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FIRST PRIORITY MIRACLE CHALLENGE People are dying without knowing Jesus Christ. The alarming COVID-19 numbers alone remind us of this fact—more than 870,000 deaths as of this writing. I wonder – how many of those people knew Christ? In the streets of India was there a witness? In China was there a light shining in the darkness? In Italy’s mountain villages, did a missionary share the true gospel? My mind repeats two im-

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portant questions. Did we fail those people? Whom can we reach at this moment?

sponding because they share our passion and drive to reach people for Christ.

This one thing I know; LFTL does not want to stand idly by. We want to step up and resource our missionaries so that more people can be reached for Christ. After all, world evangelism is the church’s First Priority.

Included here are two stories proving how critical it is that we take action now. As you read, ask Jesus what He wants you to give to help our missionaries this year. If you want to give online, simply scan the QR code below with your phone. Or you can send an offering to the national office.

We have set a goal to present our missionaries with a $2 million dollar Christmas gift this year, so we’ve launched the First Priority Miracle Challenge to raise those funds. Friends of LFTL are re-

Thank you for embracing our First Priority Miracle Challenge! Rick Allen National Director Men’s Ministries/LFTL

“The Spirit of the sovereign Lord is upon me, because the Lord has anointed me to proclaim Good News to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners.”

Isaiah 61:1 (NIV)


y emotions are off the chart as I write. I’m heartbroken today!


One man’s desperate search for a loving god poin


n a region of Sub-Saharan Africa, Jean-Baptiste’s people knew of only one “god,” an evil spirit called Oburu. They believed Oburu was responsible for every sickness, hardship and death. Village life revolved around appeasing Oburu with sacrifice and prayer. But Jean-Baptiste wanted to worship a good god. “I knew if there was an evil god there surely must be a good god,” Jean-Baptiste said. “I wanted to know and worship him.” So his family created their own god by digging a shallow well with their bare hands. Next, they made an idol to represent “the god of the well,” and they prayed to it each day. One day, Jean Baptiste was on an errand for his father when he passed by an AG church. He walked inside and heard the

This is Jean-Baptiste at the Bible school where he received LFTL evangelism resources. gospel for the first time. He was so excited to hear about a “good god” who was more powerful than Oburu. Jean Baptiste committed his life to follow Christ. Later he saw Jesus in a dream, and the Lord told him he should go to Bible school to train for ministry.

“I KNEW IF THERE WAS AN EVIL GOD THERE SURELY MUST BE A GOOD GOD.” While in school Jean Baptiste met Assemblies of God missionary Kirk Spain, who gave him a set of evangelism resources provided with LFTL funds.

Jean-Baptiste worshipped the “god of the well” which his family dug themselves.

Today, Jean-Baptiste pastors multiple churches in Burkina Faso and uses those LFTL resources. He has won dozens to Christ!


nts to the spiritual plight of millions

AG missionary to Africa Kirk Spain delivered LFTL-funded resources to Jean Baptiste’s Bible school.

Jean-Baptiste shares his testimony with LFTL. Millions worldwide are desperate to know a “good god.” Until they hear about and meet Jesus Christ, they will worship false gods. How long will that go on? Will you help LFTL tell them about the Good God? The resources Jean-Baptiste received only cost about $40. Perhaps you or your family would like to make a similar contribution today? Scan the QR code on pages 1 or 6 with your mobile device and

give online, or send an offering to the National LFTL office in Springfield, MO. Thank you for embracing the First Priority Miracle Challenge and helping resource our missionaries. Dan Kersten is Director of Communications and Development for LFTL and Men’s Ministries. He was a ‘missions journalist’ from 2004 to 2018. Email Dan at dkersten@ag.org or call 417.862.2781 ext. 4174. He would love to hear from you.

WATCH THE VIDEO of Jean Baptiste’s story at

https://lftl.ag.org/Resources/Video. Scroll to the bottom of the page.



he spartan upper room in Albania’s capital of Tirana was packed with people shoulder-to-shoulder.

When worship began, about 200 Albanians lifted their hands and voices in praise to Jesus. Their suddenly raised voices rattled a herd of cows grazing outside, causing a comical stampede towards the next field. It was awesome!

Vissi (left) with missionary Kurt Plagenhoef shortly after Vissi came to Christ. as he shouted the name Jesus over and over.

More than 200 Albanian believers worshipping Jesus. People wept, sang, shouted praise, spoke in tongues, testified, and prophesied. A typical church service in Albania. Across the room I spied my new friend, Vissi. The introverted young man’s face glowed and tears dripped off his cheeks

Two years previous, Vissi had been a violent man. On five occasions he tried to murder his neighbor, a man he passionately hated. But then Jesus came into Vissi’s life, and Assemblies of God missionaries Kurt and Stephanie Plagenhoef gave him LFTL tools that explained Salvation and how to follow Jesus. Vissi totally changed. He reconciled with his neighbor. Next he joined a church planting team in the town of Fushe Kruje, and Jesus began to use Continued on next page

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him to reach others. It’s a great story, but as I remember it now, I was surrounded by 200 stories similar to Vissi’s: lifelong Muslims in one of Europe’s most gospel-resistant countries whom Christ had found! In a room downstairs, I discovered what I dubbed the “Light for the Lost room.” Three walls of shelving packed with thousands of evangelism tools printed in Albanian and provided by LFTL funds (see the photo).

Gazim Spahija (left), Albania AG Superintendent, and Kurt Plagenhoef (right), AG missionary to Albania, dedicating the Albanian FireBible in October 2019. tools, and then lost people get a chance to learn about Jesus. Through the tireless efforts of the Plagenhoefs, and the generosity of LFTL supporters, thousands of Albanians have heard the gospel and many hundreds have come to Christ.

Thousands of evangelism tools in Albanian provided my LFTL funds. The shelves were empty a few months later, and more resources were on the way from LFTL. I quickly saw the connection between the 200 believers upstairs and the shelves of evangelism tools, because I knew many had come to faith in Jesus after reading a Gospel of John or another one of the items. LFTL works. People in the U.S. give, missionaries receive funds to obtain the

We’re particularly thrilled that tools like the Albanian FireBible are now available for pastors and lay workers in more than 230 evangelical churches. Though Albania’s spiritual soil is hard to plow, it is still very fertile. Our work together in places like Albania is why the First Priority Miracle Challenge is so critical. Millions like my friend Vissi are waiting for their first gospel witness. Your gifts to LFTL make it possible for them to finally hear, read, or experience the gospel. Thank you for giving! - Dan Kersten, LFTL Communications Director

FIRST PRIORITY MIRACLE CHALLENGE What inspired this name? One, evangelism is the church’s First Priority; two, it’s going to take a miracle to see $2 million raised. So thank you for embracing the “First Priority Miracle Challenge” and giving the best gifts you can by the end of this year!




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