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Here are a few of the enhancements we are making: 1. We will continue providing LFTL stories and resources to encourage and assist you in reaching the lost for Christ through this ministry. 2. 360 Spotlight will highlight new MM discipleship resources we’ve made available for men to use in local Bible studies, on missions trips, Holy Land trips, at district ministry events, and in developing strategies to strengthen existing men’s ministries in their churches. 3. We will launch 360MAN, an initiative inviting men to give monthly to the ministries of LFTL and MM. The support of this faithful 360Man network will help sustain and enhance MM at the district level, the national level, and also support the FireBible. As you may know, the FireBible is the number one study Bible in the world. Currently, the FireBible is available in over 50 languages, with 50 more to come.

Would you consider joining our new 360Man network? You can scan this QR code with your phone (a QR code reading app can be downloaded in the app store). The QR code will take you to our 360Man sign up page where you can enter your information and start your monthly support.

360Man sign up is also at

You can get more information on these adjustments at our websites: and Please feel free to share your comments, questions or concerns. We enjoy hearing from you. We pray that God will continue to bless you and your family this summer and throughout the rest of 2018. Rick Allen National Director MM/LFTL




Profile for Light for the Lost

September 2018 360 Spotlight  

September 2018 360 Spotlight