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FROM RICK s we approach Christmas, I am so thankful that together we can be part of fulfilling the Great Commission by presenting the gift of Christ to every man, woman, boy, and girl. This mission is exactly what God has called us to do.


I encourage every LFTL ministry partner to remember that even during the most challenging times, the gift of the gospel must be shared with everyone! There are just a few days left

in 2021, and what we do this month through our missions giving matters. Inside this newsletter are several reminders of how you help transform lives and eternal destinies through LFTL on a regular basis. Thank you for being generous, for praying, and for being Christ’s hands in this world! Matthew 28:19-20, the Great Commission, is one of the most famous verses in the Bible. “Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in

the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely, I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” We know we will prevail, and we know heaven awaits. But who will be in heaven too because we shared the Good News with them? This Christmas let’s live the Great Commission and see who else responds to the gospel. Our First Priority Miracle Challenge to raise $3 million in the last four months of the year concludes soon. We invite you to join us and help reach others for Christ. On behalf of the National Office LFTL team, we pray God floods your life with His favor and love. May you be a testimony of hope to others in your life. Merry Christmas, friends, and God bless you! Rick Allen National Director Men’s Ministries/LFTL

“THEY GET TO SEE WHAT JESUS LOOKS LIKE.” n a Colombian prison, a man struggles with anger, regret, and pain. In another prison, a woman cries in despair as her new reality sets in. In another prison, a man stares blankly through iron bars and hardens his heart to God and man.


year, the Devines lead teams into four Colombian prisons to minister to as many as 16,000 prisoners. During their visits, every prisoner interacts with the team and receives LFTL-funded evangelism resources. “We are known as the group that ‘loves inmates’ through which they get to see what Jesus looks like,” Mark Devine says. LFTL funds help print several evangelism booklets which are distributed to the prisoners. During these visits the mood in the prison totally changes. Jesus touches the hearts of many prisoners, changing them forever.

Missionary Mark Divine prays with Colombian prisoners. Colombia’s prisons are places of fear, despair, violence, and spiritual darkness. Unless someone deliberately brings light into that dark world, its inhabitants may never know “what Jesus looks like.” LFTL is very excited to partner with missionaries Mark and Jean Divine in their prison ministry in Colombia. Twice per

Mark and Jean Devine use LFTL funds to minister in four Colombian prisons, twice per year. “The atmosphere changes in the cell block,” Mark says. “Hands that reach out are reaching for the unconditional love of Jesus. Thanks, LFTL, for continuing to give so the Word of Life can reach 16,000 men and women behind bars!”

Colombian prisoners holding evangelism leaflets provided with LFTL funds.

LFTL is passionate about equipping missionaries to bring the light of Christ into such places. Thank you for helping us this month!

JESUS IS GREATER THAN THE ELEPHANT GOD visited a tiny village in India called Katmatipuram. At the town entrance a temple to the Hindu elephant god, Ganesh, towered over the buildings.


Hindus worship Ganesh as a “remover of obstacles” before starting any new enterprise or task. Near the temple, I met Ambutai, an 82-yearold woman who had recently come to faith in Christ. For decades, Ambutai knelt before the image of Ganesh and asked him to remove her pains, fears, and her sins.

A temple dedicated to Ganesh, the Hindu elephant god. them to evangelize. God had given him several converts and a small church was meeting in their home. At this moment, Rami and Ambutai use the LFTL resources provided by our missions workers.

Rami and his mother, Ambutai, served Ganesh, the elephant god their whole lives until meeting Jesus. Those prayers were never answered, but she continued offering them to Ganesh because she wasn’t aware of any other god who could help. One day her son, Rami, came home to say he had decided to follow another God, the Lord Jesus Christ, and leave the old gods. Over time, Rami led his mother to Christ. Ambutai exclaimed how Jesus is the true remover of obstacles like pain, fear, and sins! Ambutai said, “Jesus is greater than the elephant god.” Next, Rami showed me several Global University evangelism booklets given to him through LFTL and explained how he used

These women are in a network of 15 house churches that use evangelism resources provided by LFTL. You placed those tools in their hands! Thank you for being part of the First Priority Miracle Challenge this year. Remember, we have a mandate to be Christ’s witnesses in places like Katmatipuram! I invite you this month to give generously so every missionary request for evangelism funds will be fulfilled. CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE

Thousands of towns like Katmatipuram dot the landscapes of the Earth. In those places, thousands of false gods tower over the people. Ambutai says, “Jesus is greater than the elephant god.” Yes. Now it’s time for us to make sure other places hear it! Dan Kersten is Director of Communications and Development for LFTL and Men’s Ministries. He was a ‘missions journalist’ from 2004 to 2018. Email Dan at dkersten@ or call 417.862.2781 ext. 4174. He would love to hear from you. 417.862.2781 ext. 4171

Ambutai worshipped false gods for nearly 80 years, until she met and experienced Jesus Christ, the Living God.


ere is just a small portion of the many evangelism resource requests from the field. Thank you for partnering with us to reach the First Priority Miracle Challenge goal to raise $3 million in the last four months of 2021. With your help, we’ll reach our goal! Every gift amount, great and small, makes a difference! You can return your offering in the enclosed envelope with the response form, or you can give online at Remember, for 2021 tax purposes, all gifts sent via mail must be post-marked by December 31.



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BUILDING MOMENTUM: 360MAN SIGNUPS INCREASE ACROSS NATION he movement is growing! Recently, 53 men in Southern Missouri, 43 in West Texas, 41 in Arizona, and 28 in Alabama became 360Men!


The 360Man movement officially launched last year. Everywhere we talk about it, we meet men who are hungry to serve God, stand up for biblical manhood in America, and reach other men for Christ. Every 360Man makes a covenant to serve Christ in his home, church and the marketplace. He also makes a $10 per month investment to reach other men in his home district/network and nationally. To remind him of his commitment, every 360Man receives a 360Man Challenge Coin. In many places, 360Men will approach each other and ask, “Where’s your coin?” Then they’ll pull out their 360Man coin with a smile. Sign up to be a 360Man at or on the Men’s Ministries app. Next time, you can be the one asking another men, “Where’s your coin?”

(Above and below): 53 Southern Missouri men joined the 360Man movement during the Men’s Summit event in September. Congratulations, men!

FIRST PRIORITY MIRACLE CHALLENGE 2021 Our goal: $3 million over the next four months to assist with every approved missionary request for evangelism resources.

Will you help LFTL keep world evangelism the First Priority?



Scan with mobile device.


Call 877.840.4800


Fill out the enclosed response form and return it to us with your gift.

Remember! For tax year 2021 purposes, all year-end contributions sent by mail must be post-marked by December 31. Thank you for being a huge part of this ministry!

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