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FROM RICK ast year, in the midst of the pandemic, we needed LFTL ministry partners to come through financially in a major way over the final four months of 2020. Otherwise, we feared we would not be able to respond to the numerous requests for evangelism resources from the field.


Thankfully, and miraculously, friends like you gave so generously that LFTL

soared past our funding goal for 2020. Now, in the closing months of 2021, we invite you to once again stand with LFTL and our missionaries as we choose to make world evangelism our First Priority. We are praying for $3 million in contributions over the next four months to help respond to every approved missionary request for evangelism resources.

It’s the new First Priority Miracle Challenge! To begin the campaign, this 360 Spotlight focuses on an opportunity we have to be part of the next big evangelism push in Africa. Your support is critical to that effort. We’re praying for a repeat of last year, for another miracle! Finally, last month we premiered Celebrate the Light 2021 at General Council in Orlando. We are thrilled at the responses we’ve received to these exceptional videos. You can watch them at the LFTL website or on the Men’s Ministries App. We hope you enjoy them and will use them to invite your friends to be part of the new First Priority Miracle Challenge. Rick Allen National Director Men’s Ministries/LFTL


he Lobi and Jula peoples of Burkina Faso are among 860 unreached tribes in sub-Saharan Africa. My hope for the Africa Acts 2 Journey project (see Celebrate the Light 2021—Africa for reference) is that someone will respond and make an investment in Africa resulting in those tribes, and 858 others like them, finally reached for Christ.

We’re so close. We just have to make it a priority. I’ll never forget a Sunday morning in 2016 standing on the edge of the Saharan des-

ert in a place called Kaya, Burkina Faso. Nearby, an Assemblies of God church met under a grass roof. The sound of worship in the Mooré language was beautiful. People continued arriving, appearing suddenly out of the bush after miles-long treks and dressed in bright colorful patterns. I took it all in. Then I remembered part of my assignment was to find Lobi or Jula people and see if any churches existed among them. But we had not met any Lobi and Jula yet.

Acts 2 Journey resources will help African churches get healthier and become more evangelistic.

African churches have multiplied exponentially! They’re poised to reach 860 unreached tribes. Where I stood was the edge of missions in Burkina. The literal frontier. I asked a local man where the Lobi and the Jula lived. He pointed to a distant mountain. I squinted to see it. More than 20 km away, I estimated. “They’re there, just over that hill,” he said. Remembering that moment is painful. We were so close. “Just over that hill,” the Jula and the Lobi waited. I could go no further on the trip.

People groups like to Lobi and Jula MUST be among our first priorities! finished, and that LFTL is essential to the mission. We MUST keep world evangelism our top priority. Millions wait to hear about Jesus. Some of them are just over a distant hill, some much further. Please pray with me, and the entire LFTL team, that through the First Priority Miracle Challenge Africa will be reached through the missionaries and African believers who go on the Acts 2 Journey.

But the Mooré believers in Kaya could. They knew how to find the Lobi and Jula. Perhaps they will reach them for Christ? To me, the First Priority Miracle Challenge is a reminder that the work isn’t

To learn more about the LFTL Acts 2 Journey project, watch the Celebrate the Light 2021—Africa video on the Men’s Ministries app, or by scanning this QR code with your mobile device.

Dan Kersten is Director of Communications and Development for LFTL and Men’s Ministries. He was a ‘missions journalist’ from 2004 to 2018. Email Dan at or call 417.862.2781 ext. 4174. He would love to hear from you. 417.862.2781 ext. 4171

CHURCH GROWTH, HEALTH, MULTIPLICATION IN AFRICA T he First Priority Miracle Challenge is important to Africa. This number explains why: 860.

That’s the number of people groups still considered unreached by the gospel in sub-Saharan Africa. That’s a lot of people destined to eternity without God because we simply haven’t “gone there” yet.

Also, we have missionaries in many key places and there are thousands of Pentecostal African churches actively sending missionaries. In our lifetimes we could see the number 860 plunge to 0. But we have to WANT it! We have to commit. We have to make it a priority. Will you join LFTL in making Africa a priority?

The local church is the greatest evangelism tool God ever created! And as we see in the Celebrate the Light 2021 video, the African churches are the greatest asset we have to finish reaching 860 people groups. But we must help the churches prepare for the journey. But things are changing rapidly in Africa. Since 1990 the African church has exploded in numbers. More than four million believers worship in 84,000+ Assemblies of God churches. And those are conservative numbers!

AFRICAN CHURCHES ARE THE GREATEST ASSET WE HAVE TO FINISH REACHING 860 PEOPLE GROUPS. That’s why African and missionary leadership asked LFTL to help provide Acts 2 Journey resources for as many churches/ pastors as we can. CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE


Every church needs to have strong biblical foundations, operate in the five functions of the church found in Acts 2, and make evangelism its primary objective. Acts 2 Journey resources help train and inspire a pastor and his/her leadership team to be an effective evangelism tool among unreached peoples. We’re excited about the possibilities! Our missionaries can help empower and rally 84,000+ churches towards greater evangelism in the future.

Think of it—860 unreached people groups reduced to 0 in our lifetime! Can we make this a priority? This month, if you designate an offering to the “360 Spotlight feature project” we will apply it to LFTL Acts 2 Journey. Your investment will greatly support the mission in Africa. Thank you for joining us in a new First Priority Miracle Challenge for 2021. Thank you for standing with us and declaring that world evangelism always will be our first priority.

FIRST PRIORITY MIRACLE CHALLENGE 2021 Our goal: $3 million over the next four months to assist with every approved missionary request for evangelism resources.

Will you help LFTL keep world evangelism the First Priority?



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