October 2018 360 Spotlight

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2019 “Celebrate the Light” Preview: FREEDOM and FIRE!




can’t wait for General Council in Orlando next August, where we will premiere the 2019 “Celebrate the Light” media presentation for Light for the Lost. FREEDOM and FIRE

are two words that sum up what you’re going to see in next year’s videos. Next month, Dan Kersten, our new Director of Communications for Light for the Lost

and Men’s Ministries, will travel to Spain and Armenia to direct the filming of two videos that will thrill and bless you. FREEDOM! In Spain, they will film the story of a young woman who was forced into prostitution. Her future was hopeless. She was a sex slave with no way out. Then Project Rescue intervened, utilizing CONTINUED ON PAGE 2


resources provided by LFTL, and helped rescue her from slavery. Light for the Lost continues to assist in the process of rescuing and restoring other survivors of sexual exploitation. This video will celebrate the ways LFTL helps Project Rescue reach thousands of sexually exploited persons each year worldwide. FIRE! In Armenia, we will see the dire need of the churches to have the complete text and study notes of the FireBible in the Armenian language. Light for the Lost and Life Publishers are teaming up to help provide Armenian pastors and evangelists with this one-




book Pentecostal library. FireBible has been described by pastors as “FIRE in our hands.” The Armenia video will illustrate why we need to put this FIRE into the hands of Armenian pastors. More details will come soon. Thank you for helping LFTL provide evangelism tools everywhere! If you are able, please send the best gift you can this month to help us with priority evangelism projects. We need you, and we’re grateful for all you do. Rick Allen National Director MM/LFTL

MM 2019 STRENGTH rollout


hroughout 2018, our Men’s Ministries theme has been COURAGE, inspired by Joshua 1:9. We want to offer practical tools to use in Men’s Ministries at the local level, so we created free discipleship and small group Bible study resources (available at men.ag.org), designing everything with the purpose of examining how COURAGE fits into the biblical model for manhood, as exemplified in the life of Christ.

men into a closer look at the application of STRENGTH in manhood, again as exemplified by Jesus. Visit www.men.ag.org to see our STRENGTH theme materials. You can use them in your personal devotions or in ministry in your community and church.

We feel this year of COURAGE has been a huge success, and as it draws to a close, we now unveil the theme and downloadable resources for our 2019 theme: STRENGTH.

The 2018 COURAGE materials are archived and will always be available to you as well. Please help us get the word out about these resources! All told, there are 206 lessons and small group studies available online. 54 are available in Spanish.

In Mark 12:30 the command is to love the Lord with “all your STRENGTH.” Our 2019 theme materials also include devotionals, small group studies, and sermons designed to lead

We also request your feedback and input. Email men@ag.org to ask questions, share your thoughts and suggestions, or let us know how we can pray for you.




We Hope You’re Enjoying the New 360 SPOTLIGHT?


he new 360 Spotlight will now be jointly produced each month by Light for the Lost and Men’s Ministries. Resourcing worldwide evangelism efforts is still our primary focus! We just want to integrate the role of men more directly. We will continue to share news about how LFTL partners with missionaries and churches worldwide to spread the gospel. But we will also add a section focusing on Men’s Ministry opportunities, and the resources available to you, each month. We also want to provide a 360-degree, comprehensive ministry to the complete man. Why? Because discipled men should be missional, and missional men should be discipled! In last month’s premiere issue of 360 Spotlight, Rick Allen, our Na-

tional Director of LFTL and MM, shared the vision for the future of both ministries, and unveiled 360Man Network—a new initiative connecting men through discipleship, leadership, and missions. The 360Man Network is an avenue for men who are new to LFTL to get involved in our mission. Visit 360man.ag.org to learn more. At 360man.ag.org/spotlight, click the “2018 Spotlight issues” button and read the 360 Spotlight: September 2018 issue for more information from Rick. If you have questions please email us at lftl@ag.org, or call 417.862.2781. We want to hear from you! Thank you for supporting LFTL in our mission to provide the gospel to all nations, in all languages, by whatever means possible.

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