lives. It takes courage and strength to speak biblical wisdom and truth into a child’s life, especially when he or she may not agree with you. It is your role as a Christian to speak the truth regardless. That burden is greater where it concerns your own children. If you don’t have children, or cannot speak to them, you can still speak into the lives of other children in your church through ministry and/or mentorship. Two, your living strengthens your speaking. This supports the first point. If you are living in such a way as to please God, your children (or those around you) will take notice. Your life either supports or negates the words you speak.

Look at verses 3-4 in 1 Kings 2. David lays out the game plan for HOW to live that kind of life! Three, your strength helps you affirm and correct. David affirmed Solomon by speaking directly to him as a man. He knew his son would appreciate the straightforward instruction and honesty. Younger men and boys in your world will appreciate you treating them as equals, as men! I encourage you to go to the Men’s Ministries app or www.men.ag.org and look at the four free lessons on Boundaries. You will find them in Growth Studies, Vision section, Boundaries lesson series. These four lessons are a good study resource for you, and will help you understand more about how and where your spiritual strength can (and should) impact the lives of others. Let’s make this a year of STRENGTH, men! Get in the game, “show yourself a man,” and be strong for Christ in your home, your church, and your community! Dr. Jimmy White is Director of Discipleship for Men’s Ministries. You can email Jimmy at jdwhite@ag.org or call him at 417.862.2781 ext. 4171

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