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JULY 2021


Light for the Lost provides evangelistic resources for missionaries and missionary partners through five platforms: print, audio, video, internet, and technologies.





ight for the Lost and the Africa Region of Assemblies of God World Missions are partnering to undertake an enormous endeavor that has the potential to send a spiritual tidal wave across Africa. It involves providing evangelism resources for approxi-

mately 84,000 churches and hundreds of missionary families in Africa. The details are part of our Celebrate The Light 2021 presentation which premieres at the LFTL luncheon at General Council in Orlando next month. It’s going to be so powerful. I hope you are able to attend.

CELEBRATE THE LIGHT 2021 LUNCHEON Thursday, August 5 @ noon Orange County Convention Center

If you haven’t made arrangements to attend General Council and/or the CTL 2021 luncheon on Thursday, August 5, please do so. We have FREE tickets for you and your spouse if you are senior pastors, district/network officers, or a LFTL or Men’s district/network director. To claim your FREE tickets, email LFTL@AG.ORG and provide your name(s) and contact information. In this issue of 360 Spotlight we have included a glimpse of what you’ll see in CTL 2021, information about the new 360Man podcast, and details about our discipleship resources that address a man’s VISION for his life. Thank you for reading. But even more, thank you for praying, giving, and partnering with LFTL and Men’s Ministries! Rick Allen National Director Men’s Ministries/LFTL

FREE tickets available for lead pastors, district/network officials, LFTL and Men’s directors, and their spouses.


n Celebrate the Light 2021, we will present two new missions videos with different objectives. The first video shows the decades-long ministry impact of LFTL resources in the hands of Ron and Penny Maddux during their time in northern and southern Asia. This video serves as a powerful reminder of how LFTL assists missionaries in their evangelism efforts from Day 1 of their career, to their final day on the field, and well beyond.

to provide 84,000+ Assemblies of God churches on the continent with a special evangelism resource called the Acts 2 Journey.

These resources will help African pastors and churches focus on their spiritual health and, as a result, springboard them into greater soul winning in the years to come! Many unreached people groups in sub-Saharan Africa are ready to be reached by our missionaries and African believers. The Acts 2 Journey will be a launching pad for evangelism ministry that we’ve never seen before in Africa!

LFTL helped lead hundreds of Cambodian orphans to Christ, and then resourced those who went into ministry. We are particularly excited to share the story of a little Cambodian boy who had no name, no family, and no home. He was a “non person” until Jesus came into his life through LFTL.

The Acts 2 Journey Africa project is an amazing opportunity for LFTL! This video will be incredible.

To learn the name he was given, and its significance, you’ll need to watch the video!

But to do this efficiently and correctly will require one of the most significant endeavors we’ve ever undertaken in Africa. We need your help!

In our second video, we invite you to join our strategic partnership with Africa

Africa Regional Director Greg Beggs will lay out the plan in this CTL 2021 video.



he first episode of the new 360MAN PODCAST went live on May 3 and the response to it was phenomenal!

By May 30, more than 6,200 people watched the broadcast, titled “Next Level Leadership,” with special guest Dr. Scott Hagan. Our LFTL/Men’s director in South Texas, pastor Nathan Rouse (Faith Life Church in Houston) hosts the 360MAN PODCAST each month. “More than ever, I believe we as men need one another,” says Rouse. “My prayer is that the podcast will be a source of encouragement and helpful content that can help us all take whatever next step Jesus is calling us to.” Though podcast episodes cover many different subjects and issues important to men, they aim to provide thoughtful insight and encouragement to help men

follow Jesus with courage, strength, and endurance. “Thousands of men listen to multiple podcasts each month, myself included,” says Rick Allen, National Men’s Director. “What Nathan Rouse and his team bring to the table is an effective digital ministry point that we believe men will enjoy, find beneficial, and look forward to every month.” To watch the first the first two episodes, subscribe, or learn more scan the QR code in this article or go to WWW.360MANPODCAST.COM.



ISION is one of the four spiritual dimensions of a man. Satan attacks Jesus’ vision in Matthew 4:8-10 when he offers to surrender his claim on humanity…if Jesus will just worship him ONE time. Christ’s response is awesome, “Be gone, Satan! For it is written, ‘You shall worship the Lord your God and him only shall you serve.’”

Jesus’ vision was fixed on the redemption of mankind and providing us with the choice to

accept Him. He wouldn’t accept a shortcut to relationship with us because He knew the Cross meant so much more! Is your vision fixed on the Father’s plan? Are you helping others get closer to Christ? Here are three of our 12 free studies on VISION that will help you think about and develop a plan for keeping your vision fixed on the Father’s ultimate plan for your life.

BOUNDARIES God provides us safety nets in His Word. This series will help you set up necessary boundaries in your life which, in turn, help build your legacy in your family.

4 EXCUSES OF MOSES Men must walk a life of obedience to God. However, we make excuses to keep us from this. This series helps you put to rest any excuse you would use to not follow God’s direction.

PASSING THE BATON This series helps you develop strategies to transfer your history, values, knowledge and wisdom to your children (and others). Your legacy depends on it!

SURGE You’ll experience both highs and lows, a lot of which have to do with your spiritual disciplines and daily routines. This series helps you SURGE into a new place with God.



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