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Light for the Lost provides evangelistic resources for missionaries and missionary partners through five platforms: print, audio, video, internet, and technologies.




hen shutdowns and other measures took effect during the pandemic in early 2020, we quickly realized things were going to be difficult for a while.

One video is about LFTL in Asia, and one is from Africa. Both are available to watch online or on the Men’s Ministries app on Friday, August 6. We have more details on pages 2-4.

We could not travel overseas to film Celebrate the Light videos. But thankfully, using new stories and existing footage, we produced two great CTL missions videos for the August 5 premiere at General Council.

Another thing that resulted from the pandemic is the affect it’s had on men. Let me address the men for a moment. We need to admit it, guys. We don’t like to wait. We want to find solutions,

fix things, and conquer challenges. The pandemic forced us to acknowledge that we have very little control in our worlds. The past 18 months have reaffirmed to us at National Men’s Ministries that the 360Man movement is absolutely critical. Men, living the 360-degree faith found in Acts 2:42-47 is what our churches, our families, and our nation need. On page 5 you will see an article by Dan Kersten about 360Man, why it’s important, how to join the movement, and how to spread the word. 360Man is all about men committing to discipleship, prayer, and service. A 360Man knows he’s not in control, and he’s okay with that because he is surrendered to Christ! Rick Allen National Director Men’s Ministries/LFTL




ur first Celebrate the Light 2021 video to premiere at General Council this year features a powerful interview with Ron Maddux, former missionary leader to the countries of Asia. Maddux shares how he and his wife, Penny, utilized LFTL funded resources to evangelize through open-air meetings and compassion ministry.

LFTL resources helps reach thousands of war orphans in Cambodia over the years. Furthermore, many of those children went on to become Assemblies of God pastors. And on the day the Khmer (Cambodian language) FireBible was dedicated, those same individuals again received a Pentecostal Study Bible to help them in their ministries, provided by LFTL funds.

Missionary Ron Maddux used LFTL resources to share Christ with Buddhists in Asia for 44 years. Over 44 years as Assemblies of God missionaries, Ron says, LFTL was with them from day one until their final day on the field. During those 44 years they saw God reach into and change the lives of many, many Buddhist peoples. Some of those people were street orphans in major cities of war-torn Cambodia. The Maddux’s helped start orphanages and schools to address the tidal wave of war orphans resulting from the rule of the Khmer Rouge. Over the decades, LFTL provided every child with their very first Bible, which they used in learning to read.

You’ll be blessed and challenged by this incredible video. The story about the little boy, Moses, is especially powerful. To the right, on page four, you can see information about how and where to watch Celebrate the Light 2021 – Asia, as well as past CTL videos.

Cambodian war orphans received—and learned to read while using—Bibles provided by LFTL.



od is moving in Africa! More churches are being planted, and more people turning to Christ, there than ever before. LFTL has been part of evangelism ministry in Africa for nearly 70 years. Beginning this year, as you’ll see in the Celebrate the Light 2021 – Africa video, we are partnering with our missionaries to engage 84,000 African churches on a journey of church health, and greater evangelism to the unreached peoples on the continent. Africa Region Director, Greg Beggs, shares about the plan to enlist the help of LFTL to bring thousands of African churches through the Acts 2 Journey—a process of discovery, revitalization, and recalibration for greater evangelism in the local community.

Africa’s churches are multiplying, but church health is a great concern for the future. It is exciting to think about what God will do with 84,000 healthy, Pentecostal, African churches in the animist and Islamic contexts of Africa!

LFTL delivers Acts 2 Journey resources to African missionaries who work with local churches to help them focus on long-term health and greater evangelism outreach.

Thank you for being part of our work in Africa and thank you for assisting us as we move forward. We hope you enjoy this video. On page four are instructions on where and how to watch CTL 2021, and past CTL videos from around the world.

LFTL is helping provide Acts 2 Journey resources so African churches can emphasize church health.

84,000 African churches are poised to evangelize the continent!


ince 2013, we’ve traveled the world and produced 16 powerful Celebrate the Light missions videos telling stories of people whose lives have been impacted by LFTL.

You can watch any Celebrate the Light video—including this year’s two newest videos—by scanning this QR code with your mobile device camera or by visiting the web page listed below. As excited as we are about each these videos, we’re even more grateful and honored by your faith-


ful support and partnership! We’re aware that, without you, these stories would never have happened. Without you, LFTL would never have been there with a gospel presentation. Millions of people would not have heard about Christ. Some of the most beautiful stories would never have been written. So we thank you for giving to, praying for, and supporting LFTL. Enjoy watching these videos, the fruit of YOUR partnership.


(Scan code with mobile device.)

WILL YOU JOIN THE 360MAN MOVEMENT? I only need eight words to explain why 360Man is important to me:

“I can’t afford NOT to be a 360Man.” My spiritual growth and strength. My love for my family. My investments in others. All of these hinge upon my commitment to Christ. The $10 I invest in 360Man each month, and the 360Man Challenge Coin I keep with me, are a powerful reminder of my commitment to serve Christ and be a discipled, missional man. That’s what 360Man means to me. I’m a 360Man because I’m committed to live the 360-degree faith the early believers in Acts 2:42-47 did.

360MAN IS A MOVEMENT. ITS STRENGTH IS IN THE ACTIONS AND COMMITMENT OF ITS MEMBERS. My wife, my children, and other people in my world need me to be the man God wants me to be. Though every day is a battle to succeed, I find being a 360Man helps me keep my commitment.

National Men’s Ministries created 360Man to be a movement, a rally cry, a brotherhood of Christ-following men who want to amplify their commitments to Christ in an increasingly Christ-less culture. Every 360Man commits to a lifelong journey of discipleship, service, and participation in missions. Hundreds of men across the nation have already made the commitment to be 360Men. Each 360Man contributes $10 per month. $7 is used to reach and disciple other men in your local district/network; the remaining $3 helps develop ministry resources and opportunities at the national level. We invite every man in our Fellowship to join this movement. It’s not a club, an organization, or a once-a-year event. 360Man is a movement. Its strength is in the actions and commitment of its members. What are you waiting for? Make a decision. Commit. Become a 360Man and join the movement. Dan Kersten is Director of Communications and Development for LFTL and Men’s Ministries. He was a ‘missions journalist’ from 2004 to 2018. Email Dan at or call 417.862.2781 ext. 4174. He would love to hear from you.

417.862.2781 ext. 4171

Join the movement. Become a 360Man!

Becoming a 360Man is now more important than ever! There is hope for the MEN of America. We need to give them Jesus. Scan with mobile device

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